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First of all, I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies for this late reply. I've been ridiculously busy as of late, and have been experiencing some technical difficulties regarding my laptop as well, so this forum completely slipped my mind.

Secondly, if the offer still stands for me to look over what you have so far in your Seussical sequel, I would LOVE for you to send it along to me! My email is on my profile, and you're free to correspond with me through it as you wish.

And thirdly: HortonXMayzie? Hmm . . . that's an interesting one. In fact, I /have/ caught the nuances in that scene that could suggest a little fling between those two, and I think it's a cute idea, although I also think that in the context of fanfiction, one of the genres would have to fall under the Angst or Drama category, because of the conflicting feelings that would probably result from something one-night-stand-ish happening between them.

12/17/2010 #31

Ooh yes, defintely some angst there. Mayzie's character is a really in-depth role to me that can be taken so many ways (I'll leave the novel explaining it in the Characters topic later ;)). My view of Mayzie is that she's going to flirt her way into getting what she wants, and Horton can't resist a pretty girl batting her fake sparkly eyelashes, so... -I love all the subtext in this show-.

12/18/2010 #32

I think that CatxGertrude is very cute!

I have a plot where the Cat is a flirt and Gertie is always comforting her friend each time he starts flirting with them and she ends up getting wooed. At first it's one of the fling romances that the Cat has often just for fun, but ends up falling for her.

And the Cat breaks it off before it becomes a real romance. So Gertie finally decides just to dedicate herself to making Horton fall in love with her. But in Gertie has a small space in her heart that hasn't been sold to Horton just yet. And the Cat has one spot in his that Gertie will always have in her possesion.

Maybe I should make it into a story?

6/29/2011 #33


8/16/2011 #34

Also, Swirk, how's that novel going? I can't wait til you post something up :)

8/16/2011 #35

*le bump*

Well, I don't write Seussical stories.... on THIS account. This is the one that can notify me if there are email replies.

Well, I've kind of gotten an idea (a kind of stupid one, but hear me out) about an OC and JoJo that works a lot like the CatXJoJo. But it's only slightly OC.... yeah, I'm a little confused on it too, but that's mostly because I'm trying to get it to work in the Seussical Universe. ANYWAY, if anyone recalls the "Young Cat" from 'I Can Read With My Eyes Shut', then you'll know who my character is, basically. She's (I always thought that it was a girl) the Little Cat from that story. And I had this idea that she'd basically be the Cat's little sister (or somehow related to him). So, one day she makes her way to the jungle of Nool, or Whoville or where ever the Cat happens to be at that time, and they talk, get into a little argument, and strike up a deal.

Quote from the story: "If you can find one small Thinker, and make him a great one, then I'll do something great for you in return." "What will you do?" "It depends on your success." "... that's a horrible deal!" "I know." "You're on!"

So, SHE'S the one who finds JoJo, and takes him on the adventure. As time goes on, and the Cat eventually joins her mission, helping her out when she needs it, she starts to fall for him. And JoJo, not exactly knowing what's going on, either doesn't notice, or is incredibly freaked out by it, OR realizes that he kind of likes her too. And then there's going to be some big betrayal scene, and then the end! In the end, I don't think it'll work out for them, reality forcing them apart and all that. But I had an idea for the last chapter, about 5 years in the future, JoJo would recall his Thinking adventure in a dream, and she'd appear.

Yes, it's all incredibly cheesy, but I can't help it! What do you guys think? Is it even worth perusing?

9/11/2011 #36

I think Catxgertrude is really cute! Even though they may seem different, they kinda link in a way which has already been mentioned.

I also have something to say about YurtlexSour. What a powerful pair they would be! The wickedshams would get broke with all the pranks they do and the Cat as well.

In my story Seussical What really happened, ( sneak peak alert ) the girl Kirsty actually falls for someone and also has a few moments with another character but they end up feeling pretty aquard after a secret is told... just to let you know, it isn't Horton, he is insanly in love with Gertrude in this one.

