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Hello, everybody! So, I am shamelessly stealing this idea from HPGNF because I quite enjoy doing it =P

What this is, basically, is a drabble tag. The person above you will give you a pairing/character and a word/quote prompt and you will write and post a quick drabble using both. You don't have to post them on your account, but you can if you want to =) I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new pairing or person on for size! This can be a chance to experiment, because you don't have to post these drabbles =)


1) Nothing too graphic, please! Keep it short and sweet (or angsty, if you prefer)

2) Placeholders are allowed (in fact, I think they're necessary =P). What this means is that somebody will hold their place by posting 'placeholder!', in case they can't write a drabble at the moment, and then come back and do it later so that nobody else writes one for it. Oh, and try to fulfill them soon-ish - I'm not super-strict on this, but within a day or two would be nice =)

3) Have a ton of fun, everybody!

I'll start us off, yeah?

Pairing: KensiNate Prompt: Hate

3/1/2011 #1

Haven't done this before but I'll bite. Done in ten minutes so not much tweaking, it's mostly how it came out. Not sure about the length though, might be longer than you wanted.

Pairing: Nate/Kensi

Prompt: Hate


Kensi glowered at Nate. After less than a minute Nate looked up, lifted an eyebrow and asked, "What did I do?"

"I hate you."

Nate put down the graphic novel he'd been reading during some down time between cases and then focused on Kensi.

"Why? The psych evals?"

"I hate it when you get inside my head."

"It's my job."

Kensi's glare got darker, if that was at all possible. "Then stop being so damn good at it."

Nate grinned at that, though with a lift of Kensi's eyebrows, it dropped quickly. "What can I say, the mind is an interesting place."

"Stop it!" Kensi said.

"What?" Nate asked innocently.

"You're doing it again, trying to get into my head."

"Would you prefer I try and get into your heart?"

Kensi opened her mouth but nothing came out. Nate raised an eyebrow and continued. It wasn't often that Kensi was speechless.

"The heart is much less complicated than the mind. Less chaotic. With the heart you either feel something or you don't. It's only when the brain interferes that things get complicated and chaos reigns."

Kensi shook herself to help bring herself back to the conversation. "Are you calling me chaotic?" Kensi avoided mentioning anything heart related.

"No," Nate shook his head. "I'm just saying the mind can be rather chaotic, where as in the heart it is simple."

Kensi shook hers. "I could really hate you."

"But you don't, do you?"

"Keep trying to get into my head and things might change."

Nate grinned and Kensi couldn't help smiling back at him.


Hope you enjoyed.

For whoever is next:

Pairing: Callen/Eric

Prompt: surfing (of any kind)

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #2

LostForever, one word: Brilliant! :D You did amazing. I loved it. :)

WIll have EircCallen up in a few. :)

3/2/2011 #3

Thanks. Looking forward to it. I've thrown it up as a posted story now so maybe some others might come join in, knowing it's here.


3/2/2011 #4

Oh, I hope so! :D Enjoy. :) :is nervous:


"I don't get this."

"What's not to get?" Callen asks, amused.

"This." Eric spreads his hands out to show what he means."This." This is a blue surfing board that lays in the sand.

Callen doesn't say anything just raises his eyebrows at the scowl that's on Eric's face. "Don't look at me that way. I wasn't the one that lost the bet with Sam."

"Yeah, yeah," Eric grumbles, pushing his glances up the bridge of his nose. "You ready to do this?"

Callen grins then pulls his lover into a kiss. "Of course I am."



Character: Deeks Prompt: Blame

3/3/2011 #5

Character: Deeks Prompt: Blame


He would always blame the meds for his dreams that night. He dreamt of a six foot cartoon cricket with Sam's voice.

"Be a man, accept your share of the blame, then move on." it said right before barking orders and making him run drills.

Flashes of his mom curled in a ball on the floor crying, his hands shaking as he fired the gun. It was his fault, he was to blame that she stayed with him, she thought he needed a father, a steady home, thought that man would give that to them.

