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Yeah, I know this has been done before, but, still! Please, Please, PLEASE look at this. It does have a plot.
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6/21/2012 . Edited 8/13/2012 #1

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Characters in topic: Aquamarine and Quaxo

(WELL F*** JUST DELETE ALL MY S*** EH?!SDL:KGj) With the new arrivals to the junkyard, well, only three, there were two still quite spry cats that only had an aded amount of work added to their agenda. Of course, the couple were rather used to troublesome and large responsibilities with their massive amounts of kits and grandkits. But with another three on their shoulders, they were lucky if they even had the chance to sit down and eat dinner with young Lucius and Pixie. They managed through it all though. After long days of tending to grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and their own children, it was no secret that both cats were equally worn out in their days. As the two kittens finally fell asleep, Aquamarine slowly lifted herself from their bed and went to her piano. She hardly ever had the oppurtunity to play anymore considering the busy schedule she had. And even now as she sat down to attempt to let all the stress flow through her delicate, skilled fingers, nothing came, and in return she sighed and laid her head down onto the keyboard. Though Aqua and Quaxo were definately not a couple that seemed just quite their age, it was at this time that the stressed young queen's age really showed through. Even though, in her eyes, Quaxo looked stunning as he got older, Aqua felt she didn't have the same effect--But that was just her being a paranoid, stressed woman. So caught up in her thoughts, she seemed not to even notice her mate returning home and she simply let her head remain on the keyboard quietly. At this point, she seemed about ready to fall asleep right there. Truly an odd sight for the former piano prodigy.


Bellavita and Adonis

The tribe had a busy week so far; Truthfully, Vita was starting to miss her mate once again and she wanted to tell him that . . . But of course, her young son always came first. With Casper now following his father around a bit more, the young mother saw her son a bit less too nowadays. As he returned to the den for bed, his father was no where to be found. Sighing, the Maine C*** pushed herself to her feet to go to Casper's room and tuck him in as usual. "Casper? Sweetheart, what time did daddy say he'd be back?" She asked softly, sitting down on the tom-kits bed and scooping him up to hold him as she always did. Vita honestly never minded the fact that her mate was busy. But she also really felt the cycle and its effect: He worked hard, she remained loyally and patiently waiting to soothe him when he came home, he grew distant, she became upset, then he made it up to her, and they were fine for awhile again. She wanted to talk to him about it before it happened again . . .

Whisper Sweet things to me, Dear

Noah and Tiger Lilly

Pinning down 6 kittens, 5 of which were boys. It may have seemed like a hard task, but it wasn't hard at all. It was freaking impossible. Once Tristan came in to tell his brothers to get to bed because he had patrols and Talios was asleep after visiting Demi's, Lilly was ready to collapse. "Ugh, Noah, not only am I tired, butI feel the bags welding up under my poor eyes, have back pain, and I feel fat. C'mon . . . I'm about to fall to the floor." She sighed, winding her arms around her mate as they waked back to their room.

(Short I know, but I gotta go now, see ya later! Text me! And post sideplots if ya wants!)

6/23/2012 #2

As Quaxo walked in the door, he expected to see his mate there waiting for him with a pleasant smile on her face, as always. But when he stepped inside and she wasn't right there, he was immediately worried. He knew that Aqua had been feeling the effects of the stress that came with caring for so many kittens, but he never knew just HOW much she'd been feeling the stress. Then he found her with her head down on the piano, and instantly, he knew. Perhaps it was beginning to hit home with him for the first time just how much Aqua WAS letting her age show through, and the realization tugged at his heart. Frowning sadly, he padded over to his mate and sat next to her on the piano bench. "Aqua?" he called softly, winding his arms delicately around her and leaning down to see her face. "Are you feeling okay? What's wrong?"


Casper blinked open his eyes as he heard his mother's voice and felt her gentle grasp around him. He looked up at her and then snuggled into her long, thick, warm fur, purring quietly at the comfort. "All he said was 'late'," he recalled. "But he said to tell you he loves you and misses you." Being only a young kitten, Casper didn't catch on to the fact that his parents seemed to be trapped in this heartbreaking cycle. As long as he got to tag along after his father during the day and come home to have his mother tuck him into bed at night, he was happy. But even if Casper didn't notice the effect it was all having on Vita, Adonis did. He'd sent the message with his young son just to make sure his mate knew that, even if it didn't seem like it, he WAS thinking of her during his long day of work in his tribe.