10/25/2011 #37

Oh my gosh... YertlexSour.... I'm sorry, all that I'm thinking of is my school's production. I was Yertle, and this little 7th grader, who is like the exact opposite of me was SK. We... don't get along. BUT, in the relm of Seussical... gosh, that's a hard one. The Sour Kangaroo's character is defined and well written, but Yertle only has a 5 minute cameo (which made me kinda sad, but I can see where Lynn and Flaherty were going from). And since some of the personalitys changed (not a lot, but changed was still showed) from the books to the play, it's hard to really see what his character would be like. Probably still pompus and ruling... but he must deviate from that a little, to let the Sour Kangaroo be in charge of the Jungle of Nool. Doesn't it make sense? (I feel REALLY bad that I played this character, and yet still don't know what his characteristics are...)

I started reading that! The opening was very grabbing and interesting, and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Peace, love, and Seuss forever! Em Cabot

10/25/2011 #38

Thank you soo much for liking my story. For my little story to be liked by one of my favourite Fanfiction authors, whose stories are so good, you have made my day! When I heard that you were in Seussical, I was soo envious! My school hasn't done it yet and I am secretly trying to find a way for them to do it in 2013, as we do productions every 2 years now. Also when I heard that you got the role of Yurtle, I had 2 things to say to that. 1, Congrats for getting a role and 2, personally, I think you should of been the Cat! How you write your feels like you are really trying to portray the characters for real and it works!

I also had a thought about the pairing CatxJojo and my story. Since Kirsty is kinda the main character, Jojo doesn't really get a chance to meet the Cat. But near the end, the meet ( kinda ) and they start to become friends in a way and Jojo really starts to get a little bit more out there. To him, Kirsty and The Cat are quite alike, besides the pranks. They both have kind and understanding hearts and want Jojo to realise that he is a great thinker.

One last thing...who else would be a good match for Sour. I really need a few ideas for this one, as there is something in ( as I call it ) Act 3, where pairings are involved. Does anyone have any suggestions? Just to let people know, Gertrude, Horton, The Wickedshams, The Bird Girls, Mazie, Tweet, All Whos and The Cat are taken. Sorry if they were any of your choices, but you can still suggest them and I might consider and you could get a thanks.

Can't thank you enough Em!


10/25/2011 . Edited 10/25/2011 #39

Just to let SoftlySpokenHeart know, you are such a good thinker, even if some of those suggestions were a bit random, but they were good none the less!

Better than me...

10/26/2011 . Edited 10/26/2011 #40

Aw, you're so nice! And... secret time: I've been in Seussical twice... and am auditioning for it again professionally. *can't get over the show* I'm so immature, but I absolutly love it. (Plus, I need material for SB). Don't worry, you'll find the opportunity somewhere! And oh my gosh, I think I love you for your second thing to say to that. I wanted the Cat so badly Cat: Raises eyebrow. The ROLE of the Cat so badly... get back into your story. Cat: Which one? Either! Both! I don't care! *headdesk* Sorry, he's my muse, and therefore, takes every opportunity that he can to annoy me. But, what you said, it's kinda what I do. I don't look at them like they're one dimensional. They're people... er... animals/Whos too! They're more than just "sour" or "hopelessly in love" or "loyal". Heck, I'm starting to believe that the Cat has multiple personality disorder, what with all the characters he plays! And, writing him into certain responses to things (like this), is a pretty good way to write him. Think of a situation, put the character in it, and see how he'd figure his way out.

What was the point of that?

There wasn't one, so lets move on. With your story... does Kirsty know JoJo in real life, or do they meet later in the story? Because, it seems like Kristy is being portrayed as having the personality of the Cat, but being a human. If they know each other before this, it makes more sense for JoJo to start to like her. Or am I missing the point entirely? How do you want that to go? Kristy realizes first, or JoJo?

For SK... hmm, I've always kinda paired her with General Schmitz, cause it works in my stories. But... he's a Who... and all Whos are taken. Alright, out of your list... wow. The only character that isn't taken is Vlad Vladikoff, and he's in the same position that Yertle is in, with limited characterization. So... I really don't know on this one... Maybe bring in an OC, or find a way for Schmitz to get to Nool?

Peace, Love, and Seuss forever Em Cabot.