"What would have happened if you hadn't pulled the trigger? Take the blame for what you've done, not for what you couldn't do." This time it was a squirrel, much like Rocky from "Rocky and Bullwinkle" but with Callen's voice.

This time his mind flashed ahead, he sat has his desk, trying to focus on his paper work. He could feel their eyes on him, as if they truly wished that their gazes could set him on fire. Part of him wanted to scream at them, ask them if they wanted to let their fellow officer go until till he self destructed, or worse took an innocent life. They could blame him for ruining another man's career all they wanted, he knew that he'd made the right call, that he was keeping a good man honest.

"Rats rore like it! Shaggy!" Pulled from the memory and greeted by Scrappy-Doo, with Kensi's voice talking like Scooby-Doo.

"If you're going to lecture me on how to handle blame and the guilt I feel –"

"No, you've got rat rown. Rure your failure to change routines got you rhot, raking re worry about ry partner, rand ren nearly got re kidnapped or killed. But you've ruffered enough, no one needs to blame you"

The day's events played in his mind again, the fear that he wouldn't make it time, or by the time he got there he wouldn't be able to help. The fear and guilt he felt far over rode the pain shooting through his lungs as they strained against his bruised ribs. His thoughts up until the moments leading up to that had been about how nice it was to finally belong. He'd found his niche with Kensi, and Sam and Callen while not his best friends were accepting. Eric and Nell had never been a problem, and it was nice having a boss, that while scary at times, appreciated and wanted him there.

And now, almost before it had even begun, he'd let them down, almost cost is partner her life, and yet again disappointed the people that most counted on him.

"Mr.Deeks." The voice was soft spoken, but he knew that the calling of his name in this voice was neither question nor suggestion. He let out a moan, terrified to see the cartoon persona that Hetty will have been assigned by his subconscious.

This time though when he opened his eyes, it wasn't in the dream world. Things were a little fuzzy, but he was certain that Hetty had been sitting by his side, waiting for him to wake.

"Who should I tell them?"

"Lang, Henrietta." That was better than any "It's ok. All is forgiven" he had ever received.

The guild and blame were laid to rest, and he had the meds to blame for it.


Sooo sorry for the wait. I'd meant to get this online before I went out of town this weekend.

Prompts: Anime Convention ---- Sam & Nell , anybody else via remote connection (camera/ear piece)

3/4/2011 . Edited 3/7/2011 #6

Nicely done there BlueEyes. Wasn't expecting Eric to be the confused one to be honest. Was more thinking Callen would get confused by Eric!

Glad to see you here TXJ, looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Deeks.

3/4/2011 #7

Thanks, m'dear. First ever NCIS: LA. :)

Welcome TXJ! :D Glad for you to join us. :D

3/4/2011 #8


Sooo sorry for the wait. I'd meant to get this online before I went out of town this weekend.

Next Story...

Prompts: Anime Convention ---- Sam & Nell , anybody else via remote connection (camera/ear piece)

3/7/2011 #9

Nicely done TXJ.

Seems very Deeks'ish! Loved the cartoon charactor voice of Scooby! I found myself disappointed that I had to concentrate reading that big though, having been brought up with Scooby as a morning cartoon favourite I thought I knew the dear puppy's voice well - alas I've been grown up a little too long I think - or neglecting a vital part of my 'staying young' regime! ;-)

Interesting prompt. Good luck to whoever takes it. I've only just seen the first ep with Nell in but I'm looking forward to whatever comes from this prompt.

3/7/2011 #10

Awesome job, TXJ. :D

And I'll take Nell and Sam. This is gonna be good. :)


Character: Deeks Prompt: Grief

3/8/2011 #11

Oh I should so be working on something else but once an idea hits, I'm a goner - but that being said, this drabble challenge is a whole lot of fun so thanks BlueEyes for bringing it up.

So this hit me this afternoon for the Deeks and Grief and wouldn't let go. Also going to post in the fic section, hoping for some more participants over here.

Well, here goes nothing.


Character: Deeks

Prompt: Grief.


His eyes were wide, his heart pounding in his chest. His ears were still ringing from the gunfire that had abruptly ceased.

He looked around.

