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(Two hours later...)

Two men were waiting by Arnok's cell for Jirra.

12/20/2011 #1
Nitrogen Triiodide

Arnok had woken up, and he stared at them hatefully.

Jirra's tentative footsteps approached.

12/20/2011 #2

They ignored him, glancing down the hallway as they heard footsteps. Danny hurried to catch up with Jirra.

12/20/2011 #3
Nitrogen Triiodide

"That time, huh?" Jirra said quietly to the guards as she approached, glancing back at Danny.

12/20/2011 #4

One nodded, "He's woken up, as well."

12/20/2011 #5
Nitrogen Triiodide

She nodded gravely, glancing in at him.

Arnok settled his keen gaze on her, "Think you're about to be rid of me?"

12/20/2011 #6

"Shut up," the guards said simultaneously.

12/20/2011 #7
Nitrogen Triiodide

"Come in here any make me," he grinned at them.

Jirra shivered a bit, reaching out for Danny's hand.

12/20/2011 #8

"Don't even have to come in there," One of them muttered, turning to a switch on the wall and flipping it. A high voltage ran through wires in his shackles for a few seconds.

12/20/2011 #9
Nitrogen Triiodide

Jirra's hand clenched in sympathetic pain and she turned away, putting her face in Danny's shoulder.

Arnok seized up, but he didn't cry out and he was back to talking the moment it ended, "Careful with that one boy...turn your back on her for a second and she'll find another younger man to keep her satisfied..."

12/20/2011 #10

Danny just glared, ignoring his words as he wrapped an arm around Jirra.

"That's enough from you," Dasha said, walking up behind the guards.

"Do you have anything productive to say?" She asked.

12/20/2011 #11
Nitrogen Triiodide

"Productive, a little late for that, isn't it?"

12/20/2011 #12

She nodded thoughtfully, standing back up, and gesturing to the guards, who turned to Jirra.

"How do you want to do this?"

12/20/2011 #13
Nitrogen Triiodide

"There's only one way to make sure he stays down," she said quietly, not looking at Dasha.

Arnok looked at Jirra again.

12/20/2011 #14

Dasha looked at her questioningly.

12/20/2011 #15
Nitrogen Triiodide

"We have to burn him in the sun until only the skeleton is left, that's the only way to make sure a vampire stays down," she said almost silently.

12/20/2011 #16

"And to get him up there?"

12/20/2011 #17
Nitrogen Triiodide

"...I'm not sure."

12/20/2011 #18

"I can knock him out, if you like?" Dasha asked.

12/20/2011 #19
Nitrogen Triiodide

She nodded briefly and sharply, still not wanting to look at Arnok.

"Don't worry boy, she loves virgins, you won't be one for long.."

Jirra finally whirled around, "Why won't you just shut up!?"

12/20/2011 . Edited 12/20/2011 #20

Danny continued to make himself ignore that pathetic piece of shit.

Dasha shot another glare at Arnok, making his brain sleep harshly.

12/20/2011 #21
Nitrogen Triiodide

Jirra blinked back indignant tears as he slumped over.

12/20/2011 #22

The guards went in and grabbed his body. Dasha already had shackles for his hands and feet in her hands.

12/20/2011 #23
Nitrogen Triiodide

Jirra remained rooted to the spot, her heart filled with hatred but still feeling strangely empty.

12/20/2011 #24

The guards started up the stairs, drawing glares at the unconscious body as they went up to the roof.

12/20/2011 #25
Nitrogen Triiodide

Jirra followed a few paces behind, her heartbeat quickening as they approached the roof. This had to be done, she knew and she didn't regret it, but she would still find the process deeply disturbing.

12/20/2011 #26

Once they reached the roof, Dasha shackled him to hook that were, conveniently, already cemented in the roof.

12/20/2011 #27
Nitrogen Triiodide

Jirra waited under a hood near the doorway to the roof. The clouds were almost cleared, the sun would come out any minute now.

12/20/2011 #28

Dasha stepped back once he was secured, an angry glint in her eyes, "Is it safe to wake him up?"

12/20/2011 #29
Nitrogen Triiodide

"I think he's going to come around anyway," Jirra said through clenched teeth as Arnok's eyes opened.

12/20/2011 #30
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