10/28/2011 #41
Yeah, I hope so! In Aus, Seussical only pops up once in a blue moon, which is a shame. To answer the second question. No, she doesn't sadly. In fact, she didn't even know about Seuss at all! Ch 1 will explain... As for her personallity, well- Kirsty: * coughs * Me: Yes? Kirsty: Why don't I just explain? Me: Alright Kirsty: Well...To start of, It is a pleasure to meet you, Em. Anyway, our creator ( Dr Seuss, which I have a lot of contact with at the end ) told me that my personality is based on most of the characters/ residents of Seuss. But mainly, me and the Cat are quite alike! That is most likely the reason that me and Jojo get along so well! And about us realising that we like each other, Jojo said he liked me from when he first saw me. He kinda felt like I was different, also the way that we met or that I met Whoville...was really strange! Oh, and just to let some know, there is a bit of romance between us ( a kiss ), when you think that we are lovers, something awquard happens... Me: * puts hand over her mouth * Ok! I think that answered her question! Just to let you know, I do this too...It just makes writing a whole lot interesting! And about SK, when I had made the extra act, I had it all worked out...then I remembered her. I am thinking about adding another character that she meets there and they go off! I once had a hought about the two worlds meeting up...but then I had a song that involved him and a few other Whos in Whoville, so that wrecked it. And finally, to anyone out there, I will be updating early next week, possibly Tuesday, as I am back from a little trip away and finally have internet! Yah! Thanks for the entertaining reply Em ( and the Cat ) From K
11/2/2011 #42

That was a pretty solid explination Kristy! Your story sounds interesting. And which song are you talking about, with General Schmitz and the cadets? I don't want to make you give away the story or anything, but I... gah, I don't know. I'm very not creative tonight XP

Peace, Love, and Seuss forever Em Cabot

11/15/2011 #43

Well, the song isn't even kinda Seuss! It involves the General and a few powerful Whos. The song...well... This is a bit embarrasing... but it is Jar of Hearts. I know, I know, It doesn't make much sense, since this is Seuss and the song is about love, but it will make more sence when I get round to writing it.

And don't worry about not being creative, most of the time I ain't. But something will com, it always does.

Hope you get your creative streak back!

Kristen :)

11/15/2011 #44

I was just listening to the song, and for the longest time, I was like... how is this relating to Schmitz? And then it hit me! Clever... very clever. I think some of it needs to be edited though, to take out the love part. We don't want people thinking about pedophilia..........

ahem. So, I think I'm going to finally update today. I'm feeling creative enough to finish the chapter. :D

Peace, Love, and Seuss forever. Em Cabot.

11/16/2011 #45

Yeah, I totally agree about the love part. I have a idea for that bit. * burst out laughing all of a sudden * Sorry 'bout that. Reminded me of something random. Nuff said...

ANYWAY, Yah for updates! See, it always comes. I had a good though yesterday about a new story when i finish this one or not. * Hums Be Prepared * Something along those lines...

Hope you have more creative thought!

Kristen :)

11/17/2011 #46
Oh, thank you so much Seussetta, I really appreciate the compliment :) and wow, I am incredibly glad that this forum is becoming so active! All of your ideas are fantastic.... Wow... Keep it up, fellow Seussians! -salutes- I really need to work at getting active here again...
11/25/2011 #47

Wow! You're back, kinda! How've ya been?

Seussetta: I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, really I am! Like I said in our message convo, I was really scared about that chapter, since it was such a new direction, but I'm glad someone liked it! I'm gonna hopefully update Seussical Bloopers soon... Hopefully. How's the 3rd chapter of your story coming along?

11/25/2011 #48

Yah! PEOPLE ARE ON THIS AGAIN! And this time, my two favourites!

SoftlySpokenHeart: OMG! You are back on! This is extremely exciting for me. Anyway, take your time. You have stuff that you want to do. The best time to do it will come. Trust me!

Disneydork: First of all, I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT MESSAGING YOU!! The PM saga is still continuing, driving me nuts in the progress. Urr, Computers! I am planning to write a email to the FanFiction people about it so they can fix it. And take your time with Seussical Bloopers, like I said to SoftlySpokenHeart, it will come. Besides, I can wait. Now, about Ch 3, I am stuck. This is what happened when I was up to Ch 2, except worse. Even when I try as hard as I can, it just doesn't work. I've got a plan, but school is interfering badly. Exams are soon, friend stuff and plain old teenagehood problems are starting to kick in. Say hi to the gang for me, I will try and get it fixed within a week!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Seussetta ;)

11/25/2011 #49
Lonely now, no one on.............:(
12/11/2011 #50

Well.... Seussetta, I am SO sorry for not writing you back, or updating or anything. The truth is... my computer is fked. It got a virus, and now I don't have much access to computers. Right now I'm writing this from my dad's Mac (which I hate, but that's not important). I miss you, and I promise that I'm going to write you back as soon as I get it back!

