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If you know of any stories that deserve to be archived in the Reviews Lounge, Too Community, give us their details! Just because a certain fandom isn't represented in the archive doesn't mean we aren't interested. Let us know!

To qualify for archiving, the stories must be either:

1. Quality oneshots with less than 20 reviews;

2. Quality twoshots will less than 40 reviews; or

3. Quality chaptered stories with an average of less than 10 reviews per chapter

We also have a one story per author per fandom rule.

YOU MAY NOT RECOMMEND YOUR OWN STORY; this is for recommending the stories of others.

Please note that you will need to post two specifics in your recommendation post if you choose to explain why you've recommended it; basically, we want to know why you think it's archive-worthy. And be specific! "It's well-written" or "It's a fantastic story" doesn't tell me anything.

A quick note on fandom considerations: When deciding whether or not to add recommended stories to the archives, we give all stories equal consideration based on the merit of the story alone. We do not take into account the fandom that a recommended story belongs to when deciding whether or not to add it to the archives, no matter how big or small that fandom may be, so don't be afraid to recommend a story that belongs to a favorite obscure fandom of yours! What we do take into consideration is whether or not a story is easy to read without fandom knowledge: since chances are that many of its RLt readers will be fandom-blind, we want to ensure that all archive stories, regardless of their particular fandoms, will be understood and enjoyed by anyone who might find it through the archives.

Regarding M-rated content, we have certain rules in place. We ask that all recommendations follow's rules and regulations regarding adult content. This means that:

1. No explicit/MA/NC-17 content. M-rated content can have scenes of an adult nature, providing that the contents are non-explicit and fall within the site's guidelines.

2. Nothing gratuitous. There should be a plot and a purpose to the story. If the story is smut for the sake of smut, and little else, please do not recommend it to the archive.

3. Anything that may qualify as squick or a trigger must be properly labelled. If the story involves sensitive topics, such as rape or abuse, make sure there is a warning.


Step 1: Fill out the template below for the story you wish to recommend and post it to this thread. We ask that you do this first, just so we can see who is trying to get a story into our archives. Also, if for some reason there are any problems along the way, a mod or a staffer will be able to let you know right away so that it can be fixed. After you post the template for the story, you will have two weeks to complete the steps listed below. Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted.

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The Reviews Lounge Too

(moved from previous thread, originally posted by Igenlode Wordsmith)

Fandom: Phantom of the Opera

Title: No. 5

Author: Firdre

Length: Seven chapters, 20k words

Number of reviews: 17 (and most of the recent ones are simply 'please update'!)

Characters: Erik, Christine, Raoul, Philippe, Meg, Sorelli

Summary: A speakeasy in a big city run by a mysterious man in a mask. A pretty but destitute young singer finds employment. A handsome heir finds love. Rather a disaster, really. Prohibition-era America AU.

Link: No. 5

Have you reviewed this story?: All the chapters so far, I think.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?:

I know the last story I recommended for the archives was a "Phantom of the Opera" historical AU fanfiction... but this one is completely different. Again, it's a completely original concept, which is very unusual in this fandom, but having the Phantom as the owner of a 1920s speakeasy is actually oddly fitting to the original setting: underworld, underground, and with music involved... and a frequent haunt of the upper classes!

The author has a nice sense of period slang and setting, and manages to write romance that's sweet without being sentimental and a sense of menace that's effective without being melodramatic, both with a touch of wry humour -- I've always admired people with a gift for understatement.

He picked up the flask; examined it; he lifted it to his lips and sipped the tea, of which she had tried to hide the bitterness with far too much sugar. Her mouth had no doubt touched the same place before.

He put it back on his desk and lifted the cigarette to his mouth, inhaling, and letting the smoke dissipate, slow and cleansing, from between his lips.

He did not want to admit anything.

There was nothing to admit.

The dialogue punctuation is messed-up in the first couple of chapters, but she did actually fix this in the later parts; beyond that, it's a likeable, light-hearted story with a sufficiently dark undertone to keep it from disappearing into pure fluff. The author has currently got involved in writing something else and hasn't updated in some time: I confess that one of my motives in recommending the story to the archives is a hope that this may prompt her to continue, since I want to know what happens next!

Giry!Edit: R&R'd

10/12/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 10/24/2014 #2
The Reviews Lounge Too

(moved from previous thread, originally posted by reminiscent-afterthought)

Fandom: Pokemon

Title: PKMN Revolution

Author: Eclipse Wing

Length: 35 chapters,

Number of reviews: 157

Characters: Ash, Misty, Erika, Lance

Summary: In a dark future, the world has changed. Five years ago, Ash Ketchum died and time ground to a halt. Now, the last few survivers begin a search for the key to a better future, they are plagued at every step by villains, monsters, nightmares, and a dark haunting shadow of the past. Because Ash is dead… isn't he? Pokeshipping, OldRivalShipping


Have you reviewed this story? the last chapter.

Why do you think this story is archive worthy? I think it takes the idea of a war in a fantasy world like Pokemon very nicely. Things like betrayal, deals behind the scene to save loved ones, loss of innocence. changes you don't want to change - those things that other war fics I've read just skim over or ignore, this fic explores in great detail. And there's no one glorified hero: everyone has a role, everyone has their mistakes and their consequences. The "hero" kills someone in the first bit to put it into perspective a little.

