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Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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JOO SAVED QUAXIE AND AQUA'S FIRST KISS!!!!! *Tacklehugglez* Sorry, I just noticed that . . . anyway, I'm waiting for YOU to make Plot 8, just in case you were wondering what's taking me so long. XD

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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XD

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XD XD Wait . . . ohh . . . you didn't save it :( Well, you saved the posts leading up to it, and that's what matterz! ^^

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Sorry D: I was so P.Oed that day that i randomly started copying and pasting the pages...I shoulda kept going

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So you've noticed Plot 3 missing, I see.

That was the plot where Quaxo proposed to Aqua AND where Athena committed suicide . . . FORTUNATELY, I have both of those sequences (including all of Athena's diary and the big adorable forgiveness scene, even though that's in the fourth plot) saved in a Word document! Want me tah post dem here so they can be saved on here forevaaaaaaaaaa? 8D

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He gazed at Aqua and heaved a sigh. There had been something weighing down on his mind for a long time. He had been rather afraid to bring it up with her before, but he was beginning to feel that he couldn't keep it to himself for much longer. His white-capped tail began flicking from side to side as he sat, just thinking.

As she felt Quaxo's gaze on her, she turned to him and smiled at him. She tilted her head, seeing that he looked as if he were thinking about SOMETHING. She blinked. "What are you thinking about?" She asked softly.

He sat up straight, his eyes darting from side to side apprehensively. "Oh, I was just, you know, thinking . . . about . . ." He gulped, but then he stood up. "C'mon. Let's go for a walk."

She blinked at him curiously. "Um, OK." She said, standing up at well. "Where you wanna walk to?" She asked, pressing against him.

He let out a tiny purr as she pressed against him, but his anxiousness quickly drowned it out. "Let's go to . . . well, where's your favorite place? We'll go there."

She gave him a curious look but said "I LOVE that creek. You know across the meadow and down that small hill. Its so quiet and peaceful. And I love the sound of the running water." She purred, pressing closer to him. "Why do you want to go out so bad?" She asked, her curiously growing immensely large.

He ducked his ears and looked away slightly. "I dunno, I just . . . I dunno." He headed for the door. "C'mon, then, let's go to the creek."

She gave him a confused look, but shrugged. "Alrighty then." She walked out next to him, pressed close to him, purring softly.

He looked at her, unable to keep from purring himself. He started down the path to the meadow, unusually quiet. His mind was buzzing with different ways to say what he was going to say . . .

She glanced at him, the confused look still on her face. He was quiet...unusually quiet. And that...just wasnt QUAXO. As they reached the creek, she looked at him. "Quax, you ok?" She asked, reaching up with a paw to gently stroke his cheek.

He could hear the trickling water, but knew they weren't quite there yet. He spied a rose bush out of the corner of his eye. "I'm fine . . ." he answered absently. "Um, you go on ahead. I'll be right there."

She blinked and then nodded. "Alright Quax." She purred and then walked down to the creek. She sat down, curling her tail around herself, looking up at the setting sun.

Once she was out of sight, he bent down and examined the rose bush. Singling out the most perfect, delicate flower, he plucked it from the bush, being careful of the thorns. He held it behind his back and padded ahead to where Aqua was.

Her ears flicked up as she heard his footsteps. She turned her head and smiled at him.

He smiled back, but a bit uneasily. He still hadn't quite decided how he wanted to say it, but he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold it in. His gaze rested tenderly upon the silver queen; in the dimming light, she looked nothing short of beautiful. He then told her this. "Aqua . . . you look beautiful tonight . . ."

She blinked a few times, blushing a bit. "Um....thanks Quaxo....." She mewed shyly, her ears ducking a bit. "But, I dont look any different than usual." She giggled. "I mean, I cleaned my fur a few minutes ago, but I ALWAYS groom." She purred.

A tiny grin tugged at the corner of his mouth, but then he was serious again. "But you look . . . more beautiful than you normally are," he mewed quietly, tilting his head to one side sweetly.

She looked at him and automatically smiled tenderly as he tipped his head to one side. "Well thanks for noticing then." She purred.

He nodded once as if to say 'You're welcome', but he didn't say a word. There was a sort of unusually tender look in his eyes that had been there since they had started out. The rose was still tightly clutched in his paw behind his back.

