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Arcantos the Storyteller

Alright, I've finally gotten Defiance and read it, but I'm somewhat confused...

I think I understand why Leon was a traitor now, but can someone explain to me what happened in the scene where he was with Sergi?

Or at least try... I rather lost track as to what happened after Dru got captured...

And one more thing... how did Chris now the Dru was in Augie's house? (I love the fact that he's on the council BTW, I really think it suits him!)

8/8/2011 #122

I'm Team Graves all the way. I love that kid. :)

I just see Christophe as a friend for Dru. A creepy sort of friend. There's just something in the way that he tries to have control over her that bothers me. I honestly miss the awesome Dru from the first book. It's like her personality's fallen flat because of Christophe's presence. Maybe it wasn't just Christophe (maybe it was the Order, too) but she didn't seem to be the type of girl to give in to whatever anyone had to say. I think that Christophe is still seeing her mother when he looks at her. Even Anna mentions that Dru and Elizabeth have things in common. And the thing that ties into that (for me) is that I think Christophe is too old for Dru. I mean, he looks like your hot teenager, but if he can remember World War II, he's old enough to be her grandfather! I don't usually have a really strict thing about close-to-age relationships, but even that seems to cross the line for me. I especially don't like the way he doesn't tell things to Dru. If it's information that applies to her, I feel like she should know every little detail. Christophe is not her father and has no right to tell her what she can and can't do, as well as what she can and can't know. And that's the other thing that bothers me - I think Dru connects Christophe to her father too much. I understand her need to have someone to take care of her, but not in the paternal way.

Like I said, I love Graves. He's such a good guy (in my opinion.) I do see the problem that a romantic relationship can lead them to - they're friends, and sometimes friends and better at staying friends. I like how Graves tries to protect Dru, but he doesn't try to be the top contender in the relationship. He lets Dru take the lead more often then not, whereas Christophe seems to believe that he is the leader no matter what. I feel like Graves will follow Dru to the ends of the Earth while Christophe will let her go alone and check up on her occasionally. The only thing (I think someone mentioned this) is that maybe he lets her have too much power. He doesn't try to stop her when something's dangerous the way Christophe does. But he trusts her to do what she wants because he knows she's stubborn. But, more pros is that Graves sees her for who she is and never assumes she'll do something different or that she'll just sit back and watch the movie play. He's been her supporter since her father became a zombie, and what was so cute for me was that he dealt with her bad attitude and actually helped her. To me, true love is seeing someone as a whole person - their flaws, their beauties, and their troubles - before actually falling for them. Plus, Graves is such a sarcastic character that I love him right away, anyway.

I don't know, I just see the perfect little love with Graves and Dru. But I'm heavily biased (sorry guys) because I always seem to love the werewolf guys.

Someone mentioned (I can't remember your name, sorry) that Dru doesn't need a boy. No, she doesn't, and no, I don't believe this was a story written solely as a paranormal romance, but in my opinion each story needs a burst of love. We have to keep us hopeless romantics, happy, right? I would still like to see Dru end up with one of the guys though, preferrably Graves.

If she doesn't date Graves, I'd be all for him (even if he is a fictional character, sigh.)

10/22/2011 #123

Tempest, I'll try my best to explain the scene with Sergei and Leon. What about it confused you? As for Christophe knowing that Dru was in August's house. I think he just took a stab in the dark at the only place she'd try to run to, seeing as how he knows Dru is close with August. ^_^ Yeah, it definitely suits Christophe, and he's second in command practically.

10/24/2011 #124
Arcantos the Storyteller

Sorry to say but I've forgotten now XD. I'll have to re-read it in order to know for sure.

10/24/2011 #125

Lol Alrighty then.

10/24/2011 #126

WHOAH: Reading earlier posts and I had to add my little tidbit. I'm so psyched for this last book it's not even funny. Rereading the previous books has definitely given me the Strange Angels Fever.

It seems that Dru does feel some sort of attraction to Christophe, but you can never be sure what it really is (Mrs. Crow is such an awesome writer that she doesn't give anything away. Sigh.)

I just wanted to add that I think Graves's protection over Dru is so sweet to me. It's more like he cares about her than anything else. And while Dru does say that being with Graves is like being by a warm fire... you wouldn't want to get burned, do you? Of course, Christophe is SO intense, all the time.

In all honestly, I still believe that Christophe is sort of scary (and I guess he would have the right to be.) My big thing is that Christophe has shared some of his past with Dru, but there's still so many unanswered questions about him. I wouldn't say he's exactlyflaky, but he disappears (mostly in the first books) more often than he hangs around.

SPOILER (Defiance):

The way Dru cries over Graves's disappearance speak measures to me. I would cry if a friend had gone missing, and I would definitely try to find him as fast as I could if it were up to me, but I don't think I would hug his jacket and cry myself to sleep over it. Dru's relationship with Graves is so strong that she can't seem to function properly without him, and we all saw the way Dru was able to take charge after Christophe was gone again (I've always wondered where he goes during these times. Do you think we'll ever find out?)