The way the fic is written is gorgeous as well. Things aren't revealled in chronological order so it's an intellectual challenge to piece the jigsaw puzzle together. That helps the mystery and secrecy in the war and in certain characters quite beautifully as well.

It also takes a lot of those things that pop up quite frequently but are poorly done in the Pokemon fandom: things like Pikachu's forced evolution into Raichu, Ash being an aura guardian, Ash being betrayed by friends etc. and presents them well. Things I didn't think I'd be able to read at this point and not exit the fic straight away because it was just going into glorification and/or character bashing - but it doesn't. In the end and throughout, the characters are all true to themselves and I think that's what most captivates me about this fic.

Edhla!edit: R&R'd

10/12/2014 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 10/17/2014 #3

Fandom: Are You Afraid of the Dark

Title: Frank's Surprise

Author: Enbrethileil

Length: 6 chapters

Number of Reviews: 5

Rating: K

Character(s): Midnight Society members, Maria and Joshua (fictional characters in the canon character's story)

Summary: (my summary since the actual summary doesn't really explain what the fic is about) The Midnight Society throws Frank a surprise birthday party and one of his gifts is a sequel based off a past tale he once submitted.


Have you reviewed this story?: did a combined review for the intro and chapters 1 and 2

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? Aside from the format being just like the canon (the episodes always began with some banter among the club members and then settling down for the story), what I have read so far is scary without needing gratuitous gore. Where the chapters end are just enough to make you want to click that next button to find out what will happen.

I especially like the introduction, which is a great hook and, again, very appropriate to the canon. my favorite quote comes from the storyteller: "We all know about the power of music to move us, the power of art to inspire us, and the power of stories . . . to scare us. This story is about what happens when art and music are used for a darker purpose."

Georgy!Edit: R&R'd

10/13/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 10/16/2014 #4

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: 19 Years Later

Author: Naruana

Length: 1 Chapter / 6,673 Words

Number of Reviews: 5

Rating: K Plus (Forum won't let me do the symbol for some reason.)

Characters: Unnamed OC, Kreacher, mentions Neville

Summary: The Boy Who Lived died nineteen years ago. Nobody can bring the dead back, not even with the most powerful magic.

Link: 19 Years Later

I have reviewed this story

Why is it worthy? It explores the possibilities of what could have happened if Harry had lost against Voldemort instead of emerging victorious. It builds a dark, sad, yet incredible world that could have been if not for Harry. The detail and tension building are amazing, and the ending really made me feel for the people in the world the author built. I won't go into detail about the ending, so I don't spoil it for everyone, but the author's words evoked a strong emotional reaction from me, and very few stories have been capable of doing that.

I also admire the author's decision to post it as a oneshot and keep it that way. He knew that it was going to be swept off of the front page of the archives within hours, yet he didn't add additional chapters to boost its popularity, because it was so perfect as a oneshot. He chose not to sacrifice the integrity of his story for better stats on his story. I think that this kind of decision deserves to be rewarded.

E!edit: R&R'd/added

10/13/2014 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 10/17/2014 #5

Fandom: Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors

Title: blink

Author: aquafina rain

Length:(chapters/words) 21 chapters/151,188 words

Number of Reviews: 87

Rating: T

Character(s): Inner and Outer Senshi along with the main Ronin Warriors cast

Summary: They were not the karate team. RWXSM

Link: Blink

Have you reviewed this story? Yes, 17 out of 21 chapters.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific)

I believe that it is archive-worthy because it's just a beautiful, and enjoyable read. When I first started reading it, I couldn't stop, stayed up all night twice - just enjoying myself. It's a story that has relate-able characters, and everyone is written so well that you feel connected to them. There's action, adventure, romance, friendship - something for everybody. It's also a story where you can be fandom blind and still enjoy it for what it is.

Aquafina Rain is an excellent writer and excels in using comedy and drama in perfect harmony, allowing for the reader to develop with the characters and never feel like anything is over-the-top one way or another.

Blink is a beautiful story that needs to be shared with the world.

Edhla!edit: RR'd

10/13/2014 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 10/19/2014 #6

Fandom: Black Butler

Title: Habitual Heartache

Author: tsusami

Length: Oneshot, 496 words

Number of Reviews: 10

Rating: K Plus

Character(s): Joker, Beast

Summary: He has a tendency of smiling when he doesn't mean it. Joker x Beast. Minor spoilers for Circus Arc.

Link: Habitual Heartache

Have you reviewed this story? Yes...Even though it may not have made much sense since I was dying from the sheer amount of feels.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? For one thing, the author does something in a very short time frame that is the epitome of what I love in fanfics, and that is that she adds a huge amount of depth to these characters in this show. She captures their personalities perfectly and expands on it within a matter of a few hundred words, and she leaves me really thinking and feeling this unquantifiable amount of emotions. Besides that, though, it is very easy for me to tell that the author put thought into this. There are no wasted words. Everything has value and meaning and feels very carefully chosen. It's all the exactly write word, and generally, the piece is just really beautifully written and simplistically well done. Definitely one of my favorite reads in a long time.

