Young Smashers United
This is for my community for stories about the younger smashers. Here we just talk about stories and pretty much anything else. No Flames!
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So Yeah! This is where people need to check with me before posting. I have no clue what happened to the original Sign in so this'll make up for that!! I know who my members are as of up to this point but for any newcomers please check with me!!

And here are the rules again. Yes I am going to burn them into your head Lol just kidding folks!


1. Please SIGN IN OR CHECK WITH ME before commenting on this forum. Some people have forgotten before it was deleted but I let that slide.

2. I allow anyone who wants to chat as long as the follow the rules.

3. No Flaming other authors or being total A**HOLES.

4. This forum is mainly consistent of Super Smash Brother's characters and focus on stories and such about the game. However I do allow characters from any world here.

5. OC's are always welcome! Feel free to introduce them

6. You should be well aware that the place gets violent. The reason's go as follows: (1) This is smash manor, everything is crazy. (2) There are brawls consisting of Author's, OC's and smash characters. (3) Master Hand just hates me and Chi. (4) When we go on quest and adventures, it's always random so you never know what to expect.

7. If I'm not around the main person in charge is supposed to be Terra, if he is not here as well then it goes to the next most active person. That being Diagon and/or Chi seeing as both comment here more than I do myself. If NONE of us are on then this place really is no fun.

8. This is a place to be random and talk out your problems when needed. I am not lying about that.

9. Violation of my terms will result in removal of you and your posts from here. If you assult anyone and it's not teasing or a battle then you will be removed and reported.

10. I expect this rules to be followed. They are actually quite simple.

More Rules (I just remembered)

11. Respect each other and everyone's ideas.

12. Do not control other people's characters without permission unless you have your own version. This explains why we have two Marths and other characters.

13. Moderators, before banning someone, CHECK WITH ME.

14. Master Hand has currently complained about having to rebuild the manor over and over again. Usually I'd ignore him but I do not like having my room blown up every other page so please try to limit destroying the manor completely. Just TRY! I am not stopping it completely.

15. Respect Peach's cooking, because she is awesome like that.

16. You are not allowed to blow up Pluto or Lucas. Aurora will kill you for hurting Lucas and I'd rather not have anymore intergalactic complaints. I get enough of that from the Saiyans.

17. Be aware of each other's weaknesses. It comes in handy, trust me.

18. Be aware of everyone's strengths. It'll help you from being destroyed.

19. We support all pairings. Well I do so if you have something like that you want to add go ahead. I won't stop you.

20. I know where Master Hand's lab is so if you need something just ask.

21. I will no longer being paying for all the bills. So if you break something blame it on Chi. He will cover the costs whether he wants to or not.

22. My word is final unless I say otherwise.

23. I plan several trips to Shadow Manor. If you would like to come then just ask The Darks, Shadow Hand and Crimson always love company.

If I have forgotten something that needs to be addressed then contact me or comment. I will not go any further in this situation until I consult with the three other moderators here. I am trying to be nice here. I know you have your opinions but if you don't give my crew a chance or are being me then you aren't welcome here at all. This is a place of randomness and fun.

Thanks all!!

Current Sign Ins:

PokeTrainer (Poke), Chidoriss (Chi), Diagon the Uber Lord of Lawlz (Diagon), TerraTor4 (Terra), PKAurora (Aurora), TheSilverArrow (Sil), Danaxiel, Earthbound Cat (EBC) (comment if I missed ya)

8/28/2011 . Edited 2/23/2014 #1

Real Me: I apologize for banning the other people who spammed this place, but they continued after you gave me the code and were continuing to be rude, so I got rid of their posts in Adventures and my own, so the only ones left are Diagon's and Terra's responses to them, so they can get rid of them if they wish. I will follow these rules as much as I can. :D Just tell me if I do something wrong as a moderator.

Me: *Looks at number 21* HEY! I don't want to pay the bills! And I don't break everything!

Trask: You broke an anchor. And you're the most violent one here. Besides, I more than over-payed you years back and I know you haven't used it all.

Me: *Mutters* I'm not violent when we have someone new here...

All 3: Also hi! We is signed inz..

8/28/2011 #2

Real me: Actually Elegants contacted me and the more I looked into her, I could see she did much less damage then her friend. Plus I didn't really give much details about what to do with characters So her last post she did in adventures was technically my own fault.

Me: Well I am tired of paying for everything!!!! I want to use it on something else!

Nana: Besides, she repays you by sneaking into MH's lab.

Real: You are always welcome Chi.

8/28/2011 #3
Real Me: Wait, three other moderators? Did you send me a code? | Olimar: Of course not. Poke is not co- | Real: Ew, a gross bug. *Steps on Olimar*
8/29/2011 #4
Knight Falchion

I never sign in- at least, not until after I've posted, that is. And no, they were all ungracious little trolls and I was a hasty little b*stard who probably shouldn't have blown my fuse and now I'm just laughing at all this pointless stuffz. I'm not Diagon the Uber Lord of Lawlz for nothing. XD

So, never let them back on. EVAH. ... Hey, was I made a mod, or no(if that's not strictly how it works, don't mind me)? I don't really care, but if I missed the invite, I'd like to say yes... or no... probably yes, past events considered.

Hi, I'm here. With all the crazy and tortured personas inside my brain.

Jin: We have officially conquered her mind.

Marth: Never let it be said we aren't good commanders.

Jin: Indeed, good sir.

8/29/2011 . Edited 8/29/2011 #5

I agree. They should not, will not be allowed back. If they do... it's time to bring out the big guns.

Olimar: *On the bottom of shoe* He literally means it too.

8/30/2011 #6
Knight Falchion

Indeed. Report spam, ban permanently... but let's not risk it. No lifting ANY bans. Not. At. ALL.

8/30/2011 #7

Unless we accidentally ban each other.. Which won't happen. And if you get hacked, let us know, so we don't ban you. By the way, I think Poke needs to send you your codes, then you enter it in your forum participation tab on your account settings. Then you'll be a mod. :D

8/30/2011 #8
Knight Falchion

Yeah, I figured that one out on my own. I made one of my personal friends a mod on my forum, since I know her and because she's the only one who visited. All I need now is to wait for the code.

8/30/2011 #9
I'm waiting too... Well, at least Poke and I are friends on da AND Facebook, so I can connect with her more.
8/30/2011 #10
Knight Falchion

... You guys have Facebooks? You didn't strike me as the type. I figured you'd guys would have a da account, though.

8/31/2011 #11
Yep, we do. Do you have either of them?
8/31/2011 #12
Knight Falchion

No deviantart, just Facebook. I only got one to keep in touch with mah friends when I moved. I'm not on it much either...

9/1/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #13

You really should get a deviantart! Poke, Chi, and I all have one, it would be great to have the four of us all on dA.

9/1/2011 #14
Knight Falchion

I love drawing dragons and knights, as well as some Poke'mon, but that's about it for now... I'll consider it.

9/2/2011 . Edited 9/2/2011 #15

That's cool. You also get a journal to write your thoughts or what not in them, in case if you didn't already know or really care. Just some more info on dA for ya...

9/2/2011 #16
Knight Falchion

Oh. That's cool. My main problem is uploading drawings... and that I probably wouldn't be on it enough to justify its existence. Oh well.

9/3/2011 #17
Is this place dead? I dun see anyone online anymore... and i have DA account, never use it though. Twitter instead of facebook.
12/31/2014 #18
Knight Falchion

I've just been ignoring it, tbh. It's probably gonna stay on the low end of activity for a while, though I may post more when I get back home.

12/31/2014 #19
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