Nell and Eric.

He shook his head trying to clear the horror from his eyes. This just couldn't be real. It had to be a dream.

Hetty and Nate.

No. None of them should be out of the office. He felt a heaviness settle over his shoulders. A weight was crushing his chest and he found it difficult to breathe as he turned around a little further.

Sam and Callen.

Why couldn't he wake up? The rest of the world disappeared and all that existed was this little circle around him. He couldn't look at the last remaining body. He didn't want to. He'd fall apart if she was there too. She was his partner. He was supposed to protect her.

But the world turned for him and there she was. Just like the others. Lying on the ground, eyes wide and lifeless, blood staining her clothes.

His gun slipped from his fingers and he finally placed what he was feeling. This thing that was consuming and wiping everything else out of his mind. This was grief. The grief that came when you actually cared. Not the grief from a mission gone wrong with people you didn't know. Not the grief when a colleague, like Jess, had died. This is what it would feel like when your family dies. This is something he'd never experienced before. Because he'd never cared this much before.


He wanted to scream her name, wake her up. Have her tell him it was April Fools or an initiation into the club that was OSP. But he knew he couldn't, knew she wouldn't. Just like the others, she was dead.

He took a step closer to her and crumpled to his knees, not caring at all that the rough gravel was cutting into him, probably making his knees bleed. Not caring at all that there were still people out there with guns trained on him. Guns he wished one of them would have the guts to pull the trigger on and end this nightmare, save him from this overwhelming grief. He felt the tears pour down his face, felt his heart still pounding in his chest. A heart that he desperately wished would stop beating; just like hers. Just like theirs. As he reached for her, his hand shaking, a scream he couldn't stop tore from his throat.



His eyes flew open and he sat up.

His heart was pounding, his breathing ragged and he was sure he could feel wetness on his hands, but aside from that, nothing else was the same.

"Deeks?" The voice was softer this time, gentler. But it was hers and he looked up from where he was sitting on the couch – in the office. Not the middle of nowhere on a harsh gravel road.

"Deeks, are you okay?" Kensi asked.

He looked and saw Callen watching him intently and shook his head slightly. They could never know how vulnerable he was. He was the larrikin. He teased, he joked, he got the looks that told him they only tolerated him because they had to. He couldn't appear to be attached. Not yet. He wasn't a part of this team, he was still green and new, stilling trying to find his way into the circle that was this team. It hurt that he didn't belong yet but nothing like the grief in the nightmare. This pain, he could live with whilst he tried to change their opinion of him. But for now, he still needed to be Deeks – The Joker.

"I'm fine."

Kensi's look told him she didn't believe him. "You were screaming out 'No' at the top of your lungs, Deeks. Must have been a rough dream."

He looked at her. She was alive. His heart slowed down a little.

"Yeah well, you in a little black dress saying no to a date would make any man scream."

Kensi rolled her eyes and ruffled his head.

"You'll never see me in a little black dress, Deeks." She shook her head and walked away.

He watched as she went, felt his heart slow a little more, getting closer to normal. It was only a dream. He felt Callen still watching him and turned to the older agent.

Callen cocked an eyebrow. "Hurts doesn't it?"

He didn't say anything. There was something in Callen's eyes that he couldn't quite place.

Callen smirked a little, but it wasn't his usual cocky one. "We'll just have to make sure it doesn't actually happen."

He felt his jaw drop a little. A lift of Callen's eyebrows before he left made things perfectly clear to him.

Callen knew. He had no idea how, but somehow Callen knew that the dream (nightmare) had absolutely nothing to do with Kensi and a little black dress.



Character: Sam and Hetty

Prompt: Rainbows

3/8/2011 #12

Another wonderful piece! I'll take your


Character: Sam and Hetty

Prompt: Rainbows

3/9/2011 #13
BlueEyes444 word: Oh MY GOSH! I loved it. :) GOnna go review it now. :D

3/9/2011 #14

These are very good drabbles. :)

3/22/2011 #15

Been missing the light-hearted fun that these brought so throwing some carrots, chocolate, fairy dust etc out there by way of encouragement.