(By the way, they have 5 kittens, not 6 XD) Noah's ears drooped. When his mate spoke about her condition, he could plainly see it in her physical appearance -- she didn't just sound tired, she LOOKED tired. And being around her -- combined with the effects of taking care of the five children as well -- was making HIM tired too. "I know," he murmured with a sigh in his voice, letting her lean against him. "I am too. But go ahead and get to bed tonight, Lilly . . . I'll stay up and make sure the kits all go to sleep. You need the rest more than I do."

(Well, I wasn't expecting more than one thing to do XD So this is plenty! By the way, you may want to fix 'Tuger Lilly' XD)

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #3

Lifting her head a bit, the silver queen yawned, "Hm?" Blinking her eyes open fully to see her tuxedo mate, she sighed and avoided his gaze. "Just a bit tired. C'mon, best be getting to bed, Quax." Her reply was short and to the point--She didn't mean to sound so blunt, but she was just tired . . .

Vita's ears drooped at the message and she glanced down at her son lovingly for several moments with a trace of sadness in them. "All right then . . . Well, sleep well, dearest, you've got quite a lot going on tomorrow . . . " Leaning down and kissing him on the forehead, she tucked him into his blankets and stood up. "I'll see you for breakfast, alright?"

(Meh. I told you. I typed that in like 10 minutes leave me alone x3)"Are you sure, Noah? You need your sleep too, dear . . . " She mewed softly, glancing up at him patiently, though her blue gaze was clouded in drowsiness.

(Ill fix it when Im awake :P)

6/23/2012 #4

But this answer clearly didn't satisfy Quaxo. He stayed right where he was, his arms wrapped around her. "Come on, Aqua . . . please tell me," he quietly pleaded. "I know something's wrong. You've never fallen asleep at a piano before. What is it?"

Casper smiled drowsily up at her and nodded. "Mm-kay . . . g'night, Mom," he told her sweetly as his eyes drooped closed. Within seconds, the tom-kit was fast asleep.

(XD) "I'm sure," he replied, a purr in his voice. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. "You need it more than I do. Try and get to sleep. I'll be back as soon as all the kits are in bed . . . it should only be a few minutes."

(This is what happens when you stay up until 3 in the morning and have to get up early the next day, silly. XD)

6/23/2012 #5

"I guess I'm just so drained that I have no inspiration ...." She admitted quietly, leaning her head onto his chest with a quiet mew of dissppointment.

As he went to sleep, Vita went back to her room to wait for Adonis. Though she too had work the next day, she knew she would stay awake to talk about the issue.

(actually I stayed up even later XD I couldn't fall asleep....)

6/23/2012 #6

"Oh," he murmured quietly, continuing to hold her close. "I understand that . . . we've had some busy times lately." He ran a paw through her silver fur. "I'm sure inspiration will come to you, Aqua. You just need a good rest . . . that's all."

It was quite a bit later -- past midnight, at least -- before Adonis finally returned to the den. When he stepped inside, he seemed exhausted, nearly asleep on his paws. He glanced at Vita as he entered and flopped down beside her on the bed with a sigh. "You stayed up," he observed tiredly. "Is something the matter, Vita?"

(I see XD So . . . are we gonna continue the Noah/Lilly plot, or are they just gonna fall asleep? XD)

6/23/2012 #7

(Oops, I died :L)

"Perhaps . . . " She sighed in agreement, getting to her paws. "Ready for bed, dear?" She asked through a yawn as she began to walk to their room on heavy paws.

"Adonis, I--" Seeing the look on his face and the tone of his voice, the Maine C*** gave up half-way through her statement. "It's nothing . . . Love you, good night." She mumbled quietly, curling up and wrapping her tail over her nose.

(IDK, Im still half asleep X3)

(Also, on youtube remember how I told you about that little b*tch and her twitard that attacked me and were like '8DDDD YOU NEEDA BELEAVVEEE" I LITERALLY snapped on them and said, 'shut the F*** up, you're SO freaking annoying.' and I checked their feed just now. They are those DUMBA*S LITTLE KIDS that tell people the WRONG facts about CATS and think they know everything! ONE was like, "OMG ALONZONS ACTOR IS BLACK AND YOU CANT EVEN TELL WITH THE MAKEUP 8D" I said, "B*tch, learn to spell. He's f*cken white. He's Aussie. SHut the f*** up." And she replied to my PM with "I dont think we can be friends. Please remove me from your contacts." And I just now replied, "You never were in my contacts. If you want to f*cking be in CATS get used to being punched in the face mentally. Show businesses isn't easy. and GET. A. F*CKING. SPELL CHECK B*TCH."