Also, at the end of the fourth book, I was really on the fence about Christophe. If he knew where Graves was, why didn't he let Dru know immediately? I realize that she would've wanted to jump on ahead, but maybe he could've made a quick plan to present her with. He obviously knew that Graves was very important to her. I don't see a true love hiding important information back.

And my little piece of bias: I never really liked Christophe anyway. Maybe it's just me, but his character sort of wigged out my "freaky" meter early on. Ha :D

Questions, questions... and we all have to wait to find out. At least there's only one more week until Reckoning comes out. Yay! :) Like always, I hope that she and Graves end up together, but I'm sure the book will be good no matter who Dru chooses (and that's even if she chooses.)

By the way, I'm starting to fully expect that this topic will be booming around November 1st. ;)

10/24/2011 . Edited 10/24/2011 #127
Arcantos the Storyteller

If the e-mail I've got is correct. Amazon has already dispatched Reckoning.

10/25/2011 #128
Arcantos the Storyteller

Just so you all know..


10/26/2011 #129

Are you serious? Omg, please don't give spoilers or at least tell me that ahead of time that you're going to give them out so I won't come back to this page until I have my own copy. lolz.

10/26/2011 #130
Arcantos the Storyteller

I'm serious... deadly serious.

By the way... the ending is a bit of a... well. Lets just say I don't think of it as a true ending, through the epilogue really does do well.

10/26/2011 #131

_ omg an ending without a real ending?? miss crow, why?! urgh, i really hope im not too disappointed once i read it. btw Tempest, how did you manage to get the book a week before it's release date? how lucky.

10/26/2011 #132

Tempest, you've already got the book!? How!?

I knew I should've preordered it instead of waiting for November 1st to get it on my Kindle. Sigh. Six more days of waiting for me.

And an ending without an ending? Oh no! I guess that leaves quite a bit for us fan fiction writers to do, but still. At least I hope it was good. (:

10/26/2011 #133
Arcantos the Storyteller

Honestly I don't know... I just pre-ordered and I've just gotten it...

I haven't completely read the entire story yet... just a bit of the ending. So I can't be completely certain about things...

10/27/2011 #134

You've read it all up till a bit of the ending? Oh, well, I hope the ending does justice to the Strange Angels series and wraps everything up nicely. I must hurry and order my copy! I'm excited yet excited the story had come to an end. Miss Crow should have pulled a "Harry Potter" and gone for seven books. :) Well, either way, it's been a nice ride. I really hope these books become movies someday. Sometimes I feel like they're being underrated and deserve much more attention.

10/27/2011 #135
Arcantos the Storyteller

No, I read the ending then skipped back to the beginning.

Graves looses the coat.

10/27/2011 #136

Ohhh, alright. lol. Graves lost his jacket again? Hmm minor spoiler, I can deal with that. =P

10/27/2011 #137

So Tempest, not asking for spoilers or anything but I wanted to ask how Reckoning was going?

10/29/2011 #138
Arcantos the Storyteller

Its brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

10/30/2011 #139

:) That's great, I'm glad it's everything that fans hoped it would be. I'm impatient for my own copy.

10/30/2011 #140
Arcantos the Storyteller

Well. I wouldn't say its everything the fans hope it would be.

Some here will defiantly be disappointed because of certain... things.

10/30/2011 #141

I bet. Since it's the final book, I'm assuming it answers who Dru ends up with. I wish there was a way for all three of them to get their own happy ending.

10/30/2011 #142
Arcantos the Storyteller

There is no happy ending...

Or is there?

10/30/2011 #143

XD Gah, Tempest, don't tease! I remember before you said that it ended like the story wasn't exactly finished yet. I wanna ask for a hint...but then I'd seriously be questioning my lack of will power. I read on Lili St. Crow's facebook that she knows that she's gonna let a lot of crap for ending a series realisticly instead of happily.

10/30/2011 #144
Arcantos the Storyteller

I can see why she says realistic...

10/30/2011 #145

Realistic as in sad....or realistic as in the things that were supposed to be solved like Dru killing Sergei and leaves it an open ending that leaves it to the imagination of the readers? I'm kinda hoping for this type of realistic.

10/30/2011 #146
Arcantos the Storyteller


The total story of Dru? Not over. This chapter of her life? Yes.

10/30/2011 #147

Hmm...well, if it's both I guess I can't complain. It's like they say "happily ever after" is just a story that hasn't been finished. Can I ask one thing though...erm well two actually? Does Ash regain his mentality back? Not that I don't find him perfectly sweet and adorable the way he is, I was just wondering. And also, is Ash's connection to Christophe revealed?

10/30/2011 #148
Arcantos the Storyteller

No not really. Just a bit more speaking, and no.

10/30/2011 #149

Wow...that's curious considering that in Defiance Christophe heavily implied that he and Ash had some kind of bad past together. I remember I also had a theory about how Dru noticed Christophe wearing a Rolex and thinking that it didn't suit him and Sergeii wearing one also and thinking how it did suit him. I was wondering if this ever came up again? Did it? Do the readers get an official "yes" or "no" on Dru's dad being dead or alive? At first it seemed like her dad was really dead, but Christophe implied that there might be a chance he was still alive. So would you say, not counting the ending, that you were satisified with the way everything else turned out?

10/30/2011 #150
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