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This is one of those things I've been working on for fics. Maybe there are different types of bearers?

Type 1) Natural. Born with the crystal, able to completely master it. Eventually. eg: Layle.

Type 2) Aquired. They found their crystals and managed to become bearers. eg: Jegran. I support this with Jegran's villain rant on the Alexis, he said the pursuit of crystal weaponization cost him and his arm.

But let's think Blaze here. What was with the scarring? My theory is that he was a type 2 and was not compatible with his crystal, resulting in hideous scars. Jegran, meanwhile, was very compatible and his arm crystalized. And come on, he turned an airship into crystal armor!

Dark Bearers) This is another thing I've been working on, you know how we've seen only two colors of crystals? Blue and Red. Blue is light, Red is Dark. Layle's the good guy becuase he has a normal crystal, which uses light. Meanwhile, Blaze and Jegran are whackjobs becuase their dark crystals have corrupted their minds. Think about it.

1/22/2010 #1

I think it's the crystal that is tainted, not their minds. I think they become red because of selfish ambition.

I can hazard a guess that originally, Blaze had only his eye crystallized. After abusing his power, however, the crystal began to turn red and spread throughout his face, scarring it.

1/22/2010 #2

Hmm... Yeah, I can see that. Well then...

Dark Bearers) People who have either been corrupted by a dark crystal, or corrupted their crystals with their own evil. The latter would then be further corrupted by the crystal, whish would be even more corrupted becuase it furthered the mind's corruption. Holy crap.

1/22/2010 #3

Lol. Paradoxes rule. ^-^

1/22/2010 #4
Wind Paradox

Yup! ^_^

1/22/2010 #5
Aruta Rianu

Hmm... nice topic you've got over here. This is something we from the GameFaQs forums talk about most of our time... ^_^;

I believe that there are two types of bearers; the Natural ones, who were born with a crystal shard embedded in their bodies (crystal shards are believed to have come from the Yuke principle) and the Acquired ones, who were, as you said, forced to have crystal-driven powers. This is the case for Jegran... but not Blaze. According to Layle, Blaze was once his long-term partner in the past like Keiss ("The worst partner ever" just like said) which must mean that he is also a Natural crystal bearer. Another fact is that Blaze was once Layle's mentor when it comes to "mastering" the crystal's power.


About the types of crystals:

Shards with the blue "aura"- these are the real crystal shards, for they come from the Crystal Principle. From the past series of the Crystal Chronicles, these have multiple effects on beings; to protect people from bad "vibes" (like the poisonous gas from the miasma streams), to provide magic to the one that holds it (The power of Architek, crystal bearer powers...) and most importantly, giving birth to new life. (The four crystals- also known as the pillars of the principle- created the four tribes)

Shards with the red "aura"- these aren't natural crystals, since they're just "genetically" formed. However, the reason why Jegran said that his red crystal shards can also empower everything that needs crystallation (power coming from crystals) is because the people that he turned into crystals came from the same exact source where mankind came from in the first place- the crystal principle.

I hope you understood my explanation. :

4/19/2010 #6

Yes that makes sense, and I'm very glad to see my forum is not quite dead.

But I still say that Blaze is an Aquired. Just becuase he was Layle's partner and mentor doesn't mean he always had his crystal, he could have just got it a long long time ago. I mean look at him, he's definately a lot older than Layle, maybe even in his forties or something you know?

4/19/2010 #7
Aruta Rianu

Hmm, maybe so. However, according to Jegran, no one else has "acquired" a crystal bearer's power since he was the first one to have ever been fused to a crystal accidentally. (Crystal Reactor incident when Alfitaria's king was still alive)

Jegran said this in a cutscene sometime before the last boss battle.

4/22/2010 #8

Yeah, Blaze got his crystal naturally.

Now, I think we ought to think about red crystals a little bit more. Jegran's arm is red because it is unnatural because it was Acquired, which makes sense. But the people who he turns into crystal are also red. Now think about Blaze. When he uses his powers, he shoots out red/orange fire. So maybe his crystal is red because he has power over fire.

8/3/2010 #9

I don't thin the crystal's power really affects the color, I maintain my light and dark crystal theory. As for Jegran's victims, if my theory is used, it would be that his power only makes dark crystal. I'm still not sure about Blaze being Natural or Aquired, but I'm still leaning towards the latter.

8/4/2010 #10

I know that Jegran's arm and crystallized victims are red because his powers were Acquired and are corrupted. But I am pretty sure Blaze's powers were completely natural because Jegran's ability was only given to him by a freak accident involving crystal reactors. I have no idea why his crystal is red, but I do agree that it might be because he is evil. But I am not sure whether it is because of that, or because of his power of fire. Probably the former. But I do not believe the crystal turned red on its own and corrupted him, I believe that he corrupted it.

8/4/2010 #11

I think the colour is related to the power, nothing more. Jegran makes red cystals, hence red arm. Layle 's gravity surrouns its target with blue, and when he was using it to fly the "board" emanated blue. I swear Blaze's crystal is orange, showing fire. Not enough material to give a reliable answer though. There should be more bearers in the game.

12/30/2010 #12

His crystal was red, but when its shining it does look orange-ish.

12/30/2010 #13

Didn't Amidatellion make purple portals, though? And her crystal was green.

12/30/2010 #14

Never mind, her crystal was blue. I thought it was green because, at the beginning of the game, her spine was glowing with a green aura. Then I realized that it was the Crystal Idol tucked under her cloak. Later, I saw that her spine was actually made of blue crystal.

6/24/2011 #15

Still, her crystal is blue, and she makes purple portals. I think all Natural crystals are blue, for Althea's, Layle's, and Amidatelion's crystals are all blue, as are the tribal crystals. The color of Blaze's crystal is a bit confused...I'm still leaning toward him corrupting it.

6/24/2011 #16

Okay... It has been too long since I was here.

I'm going to say this... Power or origin does not affect the color of the Crystal Bearers' markings. No, it is simply about one's personality. With Blaze, he has demonstrated himself to be a power-mad pyromaniac, while Jegran was an ambitious nutjob whom had no room for argument with his KING, basically saying 'my way or death'. Their crystals reflected how twisted they were. I'm willing to bet Blaze's crystal was even once blue/purple/green/what ever crystal color, but as he grew more bitter about being an outcast, he turned to abusing his powers.

6/30/2013 #17
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