She looked at him, gazing into his warm brown eyes, her own blue gaze soft and loving. Her tail swished back and forth off the boulder she sat on, still a bit curious as to what Quaxo had planned.

His eyes gazed back into hers. He gulped, still not sure at all how he wanted to say it. To begin, he padded over to the side of the boulder and lowered himself onto one knee. As he did so, he brought the rose out from behind his back with one paw. With the other, he gently grasped her paw. Still undecided, both knowing and not knowing what to say at the same time, he began: "Aqua . . . I love you . . . so much . . . And I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time, but I was always afraid you would say no . . ." He blinked, his voice growing very quiet as he continued. "But I can't keep my feelings to myself anymore. Aqua . . . oh, Aquamarine . . . will . . . you . . ." He peered deep into her beautiful blue eyes, their aquamarine-colored depths threatening to drown him. His voice scarcely more than a whisper, he vocalized the question that had been threatening to burst out of him for what seemed like forever. "Will you be my mate?"

Her eyes widened in pure shock, and as he spoke those last five words she's always remember, she felt as if her heart melted. "Oh my.....Quaxo...." She leapt on him, wrapping her arms around him, hugging him tightly. "Yes, yes, yes, a million times YES!" She mewed, burying her face in his chest, purring loudly.

He hugged her back, also purring loudly and freely for the first time that day. "I love you," he repeated, starting to get a little choked up.

"I love you too.....Oh I love you...sooo much Quaxo.." She purred, only hugging him closer to her.

He began stroking her beautiful silver fur. "I always want to be by your side . . . forever . . ." he murmured lovingly. "And I never ever want to leave you . . . I CAN'T ever leave you . . ."

"And I always want to be by your side.....I NEVER will want to, and never will leave you..." She nuzzled his cheek, very gently and lovingly. "Oh Quaxo...." She purred, wrapping her tail around him, her eyes closing happily.

He nuzzled back, also closing his eyes. "I've been in love with you since the day we met," he nearly whispered. "I just didn't know it back then . . ."

She nuzzled his chest gently. "I knew you were special the day I saw you....I just knew...." She said, her purr so loud, it vibrated throughout her whole body.

He could feel her purr clearly. He was also vibrating a bit, but he wasn't sure whether it was her purr or his . . . or both of them combined . . . "I guess you were right," he murmured, remembering the day they had met. They were both wide-eyed, innocent kittens back then, and this only reminded Quaxo of how much they had both changed . . . for each other . . .

"Mhm....." She murmured, still pressed close to him. "Oh Quaxo....My dear Quaxo.....We've been through....SO much together....You've put up with've taught me so much....WE'VE taught eachother so much....." She sighed, rubbing her head against his chest again. "I don't know if I can say it enough....I love you. " She leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek "I love you my dear.

"And you've put up with ME," he agreed. "I love you too, Aqua . . . more than you'll ever know . . ."

She smiled at him, a smile full of love and tenderness.

He smiled back, eyes brimming with indescribable love. He stretched up and nuzzled her tenderly.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, very gently and closed the distance between them, fully closing her eyes. As their lips touched, she felt as if everything around her vanished, it was only she and Quaxo, only they who mattered. She kissed him tenderly, though full of love.

He kissed back just as tenderly, feeling the love crash over him anew like a giant wave, a wave that swept him off his paws and from which he could never be freed . . . and at the moment, this feeling was absolutely perfect . . . He gently wrapped his arms around her. This kiss, combined with the 'yes' she had given him earlier, meant far more to him than a thousand 'I love you's ever could. 3/28/2011 #342


When she got back to her lair, she stormed to her room, slamming the door so hard that it fell off it's hinges. She was snarling furiously, punching, breaking, and shredding anything in her path. She sat down on her vanity chair, placing her elbows on the table part, resting her head on her paws, and letting her claws dig into her skin. "ALL THIS! FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She practically screamed, slamming her fist into the table, making it crack in a few areas. She slowly looked up at her reflection. It was the same bloodied, scarred, ugly, demented face.........With a scream of fury, she slammed her fist into the mirror, the entire thing shattering against her. Some of the shards were stuck in her hands, but she didnt care......She threw open the drawer underneath the vanity and all the pictures inside it spilled out. She stalked over it, her eyes narrowed in pure agonizing anger. She flipped over the picture. It was a family picture of her, Tyr, Aris, Bomba, and Mac. Still snarling, she tore it half and stomped on it. She looked at all the other pictures spread out on the floor......They were all a beautiful, perfect kitten.....Going on a rampage, she literally tore every picture in half and when she was done, she was sobbing with anger and pain. Her sobs were more like snarls, but had the sobbing mixed in with every breath......

