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Arcantos the Storyteller

'Christophe on the other hand wants her to face her problems head on because he knows that running away never solves anything' Ummm hello? The entire reason why Graves was away from the Schola and got captured was because he refused to let Dru run away from a problem!

Oh and, I am the only on that knows the clicking the grey cog reveals a lot more options, including edit?

11/6/2010 #61

I see you have a point but Graves gets too angry and lately he's been acting like too much of an alpha male. Graves just got angry and decided that Dru was keeping things for him. As her best friend and love iterest, he should know better than to question her reasons. The way he acted in Betrayals, he seemed like he was trying to mark his territory on Dru. Christophe never showed that kind of immature possession over her.

Tempest, I am more than aware of that cog, thank you but I don't concern myself very much with spelling, grammar and puntuation when it comes to forum posts like this. I save that stuff for my stories and fanfiction where I think it actually matters.

11/6/2010 #62
Arcantos the Storyteller

'He was trying to mark his territory on Dru' ... Explain.

And the cog thing was more to Coffe as he/she said he/she wished their was an edited button when their was (no one else said anything about that through.)

11/6/2010 #63

It's not that Christophe outright said that Dru was right. But reading in between the lines, that must be how he felt or else he would've continued to try to convince Dru to leave him alone or dispatch Ash himself later when Dru wasn't around. He did neither, only gave hope to Dru that Ash would survive. I honestly don't believe that Christophe thinks that Dru is completely helpless.

The problem is that Christophe repeatedly states she is helpless until she blooms. This is not a new attitude for him, and he's made it very clear since the first book that he considers her to be defenseless. This is why he thinks the safest place for her is the main Schola.

I'm also not sure we have any evidence to read between the lines the way you suggest. If there was an example of Christophe treating Dru as an equal--for example, asking her advice and taking it--we might be able to assume that. However, we've never seen Christophe listen to Dru, and he's always the one who comes up with a plan. If you remember a specific scene in which this takes place, I stand corrected. I'm not trying to make the case that Dru is always right, or that it would have been a good idea for her to run away at the end in search for Graves. I am, however, making the case that Christophe's attitude towards Dru is a problem, and that it isn't conducive to a strong relationship.

"Little bird" isn't helpless. I think he's just pointing out her youth or fragility or even beauty. Not fragile as in she's breakable but he understands her circumstances and knows that she must have felt alone and lost like a "little bird" when he first met her.

Even if that's true, that doesn't explain why Sergej also refers to Dru as a little bird. If anything, it reinforces the message that the little bird image is one of vulnerability, bringing us back to the unequal balance of power between Christophe and Dru.

It's not like Christophe is making Dru do anything she doesn't want. They both know her goals are to kill Sergej and Anna and rescue Graves.

Yes and no. What's interesting is that, if you look back at the third book, Dru never expresses any desire to kill Sergej until after he has Graves. In fact, Dru wants to do the opposite--she wants to leave the Schola and stay far away from Sergej. Christophe's desire for Dru to take over the Order is hinted at even during the second book, since he makes numerous comments about being unhappy with the way Anna is running the order. I don't think Dru's decision was the wrong one, but I also don't think that it was a coincidence on the part of Christophe.

The whole time Christophe was simply inviting her to join him but never forced her. Dru ultimately decided to return his advancements. Like Dru had said before, her moment with Christophe was nothing like previous kisses from her past. It had clearly meant something to her or else she wouldn't have been comparing him to Graves and other previous guys.

Again, my point is that Dru's interactions with Christophe are noticeably different than hers with Graves because Christophe is clearly the more assertive one. All of their interactions are based on the fact that Christophe is the one doing the acting, while Dru reacts.

Also, Tempest, thank you. :) I had no idea there really was an edit button.

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #64
Arcantos the Storyteller

No problem Cof, glad to help-!

