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Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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She shrugged. "I thought you did all right," she commented. "I wasn't planning on making you dance again, but now that you bring it up . . ." She flashed him a playful grin.

6/20/2012 #31

"Oh, no, I know that grin." He mumbled, releasing her and backing up a bit, though he also had a teasing grin on his face. "I look like a fish in a blender!"

6/20/2012 #32

"You're just being modest," she giggled. "Come on, Xori . . . I could tell you enjoyed it." She padded toward him, her tail swishing. "How about one dance? Right here, where no one can see us?"

6/20/2012 #33

"I don't know Andra . . . What if one of the guys are watching and they blackmail me? Then I'd be the god of bad dancers." He grumbled semi-teasingly, though he did put an arm around her waist.

6/20/2012 #34

"Why would they be watching you in here?" she pointed out. "I'm sure they couldn't watch us without us noticing. Just one quick little dance can't hurt, you know, Xori."

6/20/2012 #35

"Fine, fine . . . " He finally sighed, taking her by the wist and pulling her close. But just before he could awkawrdly ask what to do, a voice began singing, rather obnoxiously at that, "Caaann you feeeel the looovveee toniiightt?" Speaking of gods. "Mom, seriously . . . ?" "Yall needed music or it'd be over-awkward. Start dancing, boy."

6/20/2012 #36

Andra jumped at the sudden voice. She looked around for a moment, startled. "Oh . . . um . . . hi, Essa," she mewed uneasily. "How long have you been here?"

6/20/2012 #37

"A few seconds. I got s*** to do. But anyway." Pointedly clapping, the silver goddess made a radio appear. "Yayy, music. Have fun, kitties. And Xori, you dance just fine. Damn, boy, I taught you better than that. Well, I'm off. Got wars to stop, s*** to start, and a whole ton of lovers to meet." Before Xori could respond to his mother, she was gone and he was left scratching his head. "Uhh . . . So um. You were saying about dancing?" He asked, glancing at the radio before it flicked on by itself. A slow, pretty song was on and Xori inwardly groaned. Thanks, Mom . . .

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Andra's ears flicked up as the music began to play a slow, simple waltz, and she grinned. "This is perfect . . . it's a waltz, Xori. It's easy. It's just like this--" She took his paws and began to move around the room, counting out loud: "ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three . . . get it now?"

6/20/2012 #39

"No." He answered simply, though following along with her. "Don't do that count-y stuff, it confuses me." (XD) Truthfully, Xori knew how to dance most easy dances and a few complex ones, thanks to his mother and step-father, but he didn't really LIKE dancing to say the least. He was way too large and bulky to be light on his feet. "I got it, Andra, it's just, I'm not good at it." He joked. (Ever known that Chris Hemsworth was on an Austrailian dance show and he dances really well but is ashamed of it? YEAH. I SEEN THE CLIP AND HE CAN MOVE DEM HIPS AMAZINGLY O.O)

6/20/2012 #40

Andra arched an eyebrow at him. "You think I'm really going to let you give up that easily?" she murmured, only half-teasing. "C'mon, Xori, what've you got to be ashamed of? It's just me. I promise no one else will hear about this. Please give it another try . . ." (O.O SHOW ME THIS CLIP. NOW.)

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Skip to 8:10 XD XD Can we do PlutoXLuna now? O.O)

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(THAT IS AMAZING. XD XD And, uh . . . that was short XD I thought we were gonna make these longer, but if you wanna stop now, that's fine XD I guess we can switch to Pluto/Luna, but do all of them have to start out so long? O.O I have to eat and study for my exam tomorrow . . . I don't know if I can sit around and type something that long and detailed . . .)