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the last two prompts.

Go plot bunnies!

4/9/2011 #16

Like a total mouth later but I finally got my Muse going.

I had Anime Convention ---- Sam & Nell , anybody else via remote connection (camera/ear piece)


"I'm beginning to seriously hate you, G.," Sam says into his ear piece with a scowl. G. gives a chuckle and that makes Sam's scowl deep.

"You know Eric would have gone to this Anime Convention but he does have a broken leg," G points out and Sam hates to admit it, but he's right. "And beside, you like Nell, don't you?"

"Don't play the guilt trip on me," Sam warns as he watches Nell talk with another young woman, who is seemingly her sister, a few feet away.

He hears a couple more chuckles and a laugh and a snort that sounds like Kensi and then he decides they are having way to much for so he ends up disconnecting.

Nell comes over to him, dragging the other woman with her and smiles, that bright smile of hers, up at him. "Thanks for taking us, Sam but you know we could have come by ourselves."

Sam gives a quick smile because really, he does like Nell and does consider her as his little sister. He mutters a response as he gives a quick sweep of the severl hundreds of people.

Nell smiles again. "Thanks again for taking us, Sam."

He'll never admit it, but he really is enjoying himself even if it really isn't his type of thing and he'll do anything for the small pixie-like woman.


I'm not that happy with it but oh well.

Next up:

Hetty with the prompt Rain.

4/10/2011 #17

BlueEyes - nicely done. It's very cute picture of Sam being the big brother of little Nell. Liked the addition of Callen and Kensi in the background having fun at Sam expense.

I'll take your prompt - Hetty and Rain Bunnies are already hopping on it, so might even have it up soon they seem to have a good grasp on what they want written.

4/10/2011 #18

Thanks. :) I wasn't too sure about this one so I'm glad it was good.

Yay! :D Can't wait.

Oh, and you can call me Blue if you like. ;)

4/10/2011 #19

Without further Ado - The plot bunnies struck hard this morning and now that FF is working again here goes:

Character: Hetty

Prompt: Rain



Callen glanced behind him when he heard muttering that he was sure sounded like swearing from a voice he wasn't expecting that kind of language from. He couldn't help but stare at the small woman who was his boss walking toward him.


Hetty looked up at him. "What is it Mr Callen?"

"You … What happened?"

"You are supposed to be a fully trained federal agent. You should be able to answer that question for yourself. Do I need to enrol you in a refresher course?"

"Of course not Hetty. You just look like a –"

Hetty held up a hand and shook her head, cutting him off. "Do not say it Mr Callen. You will not like the reaction."

Callen stepped back. "Lips are sealed."

Hetty walked away from him. Sam came up beside Callen and asked quietly, "What happened?"

Callen glanced at his partner. "I don't know but she puts a new meaning on the phrase 'looks like a drowned rat' doesn't she?"

"Mr Callen," came said drowned rat's voice across the building. "A word."

Callen grimaced and Sam chuckled. "Should I start looking through the files for a new partner?" Sam joked.

"If I'm not back in ten, might not be a bad idea," Callen replied under his breath before he made his way slowly over to Hetty.

"Yes Hetty?"

"I warned you not to say it," she said.

"But –"

Hetty shook her head. "There is a new employee arriving shortly. Please escort her from her car into the building and ensure she does not get … drenched."

"I'll just grab…" Callen trailed off at the devious look on Hetty's face. She stood up.

"Follow me Mr Callen. You will have no need for an umbrella. Your jacket will be useful in keeping the rain off her." Hetty started walking toward the corridor that led to the front entrance. Callen followed reluctantly.

"Hetty come on," Callen pleaded when she opened the door and he saw for himself the reason for Hetty's current state. The rain was coming down so hard that he could barely see the dark blue car that had just pulled up.

Hetty pointed to the vehicle. "Go Mr Callen. Do not forget to be a gentleman."

Callen looked down at Hetty but knew from the look on her face that he didn't stand a chance. He shrugged off his jacket – his favourite jacket, which was saying something that he even had a favourite article of clothing – and held it over his head whilst he ploughed through the rain.