EDIT: On another note... NEW PAGE! OMG!!

12/12/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #51

That's ok. Stupid computer for failing on you! Why is it that when you need it the most, it goes crazy and gets busted? I don't know...

Anyway, don't worry about me. Worry about if you will ever get your computer back ;)

And Yah! New Page! * confetti * XD

Hope the virus goes and you can get back to a decent computer!

Seussetta :D

12/12/2011 #52

I've always seen CatxJojo, but then my slash goggles are constantly on :P I make up little drabbles in my head,but never write them down...maybe I should! :D Seuss and love!3

3/20/2012 #53

Yah! New person! So glad more people are actually finding this...

3/22/2012 #54

I'm glad I found this too! Seussical has so many shipping opportunities, but no-one takes advantage! WHY? :P And as well as always seeing CatxJojo, I can kinda see CatxHorton, and I even partake in a little CatxJojoxHorton. THE FEELS! 3

3/25/2012 #55
The Pictonian Journalist

Alright, this is my first time trying to participate in a fanfiction forum... so if I fail, don't kill me!

Anyways, I thought I'd comment because, first, I can, and second, the idea of Genghis KahnxMrs. Mayor by SoftlySpokenHeart just caught me by surprise... and now I think of how that would actually work! The idea's a good one!

3/25/2012 #56

YES! ANOTHER! SO EXCITED! *coughs* Sorry about that...I have had a bad day, so this has helped me a lot, so I'm super happy.


HannahTheFright: I agree! In general, no one really takes advantage of Seussical and what a wonderful concept it is. I do kind of too, even though I kind stick with the actual matches, I love pairing random characters up and see if they would work or not! Maybe you should write a Seussical fandom! It is getting a tad lonely on here for me. But, it is full-on school in the northern hemisphere and in June they will be asking where I am... If you have any ideas, I would be happy to help! ;)

peacelover394: Don't worry about failing, if anyone is failing, IT'S ME! Oh gees, SchmitzxMrsMayor....*shiver* I just did a fandom quiz with them in it, lets just say...I don't wanna talk about it. But aside from that experience, I had considered this pairing! It could be a good idea, though I don't know how Jojo will warm up to the idea....

3/26/2012 #57
The Pictonian Journalist

Oh, whoops, sorry I didn't reply in a while! Busy weirdness, stuff like that... but, yeah, I think that SchmitzxMrs.Mayor could happen! I mean, it's just like... *tries to explain* Um... it's well, like, awesome! And as for Jojo... um... if he doesn't like it... well, actually, never mind about that, but that pairing so awesome that it's true! But... what happened with the fandom quiz?

3/29/2012 #58

Don't worry about it! I have had school and I am so glad terms over! Too much work...

You asked about the fandom quiz...You really want to know? *sigh* Well, there was just a lot of stuff with it...with each other...or with was seriously awquard...

Lets just forget about that, shall we? You'd feel the same if you did it with Seussical...

3/29/2012 #59

Um... I'm here... Are we still talking about pairings? Or relationships or whatever?

Honestly, I really only ship the canon stuff – Horton Gertrude, Mr. Mayor and Mrs. Mayor, etc.. I'm not sure if crossovers are allowed, but if so, I think that Jojo and Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch might actually fit together pretty well. In the live-action Grinch movie, it seems implied that Cindy Lou is also a serious Thinker of Thinks which most adults don't really think about, and they're both Whos... they might get along rather well.

Oh, and I have lots and lots of Cat/Jojo bromance feels. Even more as, in my post-canon headcanon, Jojo gets older and more angsty... But that's just bromance, and once you get me talking about it I'll never shut up. XD

Sour Kangaroo? I feel somehow like she shouldn't be paired with anyone... she seems very single-mom-ish. But if you wanted her to start a romance with someone, any of the semi-anonymous jungle creatures could do.

5/21/2012 #60
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