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I wish Lili St. Crow went more into the supernatural (magic??) that made Wulven into Wulven and Djamhirs into Djamhirs. I'm more interested on what you think of the Other, or the thing that makes a person into a wolf, than the Aspect. But I accept both to be mused upon, because I am genuinely curious about what other people think.

12/6/2011 #1

Well, I sort of think of the Other as the animal deep inside all of us. I, personally, think of Freud's theories. I'm not sure how many people know about Freud, so I'll give you guys an overview of what makes me think of him: Freud believed that every person had three levels of "unconsciousness," which broke down to the id, the ego, and the superego. The superego is basically the angel on your shoulder, holding morals and your personal beliefs to their highest regard. The id is the basic needs and drives in our lives, such as hunger and thirst. The ego is where you are, and it is basically the center of the two. It is the compromise between the id and the superego. I think of the Other basically as the id - the thing inside that has nothing to do with morals and thoughts and beliefs. It is there, it wants what it wants, and it will act out to get those things. As for the aspect, I think of that as more of an adrenaline rush than the id, like those stories of people being suddenly able to lift cars and whatnot. My thoughts is that it is basically tapping into the stronger parts of yourself, using each muscle and ability to its greatest. On a side note, I always found it interesting that some of the characters have their aspect come out in animal forms, such as Dru with the owl and Anna with her cat. I've sort of wondered what that was about and if anyone had any theories about it.

Peace (:

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That's a really interesting point there. I'll be sure to look up this Freud guy. Thanks a bunch for your input! I'm currently writing a fanfiction in the Strange Angels Universe, so seeing what other people think of the Other/Aspect is really great when you're trying to shed some light on it. Do you think that beast and man are essentially the same thing and one side comes out sometimes, or that beast and man are two seperate beings? Perhaps the beast lives inside man, and completely assumes control when provoked? Why are loup-garou any different? How are they the same? I think you're spot on with comparing the Aspect with an adrenaline rush. When I read about how Dru's Aspect took the form of an owl and that Anna's was a cat, I was instantly reminded of a familiar. A familiar is basically a manifestation of someone's spirit or soul in (usually) animal form. Any kind of input you could add would be awesome, I just want to make all of this seem believable.
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Freud is the father of psychology. Some of his thoughts were really out there, and I don't think many people really believe anything that he theorized. But I have a strange love for him; it's probably because he was an extreme thinker and brought things to the table that nobody else would even think about mentioning.

The question of Beast and Man reminds me of the Chicken or the Egg question - does it actually have a solid answer? Technically, man is a beast, as we are all creatures of the universe. In regards to that, I think of them as two entities that are one in the same (if that makes any sense.) It's sort of like a personality. A single person can be sweet in some situations but vicious in others. In my mind, I think that some people view the beast as a monster inside of them, as if its their own personal demon. Some people will embody it, as if it is something that actually exists away from themselves. Some people might say that it is fully a part of them and that they would not be who they are without their "beast." I think in that regard, it depends on the mindset of your character. Are they afraid of the fact that there is something utterly animal-like about them, or do they revel in its glory? Do they want to be one in the same, or would they rather be separated?

I believe that the loup-garou (French for werewolf, I think) is different because they have mental domination. I haven't personally researched any of this, which, as the nerd I am, I usually would, so I'm going off of examples from the Strange Angels series. The wulf didn't fully imprint on Graves. I sort of think of it as he got half of it, as if whatever the wulf is was able to attach to Graves's mind but not his body. Given that they're rarer than the average werewulf, they are lifted as princes to their kind, as svetochas are to their kind. I'm not sure as to why it seems to be immediately dominant. It could be that loup-garous are only formed out of people that have the mental prowess and the ability to step up and become leaders and do something that no one else would consider. Or maybe it was Graves's personality that allowed him to become dominant.

Familiars make sense! I know that some people refer to vampires as having familiars, but for some reason I always think about witches first, and I'm not really sure why. Thanks for clearing that up. (:

I love these types of thinking debates - as you can tell, I lean heavily on psychology to form my answers. So thank you for bringing an interesting topic to the table. I'm happy to help in any way! Also, I might suggest that if you're writing (whether it be a fanfiction or a personal work) you might want to research a little on the myths and legends of your creatures, just to get the basics down. The wonderful thing about authors is that they can take fact and legend and twist it into something completely different and magical. I know I research the basics for any story of mine, and it really does help. The best of luck to you and your writing! (:

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