Anime Elimination Game!
This is a game to decide which character of anime series' are loved most. Subtract or add onto the score of the character you lovehate and hope they're eliminatedwinning!
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Just a few simple rules: 1. NO BASHING! I don't give a damn if your character didn't win, please don't bash the other characters. Aka: If it's Kagome VS Kikyou on the Girl's Elimination then please don't start bashing one another. This is just supposed to be fun ^^ 2. No editing numbers: It'll be a bit confusing once the numbers get varied around a bit, but please do us a courtsy of not just subtracting an extra number from a character because you don't like them, you'll have the chance to do that once another person posts between your last one. 3. Make sure before creating a topic there isn't an already VERY similer elimination game. IE: InuYasha elimination game and then you post an elimination game for Inu-Yasha, which is EXACTLY the same thing, although with different spelling. ::::::: Rules of the Game ::::::: Basically you take a point from a character you don't like and then add that point onto a character you like from the list with each turn. You can only have one turn until someone posts after you or it has been past an hour, but please do not overuse this privilage. (Like posting once an hour ten times in a row or something) Once a character has 0 points left they are eliminated from the board. Any anime is allowed for a section, but only anime's please, later on I might add books or movies or TV shows but for now it is simply an anime elimination game.
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Bumping to pin the post ^^;
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