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(We can keep going, but since they're just gonna dance and sleep, there's not much I can see going on there XD And if you haven't noticed, my attention span is REEALLLY short XD

Nah, they don't all have to be so detailed XD. Basically on other sites I've been on all do that thing where the first Post is the longest because it is the introduction Post. Force of habit but that doesn't mean you need to do it too XD XD Plus on other sites, osme replies take days to get, so no worries! I TOLD you that the sites Im on make us type alot! XD XD That's why sometimes I zone out too. On other sites, if I can't think of a reply, I don't bother replying until I get inspiration to type--Otherwise, you get a short post, it gets deleted, and it was all worth nothing DDxx

I REALLLLY wanna do something adorable or whatever with Luna and Pluto XD and draw them too ... but Icant draw Pluto XD


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(True XD Meh, we can stop now XD

Okay XD Meh, I'll try my best, but it'll be pretty short compared to yours . . . just a warning XD It'll still be somewhat detailed, but . . . yeah XD

Pfft, you saw my horribly failed drawing of them XD C'mon, practice makes perfect! You know you want to :D


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Characters: Pluto and Luna.

On that particularly hot day, Pluto had it worse than most of the other working toms. Not only were his fur and mane thick, but they were also dark. Of course, he worked just as hard as any of them did and put his top effort into serving his tribe in any way that he could. But on days like this, the heat sometimes got to him. Fortunately, he had been given the chance to get off of his duties early that day, and for a very special reason. It was his mate's birthday, and he'd been able to do nothing but think of her all day long. He'd promised her a perfect day, and a perfect day it would be. He wouldn't accept anything less than the absolute best for the sweet, adorable, perfect little Luna. For the past several days, he'd been tossing around several ideas of what to do and where to go in his mind, but on that day, the heat determined it for him. It was too hot to stick around the arid, exposed junkyard, but it was also too hot to walk far away. And so the solution was obvious: the meadow. The meadow that, for much of his young life, had been Pluto's favorite place in London, the place where he looked forward to going each night more than anything else. The meadow where the two lovestruck kittens had spent the long nights together, first as friends, and then as quite a bit more than that. The meadow where they had confided in each other all of the things that they couldn't tell anyone else. The meadow where they had shared their first kiss, where Pluto had proposed, and finally, where Luna had become pregnant . . . The meadow of secrets and memories and stories to be told. It still had the air of enchantment around it to both of them, and the memories weren't about to stop there. It was the perfect location to spend this special day.

After taking a quick dip in the river with the other toms to cool off, Pluto hurried back to the junkyard, wanting to make it to the meadow before the sun went down. Finally reaching his den, he grinned a bit and slid inside. "Luna . . ." he called out in a purr, sliding into invisibility before she could see him. "Where are you, darling? I hope you're ready for a perfect night all to ourselves . . ."

6/20/2012 #46

Luna, of course being . . . Luna had a day full of family and friends wishing her a happy birthday. As well as getting little gifts, birthday wishes, and hugs from almost everyone, the little silver queen looked forward to nothing but finally getting to see her mate after the long day. Sure, it was all fun and nice, but she only really wanted her mate to have the day off. And she didn't get her wish then. So the day lasted far longer than it ever needed to be . . . After preening herself and getting the smell of the other cats off of her fur, Luna's ears flicked up as she finally heard his voice. "Pluto? Pluto! I'm right he--" Stopping short and glancing around with her brows scrunched, she tiled her head. But then suddenly grinning, she took a few dainty steps forward and wound her arms around 'thin air'. "Y'know, after so many years of you doing that, I think I finally got it figured out." She mewed sweetly, rubbing her head against her mate's chest. "Of course I'm ready. I've been ready all day . . . "

OOC-You should make a short to this for Mac and Bomba XD

6/20/2012 #47

Pluto chuckled and reappeared. "I was just testing you . . ." he purred, letting his arms come to rest around her. "Perhaps I need to learn a new trick, hmm?" He leaned down and kissed her for a good several seconds. "Happy birthday, Luna. I know you've been looking forward to this for a while . . . you said you wanted it to be a perfect night, and so that's what it's going to be. I've decided to go to the meadow . . . there shouldn't be anyone else there tonight. We'll have the place all to ourselves." He glanced outside. "Come along . . . I wanted to make it there before the sunset. I know how much you love watching the sun go down there . . ."

