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I think at some points he stil is like the time he had first kissed Dru in book two. He had touch her mother's necklace and talked about how she was his light and that now snice she is gone that she is his light.

There was only one time that he actually showed that he doesn't like her because of her mother and the relationship he had with her, it was because heliked Dru for her being herself, but he also brought up on hoe difrent and how much he use to wory about her mother. That made me think that maybe the gun shot she had receicved scared him because her mom have been life or death situations or that healwasy made sure that Dru's mom was never in that situationor thatmaybe he blamed himself for her death and made him think in the past.

Also at random times he would bring up on how much alike she is to looks to personality, but he rarely points out their difrences. Everytime he would talk about her mom,he completly shus down and brings up his guard again and ecomes emotionless.

Most of the time he acts like he does but rarely does he ever show that hesees Dru for herselv and noone else. Maybe its because it's Dru's point of view and can't read his thoughts or not but i wish Mrs. Crow makes a story in his POV, that would be interesting. And fyi im team CHristophe but at times i wish he would see Dru as Dru and not her mom.

What do you guys think?

6/15/2011 #1

yeah thts really true he never seems to comment on difference just how alike they are. It would be really good if that there was abook in his pov and that it told us bout how he feels

7/16/2011 #2

I totally think that Christophe is still in love with Dru's mother. I mean, I could be biased because I love Graves (aww) but I seriously do think that there was something between Christophe and her mother, even if it was just on his side. There's just something about the way that he always brings up Dru's mother when he does anything that qualifies as a "more than friends" relationship with her, and to me it's sort of creepy.

And you're right in saying that he doesn't point out the differences between Dru and Elizabeth. I didn't notice that before you said anything - I can't believe I haven't noticed before.

Personally, I believe that Christophe is still pining away for Elizabeth and that sometimes he's blindsided by how much Dru and her mother look alike It's like he can't focus on separating the two of them. Maybe he just sees them as one person, you know? I mean, Dru and Elizabeth do share some looks and personality traits. Even Anna points that out.

Also, I think it would be really cool to read even a short story in Christophe's view. Or Graves (haha, I love that kid). I've always wondered what Graves was doing while Dru was in her room. :)

10/22/2011 #3

I feel the same way. Again, I personally like Graves better, but I don't dislike Christophe. He's cool, but is indeed a little creepy with the whole 'I'm in love with you mother' stuff. I think Dru sort of realizes this in the end of 'Reckoning' and addresses him about it. But yeah, I totally agree.

12/6/2011 #4
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