Georgy!edit: R&R'd

10/15/2014 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 10/18/2014 #7

Fandom: Ip Man

Title: The World That Crumbles

Author: L.C. Li

Length:(chapters/words): One-shot, 1,077 words

Number of Reviews: 5

Rating: T

Summary:The brightest beacons are the hardest to extinguish. Ip Man's wife watches as he battles with Miura.

Link: The World That Crumbles

Have you reviewed this story? Yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific): Very beautifully written, this fanfiction shows Wing-sing's POV during the fight at the ending of Ip Man (set during the Japanese occupation of China during WWII) It's very well written, has excellent emotional depth, and fits in with the ending of the movie well. There are only four stories in this fandom, which is probably why it hasn't gotten much attention.

Scorp!Edit: Read, Reviewed and Added

10/18/2014 . Edited by MissScorp, 10/24/2014 #8

been meaning to get these listed....

Fandom: Castle

Title: This Tiny Little Life

Author: Shutterbug5269

Length: one-shot, 475

Number of Reviews: 14, since Dec 2012

Rating: K

Character(s): Castle

Summary: Rick was amazed at how much this little tiny life in front of him simply swelled his heart with more love than he thought any one human could ever possess. He was totally smitten, wrapped hopelessly around this little girl's tiny pinky finger from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her.


Have you reviewed this story?: yes, though it was a shorter review

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?: In less than 500 words, this author has perfectly captured Castle's voice in a moment centered around a life-changing and joyous event. And because of the subtle wording, there is a neat, lovely little twist at the very end that just made me go OMG. The last line, in and of itself, is totally awesome.

E!edit: R&R'd


Fandom: NCIS

Title: Piano

Author: jae-vous

Length: one-shot, 758

Number of Reviews: 7, since August 2012

Rating: K

Character(s): Tony DiNozzo, Ziva David, and their daughter

Summary: Half of her; half of him. Wholly beautiful.


Have you reviewed this story?: yes, though it was a short review in my pre-RLT days

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?: Tiva family stories are a dime a dozen, but this one keeps Ziva's serious canon demeanor in place while showing her softer side as a wife and mother. There are also some neat lines that showcase her keen mind and how it adapts to any situation: "Eyes that had once been primed to catalogue and assess any possible threat or situation had now adapted to spot lego-like land mines on the floor, sticky hands, and her three year old daughter in any crowd." Just a short and sweet family story that doesn't go overboard.

Georgy!Edit: R&R'd

10/18/2014 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 10/26/2014 #9

Fandom: Digimon

Title: Don't Let me Fall

Author: stingrae90

Length: 1 chapter, 2259 words

Number of Reviews: 5

Rating: T

Character(s): Kouichi, Junpei

Summary: He hadn't meant to yell. Her grip had just been so tight even before she increased the pressure and he had been sure he could feel his ribs cracking...


Have you reviewed this story? yep, though that was back in 2011...

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific)

First thing I thought when I read the author's note is that the author is gutsy. :D Which is something I rarely see in writing. It's actually nowhere near as graphic as it seems to imply, but I found that interesting all the same. It also takes a scene that is literally seconds in canon and captures it so beautifully. Solid writing - a good balance between concrete and abstract and it characters Kouichi nicely as well (too many people ultimately portray him as being weak, but this fic shows inner strength even in a situation where he's essentially a powerless hostage). And all the little details that realised the piece as well were lovely (in my opinion anyway!) Love the fic as much as I did when I first read it.

Giry!Edit: R&R'd


Fandom: Death Note

Title: murderer mentality

Author: all our bruised bodies

Length: 1 chapter, 333 words

Number of Reviews: 5

Rating: K

Character(s): L Lawliet

Summary: To understand a killer, you must think like a killer. -L, drabble


Have you reviewed this story? yep

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? for such a short piece, I think it captures a lot. The character of L, which to begin with is quite a complex one. The character of Beyond Birthday, another somewhat difficult character due to the nature of him being quite a clever serial killer. And I think the way the fic potrays the mentality is something that anyone can relate to, with metaphors like the math textbook. For a K rated fic, it's quite creepy - in a subtle sense. A beautiful little piece of philosophy.

E!edit: R&R'd


Fandom: Doubt (also known as Rabbit Doubt)

Title: Divided they Fall

Author: Starlit Skyline

Length: 1 chapter, 880 words

Number of Reviews: 2

Rating: T

Character(s): Rei H

Summary: Rei wonders how long two little rabbits can survive in the middle of a forest infested with wolves. They can run, they can hide, they could cower or fight, but everyone met the same fate in the end - everyone died.


Have you reviewed this story? yep

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? It's a gorgeous little piece which I think captures the heart of the fandom beautifully, and beyond that parts of the human condition that we've on choice but to accept. Like the first line. "People lie" - it's evocative, but it's also a plain truth. And there's a lot of power in a beginning like that, even for people who are fandom blind. The way the canon metaphors of rabbits and wolves are incorporated into this is gorgeous as well - this is like a poetic prose representation of the twenty chapters or so it took to get the story of the "villain" out - and to invoke sympathy for that villain is quite a feat as well.