She looked at her palms, they were covered in blood, from the fight and the shards of glass stuck in them. Snarling and half sobbing, she picked up the longest shard she could find.......She couldnt take it anymore.........She HAD no purpose in life......Her whole kittenhood of being pushed around like a ragdoll and always laughed at and looked down on.....her teen years becoming a laughing stock and losing all her good looks and everything she wanted.....Her adult life, losing her mate at her own claws and then forced to give up her child......There was no point....."MAKE IT END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed, plunging the shard of glass straight into her throat, piercing several vital veins. She screamed again in agonizing pain and starting choking, gasping desperately for air. She collapsed to the ground, dark crimson blood pumping out fast as ever. She still gripped the end of the glass, and the dark red blood made her palms slippery. Tears starting flowing down her face, mixing with the massive amount of blood pumping from her neck, making it watery and the blood began to flow down her body in the style of crimson tear drops.......But still....she didnt die.......With a shriek, she yanked the glass out and stabbed herself again, so far that the pointed edge of the shard pierced through nearly every single vain in her neck........She coughed a bit, and mass amount of blood started to bubble out of her mouth...Everything was going black. Her struggles and whimpers were dying down....With a trembling paw that she could barely feel, she pulled the bloody and fleshy shard out of her neck and dropped it beside her. Her gaze rested on the ceiling as the world blacked out.....Her limbs going numb. Her eyes glazed by now, every limb useless, and practically all the blood in her body gone, she exhaled painfully and almost softly.

.............................................................Athena...............was dead.

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It's hard being me.....Some would say I sound weak by saying that and to toughen up...but Im not lying in any way possible when I say I hate my life.....Constantly punished for none of MY wrongdoing and always laughed at...What did I ever do wrong? Maybe I did dream too big....But I was so young....They think they know me.....The demented pathetic b*tch, Athena........but they have no idea who I really am...Who I wanted to be....And I never wil have a chance to become.....I used to look up to my father....But he tore everything apart...everything thinks that's what made me evil.....But again they are ALL wrong.........

Everytime I so much as glance into the hallway.....well....Of course someone has to make a smart remark...I've grown used to it...But cats think words dont hurt. Again, wrong.....I'm strong on the surface.....Not all the way through..And no matter how much I push it away....I cant deny that Im truly hurt by the remarks and sneering everyone has towards me....But mostly...Its from my brothers....I still remember when we were only a month old. Aris and I always ganged up on Tyr and fought to see who could get Tyr the angriest...We'd always go hunting together before Mom and Dad woke up........In actuality....Im only the way I am towards Sapphire and Violet because....and this sounds silly...but its true.....They took my older brothers from me....Since they came into our lives, I was never allowed to play with Tyr OR Aris.....They'd give the most hurtful comments......I tried desperately to just push it aside an try again later...but no avail....Truly, I think I could've befriended Sapphire and Violet....But the fact they stole my best friends from me....well.......It was hard not to have SOMETHING against them.....And from then on, I began my reign of solitude....And began my state of madness.....

What do you do when you're trapped in your room, afraid to come out for the fear of criticism or harsh remarks....For the fear of becoming the laughing stock of the lair......Who do you talk to one else cares about you and you CAN'T talk to anyone without them insulting you....? No where......No one.....Im going no where in life...and i have no one to turn to........I just dragged myself back inside after training...When I woke up everyone was gone.....I was left in a puddle of my own blood. I'm aching everywhere right now....but of course I'm not going to let anyone know that.....I CAN'T show weakness.......Strength is all I have left......All I have left to prove Im of any use Daddy.......But then again......Nothing has ever gone my way.....It always feels like Im walking alone...In shadow of death..but Im too stubborn to let myself go.....And Im proud of that......Im not giving up easily......They can try to tear me down...I.dare.them.......See how far they get......Im keeping my want my life best friends.....My Daddy.......... -Dont wish.....Dont start.....Wishing only wounds my black heart more than it already is......

