Cats RPG?
Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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ALL of the characters for this rp. They ONLY have a status by them if their actually IN the rp XD


Alonzo-A black and white 'checkerboard' tom with green eyes and is also next in line to be Jellicle Protector. Once had a relationship with Jemima, but was caught cheating with Cassandra and now he's with the Abyssinian. Quite clueless at times, but also smart when he has to help Munkustrap.

Bombalurina ~ The Scarlet Queen and mate to Macavity, mother of the infamously known Tyr, Aristotle, and Athena. Also the mother of Athena's reincarnation, Minerva, Pluto, and their older sister, Pandora. Her newest litter consists of four kits:Hades, Zeus, Hermes, and little Aphrodite. A seductress through and through, and like her mate, Macavity, even after having so many litters by being careless, the couple continues with constant 'love-making'. Infamously known around the Jellicle Junkyard as 'HIS mate' ('HIS' meaning Macavity's) A caring mother (when she wants to be) very lustful, but truly loves Macavity deep down.

Cassandra ~ A slick Abyssinian that is in a relationship with Alonzo.

Coricopat ~ Queen. Sibling:Coricopat (brother)twin to Tantomile

Demeter ~ Mated to Munkustrap, her knight in shining armor and proud mother of Jemima, Phoenix, and Persephone. She was forced to have Sakura, but loves her nonetheless. Skittish, but is getting more confident with her mate's help as well as her newest litter of kittens. Completely terrified of Macavity and now mortified at the fact that his oldest sons are just following in their father's pawsteps....

Electra ~ Queen. Tomfriend:Tumblebrutas.

Jennyanydots ~The elderly, yet always cheerful and mother Gumbie Cat. Along with her sister, Jellyourum, they are the caretakers of the tribe and act as the nurses for everyone. During the day, that's what she does, but at night she's out and about, teaching the cockroaches to tapdance and whatnot. Mated to her long-time truelove, Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat. Mother of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer as well as Annabeth, who she hasn't seen for quite a long time. NOW PASSED.

Jemima ~The sweet 'little dove' of the Jellicle tribe. There's so much talent in the junkyard and yet Jemima's beautiful, pure soprano voice is never forgotten and will always be remembered in the Jellicles history. Just as sweet as she sounds, Jemima is very hospitable and welcoming. Loves her family more than anything and loves meeting new cats and showing them around her home. Is currently in a relationship with Bolero and she cares about him immensely.


Macavity ~(oh lord...) Tom. Mate:Bombalurina. Siblings:Munkustrap (brother) Rum Tum Tugger (brother). Kits (O_O): Sakura, Blaze, Tyr, Aristotle, Athena (decease), Pandora, Zaliara, Xoriano, Kahuna, Astaroth, Damien, Lilith, Minerva, Pluto. (O__O) R*** victims: Demeter, Essa (well..not exactly), Sapphire, Ixia, Arista (thats all we KNOW of O_O) The Napoleon of Crime. Wanted for anything and everything. A serial-killer, r***, p***, evil-genius, super powerful elemental, partial child-abuser, sex-addict, BIG potty-mouth. Loves only Bombalurina and occasionally shows his love for his youngest daughters but not much.

Mistoffelees ~ Tom. Queenfriend:Victoria. Siblings:Perseus (brother) Quaxo (brother) Valerie (sister, decease)Pretty skittish, unless you really get to know him. Had to practically raise Quaxo when they lost their parents and Perseus. Known by the tribe for his remarkable deed of bringing Old Deuteronomy back when Macavity kitnapped him. Has had a crush on Victoria for the longest time, and loves her to death now that they're together.

Munkustrap ~tom. Mate:Demeter Kits:Jemima. Siblings:Macavity (brother) Tugger (brother)Maturest tom in the junkyard as well as the next leader. Usually always serious and a loyal mate as well as a loving father. Munkustrap is willing to do anything for the good of his tribe and is always the one to do the right thing when the other toms are usually up to no good (XD)

Quaxo-Tom.Mate:Aquamarine. Kits:Selene, Noah, Luke, and Luna. Siblings:Perseus and Mistoffelees. A playful young tom. KNOWN for his dancing abilities throughout the tribe. Loves his mate and kits more than anything and is starting to become a bit of a protective daddy ^^

Rumpelteazer ~ Queen. Mate:Plato.

Skimbleshanks ~Tom. Mate:JennyAnyDots (uh...kits??)

Tumblebrutus ~ Tom. Queenfriend:Electra. Sibling: Pouncival (brother)

Tantomile ~Queen. Sibling:Coricopat (brother)

(The Rum Tum) Tugger ~ Tom. Siblings: Munkustrap (brother) Macavity (brother)

Victor ~

Victoria ~Queen. Tomfriend:Mistoffelees. The Snow White Queen. Known for her incredible dancing and flexibility. Loves her tomfriend, Mistoffelees dearly. Quite a drama queen when she wants to be.


(not in COMPLETE alphabetical order XD)

Aquamarine-Queen.Mate:Quaxo. Kits:Selene, Noah, Luke, Luna. Sibling:Essmerelda (sister)A sweet young queen. Shy when she first came to the junkyard, but thanks to her now-mate, Quaxo, she's know an outgoing sweetheart. She loves all four of her young kittens dearly as well as her mate. Extremely flexible and loves dancing, singing, and gymnastics. An avid performer around her neighborhood with singing.

