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Arcantos the Storyteller

Dad is death. Rolex doesn't come up again.

Satisfied... yes.

Still want more.

10/30/2011 #151

Do the readers get a better explanation on Christophe supposedly handing Graves over to the bad guys? Is Christophe's page-time as limited as the previous books?

10/30/2011 #152
Arcantos the Storyteller

Ummmm... not sure

No. More time... I think.

10/30/2011 #153

Hmm...that's a shame. I remember being really confused during that part. Well, that's good, I'm glad Christophe had more page-time. Do Shanks, Dibs and Nathalie meet up with Dru and Graves again? lol. I'd better stop asking questions before I end up asking some that will really end up spoiling things for me. I'm gonna try hard not to be too disappointed if things don't turn out the way I wanted.

10/30/2011 #154
Arcantos the Storyteller


10/30/2011 #155

I'm sorry for all these questions I've bombarded you with, that was seriously the last question. It's been fun and interesting debating with you and others on Graves vs. Christophe discussions.

10/30/2011 #156

I wasn't necessarily hoping for a happy ending, but I didn't feel like the book concluded anything, it just sort of...stops. I'd hoped the series would finish with a stronger ending, but it felt like the author just wanted to finish the book and move on to something else. There's a lot of loose ends, even when you aren't looking at the love triangle. Basically, I wanted to see Dru grow and change more than she got the chance to.

I'm not sure that "realistic" was really the term to describe the ending, unfortunately. It just felt like the author wanted to please everybody at once. If anything, it would've been riskier to actually have Dru take a stance--pick a guy, or decide to be on her own. Instead, it was just sort of a cop out.

11/3/2011 #157
Arcantos the Storyteller

Indeed it was... a lot of loose ends out there. Some fanfiction writers might be happy about it... but personally? I'm not.

There is a lot more of Dru's story to tell... a lot more.

11/3/2011 #158

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that, Tempest. :) I'm still kind of bummed that the ending was so lame, and it makes me think twice about recommending the series to anybody else. If it had a definable message at the end--"Dru is strong enough that she doesn't need someone else to define her!"--it could have worked. But it was just a "happily ever after" ending in disguise: everybody can pretend they got the conclusion they wanted, because there WAS no sense of conclusion. Sure, Sergej is definitely dead, but I don't think we ever doubted he would be.

St. Crow has been hinting over on her blog that she might do another series in the same universe, but I'm not sure that I'd be motivated right now to read it unless Dru plays a major role. I feel like a lot was left up in the air with her--the ending was so abrupt, we have no way to know if she's really grown or changed. Dru obviously claims she has, but the weak ending would seem to indicate that she hasn't changed as much as she says.

11/3/2011 #159

I read the first few posts, and could get a hold on everyone's opinion. If I'm going to be totally honest with myself, I would say Graves. But only slightly. I have to say that with all this vampire media coming out lately made me have an ill image of Christophe from the beginning. It's terrible to be bias, but it's the truth. I try to look at it from every point of view. Warning, this is after I've read Reckoning, and a lot has happened since then.

I have nothing against Christophe at all. He's a cool dude, and Dru would be dead as a doornail without him. But he is very controlling. When he insults Graves and other Wulven for example, it doesn't make Christophe look good. Sure, Graves does it right back, but he's a lost teenage boy, not an old vampire. He's appealing in the sense of protection and looks, maybe even smell. But the way he treats Dru. . not badly, just like she can't handle it. I know I hate it when people do that to me, so I saw it as unattractive.

Which brings me to a very good point. I like Graves more because to me, he seems like my kind of perfect. If I were Dru, it would be obvious to whom I had affections for. But it changes from girl to girl. If you like a Christophe type more, that's who you'd think should be with Dru. But we aren't Dru. I find that people get that mixed up with characters. If I had to say who was a better match for Dru, it would be Christophe. Even though I like Graves better.

What I'm trying to get across is every person feels differently, but only the character's opinion matters. How Dru sees them could be different from how we see them. I'm getting ahead of myself. There you have it.

12/6/2011 #160

FINALLY. I could never really explain this correctly for fear of my own little emotions clouding judgement, but here it is! Practically perfect in detail and willing to see that there are pros and cons to EACH pairing. There is no perfect couple no matter how much we wish it. (I always had a secret hope that Ash would get better and KABAM Wonderful dutiful boyfriend, but alas it is not meant to be).

Thanks bunches!


12/30/2011 #161
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