I feel so mean, but HONESTLY when they KEEP sending me f*cking messages that make NO sense and then turn around and act like they know everything and are TELLING people that certain are true when they're not is RIDICULOUS.

6/23/2012 #8

(So I noticed XD)

Quaxo nodded, following her with a look of concern on his face. "Of course . . . but are you sure you're okay? You haven't been like yourself lately, and that bothers me."

Adonis frowned. "What?" he murmured, and sat up slightly. "Vita, if there's something you want to tell me, go ahead. I'm tired, but I'm listening."

(Okay XD I just thought the point of this was to make longer plots with our couples, and that one lasted precisely four posts XD)

(*Facepalms forever* People like that are what's wrong with the world. Seriously. :LLL)

6/24/2012 #9

OOC-Im here! :D Yes I AM awake, I've BEEN awake XD I went to a water park today like really early and left my phone at home so XD Hah. Jokes me me :P


Laying down with a little yawn and coiling up rather slowly, the silver queen shrugged a bit and glanced up at her mate. "I'm fine, dear, I'm just tired, but a good night's rest will fix that hopefully . . . Come lay with me."

"Well, I for one want you to be fully awake and aware, but fine . . . It's a cycle, Adonis." The Maine C*** muttered, rolling over to face him. "We're fine, then you get distant, I get upset, and then you make it up to me and everything's fine and lovely again. I'm tired of the drifting . . . I want to be able to feel perfectly content and happy with our relationship no matter what the circumstance, darling. I don't like this cycle . . . I don't know what to d to 'fix' it, I just think you should know that, yes, I have noticed how much you've been gone. And I never minded, but at least you used to make an effort to say somethng to me and not make our son play messanger."

(Meh) As the pawsteps approached, Lilly's ears flicked up and she blinked open her eyes halfway as she saw Noah slowly maing his way in. "They're all finally asleep?" SHe asked quietly. scooting over to invite him next to her.

6/24/2012 #10

OOC: Ahh . . . I see XD I was about to text you again, but now I think I won't :D

BIC: "Of course it'll fix it," Quaxo offered, hoping he sounded more optimistic than he felt. He followed Aqua to their room and eased himself down on the bed with a yawn. "I guess the days haven't really been all that easy for me either . . . so many new kittens around the junkyard are both a blessing and a curse. Maybe it's best just to let it die down on its own . . ."

Adonis blinked slowly, turning over what she had said in his mind. "Well . . . being gone so much is just part of my job, Vita," he explained quietly. "I was born into it and you know that if there was anything I could do about it, I would. I try to pay attention to you . . . but you're normally asleep by the time I get home most nights. I'm not happy about how little we see each other either, but I can't do anything about it."

Noah nodded, giving her a sleepy grin. "Yes, finally . . . what a rambunctious pawful they are. Must've gotten that from you," he teased, giving her a gentle nuzzle as he laid down next to her. "I'm surprised you're still awake . . . you looked about ready to fall asleep standing up."

6/24/2012 #11



"Maybe." Snuggling close to him and leaning her head onto his white chest, Aqua murmrued, "But I do believe soon we'll both need a break . . . A night where you and I can just be alone, have a dance or two . . . I miss it. Having kittens and so many grandchildren, well, it's a one way trip to losing our social lives and we both knew it. But it shouldn't mean that we both have to become lifeless droids because of it."

"I see." She muttered quietly, letting her fluffy tail curl over her nose as she began to close her eyes. "Because appointing a deputy or generals or anything certainly isn't in your mindset. It's fine, then. And when your son starts to realize just how little you're around and that the only time you ever spend together anymore is for TRAINING, don't tell me anything. You must be exhausted, go to sleep. See you tomorrow night . . . "

"I was. I just heard you coming in and woke up for a moment." Winding her arms around him and nuzzling his chestx and then resting her head there. "I think later in the week, I'm going to get out with the girls and start running again. Three kittens expanded my body even more than the first litter and I plan on looking like my former self soon."

6/24/2012 #12

"I don't think I'd like that," Quaxo agreed with a quiet chuckle. "That sounds nice, actually . . . you know what? The Ball IS coming up now . . . maybe that's the break we need. I don't know about you, but I think it's going to be a good one this year."

He frowned. "What? Vita, no, that's not what I'm trying to say," he protested. "I'm SORRY about all the time I have to spend away from home. I miss you every day, but it isn't my fault that things have to be the way they are. Please don't be like that, Vita . . . it's not making things any easier for either of us."

Noah grinned. "I'd like that," he agreed. "Not that there's anything wrong with you this way, but . . . I know how every queen wants her body back after having a litter." He kissed her on the cheek. "And I suppose I do miss your 'former self'. So that sounds like a good goal."

