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Neon Genesis

The eternal question, isn't it? For some of us, it's a no-brainer. For others of us (well, okay, me), it's more complicated.

Yes, Christophe is hot. Yes, Christophe is badass and flashy and mysterious. And, all right, he has all those foreign pet names for Dru that make a girl's heart flutter.

But Christophe is also very controlling. He consistently withholds important information from Dru, constantly tells her what to do. He treats her like she's five. It's not a healthy relationship, people, at least not from what we've seen in books 1 and 2. Especially because I get the feeling that a lot of the time when he looks at Dru, he's seeing her mother.

Add that to how he's hardly gotten to seriously talk to her about stuff other than "This is the minimum amount of information you need to know so you don't die." He seems to care about her so much, but why? Because she's a svetocha. Because she's her mother's daughter. Not because she's Dru, the tough-as-nails chick we all love.

That's another thing. He doesn't respect her. He thinks she's there for him to save and protect. Newsflash, buddy, she is not the Bella to your Edward. She isn't going to look on helplessly while you run around kicking ass.

And then, of course, there's his age. Christophe "remembers certain parts of World War I." That makes him, what, at least eighty? Dru's sixteen. The only thing that makes that less icky is how djamphir stop physically maturing in their early twenties, which affects them psychologically (so says Ms. St. Crow herself).

On the other hand, we have Graves. He knows Dru, and he loves Dru - for all of her virtues, and despite all of her faults. He's stuck with her through it all.

Personally, though? I don't support Graves/Dru. They're so awesome as best friends, and, yeah, Graves just isn't as appealing to me as Christophe.

What I would love is for, over the course of the next three books, Christophe to come to understand and respect and love Dru because she's Dru. And then for Dru to love him back, of course, because come on - he's Christophe.


1/20/2010 #1
Flight at Midnight

Just like you, this is a complicated question too.

Christophe? Or Graves?

Very difficult, and it's not even our choice to make - it's going to be Dru's!

Personally, I think I am more Team Graves than Team Christophe.

I mean, Christophe is amazing sounding - hot, powerful, intelligent - the works.

However. He is a bit of a control freak, and seems be absolutely confident that Dru would like him back no matter what. Example: (Warning: SPOILER for Betrayals) Doesn't Christophe kiss Dru, without even being concerned whether she likes him back or not? That, m'dears, in some countries is considered harassment.

And then there's the ever-lovable Graves. I do like Graves more for Dru than Christophe for a few reasons. One is that Graves gave up everything to be with Dru. He stuck his neck out for a girl who he barely knew, and stayed with her through everything. Even though he did become a little distant once they arrived at the Schola and he was around other werewulfen (sp?). But he also seems to care about Dru, about her real person, and not just that she is a powerful svetocha. Even though they are great friends, like Neon Genesis said, I think they could be an even greater couple, just because they're on the same wavelength.

But those are my views. Anyone have anything to say or add?

Flight at Midnight

P.S. Anyone have any conjectures as to what Dru's full name is? Just curious...!

1/23/2010 #2

I love Dru with...guess!

Christophe (aka apple pie guy) is stubborn and treats Dru like she's stupid and dated her Mom and makes fun of Graves and is cocky and an idiot and is old and an asshole and creepy most of the time and has an evil father and is a control freak and (as Flight at Night said) harassing and bit her and put her out for days after and a jerk and acts like he's cool and pig headed and over confedendent and is cool and hot and smells like a dessert and cares and gave dru a cool sword and calls her foreign names and snuck out at night to see her and protects her and sent her to a school that should've taught her how to defend her and a dhampir (spelling?) which is part VAMPIRE and has magical powers that do stuff and cares and helped them out when they were afraid and cowering in her house.

Graves is an asshole ,but in a good way and makes her feel normal and is a friend and cared about her even when he didn't know her and stuck with her and helped her when she was in trouble and stook up for her and got her in with his cool werewulfen friends and showed her his secret hide-away and got bitten for her and forgave her for tying him to a bed and then pointing a gun at him and even gave her a bath when she was hurt but didn't go all cocky on her and didn't stare creeperishly (not a word but u get the point) at her and is cute and funny and is a werewulfen.