11/6/2010 #65

By "He as trying to mark his territory on Dru." I don't know if you remember but you could go back and read Betrayals to see this. There was this part were Christophe had driven all of them to this house. When he's talking to Dru about how he wants to bring Dru to the main Schola, he steps closer to her and Dru looks past him and sees that Graves is just standing a few yards away watching her. Christophe asked him to please move away from the trunk and Graves stared him down (wanting to pick a find but decided not to). He pulled Dru away and led her into the house. Once inside, Dru asked him what that was all about and Graves gave her a feral, wolfish grin and said, "Just so he knows, Dru." This meaning just so that Christophe knows not to get too close to Dru.

Oh, sorry, Tempest. I had received the message so I thought it was directed at me. I mistook it as sarcasm and answered back sarcastically. Sorry, I think both you and coffee make excellent points though I still strongly side with Christophe and Dru.

11/6/2010 #66
Arcantos the Storyteller

Well, I would hardly call the trying to mark his territory... I think what he mean by 'Just so he knows' is that so that Chrisophe isn't the only one attracted to her.

11/6/2010 #67

I call that marking his territory because he was staring down Christophe, practically asking for a fight, Dru could tell from just looking. Dru started blushing because she knew she had an idea as to why they would likely get into a fight. Christophe is already more than aware that Graves had a thing for Dru. He understood as much in Betrayals when he speaking to Dru in that werewulf's house. He sadly told her that he would send "her loup-garou" in and turned to leave. Also Graves showed another sign of marking his territory in Jealousy when Dru was talking with her group of bodyguards and Graves holds her to him out of nowhere, leaving Dru and her bodyguards speechless.

11/6/2010 #68
Arcantos the Storyteller

He was staring Chris down sure, but he didn't acautly go to fight, and sure he hugged her out of nowhere, and did other puplic forms of affection, I wouldn't say he was 'marking his territory' as such, I would just say that he was telling others in his own way that he had a connection with Dru that the other's didn't.

11/6/2010 #69

That still doesn't explain why he's okay with openly displaying that Dru is "his in front of everyone but once they're alone, Graves withdraws from her. You and coffee think that it might be because of his past preventing him pressuring Dru and because of all the things going on with Dru. He probably feels it's not the right time or something but still. He owes Dru an explanation at the very least. He has Dru thinking that she cares for him more than her. They're both so close, they should be able to share anything but it's obvious that they're not all that open with each other. Then there's Dru who didn't want to tell Graves about her run-in with Anna. It seems that if these two get together at the end, they need to overcome their issues with withdrawing things from each other first.

Even though Christophe started off with withdrawing information, once he knew couldn't let Elizabeth's daughter die too and once Dru became his reason, he was more open about sharing everything with Dru. He even revealed more about himself and her mother and I think that as books progress, he will let Dru get to know him better and Dru will do the same.

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #70
Arcantos the Storyteller

I think Graves will also let Dru learn more about him, escapilly about his past, which can have a huge effect on one in the present... And you know what? I truely wouldn't be surprised that if in Defaiance, they find Graves, but he is already Broken.

11/6/2010 #71

I wouldn't be surprised either but I hope Christophe and Dru reach him in time. If it's difficult trying to get Ash back to normal, they'll be in for a struggle ahead if Graves becomes a Broken too. But I just feel that Ash is so close to returning back to his old shape. If Sergej doesn't manage to turn Graves into a Broken then I have a hunch that he's going to try to manipulate him or control him in some way to turn him against Dru.

11/6/2010 #72
Arcantos the Storyteller

That does make sense... still I think that Graves being Broken would have a more profound effect on their relationship... even if both of the ideas would push Dru more towards Christophe.

11/6/2010 #73

You and coffee think that it might be because of his past preventing him pressuring Dru and because of all the things going on with Dru. He probably feels it's not the right time or something but still. He owes Dru an explanation at the very least. He has Dru thinking that she cares for him more than her. They're both so close, they should be able to share anything but it's obvious that they're not all that open with each other. Then there's Dru who didn't want to tell Graves about her run-in with Anna. It seems that if these two get together at the end, they need to overcome their issues with withdrawing things from each other first.

