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shocking ice

this forum is all about the tails doll.

1/20/2010 #1
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

isn't the tails doll that crpy thing which stealls souls?

1/20/2010 #2
Sar the hedgehog

Yepidy yep yep! lol Some say if you play the music "sunshine" or whatever from sonic R backwards, in the dark, it will come and..... ATTACK! LOL!

1/20/2010 #3
shocking ice

i've heard that the tails doll also takes some of the pepoles and they become his slaves.

1/20/2010 #4
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

have you ever had an expernce with him... er it

1/21/2010 #5
Sar the hedgehog

I haven't but I've watched videos when they try to make it appear. I tell you what, they arn't very convincing. XD

1/21/2010 #6

me and shocking ice believe in him and we think he's cool, (apparently) we have spoken to him

1/22/2010 #7
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

well i think he is kinda cool how do you somene him a vodo rituall? witchcraft? scrificing annoying littil sisters?

1/22/2010 #8

S.I. just found him or something

1/22/2010 #9
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

explain what you meen

1/23/2010 #10

i don't remember just ask him

1/23/2010 #11
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

me: well that helps i am go in to try sacrificing my sister to try and summon him *leaves to chase litle sister with a tea spoon(yep i can stab thre things with spoons even metall) yealing his head off*

sister: can i hid here?

computer gard: no BOSS SHES OVER HERE!

sister: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! *run's away*

1/24/2010 #12





i was back-chatted by a demonic doll

Shadow Doll: why do people care more about that wannabe tails Doll than me

because you were created a few weeks ago?

Shadow Doll: shut up

Spike: SHADOW DOLL, you're meant to be helping me with razor's 'birthday' party

what kind of birthday party

Spike: well it's like a birthday party only-

if you say only the exact opposite i will thlap you thilly

Spike: So what, i like crash bandicoot

sorry people i will take this fight elsewhere

Spike: because you're a chicken

(runs at spike) End Comment

1/24/2010 #13
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

no and don't call me foxy call me fox lord or fox

1/24/2010 #14

Shadow Doll: fine, bully

You are a demon, what do you care?

Shadow Doll: I don't care

Then why are you sulking?

Shadow Doll: I'm not sulking, i'm pouting, there's a difference


1/24/2010 #15
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

me: demon sonic, nightmere blaze explane that i want his heart in a slow panfull way

1/25/2010 #16

there a quite a few demonic sonic characters, the demon versions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow, and the doll versions of Tails and Shadow and Nightmare Blaze, the strongest of them all, i got an idea, let's use them in a story as the main enemies

1/25/2010 #17
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

perfect do you know what al of them look like

1/26/2010 #18

yeah, you can find the demons on google images, same with tails doll, shadow doll is a doll version of shadow, but nightmare blaze just looks like a tottally evil and creepy Blaze, if you go on youtube you can find someone using paint or something to make nightmare blaze out of blaze

1/27/2010 #19
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall


1/28/2010 #20

who would win? Blaze or Nightmare Blaze?

2/16/2010 #21
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

demonic foxlord 13: not again i's there a prest in here?!

2/16/2010 #22

Spike's training to be a doctor

Spike: I specialize in everything, now let's do this exorcism

Phantom: wiat a minute, are we sure Demonic Foxlord isn't better than his regular self?

2/16/2010 #23
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

demonic foxlord 13: *murder's evryone on fan fiction (OC's, auther's, autereese's and real carcter's)*

2/17/2010 #24

Razor: no fun being able to cheat death when no-one else is alive anymore

Daxxon: have you forgotten me?

Razor: no, I just don't really care, eh, i guess i'll bring everyone back (turns god form) CHAOS REVIVAL

Everything: (starts coming back to life)

2/17/2010 #25
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

demonic foxlord 13: help


fox: YAY

2/17/2010 #26

Phantom: Okay, I think we can be assured that normal fox is better

Razor: seconded

Spike: Motion carried

Phantom: you've been watching Ben 10: Alien Force again, haven't you?

Spike; Maaaaaaaybe

2/18/2010 #27
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

fox: don't like ben 10 much old or new

2/18/2010 #28

(gasp) how DARE YOU

Razor: di you model me after a combo of XLR8 and Fourarms?

Mostly i modeled you after Sonic and Shadow

Spike:what about me, wildvine?

Actually, i modelled you after me

Spike: how?

I used to love green, i play drums, ilove sugar and i have an older brother who plays guitar

Razor: so i'm modelled after your brother?

No, he's a dick

Razor: ah

Spike: so you'rehedgehog with plant powers?

No, those were just ideas for you

Spike: interesting

Phantom who am I modelled after?

No-one, but nowthat I think about it, like ghostfreak and big chill, you an turn invisible and intangible, but you have elecric powers, so you're more like in Chaos Elements when the characters have electric powers and they can phase through objects but can't turn invisible sooo-

Phantom: OKAY just shut up, i'm your most original idea

Actually the were forms were pretty original

Razor: sonic unleashed

I made the were form years before that was made, it was for my first bunch of characters back in '03

2/18/2010 #29
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall


2/19/2010 #30
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