Can you guess who I want her with?...if you guessed apple pie guy you would be...wrong! I love her with Graves. Christophe may have some good points but did you see the first half of my long paragraph that I could have broken down but didn't feel like? There was so many reasons for them NOT to be together. Some people like apple pie guy with her and I respect them and anyone who likes them together but I, Me, peronally, in my own preference like Dru with GRAVES!!!

I love Graves (he even has a cool name.)

1/27/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #3

I agree i luv Graves (whats his real name) and think him and dru are brilliant together (her name?) because there equal on looking out for eachother, on the same page, very strong duo now since Graves has his friends and will stop at nothing to save dru and she feels the same, they've got chemistry with the whole 'shy-to-say-i-like-you' thing where as with Christophe, he takes hold of the whole relatonship which dru hates because she likes to feel independant like Graves but still be able to rely on a partner to back them up. Graves is calm and gentle but also fiery when it comes to Dru. Its exactly what Dru needs plus more. Christoph wouldnt let Dru near any type of danger which is good but if she dosent get an experience she'll never know how to beat the threat but Graves would do feel the same but let her and would be watching her like a hawk yet gives her some leash and lee way at things she feels she's capable of.

2/26/2010 #4

Pure words of wisdom right there Dorthy! Words of wisdome!

2/27/2010 #5

Graves. No competition.

4/6/2010 #6
Neon Genesis

Haha, look at all you Graves supporters. Oh well. (: He's a good kid. Whatever chemistry he and Dru have, though, I find boring. Too... forced. Like, because he's a guy that cares about Dru, she has to have romantic feelings for him. That's just the feeling I got, however. Also, he was kind of too "I am the alpha, bow down before me" at the end of the second book. I thought he'd be better for Dru because of how cooperative and grounded he'd shown himself to be, but if the Betrayals ending is an indication of how he'll be in the future...

Well, I may have to reconsider things.

Come on, Christophe. Get yourself back in the game, dude. Of course, I would not be heartbroken at all if Dru didn't end up with anyone. This chick does not need a guy to validate her, or whatever. This isn't a story where the entire plot hinges on romance. Which I find myself grateful for. :D

4/24/2010 #7

IDK who i want her to end up with. I've always been a supporter of the vampire side, but idk, Graves seems like he's more important in her life. Don't get me wrong...i'm not saying guys and girls can't care about each other in a non-romantic way (i'm a girl and my best friend is a guy and we r JUST friends)...but it's obvious that Graves DOES like Dru like that and he makes it known. Christophe on the other hand, yes, he shows affection in his own way and has that whole mysteriously sexy viebe going on around him, but he's flaky (idk how to really describe it). Where Graves has technically been there every step of the way, Christophe has been in and out. Graves just seems to be able to give Dru more stability in her otherwise unstable life and Christophe tends to just cause her a little too much more stress.

So i guess i'm balancing on a dagger's tip in my choice, but i'm closer to falling onto Grave's side than Christophe's. IDK we'll see wat happens in JEALOUSY when it comes out. :)

4/24/2010 #8
Fading Sunshine

I personally love Christophe, but I do like Graves as well, just better as a friend for Dru they work so well as friends their romantic relationship is really lacking something for me, they just don't have the chemistry that Dru and Christophe have and I think he's like Dru's safe choice because she's scared of what she could have with Christophe, who I find so mysterious and intriguing and I mean seriously, he smells like fresh apple pies! how could you not adore him?.

5/15/2010 #9

After book one, I was team Christophe. Now that I've read book Graves! 3

5/22/2010 #10

For me it has to be Christophe though i am fond of Graves and i do think that Dru is more likely to end up with him. I love Christophe because he's mysterious, we don't get much information about him and i like an enimga. I do like Graves but he's been there from the beginning and at the start Dru's thoughts of him weren't that positive. She kept mentioning how he so get to grow into his features and that he was in that gangly stage, whereas the attraction to Christophe was immediate. But Graves will do anything for Dru, and he's very loyal. Christophe disappears for chunks of time, and he can very cold and angry like a disapproving teacher, like with the whole car key things (though i do think Dru was wasting time). But then he was really tender moments where we can see that he cares about Dru. Like when he cuddled her, and when the winged serpant tried to steal her breath.