I need to escape.......But what am I running from....? Myself.....Me...Myself...and I........Every time I look in the mirror Im forced to swallow the hurt and pain I feel as I remembered who I gave become who.....WHAT I am now.....Yes....Dad's right......I am becoming like him......But.....this hate I feel is intense..I feel....ANGRY. All the time. I cant help it..I've been betrayed....Taken for granted, been made the laughing stock time and time again....What else can I do...what else DO I do....? 3 weeks ago......Pandora was born......I've always wanted a little sister....I remembered what it was have my brothers looking out for me...but that....was only until Saph and Vi came.....I wanted to be her role model. Be her best friend.....but now......Everytime I see Pandora....Im punched in the face quite literally....Because all I can see is my former self in that kitten....I wanted to introduce myself to her the first day we met her...but.....How could I? Tyr and Aris made sure they stayed pretty clear of me. My parents glared at me the entire time I was in their view....And besides.....I dont think ANYONE knows how embarrassing it have your little sister shy away from you...because of how ugly you are.......

Why........?I've had.....everything...I ever loved taken from me.....Is it my fault? If it is.....I need someone to tell me how.....Everyone tells me its my fault Im the way I am...its my fault no one could ever love me.....MY fault Im an insignificant mistake.....I just came in from burying Todd's body...........Its amazing how so many found amusement at the fact that I was allowing myself to cry.....I LOVED him.........and THEY took him from me.........He never even got to meet our daughter.....And now......Im on the verge of suicide.....Lilly has gone missing.......And I cant find her anywhere on the territory.....All I ever wanted was to give her everything i never had.....And so far......Ive done nothing but made my little Tiger Lilly suffer.....I cant ask for help to find her......Dad would kill her.....Tyr and Aris are no better.....Mom wouldnt care.....Its useless........I feel so coldblooded right now that if I bleed...I wont bleed......My body's a living tourniquet...No matter how much I bleed...No matter how much I suffer....I wont die....My conscience refuses to let me.....Thats why in my head.....Im slowly starting to win......If I go to Hell so be it....But Ive done nothing wrong....Its THEM who should suffer.........

Be not so long to speak......I long to die....

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" hear that...?" He angled his ears towards the tree they were sitting under. It was coming from behind the tree. "It sounds like.....A little girl giggling....." He observed. Standing up and curious, he flicked his tail for Aris to follow.

Aris's ears flicked up as well. "Yeah, I hear it," he whispered, following Tyr around to the other side of the tree. His eyes widened. "It's Athena again," he breathed. "As a kitten . . ."

"What? No way..." He muttered disbelievingly, but sure enough, as he looked where Aris was, he saw the small and petite little queen, giggling as she sat on the grass. She then turned towards the boys, her eyes still the same eerie color. She smiled sweetly. "C'mon! We gotta save the prince!" She giggled, getting to her paws quickly. Tyr stared at the small kitten, still not believing what he was seeing. She scampered over to the boys and tugged at their feet. "C'MON! Momma said I'd never find my prince if i don't save him!" She mewed, caught up in her imaginary game. Tyr glanced at Aris, wondering if he should follow the little girl.Shrugging Tyr sighed and began walking. "What harm could it do?" He grumbled to Aris. Giggling happily, seeing that they were coming, she scampered forward. "THIS WAY! He's trapped in our treehouse!" She turned to the older, MUCH larger toms, not noticing them as her brothers. "Daddy, Twr, and Awis built this. They wouldn't let me cause they were scawed I'd huwt myself." Her ears drooped at being left out, but she shrugged. "Lets go inside! The prince might die soon!" She squeaked.

Tyr blinked. The treehouse he, Aris, and Macavity had made was torn down when lightning hit it...and since training, no one ever even thought about putting it back up....But as Tyr followed the mysterious young child, his eyes widened...For in front of him......was the old treehouse.