Giry!Edit: R&R'd/added

10/24/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 11/21/2014 #10

Fandom: Hunger Games

Title: The Bombshell

Author: Jael.Rice.1

Length: WIP, 12 chapters thus far (word count 49606)

Number of Reviews: 86, since March 23

Rating: T

Character(s): all OCs, with a couple minor canon cameos

Summary: When a shrinking violet from District 5 is Reaped into the 66th Hunger Games, she is convinced that she will soon join the ranks of tributes who died within the first week. Can she rely on her wits in order to survive? Or will brawn beat brains once again?


Have you reviewed this story?: yes, up to chapter 10

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?: Jael has not only stuck true to HG canon, but her main character Ada is a refreshing rarity--a character with an acknowledged, VERY noticeable disability that she must cope with in addition to dealing with the canon chaos of Panem and being reaped into the Games. Furthermore, as the author, she treats the disability and its aspects with respect: the symptoms can hinder Ada, but they can also help her. and above all, the disability is not given to the character as a token effect or a side mention--it's front and center. Her important minor characters are well-fleshed out in the necessary stages as well, with their own idiosyncrasies and personalities that make them just as three-dimensional. Lastly, once the Games begin, the action is properly paced and gripping, just as you'd expect a regular (about the Games) HG fic to be.

Giry!Edit: R&R'd

10/25/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 10/29/2014 #11

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: Emma's Little Poems

Author: ImprisonedbyTechnology

Length: 5 chapters, 465 words

Number of reviews: 3

Rating: K

Characters: various

Summary: Collection of short poems for different characters and challenges. Ch. 1: Waking up - Ch. 2: Red lips


Have you reviewed this story? just ch 5, but the others are on my to-do list. :D

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific)

Remember how I said I don't see many poetry collections? (or something along those lines) This is one of the few I have seen that really stand out for me. The poems are short - the first three don't even go over 50 words - but Emma creates quite potent images in those lines. And each poem has a different way of approaching the reader I think - it's a collection that keeps me on my toes reading and it looks like she's going back to it soon , so I'm excited about that.

Giry!Edit: R&R'd/added

10/28/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 11/21/2014 #12
Nightmare Prince

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: We Leave Someday

Author: thebluefeather

Length: 3 Chapters - 14 087 words

Number of Reviews: 3

Rating: T

Character(s): Dominique Weasley; James Sirius Potter

Summary: "They said Dominique didn't smile enough; James knew they just didn't know how to make her happy" -That's the summary that the author has up for the story at any rate

Link: We Leave Someday

Have you reviewed this story: Yes, but it was a while ago before I joined the forum and realised how to leave a good, constructive review so it's embarrassingly short. But I really meant it when I said her fic was absolutely brilliant.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy:

1) The writing style is completely brilliant, it's in fragments so we're actually reading the events of the story in a different order than they occurred but it is pieced together in a way that doesn't confuse the reader, rather it leaves us questioning what exactly happened or why this has occurred? On the same line, her use of imagery is flawless - eg. "The betrayal is unfathomable" ; "Whisper like knives in the back of her skull" ; "It would be like tearing of a limb, locking it in a drawer, and pretending that she couldn't feel it missing and no one could see the wound"

2)The story is a tragedy, yet it turns around at the end as it has an unbelievably unexpected ending (No spoilers - so I'm not saying anything) that is very bright.

3) Because it is an unbelievable story that kept me re-reading it for an entire month. And it's astonScishing that it doesn't have any more reviews than it does, especially since it deserves a lot of recognition.

Scorp!Edit: R&Red

11/14/2014 . Edited by MissScorp, 11/22/2014 #13
Silent Searcher

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Title: After All This Time

Author: FlyWithDamagedWings

Length:(chapters/words) 17 Chapters, 15, 755 words.

Number of Reviews: 35

Rating: T

Character(s): Axel, Zexion, Roxas, Demyx

Summary:Axel and Roxas have been best friends almost their entire lives. Now Roxas is a high school senior and Axel has been away at college for almost a year. And when he comes home for a visit, things between them turn into little more than just friends. But when Axel messes up, it could hurt more than just the friendship.

Link: After All This Time

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) Most of the chapters, yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific) I believe this story is archive worthy as it is thoroughly engaging due to the author's excellent writing. Furthermore the characters are in keeping with the personas and mannerisms found in the games. I found myself laughing and smiling along with the characters and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Georgy!Edit: R&R'd

11/28/2014 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 11/30/2014 #14
Legendary Biologist

Fandom: Gungrave

Title: Study in Pastels

Author: Scarbie

Length: One chapter, Drabble

Number of Reviews: 6

Rating: K Plus

Character(s): Brandon, Maria

Summary: It was hard for Brandon not to stare at Maria.


Have you reviewed this story? Yes, although very short.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? This may be a drabble, but the author manages to pack in metaphorical descriptions of a character. They fit because the story is told in the POV of a teenage boy, who admires his girlfriend. Also, the characterization is well-done and true to the canon, in which Brandon is quiet and slightly awkward when it comes to socialization (even to his girlfriend).

