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Warning: This topic has huge spoilers for Reckoning, since I wanted to see what other people had to say about the ending of the series.

Alright, so, I literally just finished reading the book about... oh, two minutes ago... and absolutely had to log on to see if there was a topic dedicated just to the ending of Reckoning (therefore tying up the end of the series.) So, here's my little rant on the piece:

I'm a Team Graves fan through and through (never really warmed up to Christophe, and I'm not really sure why) so I was super excited to read more about Graves and Dru becoming closer. I thought that it was cute that they finally realized what they felt about each other, and I sincerely hope that Graves comes back from his retreat to be with her. (I realize Dru said that she "wasn't ready for anybody" to Christophe, but I'm just hoping that she was letting him down easy.) But I guess I would have to mention that I was annoyed that Graves had decided to leave anyway. I didn't think that he should just up and leave after all of that (I understand that he needed to "fix" himself.) But I still thought it was cute that he said he was leaving so he could be worth was Dru was. True words of love, I believe.

And another thing: we never found out what "Dru" was short for. A little depressing, but not exactly a book-killer. Still, I'd had my hopes up.

Anyway, I would love to see what your opinions are of the ending of Reckoning and the entire series. [Please, don't flame or talk down to other members, thanks]

Peace. (:

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I'm a major fan of Graves also and love how he's become stronger and how he's changed (not drastically) as a character. I wasn't happy one bit that he decided to leave so soon and thought he should have at least kissed Dru before getting back in the SUV. I guess it kind of worked too. I really am hoping this isn't the end of strange angels and that there's another story continuation about Dru finding out about her Dijini or something clan that they think her dads side came from. I think Dru's name could be Andrew since it's a male and female name (I know, it's more common with boys) but then I started thinking really and thought about how most djamphirs are Easter Europe near the Russian, polish snd Baltic areas and that it could be a nickname since they have a weird concept if nicknames ie Dmitri is Dima or Dimka :s
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I don't hate Christophe, but I love Graves more. I was all around pleased with the way it ended. The whole retreat thing is understandable, and he did promise to come back. The only thing I was peeved about was how Dru didn't really choose one. Did she let Christophe down lightly? I don't know. And finding out her name would have been satisfying.

12/6/2011 #3

AreYouFrickingSerious -

I know! I felt like we'd just figured out the whole deal with Dru's mom and then there's just that little bit about Dru's father. I always figured that Dru's Touch came from her father's side of the family, with her Gran knowing so much about it, but I figured that it was just a genetic human thing. It never crossed my mind that Dru's father could be part of a different species of human or supernatural. And I think that's an interesting take on her name. I didn't think of it that way. I just figured she'd been saddled with a truly vampiric name - Drucilla or something of the like. And I definitely think that Graves SHOULD'VE gotten out of that SUV and kissed her. It would've made us Graves friends happy to say the least.

PanhandledJello -

I agree that Graves's retreat is understandable. The guy was Broken, hurt and damaged, and he DID agree to come back (which warmed my heart.) And I also agree with the annoyance that she didn't choose one of them. After five books of tension, I would've figured that Dru could've come to some sort of resolve between the two of them.

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