All of the characters are pretty flawed, which is one of the reasons they're so fun to discuss, I think. Graves definitely has his own set of issues, but he also seems more self-aware than Dru or Christophe. I agree that Graves owed Dru an explanation with the whole "let's be careful" line, but I think that partly stems from Dru's inability to see how damaged she really is at this point. Until Dru recognizes a need for change (which I'm hoping will occur in Defiance), she's not going to understand why Graves backed off.

11/6/2010 #74

I think it might be Drucilla, it's actually a name. In Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spikes in love with a vampire named Drucilla, and he calls her Dru for short.

12/12/2010 #75

I will always be Team Graves. He was there for her from the beginning, and stayed. I won't put spoilers from Jealousy (just finished, loved it) but I believe Graves will alawys be their for Dru. This is my description for Christophe's love for Dru (sorry Twilight haters):

Christophe loves Dru like Carlisle would love Bella if Esme was killed.

For those that don't know Twilight: Carlisle and Esme are like the parents of the coven, Bella like a daughter.

In a nutshell, Christophe likes Dru because she reminds him of her mother. Very creepy if you ask me.

Someone mentioned it above, but I like the idea of Ash sweeping Dru off her feet. Who ever wrote the Ash/Dru fic (sorry, I didn't look at your name): Kudos, completely love it. I love Ash, but I believe he and Dru would be like tense friends and like the Ash/Dru story.

So over all: Team Graves forever. Even if he didn't get Dru, he would still be gracious about it. I predict Christophe would fly off the handle if Dru chose Graves over him. Remember that she didn't want to tell Christophe about her and Graves being an item?

12/23/2010 #76
Neon Genesis

I've read Twilight, and I hated it, and while I understand what your comparison is meant to say, I think it's far from the best one you could have used. But, anyway.

I agree that, in the beginning, all Dru was to Christophe was her mother's daughter. Now that he actually knows her, has spent time with her? That's changing. He mentions the differences between them - Dru and her mother - in Jealousy.

Christophe would not take it well to learn of Dru and Graves' relationship, it's true. But Dru also consciously neglected to tell Graves of the encounter she had with Christophe in the boathouse. If Graves didn't "get Dru," I think he'd be gracious about it in time, but immediately? Not so much. I could be wrong, though.

As for Ash/Dru... I feel like I want to get to know Ash as a person, not just a werwulf, before I entertain any possibilities there.

12/30/2010 #77

I think drus real name is Drusilla or Drucilla

12/30/2010 #78

I think her real name is either Drusilla or Drucilla

12/30/2010 #79

I think her name will be something completly random that we will never be able to guess. And Dru is just some kind of nickname that will have a story behind it. I mean come on who could of guessed that Grave's real name was Edgar? Hehe.

2/6/2011 #80

Also how come it has to be Team Christophe or Team Graves? Why can't people just like both characters, but like one character a little more? Cause saying 'Team' just seems a lttle to Twilighty to me.

But I do think Dru is going to end up with Christophe because when she kissed Graves she felt guilt and thought of Christophe even though she did admit she liked the kiss and felt feelings toward Graves, but when she kissed Chrisophe she thought of none except him and true passion, lust, and LOVE. So she probably just likes Graves a little more affectionatly than a brother.

And that explains why she is in a depression like state over him. But think of how she was when she didn't know where Christophe was she was thinking of him all the time and missing him.

And even though the author admited being more of a Graves fan dosen't mean that she wont put Dru with Christophe she probably has a mother like fondness of Dru and thinks that is would be safer for Dru if she was with Graves Because Christophe may be extremly old, probably has made alot of bad decisions and his father may be evil incarnated but that wouldnt matter if Dru truelly loved him. And from my opinion she does.

So someone pleeease reply and give me your opinion. :D

2/6/2011 #81

I agree with you, pokey. :D Love your username btw. I think that when a person is really in love they'll be able to tell through a kiss and like you said, Dru felt everything that you're supposed to feel when you kiss someone you like/love. D: Yeah, I got worried when I heard the author was more Team Graves but you comment gives me hope that maybe Lili St. Crow feels protective over Dru and wants her to go with the safer guy while is actually pairing her up with Christophe for the readers. :3 I like this idea much better.