Still giggling, she scrambled up the ladder to the treehouse, and before Tyr could do anything, the entire treehouse vanished......Athena's giggling echoing in the air. "Hi." Another voice rang from behind them, causing Tyr to start. He turned to a see a slightly older, mature Athena. She was still tiny, but has a few cuts on her face. "Who're you?" She blinked. "Nevermind. You wanna play? My brothers said they were' that Im too annoyin' to play with..." Her large kitten ears drooped. Tyr's ears also drooped a bit. It reminded him of how bitter he had been towards Athena as they got a little older. She tilted her head at him. "My Daddy says not tah worry 'bout them..." She giggled. "But hey...they ARE boys!" Giggling she skipped away. "Oooh! Guess what!" She skidded to a hault and turned. "These new queens came today! Maybe we can friends! My brothers are cool, but they're getting boring!" Giggling again, she scampered back inside, but before she opened the door to the layer, she vanished in a golden mist....Tyr angled his ears as he heard voices. Even as Athena's spirit left, he heard the pounding of pawsteps on the floor in the hallway. Listening closer he heard her mew and then......HIS voice, but younger. 'Go AWAY runt! We see enough of you EVERYDAY, cant we get a little quiet time!?" And with that, Tyr heard a slam and the sound of sobbing.....

Then on the training ground, more sobbing was heard. Tyr turned his head, almost scared to see what it was this time.....It was Athena as an older kitten. She had a newly torn ear and a newly mangled paw...."Oh DAMN tears......" She hissed, wiping away her tears. "STUPID Sapphire...STUPID Violet.......Ruin everything....." She grumbled. Turning to her side, she picked up her diary...the same diary Saph had read the previous day.....She picked up a pen and whimpered because the skin on that paw was raw and mangled. A few tears from the sting rolled down her cheeks that also had fresh scratches. Hanging her head low, the scene of Macavity snapping his vicious jaws around little Athena's paw and basically tearing it apart, showed in a mist above her. But it was so vivid, it almost looked real......Little Athena's pained face simply showed how much pain she was holding in, and hard she was trying not to cry.

With a sigh, she heaved herself to her paws, grabbing her diary and heading inside and like the last one, she disappeared before she reached the door.

"Oh Lord, here SHE comes...." A queen's voice hissed. Another voice said. "EW! What happened to your paw?!" And the other said "What happened to your FACE?!" Snickering was heard and then the two female voices were joined by two male voices....They were snickering and chanting things towards Athena and a loud slam was heard....

Another vision appeared in front of them in the mist like substance...A now older teenaged Athena stood at the very vanity they had saw her the previous day. Slowly Athena looked at her reflection. Letting out a quiet sob, the queen turned away from the mirror. That vision disappeared with another, showing Athena knelt down by her window, watching the night sky. Very quietly she sang, almost just talking, and there were small sobs mixed into her words. "Its true........We're all a little....Insane...." Closing her eyes, a few tears rolling down her down scarred face, she took a faltering breath. Slowly opening her eyes, staring at her reflection in the window, she continued. "But clear.....Now that I am....Unchained......" Swallowing she said/sang. "Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time....." She then narrowed her eyes, and within that vision, the face of Macavity appeared. It was showing how Athena felt at that moment, what she was imagining....."You POOR SWEET innocent thing..DRY your eyes...and testify..." She imaged the angry face of her father, glaring at her as she said the words...As if imagining those words came from Macavity himself. Narrowing her eyes, she raised her voice a tiny bit. "You know you live to break me, don't deny. Sweet Sacrifice....."

The vision disappeared and different visions showed at the same time. One was of Griffen pulling the prank on Athena. The other of Griffen pointing and mocking her. Then one with her and Todd hugging. One of her laying inside the den with Alaina, talking to her tiny daughter. Then it all vanished in a puff of smoke and was replaced with the bloody scene of Todd's death. Athena's scream was echoed. "TODD!" It sent shivers down Tyr's back. He watched as Athena collapsed to the ground and pulled her mate's head into her lap, trying to talk to him, but the brown tom was dead within seconds. Tyr watched, ashamed of himself as he watched Athena cry her heart out....And was finally to the last one..... HER death.......