6/24/2012 #13

"Especially with all the young cats and the energy." Closing her tired eyes and simply enjoying her mate's presence, she let a few momenst of silence pass before mewing, "I love you, Quaxo . . . I feel like I haven't said that as much lately . . . "

"Easier for 'either of us', or just you? You're the LEADER, Adonis, you shouldn't have the weight of the world on your shoulders! Especially when you've got a young son that NEEDS you around! You've got a brother that knows every inch of this territory as well as you do and yet you refuse to give him any sense of order and you do it all yourself? He hasn't got a family to care for! There's so many things you could do that at this point it FEELS like you don't WANT to be around!" She accused, sitting up a bit.

"Mhmm . . . Or I may talk to your mom. She seems to be the master of converting bodies after having kits. Either way, yeah, I'm going to start excercising again. See you in the morning?" She asked through another yawn.

6/24/2012 #14

Quaxo let out a purr at the words. "You say it plenty, Aqua," he replied. "Even now, with everything so busy and crazy." He leaned over and nuzzled her cheek, and then kissed her there. "But you know I never mind hearing it again . . . I love you too."

"Well, what would you suggest I DO about it, then?" Adonis retorted, his eyes narrowing. "Since you seem to think I'm not doing a good enough job, I'd LOVE to hear your brilliant ideas on how I could do better."

"I suppose," Noah replied in a purr, winding both arms around her. "Sleep well, Lilly . . . I'm sure it's going to be another busy day tomorrow."

6/24/2012 #15

"Well, if you're sure . . . " Letting out a soft sigh, seeming to be a bit more uplifted after simply talking to her mate for awhile, she curled up and began to drift off. "See you in the morning then . . . Sleep well."

"I just SAID it! I never said you weren't doing a 'good job', I'm saying that you're working too hard when you OBVIOUSLY have other cats that would gladly take up some of your duties! Why can't you do that JUST for the sake of seeing us more? YOU don't need to be on every single damn patrol! Why're you doing this to me?! Why're you doing this to CASPER?!"

"Oh, yes, bring it on, I say." She rolled her eyes teasingly, taking in his warmth and falling asleep again rather promptly.

6/24/2012 #16

"You too," Quaxo purred. "Good night, Aqua."

"Because it's my DUTY to make sure I'm serving my tribe!" Adonis snapped right back. "How was I supposed to know that you felt this way if you didn't say anything about it? If this was SUCH a concern to you, why didn't you bring it up with me BEFORE it became a problem?!"

6/24/2012 #17

"Because I didn't want to argue or annoy you because I VALUE every moment you're here! I'm not TRYING to argue, all I want you to know is that it HURTS that you have so many oppurtunities to be with us but you never take them!"

6/24/2012 #18

"Because I don't look at it that way!" he argued. "I've ALWAYS put my tribe first, Vita, you KNOW that. I was never taught to look for opportunities like this, and THAT'S not my fault either."

6/24/2012 #19

OOC-I arrive. And I smell like smoke and outside :L URRGGHJJ


(YAY FOR MARRIED COUPLES FIGHTING!) "Fine then. Put your TRIBE first. My MOTHER'S dead, I should be back in MY tribe helping as the nurse, but I put my FAMILY first. But whatever . . . Don't talk to me right now." She hissed, getting up and heading right to their son's room.

6/24/2012 #20

OOC: Sounds delicious. XD

BIC: (:D) And she was gone before Adonis could say another word . . .

By the time Vita arrived in his room, Casper was sitting up in bed with a frightened look on his young face. "Mom?" he mewed quietly, blinking up at her as she entered. "I'm scared . . . I had a dream that you and Dad were fighting."

6/24/2012 #21

Trying her hardest to put on a happy face for her son, Vita sat down beside him and pulled him into her arms. "That's nonsense, sweetheart .... Just get back to sleep."

(had the idea for awhile .... What if Selene and Nix try for another litter and have one again? And this time it's a little boy and he survives and yeah :3 since Nix doesn't have as MUCH responsibilities any more and all! Plus we nevere rp those two together much XD)

6/24/2012 #22

He gazed up at her, burrowing into her long fur as she held him. "It was really scary," he mewed, his voice muffled by Vita's thick pelt. "You and Dad would never fight in real life, would you?"

(D'awww . . . yeah :3 That'd be cute! I was just thinking about that earlier, actually XD Me gusta!)