Fandom: Gungrave

Title: Visions from Beyond the Grave

Author: li-flower

Length: Three chapters, 969 words

Number of Reviews: 6

Rating: K Plus


Chapter 1: Brandon, Maria

Chapter 2: Jolice, Nathan, Kenny, Brandon

Chapter 3: Brandon/Grave, Harry

Summary: What once was no longer exists. The past is said to haunt us, and for Brandon and the others, this occurs in a literal sense. These are the unspoken words of a dead time, a reconciliation with the present. Poems and oneshots. Possible spoilers


Have you reviewed this story? Yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? I'll state by chapters.

Chapter 1: The poem may be simplistic, but it depicts the characters' lives very well. One is a street thug, while another is an average young lady. Also, the meaning behind the poem makes one feel for them. The way the author addresses the differences and one similarities between the characters make one think that they can't be together, but there's a glimpse of hope that they can really be together.

Chapter 2: Just like the first chapter, the poem is simplistic, but depicts the characters' lives very well. It's about three dead street thugs lamenting about being easily-forgotten, and the way the author writes make their sad 'voices' clear. It also stays true to the canon characterization and gives out a strong, sad feel (which is especially felt by canon-familiar readers, because the gang was once a five-man gang, and only one out of the two surviving gang members remembers them, even after the two have risen into successful mafiosi and many years have passed since the deaths of the three).

Chapter 3: This is a short story instead of a poem. The narrative is well-written; the voice fits for an upset man who has been very faithful to his best friend, but is then betrayed. Staying true to the canon characterization, Brandon/Grave can't really hate his best friend although he isn't very happy with him, which results in self-loathing more than anything else. Also, this shows that how being extremely loyal has resulted in the character's downfall, including his (don't worry; he is resurrected as a zombie) and his sweetheart's death.

Georgy!edit: Read and reviewed Study in Pastels

Georgy!edit: Read and reviewed Visions from Beyond the Grave

3/2/2015 . Edited by The Reviews Lounge Too, 3/4/2015 #15
Dark Horse Writer

Fandom: Star Wars (Original Trilogy era)

Title: Living Legend : Book 1 : The Frakkan Mission

Author: Cass Eastham

Length:(chapters/words): 47 Chapters 74,228 words

Number of Reviews: 12 reviews

Rating: M (There were some adult situations (non-explicit). I will put a trigger warning for some domestic abuse and mentions of corporal punishment, but that's only in one chapter from what I can remember. There is also vulgar language used in this story).

Character(s): Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, Chewie, and OC characters (this is an OC heavy story, but the main character is extremely well developed. Otherwise, I wouldn't be recommending it).

Summary: Kesselia K Lendra is a regular rebel grunt until her brother finds an old photo of grandpa with a lightsaber. When asked for help to design a dud saber, she mails Skywalker for help. Next thing she knows, she's on a Repair-in-Air with a First Officer she doesn't understand, a Captain that doesn't like her and a Jedi playing tricks to learn if she's really Force Sensitive or not.

Link: Living Legend: Book 1: The Frakkan Mission

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) Yes, I have reviewed this story. I left one review for the whole story because it was complete when I read it.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific)

OC based stories, and good ones, are very hard to come by because they are used as wish fulfillment. Even many published novels can't come close to how well realized Kessalia K. Lendra is as a character. She has faults, weaknesses, and is incredibly well developed. Her character is extremely well fleshed out, and her interaction with known characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, and others is well done. Fanfiction is used to expand the stories we love, and in the Star Wars universe is so large. It makes sense that there should be other individuals who we don't know about and who might have stories to tell, too.

The story is jam packed full of adventure, friendship, intrigue, and romance. It's what fans in the Star Wars fandom come to expect from Star Wars, and it's very much in the tradition of the original trilogy in scope and scale. It's well written, and keeps you interested. I'm recommending this story so that authors can read it too, and it's sorely underrated considering how long the story has been on this site and how others haven't given it some love.

The final reason I'm suggesting to add this story to the archive is the amount of work that the author has put into this piece. She is dedicated to the precision of the Star Wars universe and wants to make sure that things are in tune with other parts of the Star Wars universe. There is so much detail in the fandom that it can be overwhelming even for the most talented writers. She does a great job of balancing everything so that it works even for those who do not know Star Wars well. It's a fantastic story that keeps you interested and it made me fall in love with the Star Wars fandom all over again.

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Fandom: Daughters of the Moon

Title: Perceptions of Death

Author: ashehole

Length: one-shot, 1645 words

Number of Reviews: three including mine

Rating: T

Character(s): Catty Turner, Vanessa Cleveland, the Atrox

Summary: Catty was the creator and the destroyer. The beginning and the end. And it was a gradual process to accept this fate about herself.


Have you reviewed this story?: yup, on February 7th

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific): This author has done a great character analysis of Catty by virtue of making her reflect and come to terms on what she is and what she will be. It is a great portrayal of a young person who was born of an infinite evil and yet is destined to protect the world from that very evil by sacrificing herself and, though I am fandom-savvy, I feel it does an excellent job of explaining this character to a fandom-blind reader. The ending is particularly powerful and, all in all, I just really was moved by it.