Tyr gave a start, almost falling into Aris as another furious, desperate scream was heard. "I WANT TO DIEE!!!!!!!!!!!" They were suddenly in Athena's room in HER lair.....They saw Athena, knelt in a pile of torn pictures and the shattered glass everywhere. Sobbing, Athena yelled. "MAKE IT END!" And with the large shard in her paw, she dug the pointed glass into her neck. But she didnt die......Crying, she yanked the glass out, blood pumping out of the large wound. With a shriek, she plunged it back into her throat, so far the end of the shard almost couldnt be seen. Tyr watched, horrified as this happened. Blood pulsed out of Athena's neck, and out of her mouth. Soon her breathing starting slowly and she stared blankly at the ceiling. With a trembling almost limp paw, she grabbed the glass and pulled it out of her throat, dropping the shard next to her. It was full of blood and her flesh...Exhaling slowly and almost sadly, she finally closed her eyes, and her head fell limp.....

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In a swirled pattern of golden mist, Athena appeared. Her fur bright as fire. Her headfur a rich gold. And her eyes, strange but warm. He walked towards her brothers and her father, no signs of hostility whatsoever. She stopped in front of them, blinking calmly. Tyr could only stare, not knowing what to say or how to say it.

Mac's eyes widened at the apparition. He took a step back, now knowing what was getting Tyr and Aris so jumpy.

Aris bit his bottom lip to prevent a startled cry from coming out. "Athena!" he whimpered. Not realizing that Mac was standing right next to him, he pleaded, "Please don't kill us and feed us to Dad!"

Mac shot Aris a strange look, but then turned his attention back to Athena.

She giggled softly. "Why would I do that?" She asked, her voice a soft mew, rather than her old snappy one. Tyr "Well, b-because you...and we...Uhh....." He couldnt think of what to say.... "You two have seen my life through MY understand now......I believe you have suffered enough...." She said gently.

Aris blinked. This wasn't like the Athena he knew at all. She was NICE. This was the Athena she should have been if they had given her the chance . . . "But . . . aren't you . . . mad that we made you become . . . you know . . . . ."

"A monster?" Mac finished, taking everyone a bit by surprise.

She turned her calm gaze to her father and nodded. "Exactly. But no.....In every life, there are certain cats you will meet, know, and grow up with....." She blinked and sighed. "And they teach us something in one way or another......" She looked at her father, straight in the eye. "You've made me strong....Able to defeat the odds not thought possible by any living cat.....If I didnt have you, I would've ended up a weak mewling little brat always wanting your attention." She held his gaze, almost warmly. "So thank you."

His eyes widened even more in surprise. That was the LAST thing he'd expected to hear. And the words didn't even seem to be coming from her . . . it sounded as if a much older, wiser cat was speaking through her. Had she had some potential to be the smartest cat in the lair if he hadn't suppressed her the way he had? "You speak with wisdom beyond your short years," he murmured, almost sadly . . . almost . . . affectionately . . .

She nodded. "Wisdom can be found in anyone. If YOU'RE willing to listen." She told him softly.

He blinked. Then he drew in a long breath and slowly let it out. "Athena . . . you deserve a second chance." There was a moment of silence before he spoke again, very quietly, almost inaudible. And what he uttered were two little words that were almost NEVER heard from the ginger tom. "I'm sorry."

She smiled. "It's easy to do nothing....but its hard to forgive.....But I forgive you Daddy...." She mewed softly, looking up at him. As she said the word 'Daddy', her voice was echoed with her kitten self.

He met her gaze and held it unblinkingly. Athena was one of the few cats who had EVER forgiven him . . . because this was one of the few times he had EVER apologized. He nodded once, still holding her gaze, not really sure how to respond to being forgiven.

Stepping closer to her father, she leaned up on tiptoe as she did as a kitten and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him like she's wanted to do since she was little.

Just when he'd thought things couldn't get any stranger, Mac's ears ducked a bit as he felt Athena's arms around him. For a moment, he stood still, unsure of what to do, but then almost cautiously, he wrapped his arms around her as well, hugging back gently. He didn't care WHO was watching anymore . . . at the moment, all he cared about was that father and daughter were bonding at last, proving once and for all that there was never such a thing as too late . . .

She was smiling brightly as he hugged back. She buried her face in his chest fur. "Despite everything....I still love you Daddy....." She mewed, muffled against his fur. She was so happy that.....tears of joy were threatening to well up.