6/25/2010 #11

I agree...DruGraves is much more likely, but DruChristophe is much more interesting...and there's a reason the third book's called Jealousy...on the website, the summary said that's exactly what it's about- it was something like "Dru's got something Ana wants- Christophe Reynard". Dru could end up with either, I don't give a shit, but from the summary, there's definitely going to be some DruChristophe or else...well, jealousy is jealousy.

6/26/2010 #12

but christophe is such an UGH!!!!

7/5/2010 #13

What does that mean Awesomely Aweson? Don't you find him even a little alluring?

7/6/2010 #14

Well, yes I do find him somewhat alluring but, he's kind of a creeper. Plus there's the whole age thing and the fact that he knew her mom and is always so forceful with her. Yes, he may call her cool nicknames and Dru may feel strongly for him but, can you imagine dating someone who liked your mom?

7/7/2010 #15

sigh. =( yes i suppose your right, but i try not to think about it. At first I thought it was creepy that he's so much older than her, but he kind of still seems like a teenager...i don't know. But we don't know if he liked Dru's mum in the way we assume. Unless it's in the new book which for some reason is telling me on amazon that it's pre-order =s (But yes he probably did have feelings for her). =)

7/9/2010 #16

I have read Jealosy already but I knew I was team Graves from the day he followed Dru onto the field. Christophe seems to be playing a game and, in my mind, all is actions just make alarm bells ring. He's going from svetocha to svetocha, so something is going on wrong here. Dru finds out a lot of different things in Jealosy that really make her question some of Christophe's actions.

Graves is just so solid and I find myself laughing to myself. In my mind it's Graves all the way, but considering the awful ending of Jealosy, I am really concerned about what the fourth book may bring. I love Grave's full name by the way :D

8/4/2010 #17

Anyone read Jealously yet?!!!!!! I won't spoil anything but i'll just say that while Graves was in it and Christophe absent i was thinking, maybe i do like Graves better, and as it went on i was more and more convinced, but then Christophe came and well i almost forgot about liking Graves that much. I'm afraid that Christophe is just addictive. I'm always waiting for him to come back =)

8/6/2010 #18

I can definatly understand what you mean by how you want Christophe to come back into the book whilst you're reading it, but for me thats only because he seems to come when something interesting is happening. I think that Dru will end up spending a lot of time with Christophe in book four, but I can't help but to think that Chrisptophe is up to something wierd. However when I look at everyone else's comments about the books, they all seem to think that he is great so maybe it's just me looking at subtle charactistics too closely. However, team Graves all the way, Christophe just frankly scares the crap out of me.

8/6/2010 #19

Hey everyone!

Personally, I like Dru with Graves. Graves has been growing and changing since the first book so that now, he and Dru are equals and that's just not the case with Dru/Christophe. Up until the point in book 2 when Christophe and Dru hug and he has to swerve his hips away from her Dru seems to think of him in an almost father-figure role. Everytime Dru mentions Christophe she immediately starts talking about how he reminds her of her dad, how he makes her feel safe, like her dad. So her equating him with her dad all the time, even after she acknowledges her attraction to him just gives me the CREEPS especially when you add in the fact that he was in LOVE with her mom!

8/6/2010 #20

There seems to be a tidal wave of Graves supporters suddenly. I really do get it though because he's there for Dru no matter what, and Christophe spends nearly all the time absent. He and Dru seem to get along better, but in the newest book i felt like Graves was pushing himself away from Dru. And there are several points where Dru tells us as much, but still don't want to say too much as i might spoil it for others. But it seems that they just fell into a romantic relationship, or that they felt it was inevitable. Yes Dru does keep comparing Chris to her father, but i think that's in the aspect that their both survivalists, they know how to deal with the tough, with Graves Dru normally knows more.

