Cats RPG?
Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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We've been needing a chat topic for a while, so here it is! Enjoy!

9/5/2010 #1

Whoohoo! And here we don't have to put 'OOC'!

9/5/2010 #2

Yeah! Awesome, ain't it? :D

9/5/2010 #3

Yeah! Ohhh! I'm reading in plot 4! I don't think Minerva's been born yet, it's where Mac's telling Athena that she didn't have to die. *tear* it's so beautiful!

9/5/2010 #4

Ohh yeah . . . that part . . . *sniffle* I KNOWZ!!! That part made me cry so hard! That, and when they found Athena's diary (did you read that part?). Most I've EVER cried on this RP. But you can't really understand unless you were in it since the very beginning . . . *sighhhhh*

9/5/2010 #5
OOC-OOOHHHH CHAT TOPICCCCCCC and yes.....Thenas death and everything after was a REALLY emotional part for me...
9/5/2010 #6

Hmm.. nope.. haven't read that.. where is it? and oh! Now that Thena's on maybe we can talk to her about what we have been chatting about?

9/5/2010 #7

HAIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya don't hafta put OOC here, silleh. XD But yes . . . it was emotional for everyone . . . and 'everyone', at that point, was just us . . . so . . . XD

9/5/2010 #8

Now what was your harboring idea Fant?

Oh and Thena. . . I was wondering if I could be any of Vi or Saph's kits? I know they're already starting to talk but then if somebody else is playing one they could have more conversations with eachother...?

9/5/2010 #9
Oops XD and yush it made ME cry
9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #10

*Points to post* *Jumps up and down* Oh! And how's the beach?

9/5/2010 #11
Uhh...I guess. can't what do you think? And the beach is REALLY pretty. I'm sitting on my balcony ei family, eating ice cream and rping XD
9/5/2010 #12

XDXD I eat ice cream and role play everyday! XD And I'm guessing you mean Fant instead of can't? My MP3 does that too with it's stupid auto-correct :)

*Jumps up and down* Please Fant?!

9/5/2010 #13

Oh yeah, meh idea . . . well . . . it's still a work in progress, but here's what I've got so far . . .

It starts when Pandora is out on her own, wandering around the territory one day. Towards the outskirts of Macavity's territory, she finds a young tom about her age. He's lost and doesn't know where he is. Pandora offers to take him back to where he came from, but he tells her it's okay -- that's what he's trying to get away from. (Haven't decided why yet . . .) So, the two get to talking. The tom is very nice and friendly towards Pandora, and they soon find that they are alike in many ways. They quickly become friends, but then Pandora realizes that she's been gone all day and her family will be wondering where she is. She leaves, but that night she sneaks back out to see the tom again. This continues for many nights, and nobody, not even Minerva finds out. The two grow really close as time goes on. But then, it's a very cold night (ummm . . . NO pun intended O_O), and while Pandora is out with the tom it starts to snow . . . Pandora realizes that it's too dangerous to go back to the lair. So, that night she stays out with the tom. (They don't . . . go that far, of course ^^) The next morning, there's a heavy blanket of snow on the ground. The family wakes up to discover that Pandora isn't there . . . They go out looking for her, and eventually Mac finds her curled up asleep in the tom's arms . . .

That's actually as far as I've gotten. I haven't thought about what happens next. XD So, thoughts?

And about the thing with playing some of the Macavity grandkits . . . well . . . I guess I'm okay with it. ^^

9/5/2010 #14

OOhhhhh!!! I LOVE it!! And, I would play ze tom? It's a great plot! and boy, Mac would skin the Tom! XD

And yays! Thanks ya! And who would I be?

9/5/2010 #15

Yeah, that's sorta why I brought it up. One of you has to play zee tom, sooooo . . . . . . . .

As for who you'd be, well . . . I think we've got Cronus and Lachesis pretty well taken care of . . . Mars and Ares are like a mini Tyr and Aris, so to play them you'd have to know what Tyr and Aris were like as kittens . . . I guess you could play Icarus or Melpomene . . . what do you think, Thena?

9/5/2010 #16

Yeah! Hm, Funny, I was reading Pan's birth! I love Mac and Bomba's reaction to how she had her eyes open right away! XD

And omg, I love Mel. She's so sweet :)

9/5/2010 #17

Yeah . . . Pan's a fun character to play. :) Have you gotten to the part where she levitates Tyr? XD

9/5/2010 #18

Hmm.. No, where is that? I'm on pg. 42 of plot 4.

9/5/2010 #19

I don't know where it is . . . it's not long after she's born, though. It's when Tyr and Aris first come in to visit her.

9/5/2010 #20

Hmm. . . Okies! And I just read where Arainia gets hit by the truck :( I started to cry! Especially when I think of her mewing for help...

9/5/2010 #21
Yeah...Arainia is BASED on my actual kitten that was hit by a truck and we took her in.
9/5/2010 #22

Awwe! And Fant said I could be one of Saph's. . .

9/5/2010 #23
Well I enjoy playing Mel, so you could take Icarus? He's gonna be real protective of his sister.
9/5/2010 #24

Okay! I'd love to! Um, what page were Saph's kits born so I can read up on him the whole way through?

9/5/2010 #25

Yeah . . . and he's sorta soft-spoken and not as quick to jump into things like his brothers. That's all you really need to know. ^^ I have no idea what page they were born on . . . I don't keep track of these things . . . . well, actually, I do, but only for the REEEEEEEEEEEALLY big events. (Like when Quaxo proposed to Aqua . . . page 29, plot 3. ^_______^)

9/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2010 #26
Pg 81 is the birth of vi's kits ^^
9/5/2010 #27

Okay! Whoo! I'm excited! And Fant, when could we do the whole Pandora/Tom thing?

9/5/2010 #28

Dunno . . . any time, I guess. So, I'm guessing you wanna be the tom, Kate? :) We gotta think of a name . . .

9/5/2010 #29

I would love to! Hm, names, hm. . . Any origin?

9/5/2010 #30
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