OOC: Hmmmmm . . . . mmmaybe I will XD XD

6/20/2012 #48

"Oh, really? Pluto, that sounds great!" She giggled, hugging him and pressing close to him. "You should get new tricks. It'd be fun to try and figure them out! But then again, I love your disappearing thingy so much, it'd be weird for you not to use it." Turning and beginning to walk out, she eagerly called over her shoulder. "C'mon! The sunset looks like its gonna be so prety today!"


Make one for Mac. XD Now.

6/20/2012 #49

"Don't leave without me, now," he called after her with amusement in his voice, and hurried after her. As he caught up to her, he took her paw. "It should be beautiful," he confirmed. "I think it knows that today is a special day for you, darling." He grinned at her lovingly, and then led the way out of the junkyard. Arriving at the meadow, he immediately sank down onto the ground, letting the cool grass mingle with his fur. Already, the shade of the meadow felt much better than the hot, dry junkyard. "Just what I needed . . ." he sighed contentedly, stretching out and simply laying on his back for several moments to cool down. "Join me, Luna. The grass feels great."

OOC: . . . W** . . . XD

By the way, I really need to study for this last exam tomorrow . . . so I should sign off for now so I'm not distracted :L I'll be back later!

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The whole time, Luna's mind was simply ecstatic with the ideas of the perfect night out with her mate. She hadn't seen all day practically and wanted nothing more than to curl up in his arms. The fact that they were going to the meadow of all places made it that much sweeter. Seeing him sit down, she watched as the relief took over his face and she giggled. "I'm sure it does, judging by your reaction." Sitting beside him and beginning to purr softly, she stretched out her little body, taking in the coolness of the grass. Once finished, she coiled up again and rolled over to face him. "I love this place. I guess you knew that." Leaning up, she pecked him on the lips tenderly and then rested her head on his chest. "Oh! I was right! The sky's so pretty now . . . " Already, the sunset spawned the beautiful pink and orange clouds across the sky. Luna loved it--It was inspiration for her little imaginary worlds and art work.

OOC-Im back XD We went out for ice cream. NYA XD

6/20/2012 #51

Pluto followed her gaze to the pink-and-orange-streaked sky and grinned a bit. "It's only going to get prettier," he promised, sliding one arm around her waist. He still didn't get up, perfectly content to lay on his back and let the coolness of the grass seep under his fur until the real effect of the sunset kicked in. "Of course I knew that you loved this place . . . that's why I decided to take you here. So much has happened here . . . I can never come here without thinking about when we were bumbling little kits. Those were good times . . ."

OOC: *Whimpers* Want . . . it was like 100 degrees today D8

6/20/2012 #52

"I'm still practically a bumbling kit!" She joked with a little giggle, glancing up at him. "You were so cute as a kitten, you know that? You tried to act all tough and buff, but your paws were once bigger than your head. I remember that! And you were so quiet and thought--Wow . . . We were weird kits." (XD)


6/20/2012 #53

(XD) "We were," he agreed with a quiet chuckle. "But we were weird kits together, so that made it all right. I never realized how much my life sucked until I met you, you know . . . and then I wondered how I'd ever been able to survive before." Tearing his eyes from the sky for a moment, he gazed down at her. "You taught me something that my parents never did . . . how to have fun and enjoy life. I've been grateful to you for that ever since."

OOC: D: NOOOOOO!!! . . . I still want ice cream XD

Aaaand I should go now :L Last exam tomorrow! Wheee! See you then, same time again XD

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Beginning to smile happily and lovingly, Luna simply purred, "I'm glad to know that . . . Everyone needs happiness and laughter. It's great to know that I helped you find it." Pressing closer to him and winding her arms around him with her soft purr rumbling steadily, she closed her eyes contently for several moments. "I can't tell you exactly wat I learned from you or what you brought into my life that was new . . . That's probably me being oblivious, but I do know that I couldn't live without you." His mane was soft under her head and his steady heartbeat made her giggle and smile even more. "I may not tell you all the time . . . But I do love all the little things you do for me. And how much you remember for my sake . . . Where would I be without you?"

