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The Blackhearted Dragoness
cool ^^
5/20/2011 #31

and if V is the big bad then I think I might put Icicle under his/her control

5/20/2011 #32
The Blackhearted Dragoness
Female :3 and yes she has many servants.
5/20/2011 #33

he ain't a servant, he powerfulnezz

5/20/2011 #34
The Blackhearted Dragoness
Valterra isnt too nice to them either XD
5/20/2011 #35

Guys, this is for OC submission, not discussion

5/20/2011 #36

oh so you did, and we are possibly developing our characters

5/20/2011 #37
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

i don't have any spyro OC's so can i use my dimenshin hopping caricter?

5/21/2011 #38

if he's an anthropomorphism then yeah why not, Flynt occasionaly hops dimensions

5/21/2011 #39
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

now i got to decide alex of fox? (fox is me but i've made an OC form of him/me)

5/24/2011 #40

that's kinda like me and Neo, cuz Neo is me, but as a fox, with a mask, and wings

5/24/2011 #41

Who's Flynt? The character doesn't actually have to be dragon just a race from the series

5/25/2011 #42
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

hmm alex is a pevry sonic personalltiy and fox is insane which one, which one?

5/25/2011 #43

I'd say fox, a sa dragon (ironic)

and Wolf, is Flynt not the human who went to the Starfox universe? I might be thinking of someone else though, is he?

5/28/2011 #44
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

still i don't now fox, alex, fox, alex

5/29/2011 #45
Alex the Dragon

Dark Dragon




Appearance:Black underbelly,No mane,gold horns,purple eyes,golden tail blade,


Personality:Detached,is reluctant to befriend other dragons,isn't above killing children


Background:He grew up with Malefore as a father and made a few brief appearances,then got fed up and ran away.

5/29/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #46
Alex the Dragon

Also,my friend wants to ask a question to The Blackhearted Dragoness,He wants to know how often you see Kiwi Birds.

5/29/2011 #47

Oh, you don't know. I deleted those stories. They weren't working out and I wanted to do something else.

5/30/2011 #48
Alex the Dragon

Is my character accepted?

6/1/2011 #49
The Beast-King Beyond The Wall

Dimension Crossing Kitsune

Name: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: Over 500,000,000

Color: uh same as my avi

Power: Fire and Ice

Personality: Random

Family: Unkonow

Background: (FAR to long to right so i'll give a brife one) while trying to find the NARUTO dimension he falls into the SPYRO dimension, decidine to have some fun he decide to stay for a short time a holiday of sorts

6/2/2011 #50

Jayse, Fox, accepted, as for the question, I don't know who the Blackhearted Dragoness is, I have met many other dragons in my time but I believe that I have yet to meet an individual with such a name, the Purehearted Ravager sure but not the Blackhearted Dragoness

6/2/2011 #51

Name: Slyrum

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: ( Black dragon)


( Only the shape not the size!)

Powers and abilities: fire

Fire: Fire blast, Fire Ball, Comet Dash, Fire fury and some new ones that will come within the RP

Bio:Slyrum was once bred into one of the many royal families in Warfang but the war destroyed his family and put a price on him, leaving him emotionless to everything in the world. When the war ended Sly used his family's money to help him become strong, smart and wise as he is today.(Remember he is not GOD strong just bulky and muscular). If there is someone who has control of the fear element, it will cause some catastrophe effects to him considering he was little as 4 years old and family-less.

11/8/2011 #52

dude, in case you haven't noticed, this forum's dead

11/8/2011 #53
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