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This is the topic where we speak of the cabal

5/11/2010 #1
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

what is the cabel?

5/12/2010 #2

the cabal is the group of conspirators

5/12/2010 #3
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

what else do we know of them?

5/13/2010 #4

they can take over your mind if you stay in one place too long with invisible tendrils, the exceptionsare, can't be in your house, your car or a relative's or friend's house, moves fastest on grass, dirt/soil etc, slowest on concrete, asphalt, metal ect

5/13/2010 #5
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

hum... do thay have any weakness we know of?

5/13/2010 #6

well moving around stops the tendrils from getting a chance to climb up your body and burrow into your brain, aslo, the only ones who can see and feel the tendrils are the ones who know of the cabal's existence and actually stand a chance (like me)

5/13/2010 #7
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

i mean't is there away to fight the cabel

5/14/2010 #8

not unless we can reveal their existence to the world, but only 2% of the world remains uncontrolled by the cabal

5/14/2010 #9
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

hm... i wounder... nah it won't work

5/14/2010 #10

I'm all ears...err...eyes? I don't know just tell me

5/14/2010 #11
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

well if were to mind meld with the unafected pepall then as our minds are one thay will know of the cabels exestinc i have a device that will permit us to do so

5/15/2010 #12

merging with people unaware of the cabal will lower the resistance our bodies have learned to put up against the cabal and their tendrils will move twice as fast on our bodies

The cabal is the most intelligent creature in the universe, it has learned the powers of immortality and invincibility, the only way I can think of to defeat it would be to trick its tendrils into absorbing an 'anti-brain', making it less intelligent, until it is no longer invincible and immortal, giving us the opportunity to destroy it, this has happened twice before

5/15/2010 #13
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

hmm... what if and this is a relly big IF i mergerd for 5 second's not one nanosecond longer making them see the truth

5/15/2010 #14

your resistance would be lowered anyway, and because of the merging, you would lose the ability to see the tendrils, that's hwy I have only decided to merge with beings of immense power, THAT know of the the cabal

5/15/2010 #15
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall


ultra sonic: *i'n device*

device: *activate's*


5/15/2010 #16

not even Ultra Sonic can save us, I'm afraid we have to turn to...Big, his lack of brain power is our only hope

5/15/2010 #17
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

not enougth we must combine his lack of brain power with knukels and storm

5/15/2010 #18

i'm sure that stormy would resent you calling storm stupid, and knuckles isn't retarded, he's just gullible and has no common sense

5/15/2010 #19
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

yer well i'n the world know as my brain he is

5/15/2010 #20

let's make a comparism

knuckles = chasing Sonic fro the emeralds even though he was just guarding the emeralds

big = walks through poison gas and calls it sneezy gas

storm = makes Jet fall to the floor by barging through door (that's the stupidest thing he's done)

5/15/2010 #21
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall


5/15/2010 #22


5/15/2010 #23
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

HURRY not much time left

5/15/2010 #24


Big: froggy?

I'll give you froggy if you save the world

Big: Froggy! (runs off)

That's a volcano and the wrong way idiot

Big: Froggy! (runs right way)

5/15/2010 #25
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

random dude: *to tera, alex and sam* FUCK ME BTICH!

5/16/2010 #26

Zero & Razor: (beat the shit out of the guy)

random dude: (a bloody pile of guts and bones)

5/16/2010 #27
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

tera: *crushes guts and boens with sand* there *start's making formula to tern shadow into a 2 year old8

5/16/2010 #28


Technically, he is only about two, he was made, a few months or so later, he was put into stasis and then released not long ago, so here we are

5/17/2010 #29
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

la-la tell me of big's progress

5/18/2010 #30
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