There was a short pause, though Mac still held Athena in his grasp. Finally, he very quietly said, "I love you too, Athena." Drawing in a breath, he continued to make the biggest confession of his life. "I always have. Ever since you were born, I could tell you had potential . . . and I didn't want that to be ruined. That's the REAL reason I . . . I forced you to become the way you were . . . I was just afraid of you losing what you had. I was just trying to protect you . . . but we can all see now that it went too far . . ." He sighed. "You didn't have to die, Athena. If I'd known, I would have done anything to give you a second chance. Ignore everything I ever said that was . . . cruel, or malicious. Until Pandora was born, you were the only daughter I'd ever had who I actually cared about, and all I ever wanted was to make sure you knew that. And once you started becoming meaner to me . . . deep down inside, it hurt, Athena. And the only way I know how to respond to hurt is by hurting. I'm sorry if I ever made it seem otherwise . . . because I know I did."

She couldnt hold it in anymore. She started crying, hugging him tighter. "But its alright..." She sobbed. "Because Im happy now....." She looked up at him through watery eyes. One would think she was referring to the fact that she was dead and in Heavyside. But that wasnt what she meant...."I've just...gotten what Ive always wanted.....YOUR acceptance......" Sniffling a but, she said. "I've always been afraid to show weakness.....Always been afraid of you thinking I've failed you.....And....It made me want to try harder everytime you'd yell. But...." She nuzzled his chest. "Parents ONLY yell at their children....Because they love them. I know that now.....Deep down I ALWAYS have.....I just needed it in writing.....And now I have." Burying her face in his chest again she sobbed out. "I love you."

A rare, genuine smile spread across Macavity's face. He hugged her tighter as well. "Love and weakness are different," he told her. "Very different. In fact, love is strength. Admitting you love someone just makes you stronger. Hearing them say they love you back gives you more strength yet . . . it gives you the strength that comes with trust. Being part of a mated pair is one of the best things that can happen to you . . . and I suppose I robbed you of THAT as well. But, my dear Athena, I can't recall you ever saying you love me before today . . . so therefore, I lacked the trust that your love would have given me. And besides that, as I said, I merely wanted to protect you. You've always been my little girl . . . I didn't want to see you grow up, and THAT'S the real reason I was so upset once you met your little Todd." He ruffled her headfur. "I love you too, Athena."

"I never knew that..." She murmured softly, looking up at him. "I understand now.....And I DO forgive you." She said. Pulling from her father, she said. "I have to leave soon.....but tell Mom....Pandora....AND Vi and Saph that.....I forgive them. And I love them all.....I wish I could've gotten to know Saph and Vi better......" Finally breaking her still watery gaze from Macavity's, she turned to her brothers. Smiling she walked towards Aris.

Aris, wiping his eyes to make sure there were no tears in them, watched Athena come towards him and couldn't help but smile back.

She wrapped her arms around him. "I've GOTTA take care of that mane of yours! FAR to messy!" She chuckled affectionately, hugging him tightly.

Aris chuckled as well, hugging her back. "Just don't overdo it this time, little sis," he murmured affectionately.

"I'll try not to." She giggled sweetly, and pulled from him, smiling. She walked over to Tyr. She smirked at him. "You're no better hothead." He sighed. "I know..." And with that the two rivals embraced. "You two gotta stop growing...I feel so.....tiny." She giggled, looking at the three men in her family...

Aris shrugged. "Sorry."

Mac chuckled. "You've grown a lot, Athena. In more ways than one."

She turned to her father, pulling from Tyr. "I know...And I never would've been able to do so without ANY of you.....Despite it all...." She said a small purr in her voice. Her ears twitched and she sighed. "I have to go now....." She murmured. Walking over to Macavity again she looked up at him. "I'll tell you my daughter's name if you want....But please promise you wont hurt her....You can kill off as many Jellicles as you want. Im not stopping you. understand...right?" She asked.

He gazed at her for a long moment. "I promise," he finally said, no hint of deceit or lying in his voice. In his eyes, there was a very rare light of integrity.

She nodded. "Her name's Tiger Lilly......" She smiled a bit before sighing again. "Bye everyone....." She mewed softly. Hugging her father one last time, she walked towards the old tree where she first appeared and walked to where the treehouse used to be. Once she got there, she disappeared in a golden mist...