Arainia-Queen-kit. Tomfriend:Dastan. A half-deaf queen-kit. Couldnt speak well at all, but with Dastan's help, she can now speak very well. A sweet little queen once you get to nkow her.

Anael-Queen.Mate:Perseus. Kits:Dastan, Corrinne, Layla. Sibling:Ethan (brother) A soft-spoken, gentle, sweet Angora queen. A good mother and loyal mate. Her nickname from her mate, Perseus is 'Angel'

Andromeda-Queen-kit. Tomfriend:Xoriano. Parents:Sakura and Helios

Blaze-Queen.Mate:Inferno. Kits:Aden and Flare. Parents:Essmerelda and Macavity. Siblings:Zaliara, Xoriano, and Kahuna

Essmerelda-Queen. Mate(s) (all her past ones as well) *current and final* Ethan, Macavity, Samson, Bruce, Lyre, Tyler, Jag (didnt know that did yall? ^_-) Jekyll, Hyde. (Yes...she's been with BOTH brothers, scary eh?) Kits:Blaze, Zaliara, Xoriano, Kahuna. Sibling:Aqua. R*** by: Bruce, Jag, Lyre, and Hyde. Forced out of her own home by Samson and Tyler.

Fantasia-Queen.Tomfriend:Zephyr. Parents:Rhea and A***

Ixia-Queen.Kits:Astaroth, Leonard, Damien, and Lilith. R*** by:Macavity and Aristotle.

Kahuna-Queen-kit. Panrets:Macavity and Essmerelda. Siblings:Zaliara and Xoriano.

Lilith-Queen-kit.Parents:Macavity and Ixia. SIblings: Astaroth, Leonard, and Damien

Luna-Queen-kit.Parents:Aquamarine and Quaxo. Siblings:Selene, Noah, and Luke.

Pandora-Queen-kit. Parents:Macavity and Bombalurina. Siblings:Tyr, Aristotle, Athena (decease), (soon to come) Minerva, and Pluto.

Rhea-Queen.Mate:A***.Kits:Fantasia and fostering Arainia.

Rose-Queen-kit.Parents:Perseus and Exotica(decease) foster mother:Anael. Siblings:Paranormal (decease) (soon to come) Dastan, Corrinne, and Layla

Sapphire- Queen. Tomfriend:Aristotle. sibling:Violet. R*** victim of Macavity.

Sakura-Queen.Mate:Helios.Kit:Andromeda. Parents:Macavity and Demeter. Step-father:Munkustrap. R*** by Corylus and Jag. Sibling:Jemima (step-sister)

Selene-Queen-kit.Parents:Aquamarine and Quaxo. Siblings:Noah, Luke, and Luna.

Violet-Queen.Tomfriend:Tyr. Sibling:Sapphire.

Zaliara-Queen-kit. Parents:Macavity and Essmerelda. Siblings:Blaze, Xoriano and Kahuna.

A***-Tom.Mate:Rhea. Kit:Fantasia and fostering Arainia.

Aristotle-Tom.Queen-friend:Sapphire. Parents:Bombalurina and Macavity. Siblings:Tyr, Athena, Pandora, (coming) Minerva and Pluto. R*** Ixia.

Astaroth-Tom. Parents:Ixia and Macavity. Siblings:Leonard, Damien, and Lilith.

Ethan-Tom.Mate:Essmerelda. Sibling:Anael. Had an affair (though he never wanted to be in it) with Azura.

Helios-Tom.Mate:Sakura. Kit:Andromeda.

Inferno- Tom. Mate:Blaze. Kits:Aden and Flare

Leonard-Tom-kit. Parents:Ixia and Aristotle. Siblings:Astaroth, Damien, and Lilith.

Luke-Tom-kit. Parents:Aquamarine and Quaxo. Siblings:Selene, Noah, and Luna

Noah-Tom-kit. Parents:Aquamarine and Quaxo. Siblings:Selene, Luke, and Luna

Perseus-Tom.Mate(s) (past mates) Rose(decease) Exotica(decease as well) *current* Anael. Kits:Layla and Zinnia (both decease). Paris (also decease), Rose, Dastan, Corrinne, Layla. Siblings:Quaxo and Mistoffelees.

Ryin-Queen-kit. Sibling:Ryen (decease)

Tiger Lilly-Queen-kit. Parents:Todd and Athena (both dead)

Tyr-Tom. Parents:Bombalurina and Macavity. Queen-friend:Violet. Siblings:Aristotle, Athena (dead), Pandora, Minerva and Pluto.

Xoriano-Tom-kit. Queen-friend:Andromeda. Parents:Essmerelda and Macavity. Siblings:Zaliara and Kahuna.

Zephyr-Tom. Queen-friend:Fantasia.

IF I AM MISSING ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME ^_^ And if you want something added to your cat's description just tell meh!! (Im not done with everyone, just too tired to type ze rest up XD XD XD)

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Your missing Elda and Ryin.



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No problem.

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