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Rebekah D. Author

Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia

Title: Shooting Stars (though you want to read her StarCrossed first.)

Author: wildhorses1492

Length:(chapters/words) 11 chapters, 67,465 words

Number of Reviews: 28 (8 of them are mine!)

Rating: T

Character(s): Susan/Caspian; Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, the crew of the Dawn Treader, sultry pirates and wild Narrowhaven girls.

Summary: The second chapter in the Star quintet. Peter's on his own for the first time; and Edmund and Lucy are having to stay with a cousin that hates them. Back in Narnia, peace has finally come, and now the boundless Eastern Ocean calls, a never-ending blue filled with adventure, magic, and more things than anyone can imagine... What changes lie in store for Eustace Clarence Scrubb?

(My summary for it: When Susan stays behind in Narnia at the end of Prince Caspian, many things change in the lives of the Pevensies. But now, as Edmund and Lucy rejoin the crew of the Dawn Treader in their quest for the seven lost lords, they find that the ocean is far more than they ever expected. Stars and pirates, wild daughters of lords, and even... maybe... a little romance.)

Link: (I'm not sure how to do links, but...)

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story)

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific)

#1: Because Wildhorses is a fine, dedicated author. She puts a lot of hard work into her stories, and they are too good to get by with paltry reviews.

#2: These stories are good.... really, really good. She has a passion for seeking out the tiny details and making them work in the story.

#3: This is one author who can create OC's without having them detract from the story. I daresay that some of her characters (like Arran) rather add to the story instead. I mean, who wouldn't fall for a dashing, roguish pirate who is also a Star?

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Mr. Skurleton

Fandom: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Title: The Hearts of the Falmer

Author: RobinWitch1

Length: 8 Chapters, a little over 19000 words.

Number of Reviews: 9, and most of them are from me :c

Rating: T

Character(s): Erandur, Serana, Gelebor, Madena

Summary: The Dwemer enslavement of the Snow Elves and their transformation into the Betrayed, or the Falmer, outlasted the Dwemer themselves by thousands of years. This is the story of how it was eventually brought to an end.

(The summary does not do this story justice, trust me.)

Link: The Hearts of the Falmer

Have you reviewed this story? Yes, every chapter.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? It's incredibly underrated, the characters are well crafted, the pacing is superb, the atmosphere is fantastic and the way in which it is told is something I hardly ever see on this site. You can tell the author took time doing this, went over each detail and built a story before writing it. It's currently incomplete but I have to wonder if the breadth between updates has to do with the lack of love it's received. This is a story that made me want to talk about how good it is to people who don't even like fanfiction, that is how well done I think this story is.

Scorp!Edit: Read, Reviewed and Added

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Fandom: Pan's Labyrinth/El labertino del fauno

Title: Circle

Author: Lady Doppelganger

Length: one-shot, 1134 words

Number of Reviews: 3

Rating: K plus

Character(s): Ofelia/Princess Moanna, Faun

Summary: War would come and she would be born, an innocent, warm as ever a mortal could be….

Link: Circle

Have you reviewed this story? Yes!

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? First, our archives only have a handful of fandoms out there. And this is one we don't have represented in our archives, and I think it deserves a spot, if not through this story, through another one at some point.

Anyway, I feel the story is beautifully written in such a way that it's very easy for the fandom blind to understand. The author has a knack for description, but it's not overly done, which makes it flow wonderfully. It also follows the canon of the film, so those who have seen it will enjoy that aspect. And the actual story of the fic really lives up to its title, as everything in the story (and the film) is in a circle, and it's all connected. It's such a great piece, and I really think it deserves some consideration for the archives...and I hope that whoever looks at it will give it a chance. If not that's fine, but I think it deserves a spot. :)

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Fandom: K-ON!/けいおん!

Title: Those Tasteful Shades of Green

Author: ScarletDrizzle

Length: 2,919 words/one shot

Number of Reviews: 1 - mine is the sole review on this piece.

Rating: T

Character(s): Mio, Ritsu, and a Ritsu/Mio pairing

Summary: Playing the waiting game on a cold metal bench was definitely not how Mio had expected her Saturday night to go. There was supposed to be excitement and happiness in the air! She was supposed to feel worry-free! And yet there she was against all odds, playing all or nothing against the bitter reality of war and love.


Have you reviewed this story? I'm the only one who has...this poor story needs some love!

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?: I read this for an RT tag IIRC and, even tho I had no clue at all about the fandom, I was very moved by the way this author wrote Mio's angst and worry for her beloved Ritsu, as well as the realism in setting the scene. The ending has a nice uplifting twist and it ended beautifully.

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Fandom: Minecraft

Title: The book of dreams.

Author: Asanetargoss

Length: 8,443

Number of Reviews: 1 (from myself, dublinjake)

Rating: T

Character(s): Fristad, Airlass, Jonas, The Book

Summary: Fristad's simple life as a shepherd becomes much more complicated when he encounters a book that seems to be self-aware. He must find out how the book came to exist before the book's aspirations change the course of his future.


