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This is where you go when you want to add a new video game character. You give their names, age (If possible), description (or a link to a picture), powers, what video game their from, weaknesses, personality or anything else you want to add. The character MUST NOT be invincible and should be approved by me before you use it. Thank you very much.

6/1/2010 #1

Name: Laharl, The Overlord of the Netherworld

Race: Half-Demon

Age: I keep forgetting the exact age, but it's over a thousand, although he looks 13 years old.


Powers: Dark energy, fire

Game: Disgaea

Personality: Selfish, bratty, angry a lot

Weaknesses: Positive words and sexy women (I'm pretty sure he blames puberty, though...)

6/1/2010 #2

Name: Fallen Angel Flonne

Race: Ex-Angel Trainee

Age: Once again, forgot the age, but she's a few hundred years older than Laharl. She looks around 14 or 15.


Powers: Healing and the Power of Love

Game: Disgaea

Personality: Kind, easily amazed, air-headed, clumsy

Weaknesses: Cooking...

6/1/2010 #3

Name: Etna

Race: Demon, vassal to Laharl

Age: Older than Laharl but younger than Flonne. Looks 14 or 15.


Powers: Prinny Raid, and something called the Sexy Beam (Don't ask...^^;) are the only two I know of.

Game: Disgaea

Personality: Devious, sneaky, always up to something

Weaknesses: Anything that sparkles

6/1/2010 #4

(Should I post Shadow and Silver here?)

6/1/2010 #5

(Yeah, you probably should.)

6/1/2010 #6

(OK give me a minute while I remember a good weakness for Shadow aside from the fact he won't work with anyone unless he absolutely has to.)

6/1/2010 #7


6/1/2010 #8

(How is that a 'weakness'? Also just a note why it is hard for me to come up with a weakness is that, in Sonic X in one episode he beat up Sonic, Knuckles, AND Tails, although not at the same time.)

6/1/2010 #9

(Well, wouldn't he get ticked if someone talked about Maria badly?)

6/1/2010 #10

(Nobody knows anything about her except Shadow because SHE DIED OVER 50 YEARS AGO!!!!)

6/1/2010 #11

(Good point ^^;)

6/1/2010 #12

(So, umm.......Shadow isn't invincible it's just I can't think of a weakness that really stands out.)

6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #13

(It's okay.)

6/1/2010 #14

(But what do I post for Bio :?)

6/1/2010 #15

(Just put whatever needs to be put. Name, age, what he is, powers etc. Make it clear enough for people that don't know Shadow to get a pretty good idea of him.)

6/1/2010 #16

(Ok then)

Name: Shadow the Hedgehog, Ultimate Life Form.

Age:Doesn't age, chronological 50 years old, physically, 17.

Species: Hedgehog

Game:Sonic the Hedgehog

Powers: Chaos Powers to use a wide variety of abilitys, super speed, strong, can use Chaos Emeralds to amplify powers.


Personality: Loner, doesn't like to be around others, keeps to himself.


6/1/2010 . Edited 6/1/2010 #17

(Okay that's good.)

6/1/2010 #18

(Now Silvers.)

Name: Silver the Hedgehog

Age: 14

Species: Hedgehog

Game:Sonic the hedgehog

Powers:Powerful psychic ability's, he can use them to lift objects, fly, and immobalise all but the most powerful opponents.


Personality: Strong sense of justice, helps those in need, serious most of the time.

Weakness: Because he is willing to do anything to prevent a huge disaster, he is sometimes easily tricked.

(Not as easy to trick as Knuckles, but he can be tricked, Mephalis tricked him into nearly killing Sonic.)

6/1/2010 #19


6/1/2010 #20

(I found something interesting, when I looked on wikipedia and the biggest Sonic wiki I know, both had NO weaknesses listed for Shadow.....)

6/1/2010 #21


6/1/2010 #22

(Yes, but they have a HUGE section on his ability's...and how strong they are....Look at

6/1/2010 #23


6/1/2010 #24

(Yeh insane isn't it?)

6/1/2010 #25


6/1/2010 #26

(Honestly, the ONLY weakness he has is when he takes off his power rings and then goes without putting them back on for to long, but he hardly every takes them off, and putting it there would make me have to explain it, point is, IT"S HARD FINDING A WEAKNESS WITH SHADOW!!!)

6/1/2010 #27

(Yeah, I guess so.)

6/1/2010 #28

(Can I just put weakness, Unknown?)

6/1/2010 #29


6/1/2010 #30
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