Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Crossovers
A Forum to discuss potential reasons to combine the Potterverse with Middle-Earth and the chaos that ensues because of it. LotR X HP.
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Morwen Pendragon

Feel free to post your challenges for LotR X HP and only for this crossover in this Thread as this is what the Forum is based on.

ToS safe, of course.



5/26/2010 #1

Severus the Ebony Wizard Challenge


This Challenge is a CROSSOVER between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! The main character is Severus Snape. Set after the Deadly Hallows when Severus Snape dies and reborn at Middle Earth.

The challenge is that Severus was reborn at Middle Earth as the Ebony Wizard, the youngest Istari whom are the Maia spirits, when they were sent to aid the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth against the return and rise of Sauron.

Olórin, the grey wizard, was more commonly known as Gandalf, found him shocked that Valar has sent him. The Valar has not sent any more Istar since the First/Second Age. And also as a form of a youth, seeing that ALL wizards from LotR was like Dumbledor . :P

The plot of the story is really up to you. Including the timeline.

Good Luck.


9/30/2010 #2
One of theMaddest

Challenge crossover.

The main character is Sirius Black. The day of the battle in the Ministry of Magic, Sirius falls through the Vail. And lands in Middle earth.

The rest is up to you.

10/4/2014 #3
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