Have you reviewed this story? Yes, I am the only one who has reviewed it.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? Quite honestly this is the greatest story to every be written under the minecraft fandom. The writing of the characters is fantastic, with their personalities becoming evident and well fleshed out in just the space of a few lines. The descriptions are well made. Well crafted to give just the right amount of detail and personality to the world without falling into the trap of giving everyone every detail of every grain of sand. The villain is potentially one of the best in all of fanfiction, and it is really subtle in its manipulation of the protagonist. It only gets better in the as-yet-unposted Book 2. The interpretation of Minecraft's world is also very good, with the explanation of the Enderborn and Crafting tables really standing out to me. With all this in mind I hope you are able to give this fic the respect it deserves and list it in the archives.

E!edit: violates ToS (first chapter is an A/N)

Georgy!Edit: R&R'd

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Better a Freak Than A Fake

Fandom: Happy Tree Friends

Title: Happy Tree Friends Chronicles (Book 1): Killer Thoughts

Author: WillowStoleTheCookie

Length:(chapters/words) 3 Chapters WIP

Number of Reviews: 5 (two being the author's way to communicate to her readers)

Rating: T

Character(s): Flippy/Fliqpy, Flaky, OC

Summary: "Why would he care? He left me behind with my father of all people!"...Childhood friends, Dissociative personality disorder, and drama aplenty. What will you come to enjoy about "Killer Thoughts?"


Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) All 3 chapters and tried to make them quality reviews

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific) The story adds a whole know side to a canonically one-dimensional character (Fliqpy) that makes him more interesting but still did it in a way that makes perfect sense that he would be that way. They also show a thorough understanding of the character's mental disorders (PTSD and DID) as well as depicting the effects of what their OC has been through. The dialogue between the character's also has a natural feel to it and always has a reason for being included instead of just filler and the descriptions not only paint the picture of what's going on but also do an excellent job at enticing the reader. Finally, though I am very familiar with the canon, I have read it to people completely or mostly canon-blind and they had no trouble following what was going on but still keeps it interesting to the fans instead of boring with the details.

Trigger Warning: Mention but not depiction of abuse and murder.

E!edit: R&R'd

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December Sapphire

Fandom: Misc. Books

Title: Darkening

Author: Sariniste

Length:(chapters/words) One shot; 636 words

Number of Reviews: 8

Rating: T

Character(s): Archren/Arawn

Summary: Drabble. "I know, too, of the blood sacrifices you demanded, and your joy at the cries of your victims." What was the nature of the relationship between the enchantress Achren and Arawn, Lord of Annuvin? This scene takes place during Achren's "ancient rule" long before the events in the canon storyline, when Arawn was Achren's consort. Dark. Achren/Arawn pairing.

Link: Darkening

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) Yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific) It might be short, but the quality of the writing is amazing. The author brings in a dark theme with metaphors and smiles mixed in. The characters are well developed and characterized, and the detail is very clear. The reader will get the sense of fear quite quickly too. It's a beautiful one-shot.

E!edit: R&R'd and added

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Fandom: The Tudors

Title: The Beauty of the Lady

Author: Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Length: oneshot, 1364 words

Number of Reviews: 9

Rating: K

Character(s): Princess Mary, Prince Edward

Summary: When Prince Edward wonders what his mother was like, he turns to his older sister Mary.


Have you reviewed this story?: yup

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy?: I really enjoyed the way Eleanor portrayed the relationship between the young Tudor siblings. She neatly showcases the differences between the tween Mary and the seven year old Edward without making either seem out of character or overly exaggerated at the expense of the other. The loss that is the focal point of this story is also well-explained by Mary to Edward in age-appropriate terms and (my favorite part) she also manages to explain other issues (such as Anne Boleyn's alleged betrayal of Henry) to Edward in ways that he can understand. The ending was sweet and feels-killing.

Wendy!edit: R&R'd

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Igenlode Wordsmith

Fandom: Good Omens

Title: Design

Author: Ersatz Einstein

Length : One shot, about 1k

Number of Reviews: 4

Rating: K

Character(s): Aziraphale and Crowley

Summary: The angel and demon have a slight disgreement on whether to improve the décor of the infant Antichrist's bedroom.


Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story): Yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific): Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are currently under-represented in the archives (I think there's currently one Discworld multi-chapter and nothing for Gaiman at all), and this story evokes the madcap humour of their joint venture "Good Omens" in a single succinct scene. It's got the central interplay between Good and Evil in their entertaining and mutually allied embodiments, the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, both accurately and economically characterised via dialogue here as they are in the book. It balances out the characters with admirable even-handedness, rather than leaning on the glamour and charm of Crowley as versus the somewhat conservative reticence of the angel. It captures the style of the book with its deadpan presentation of the ridiculous and undermining of pretension, but it's not based around the principal plotline so probably doesn't require fandom knowledge to appreciate; this is just two friends with diametrically opposed tastes having an argument. The classification is "Humour/Friendship", and that pretty much sums it up.

Wendy!Edit: R&R and added!

3/8/2015 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 3/8/2015 #26

Two stories since technically the second is the sequel to the first, though it still makes sense if you read them backwards... Like I did... On accident.