6/24/2012 #23

"Well ... All couples fight sometimes, Casper ... Of course we do." Stroking his soft fur and gently rocking him back and forth, she sighed, "But we love echother and that's all that matters... "

(I'll go set it up then XD XD)

6/24/2012 #24

"Are you sure?" he asked. His young voice was already beginning to sound sleepy as his mother soothingly rocked him back and forth, and he was beginning to relax in her comforting grip.

6/24/2012 #25


Purring softly, Portia slowly curled around the two tiny kittens. She was a bit sore, as most queens were after delivering, but the joy and pride she felt as she gazed lovingly at her two daughters easily distracted her from the pain she'd gone through. Of course, Leper was quite lucky as Portia was far calmer and knew what to expect. A queen screaming bloody murder and whimpering like she was dying, plus a nervous new daddy, meant hell for everyone. As the sisters fed and their mewing slowly stopped as they hungrily filled their tiny stomachs, Portia leaned her head onto the pillows thoughtfully. "Bella was helping me think of names earlier in the week . . . I like the name, Safiya . . . But they're both so beautiful-- Which one suits better, Leper?" She asked, blinking her drowsy, but slightly alert pink eyes.

8/13/2012 #26

With his mate so calm and the kittens having been delivered so perfectly and so healthily, Leper was calming down too at a remarkable rate. He shifted so that he was laying beside his mate, careful not to disturb the two tiny feeding bundles, and eyed them thoughtfully for a moment. "It is a nice name," he agreed. "I think it suits the younger one . . . the darker one. The other one seems so delicate . . . she needs a name to match." There was a moment of silence, and as the kittens' bellies filled, the older one let out a high-pitched mewl, as if she knew her parents were talking about her. Leper grinned. "Habelia," he murmured. "Reminds me of a flower . . . I think that suits her, don't you?" He placed a gentle arm around his mate, making an obvious effort not to disturb her either while she recovered from the delivery.

8/13/2012 #27

"Beautiful . . . " Portia crooned, swishing her tail around the two bundles. "They're so precious . . . Thank you for such a perfect litter, dear. I've never been able to have this. You know, a full family . . . And I've always wanted my own little girls to spoil and raise . . . "

8/14/2012 #28

Leper gave a soft purr and delicately nuzzled her. "Well, you can spoil and raise them as much as you want now," he murmured, keeping his arm around her. "And you can trust that I'll be there to help you do it the entire time, darling. I know how much you've wanted this . . ." As the younger kitten began to squirm, Leper removed his arm from around his mate and scooped her up, holding her close and stroking her between the ears. Feeling the loss of warmth as her sister was picked up, the older one mewed in protest. Leper glanced at his mate. "I think that one wants her mother to hold her . . ."

8/14/2012 #29

You Haven't Changed a Bit

For most of the junkyard's senior members and older couples, the passing years meant it was time to begin slowing down and accepting the fact that they weren't as young as they once were. Cats who met practically as kittens were now steadily growing old together, accepting that they had gotten all they really wanted out of their life and that their days of excitement and adventure were now just another chapter in the stories of their lives. But they were content that way. They didn't need anything more to feel like they'd lived successfully; now it was time simply to sit back and let the younger generation take over. But there was one couple who defied that. Now lingering in their late 40s, Quaxo and Aquamarine seemed impervious to aging. They still lived each day with the light of youth and eagerness to do everything that could be done in their eyes. Six children hadn't slowed them down, not in the least; nor were they about to let it slow them down. They were still determined to do all that they could do and see all that they could see in the years they had left. When the two were kittens, older cats said that they would never last as a couple . . . how wrong they were. Nearly 40 years later, and they were still going strong. The only thing that had really changed was that they'd both become a bit wiser and more mature with age. They still loved each other just as much as they had in their younger days, and it was still just as obvious that they did. Each time they looked at each other, there was no mistaking the look in their eyes. Whenever they weren't out spending time with their kits or with their friends, the two could almost always be found together. They kept each other close during every moment of every day. The older couples that had thought little of them in their younger days now envied their ceaseless youth and their relationship that seemed completely unchanged since its very youngest days; younger couples looked up to them, each dreaming of becoming just like them when they grew up. And Quaxo and Aqua enjoyed it to the fullest. Time had done them a favor; when they were together, it seemed to slow down just for them, so that they could savor each and every moment they had and make it last. And they did. On this particular bright and sunny day, Quaxo padded across the clearing after checking on the youngest two of their six kits to find his mate sitting just outside their den, enjoying the sun and fresh air. He grinned a bit and sat next to her, and greeted her by placing an arm around her shoulders and then giving her a little peck on the cheek. "Hey there," he purred. "Enjoying the day?"

8/16/2012 #30
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