8/8/2010 #21

Personally, I'm holding out hope for a third party swooping in and hooking up with Dru. Like an un-Broken Ash with a vendetta of his own against Sergej...? As for the Dru/Graves I was very confused by their relationship. In book one, Graves was very flirty with her book two Dru out and out tells him how she feels about him and in book three he's pulling away from her. When reading Jealousy I was wondering if their relationship was a case of "Whatever Svetocha wants, Svetocha gets and right now Loup-Garou Svetocha wants you..." and Graves was just going along with their relationship because she is Svetocha. But that doesn't explain the flirting from books one and two. As for Dru comparing Chris to her father, for me, it was disturbing because Dru seems to shrink when around him. Around Graves, because up until this point she's always known more and has had to be in charge she's been more kick-ass because she has to be. But over the course of the books Graves has been growing, he's learning how to fight, he's learning about the Real World Graves and Dru would be a relationship based on equals even in their positions in the Real World...she's Svetocha, practically royalty and he's Loup Garou, a prince. So they would be *perfect* if he wasn't running away from the relationship for whatever reason. But with Chris, it's not so much about he's a survivalist but the fact that whenever he comes around she relegates herself to the child role in an adult/child, parent/child relationship. He's her father and she's just the helper. Dru around Chris is not the kick ass tough girl that we've come to know, she's a shivering, quivering, crying wimp of a girl looking for someone bigger and stronger to take care of her while with Graves he by not knowing as much as she has in the past demands her to be tough so that they can kick ass *together*.

Whatever, Dru/Ash for the win.

8/9/2010 #22

I'm actually with "isthatacorner." I thought that Dru/Ash would be great if Ash could regain human form. In the third book, I felt like I didn't really want her with either Christophe or Graves (though, overall, I'm definitely a Dru/Graves person). I'm actually a pretty big fan of Shanks after this third book haha.

8/9/2010 #23

You've got very, very good points. Dru does seem to be breaking down more when Chris is around, maybe her feelings to him are more aesthetic, whereas to Graves she's always said he's going to be beautiful but he's not there yet, so they've had more of a chance to build a relationship. But i have to say that when i was reading the bits with Ash in jealously i was so hoping that he would turn back into a human and one who liked Dru. But my reasons were to complicate things a little more rather than for her to love him. Graves is certainly more equal than number one, and he's developed even more than Dru. And he is actually very tough, but i guess i have damsel in distress syndrome, whenever Chris comes in I'm internally shouting YES!!! Especially because it's always when Dru's in danger. So even though Graves is known as the prince amongst the Wulfen Chris acts more like the hero, although he still is a bit of enigma, which i think is why i like him. But even i do get a bit creeped out by the way he was with Dru's mum. Even Dru says something like, 'Don't you think it's creepy how you were in love with my mom and all over me?' well something along those lines. But i have to say if you were a Djamphir wouldn't you be annoyed that Chris is hogging all the svetocha that have come and gone! =)

8/11/2010 #24

I agree - DruGraves is more likely to happen than DruChristophe - a fact that annoys me a lot.

Christophe is SCORCHING hot. he's a badass. I looked up his foreign names he calls Dru, and they are so sweet, they would make my heart flutter! Oh, and he smells of spiced Christmas Pie :D

He is controlling. He holds information from her - it's like he thinks she can't handle herself...if he doesn't think how she's handled herself so far in books 1&2, what does he need to see that she is tough-as-nails?! I mean, she's hunted creatures since her mum died.

But she feels for both of them, doesn't she? I want her to end up with Christophe. Not just because he's a badass and everyone's naturally going to tip towards him, cos' everyone loves a bit of danger - i know i do! - but he's sweet and kind to her...sometimes. there's evidence of that. i mean, in betrayals, when she was so weak her mind only registered that Christophe had leaned down and kissed her lips, the things he said to her were so sweet....

DruChristophe, for me. FTW.

8/19/2010 #25

I think Dru's name is gonna be drusilla, if that isn't really weird. that's the only name i can think of!

8/19/2010 #26

:O I totally agree, Neon Genesis!

It's too...boring, Graves and Dru! They're best friends - i want them to stay that way.

Christophe is amazing. No doubt about it.'s an action book. Only a teensy bit of romance. So, i don't care if she doesn't end up with a guy - this isn't Twilight! But it would be quite sweet if she ended up with Christophe...but i wouldn't want it to change her incredible way of thinking - changing her strategic, witty, sardonic mind into a soppy Bella-Swan clone.

8/19/2010 #27

Um...yes, about everything you said...but Drusilla? Random much?

8/19/2010 #28

It probably is Drusilla but it could be Drucy, but most likely the former.

8/20/2010 #29

I know Drusilla's a little random - but I can't think of any other names, and it's probably why she doesn't tell anyone what her full name is.

8/20/2010 #30
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