Fandom: MLP:FiM

Title: The Trouble With Unicorns

Author: CartsBeforeHorses

Length: 20 Chapters

Number of Reviews: 25

Rating: T

Character(s): Twilight Sparkle, Prince Blueblood, Princess Celestia, Discord

Summary: Prince Blueblood leads a revolt to form a unicorns-only kindom in Canterlot.


Yes, I have reveiwed it.

I think it is archive worthy because it is extremely well written yet very under noticed. Such a master piece deserves more attention.

Fandom: MLP:FiM

Title: Brother Against Sister

Author: CartsBeforeHorses

Length: 33 Chapters and still going

Number of Reviews: 18

Rating: T

Character(s): Prince Blueblood, Trixie, Pumpkin Cake, Pound Cake

Summary: A civil war splits Equestria into two factions. After knowing nothing but violence for their entire lives, Pound and Pumpkin Cake seek to reunite Equestria and bring peace... but each twin is on the opposite side of the war.


Yes, I have reveiwed it.

I think it is archive worthy because it is extremely well written yet very under noticed. Such a master piece deserves more attention.

Scorp!Edit: R&Red The Trouble With Unicorns

Georgy!Edit: R&R'd Brother Against Sister

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Fandom: Minecraft

Title: Fall and a Rise: A Vanillacraft Tale

Author: dublinjake

Length:(chapters/words) So far 19,000 words, but the author is bringing it over from MCForums (where it is well over 120,000 words long)

Number of Reviews: 2 (both on the first chapter, one of which is just acknowledging the story's existence)

Rating: T

Character(s): (all OCs) Kay, Aaron, Dominus, Secret, Cossack, Bokane...

Summary: Okay, well, I'm no good at these things but here's my best go. Within the Plane of Sanity tensions couldn't run higher. The world is entering a new age. Notch is dead nearly eleven years, The Court of Whispers grows bolder and all across the world are grumbles of discontent. Meanwhile, in the Vanilla Craft one seeks to change the face of his nation, for better or for worse...

Link: Okay

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) Yes.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific) The story is an incredibly ambitious tale, especially for a Minecraft fanfiction. Others have tried to create a sane world out of the game, but I honestly don't think anyone's gone this detailed before. I mean, there's something like 8,000 years of history to it (there's a thread with the first "Folio" on MCForums) and the politics of the world becomes really detailed in Book 3. Whilst, some of the expo-dumps are a little uncalled for, I'd say its worth reading.

The characters are fairly well developed and as they're completely original characters it allows them a lot more freedom (as opposed to using youtubers with predetermined characteristics). Also, some of the characters become really tragic and empathetic (especially in Book 3). The villains are great. They range between utterly hilarious and rather chilling.

The descriptions are meticulously detailed. And while this is a turn-off for some in terms of the added lenght, I can't help but admire the craftmanship.

The plot... Wow! It's complicated but its really good and actually fairly original. Also, he caught me really off-guard with some of the twists.

Also, the humour is very good and the story is very aware that it is a Fanfiction and some great jokes come from it's abusive relationship with the fourth wall. ("DAMN YOU ANONYMOUS HYPOTHETICAL SCRIBE!" comes to mind).

While the best parts haven't been posted yet, and there are of course duds in there, the coming and the story's still in the work. It's a fanfic that deserves at least a look, if not some sort of following. I've spoken to the author and he's a decent bloke, very keen to get feedback and improve the story in whatever way he can, hoping to work it into a publishable book some day.

Scorp!Edit: R&Red

3/11/2015 . Edited by MissScorp, 3/15/2015 #28

As all of you have seen by now, the rec thread has been reopened following the end of the Reviewathon, and we're very happy with all the attention it's gotten since being unlocked. However, we do ask that everyone be respectful of the fact that it's rather understaffed at the moment with my half-hiatus and the rest of the RLt team busy with prize reviews and the opening of the RCs. Keep the recs coming for sure--that's why we unlocked the thread!--but please keep in mind when deciding how many fics to rec and how soon to post those recs that things will be a little crazy for the team through the next week or two and that reviewing recs may take a backseat in the meantime. Thanks!

3/11/2015 #29

I posted this in the other thread, but I think it belongs here since it doesn't have many reviews.

Fandom: Jurassic Park

Title: The Silliest Jurassic Park FanFiction Ever Written

Author: Lord Kristine

Length:(chapters/words) Chapters: 64. Words: 233,857.

Number of Reviews: 9. Sad, isn't it?

Rating: T

Character(s): (To be specific of what is says on the page) Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Allosaurus.

Summary: An experimental narrative that utilizes the most ridiculous plot points known to man while still conforming to the style of the original source material. Things. Get. Weird.

Link: You wanna link? Here's a link.

Have you reviewed this story? (you must review at least one chapter/oneshot before we will consider the story) Yes, I have reviewed it.

Why do you think this story is archive-worthy? (Be specific) because it's amazing and deserves more views. It has an awesome plot, amazing characters, plenty of funny moments, and is still being written to this day! Seriously, read it. READ IT!!! It was the first FanFiction I ever read, and inspired me to join this place.

Scorp!Edit: R&Red

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