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She chuckled, grinning back, and starting to back toward the stairs.

6/8/2012 #2,611
Nitrogen Triiodide

(I'll try to post from my phone while on the go next time lol...)

He followed with each step, the food forgotten.

6/8/2012 #2,612


She eventually just turned and practically ran up the stairs.

6/8/2012 #2,613
Nitrogen Triiodide

His steps thundered up behind her, though she was a bit quicker than he was...

6/8/2012 #2,614

She had the shower on and her clothes off by the time he reached the bathroom.

6/8/2012 #2,615
Nitrogen Triiodide

He had already managed to strip to his boxers when he arrived.

6/8/2012 #2,616

She spun, kissing him soundly and starting to divest him of even those.

6/8/2012 #2,617
Nitrogen Triiodide

He had no capacity to refuse, but at the same time she might have found it a bit difficult to remove due to certain...expansions.

6/8/2012 #2,618

But she was determined, and she managed, letting them fall to pool around his ankles.

6/8/2012 #2,619
Nitrogen Triiodide

He stepped out of them, pressing her into the shower.

6/8/2012 #2,620

She grinned, pulling him close to her as she stepped into the shower.

6/8/2012 #2,621
Nitrogen Triiodide

He kissed needily along her chin then down her neck. After all, she had favored him last time, it was his turn to go down on her.

6/8/2012 #2,622

She groaned quietly, her head falling back.

6/8/2012 #2,623
Nitrogen Triiodide

Even on his knees he wasn't quite short enough, lingering at her belly button before his legs folded enough to reach.


6/8/2012 #2,624


A considerate amount of time later, she finally started to wash.

6/8/2012 #2,625
Nitrogen Triiodide

Charlie's mouth was actually rather sore as he helped, standing behind her.

6/8/2012 #2,626
Nitrogen Triiodide

(dinnertime, cya tomorrow probably)

6/8/2012 #2,627

She turned with the soap, starting to lather his chest for him.

6/8/2012 #2,628
Nitrogen Triiodide

(Finally saw the Avengers, OH MY GOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!)

His hands tangled in her soapy hair.

6/9/2012 #2,629

(I KNOW RIGHT??!?!?)

She shivered, reaching around to wash his back as well.

6/9/2012 #2,630
Nitrogen Triiodide


(And I need help finding a pic...)

Charlie arched his back a little, sighing as she found a knot in his back.

6/9/2012 #2,631


(For what?)

She smiled, working at it.

6/9/2012 #2,632
Nitrogen Triiodide

(My friend who I went with is even hornier than I am, basically every time a girl came on scene he'd be like "ooooohhh yeahhh")

(I need a pic of a guy who looks like he's been to hell and back, but deviantart and photobucket have failed me)

His head tilted forward, resting on the top of her head.

6/9/2012 #2,633

(I was too busy admiring Stark's arrogance)

(Let me look through my collections...)

She turned her head up, kissing his chin lightly.

6/9/2012 #2,634
Nitrogen Triiodide

(Hehe yeah he's still an ass...)

(Thank you!)

Charlie smiled, his fingers tracing her sides.

6/9/2012 #2,635


She smiled back, reaching up to kiss him lightly.

6/9/2012 #2,636
Nitrogen Triiodide

(Doesn't have to be, but that would be slightly preferred)

He really wanted to start again, but they wouldn't have time...

6/9/2012 #2,637

(kk, it's hard to find pictures of guys... still looking)

She wasn't quite done, either, but she'd have to deal with it.

6/9/2012 #2,638
Nitrogen Triiodide

(Yeah, this is why I usually end up just making written descriptions, but those aren't as cool...)

Charlie sighed again, standing upright and focusing on washing.

6/9/2012 #2,639

(Still working... I have one that might fit...)(

Anna did the same, sigh and all.

6/9/2012 #2,640
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