2/6/2011 #82

All I say is that there's something definitely wrong when she kisses one guy and thinks of another - like when she first kissed Graves, for instance.

2/7/2011 #83
Arcantos the Storyteller

I'm not really into the 'team' stuff. At least not completely. I like both characters just as much as the other characters.

Maybe Dru did think about Christ when she kissed Graves, and when Christ kissed her she didn't... all the means is that Christ is a better kisser. Or prehaps the kiss between the two felt more passionate. It doesn't mean she loves Christ more then Graves.

2/7/2011 #84

Yeah thx 4 the compliment on my username it's a nickname. And I am all but praying that my theory is at least somewhat lagit and she will make it Dru/Christophe. And even though I have no doubt in my mind that Chris has more superior kissing powers than Graves; she does think about him all the time for instance she went on for ages just when he hugged her. And with Gaves out of the picture momentarily Cristophe and Dru are probably going to at least a little closer. She also seems a little more guarded around Graves. And it could just be passion but I still think that yu dont think about a person that much and that way if you just want to get it there pants 'so to speak'. And you normally don't think guiltily about another person when you are kissng someone whether it is passion or even true love. And well thats my opinion that is.

2/8/2011 #85

You said just what I kept thinking. Graves is sweet, but he is too friendly a friend. Almost brotherly. I think they both expect that they should be falling in love at this point, so they're mistaking their affection for more than it is. She keeps saying so too: he feels like home, he feels safe etc. On the other hand, Chris is the guy she's genuinely attracted to, BUT... he knew her mother. He might not have loved her as much as he loves Dru, but still. And he's a bit of a snob.

3/1/2011 #86

Yeah I can understand how him dating Dru's mom can be a huge turn off and would definetly be wierd, but I cant help that every time he makes an entrance in the book I am somewhat drawn in and I want to instantly keep reading. It could be that every time he comes up something intersting is abviously bound to happen soon or that it's just his personality as a character that makes you coming back for more. Also it can be discouraging that he has either dated or shown obvious interest in the only othere Svetochas in the book that we know of. And I dont think that he can really help the knowing her mother thing because Dru and every other Djampir are going to live forever so... And while Christophe might be a snob, Graves isnt perfect either I dont think I have to cover all the bases on that one if you have read all the books its pretty obvious then.

3/8/2011 #87
Epona's Chosen

hmm... I don't find it that hard. I like Dru and Christophe together, but Chris can't keep her from loving Graves but I'd say it would simmer down to a more sibling relationship. It has been apparent from the start that Chris loves Dru, although he's bossy, it's because he doesn't want her to get hurt. Graves loves Dru and he understands her and sticks with her. I think they;re needs to be another girl, for Graves maybe........ I, personally, love them both :3

3/14/2011 #88
Arcantos the Storyteller

Another girls would just mess thing up.

3/14/2011 #89

Hi everyone, i can't believe how full the forum's been since i last went on it. I should come on more obviously =)

SPOILER if you still haven't read Jealousy:

What are the bets with the next book Defiance? I really, really feel like Ash is going to turn into his human form! If anyone can help him it has to be a Svetocha (Dru of course). If he does turn back into his human form then surely it will make things more interesting. And Christophe's clearly going to be a little more permanent this time around. With Graves gone Christophe knows that Dru will need him more. They're going to have a good few moments (here's hoping). When i was flicking through the books again, as you do =) i was reading snipets. And actually very, very often when she's with Graves she'll think of Christophe. She talks a few times about feeling safe when he's around, but when Graves is gone she seems to think about him a lot more. That could be because he's been with her every step of the way since the first book, and now she relies on him. In a way i'm looking forward to his absence (as long as it's not for too long). I want Dru to be a little more kick-ass in this book and dependant. I think Christophe will force her to be, and it looks like she'll be finally getting her lessons with the Malaika. (YAY)

3/15/2011 #90
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