OOC-Good luck!

6/20/2012 #55

A soft, steady purr grew in Pluto's throat, rumbling quietly as he delicately stroked her fine silver fur. "I don't know," he answered. "All I know is that I wouldn't have been nearly as happy as I am if I hadn't met you . . . I'd probably still be living with my father and my brothers. I'm glad you saved me from THAT." He simply gazed at her, his eerie red eyes lit up with the glow of pure, tender love. "A life without you isn't a life I'd ever want to have to live, Luna. I don't often get to tell you this, but you're my whole world . . . meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me."

OOC: Exams are DONE 8D All that's left now is that one completely pointless half-day where we literally do nothing in every single class XD

6/21/2012 #56

OOC-I legit had a dream where I was late for my first day of class, my old babysitter was somehow my princepal, she bought my lie that my dad was in London so I was tired and forgot? And the n Itexted me dad on my OLD OLD OLD phone 'hey, if ms dot calls u say ur in london' and then I had a dream that I was somehow ... this blonde haired girl and I was making out with this boy at my friends house in her pool. Her dad got mad at me and punished me, then I met a mermaid, followed her, and then had to go find and kill this evil mermaid dude without knowing what to do. I tied him up and then SOMEHOW the whole scene changed to where the 'mermaid' people were all fat and the evil dude that I had as a prisoner was fat the whole time until we went to a rest stop. Then I noticed that was getting really skinny and he was hot and we started talking and he said, 'You're all smiles. It's pretty adorable." And it reminded me of Pluto and I was Luna and then somehow we DID become Pluto and Luna. And THEN my dream shifted to where I was in my former favorite teachers class and she was constantly yelling at me for not paying attention and then somehow ... we were playing tag? I was Ursula and this little girl was chasing us around the f*cking marhslands and forests of Louisiana and she caught me first cause I gave up.

See why I'm here late? XD


Luna's sensitive little mind was taking this all in and her ears were pricked up anxiously to hear him talk . . . As he finished speaking, she smiled, seeming to completely melt at his words. "You're my whole world too, Pluto . . . This whole day, I've gotten so many nice things, but I only wanted to see you." Gazing right back at him, she raeched over with a delicate little paw to rest on his cheek.

6/21/2012 #57

OOC: Interesting XD XD Don't we all love weird dreams? :D

BIC: "There wasn't a moment out of the entire day when you weren't the first thing on my mind," Pluto replied. He smiled and took her little paw in his. "I suppose I'll have to explain to the other toms later why I forgot to report the Pollicle scent I found at the edge of our territory . . . but it was worth it. I'm here with you now, and that's all I care about." He pulled her closer. "I love you so much, Luna. I feel like I haven't told you that enough lately."

6/21/2012 #58

OOC-I do, but I get them SO much lately ... I think its trying to tell me something XD I'm gonna turn into a wizarding mermaid, my teachers are going to hate me, my dads going to London, and I'm meeting my own Pluto soon? ME GUSTA.


"You tell me that all the time. And I don't mind--It's cute." Purring softly, she twined their fingers together and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "I love you too, Pluto. Oh, look . . . Last light of day." She mewed, glancing up as the sun almost vanished and the first beginnings of night began to show.

6/21/2012 #59

OOC: . . . But . . . I want my own Pluto too D: Can we share him?

BIC: Pluto glanced up as well. The bright orange hue of the sky was beginning to darken as night crept upon the forest, and just the very top of the sun was visible over the horizon. It cast long shadows into the forest, touching everything with an orange glow. Above, the clouds were streaked with dramatic shades of red. Pluto grinned. "Well, what do you think?" he purred to his mate. "Perfect enough for you?"

6/21/2012 #60
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