Callen reached the car just as the door opened and a woman, who was just shorter than him with red hair and green eyes, stepped out. He held the jacket over her head and she looked up at him curiously.

"Hi," Callen said, not exactly knowing how to explain the fact that this was punishment to a woman who was about to start work. He didn't think it would be a good idea to scare her off before she even got through the doors.

"Hi. Do you do this for every girl?"

"No," he replied. He almost groaned as he realised how that might sound.

Hetty chuckled from the doorway and Callen glanced back to glare at her. He turned back to redhead in time to see her raising an umbrella and only narrowly held back a groan.

"You came prepared," he commented.

"After living in the UK for two years, I never leave home without one. You can join me if you want. I don't think your jacket is helping much."

Callen glanced down and saw that the water was running off the jacket and drenching his shirt. He stepped closer and joined her, giving the jacket a shake as he did, which was a bad move as unfortunately the water went in her direction and she ended up almost as wet as he did.

"Sorry," he muttered.

"Is there something I should know before I start work here?" she queried in a tone that suggested she was trying not to laugh. They arrived at the door and stepped past Hetty, who was smirking at him.

"Yeah," Callen said, "The boss comes up with unusual forms of punishment."

Hetty chuckled. "Only when necessary Mr Callen. Now perhaps you should get changed before you drip water all over my floor."

Callen turned back to his boss and glanced at the puddle on the floor below her feet that was continuing to grow. "I don't think I'll be the one leaving the most water on the floor this time, Hetty."

Hetty lifted her eyebrows. Callen gulped nervously and, after a giving the new employee a small smile, he left quickly wondering if he should find an all-day sucker for today to keep him out of trouble.



Thank you so much Blue for that prompt - I have a feeling more is going to come from this start to a story. (which is why this one is going to stay in here and not get posted!) Just what I needed! More plots to work on! ;-) (Don't worry, I love new plots! I just have a lot of them at the moment fighting for attention)

Next prompt:

Character: Kensi

Prompt: Greenhouse

Good luck!

4/10/2011 #20

Oh, that was perfect. :D G. really should learn to keep his mouth shut though I admit, I would be tempted to say Hetty looked like a drowned rat myself. ;)

Not a problem. I'm glad you could use it and I'm totally looking forward to seeing what you come up from this. Oh, I'm thrilled. :D

I know what you mean. I have a lot myself. ;)

Greenhouse huh? Well, that sounds fun. ;) I think I'll take that.

We'll see what I'll come up from that.

4/14/2011 #21

Thanks. Not quite sure when I'll get to that story - too many others in my head to get out first, but no doubt somewhere sometime I will.

Good luck. Very curious to see what you come up with.

4/14/2011 #22

I'm looking forward to it. ;)

Okay, here it is.

Kensi with the prompt greenhouse.


Her nose twitched and she fought back a sneeze. Crap. She hated greenhouses. With all those flowers and bushes and trees that she could easily be allegic too....

Adjusting her cap, she turned casually towards the two men that were talking in low tones across from her.

Drug dealers.

"Deeks." As soon as she lightly whispered his name, her partner's call rang out.


In seconds, she's turned around and women have all ready began yelling. One of the dealers took off as he caught sight of both of them, Deeks after him.

The other one reached for his gun and in a spilt second, she throws all her weight at him and both end up on a crushed table with plants everywhere and her laying onto top of him.

"You're under arrest," she told him beteween pants.

Suddenly, a sneeze escaped.

"God, I hate greenhouses."


Next up:

Character: Nate

Prompt: Pages by 3 Doors Down

4/20/2011 #23

Very nice Blue. I like you take on it. Definitely didn't have any ideas when I suggested that idea. Well done.

As for you prompt - no idea, so I'll leave that for someone else.

Hope everyone has a great easter.

4/22/2011 #24

Thanks. ;)

And have a good Easter yourself. :D

4/22/2011 #25

Just found this!

So short but packed full of angst, love and friendship.

Love Callen and Deeks together. They just work.

More please :-)

8/30/2013 #26
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