He nodded to show that he had understood, and hugged her back for what he assumed would be the last time. As she disappeared in a cloud of mist, he heaved a sigh. He was a bit saddened, but he didn't show it. He was Macavity. Crying was vulnerability, and vulnerability was weakness. He turned to Tyr and Aris. "Stay here," he ordered. Then he disappeared back inside. "EVERYONE UP!" he commanded. "BOMBA! PANDORA! VIOLET! SAPPHIRE! OUTSIDE NOW!" Then he ducked back into the yard, waiting for them to arrive.

Bomba blinked open her eyes at her mate's voice. A bit curious, she picked up Pandora who who was snuggled in her fur, and walked outside.

Saph-Still a bit sad from the previous day, she got to her paws. "C'mon Vi." She mewed before walking out behind Bomba.

Vi followed Saph and Bomba outside, wondering what they were being punished for THIS time.

Mac watched as everyone assembled around him. He heaved a sigh before beginning. "Athena was here," he told them. He could tell he'd already captured most of their interests from the way their ears pricked up at the mention of her name. "She was here . . . and she gave me a message." His gaze swept over all of the queens. "Bomba, Pandora . . . Violet and Sapphire, she forgives you. And she loves you all. To Violet and Sapphire, she wishes she could have known you better." He paused for a moment to let the message sink in.

Saph=She smiled a bit, glad that she was forgiven. She truly wished she could've told Athena herself that she was sorry.

Bomba-A small smile played on her lips. She gently stroked Pandora's soft fur. She was glad Athena could rest in peace now...

Vi smiled as well. It meant so much to her that Athena wasn't holding anything against her.

Pandora was listening to everything, looking at Mac through her wide green eyes. She purred softly at Bomba's touch, combined with Athena's message.

Mac wasn't done. "We are ALL saddened to have Athena gone," he continued, something he would not have said only two days ago. "But she lives on in our memories and our hearts, where she will never be forgotten. Now that we are all at peace with each other, I have every hope that things can return to normal around here." Aris's face brightened, though he, Tyr, and their parents were the only living ones who would remember what 'normal' was like . . . Mac looked at his sons. "Tyr and Aris . . . I suppose there's really no need for me to train you anymore." Aris beamed, and Mac continued, "Enjoy your freedom." Then he looked at Saph. "And if you two at least TRY to be more responsible . . . Aris and Sapphire, your punishment is lifted."

Bomba nodded at her mate's words, smiling brightly at all the happy faces for once.

Saph-A bright smile found its way onto her face. She nodded to Macavity's words and smiled at Aris.

Just then the sunlight shone through the trees, it seemed to beam down on the family, smiling upon them brightly...Athena was watching over them....

Aris smiled back, scooting over so that he could sit closer to her. Violet got up and padded over to Tyr, and Mac took a seat beside Bomba. Even though she had returned to Heaviside, he could tell that Athena was smiling down upon them at that moment.

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Wow . . . seven pages of chat? We need to get cracking iff'n we wanna catch up to the other RP. :P

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................................Astaroth just watched Essa get electrocuted by trying to fix a T.V and then punched her and started laughing. Ethan walked away to go swimming.


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Americans can't write their own songs.

So I was watching the Royal Wedding this morning . . . 'My Country 'Tis of Thee'? Yep. That tune is stolen from the British national anthem, 'God Save the Queen'.

To make matters worse, the tune of our OWN national anthem, 'The Star-Spangled Banner', is ALSO a 'borrowed' British tune.


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I thought the point of the Revolutionary War was to prove that we could survive as our OWN separate country . . .

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O__O WOW......I dont get why we're so racist in America....

Dude, nearly EVERYTHING we buy or use is made by another country XD

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Page 8. We're making progress.


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I WANT MY BABY BACK BABY BACK BABY BACK.................................................................ribs.

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Exactly! O__O It confuses me when people from foreign countries say something about restaurants serving 'American' food . . . what the HECK is 'AMERICAN' food?! McDonalds?!

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XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I am eating chicken noodle soup...Never again shall I slurp soup and read your posts at the same time...NEVER

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:D I like being surprised and giddy with happiness!

. . . . . . . . . Can I have a hint? XD XD

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So . . . um . . . elephants?

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