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Review Tag

If you're looking to read what your fellow RLters have been busy writing, get feedback on your own work, and promote our mission of leaving quality reviews, you've come to the right place! Anyone (new or old) can play Review Tag, and you are not required to leave archive reviews or sign a rules agreement.

How To Play

1. Reply to the last post in the game thread with the word "placeholder" or "tag." Don't forget to refresh the page after you submit your reply so that you know who you are supposed to review.

  • You may tell players when you make your placeholder about which story you would prefer them to review; however, players are not required to choose that story. When requesting a multichapter, you cannot request that players review a certain chapter. They will start with chapter one and read more the more that they may tag you.

    • A note on requesting M rated fics. If the story is heavy on descriptions of gore, violence, sexual situations or cursing/racial slurs/epithets, don't list that story as your preference (if someone picks it, so be it). While we are a mature forum, we do have some people who have different feelings about that sort of content and may not feel comfortable reading a request with those situations in them. If you are not sure if a story crosses those boundaries, ask a Mod to take a look for you. We are happy to check things to ensure that nobody finds themselves in a sticky place, or gets a review that doesn't meet standards because someone found themselves in a sticky predicament.
    • Members may not list stories with MA content as a preference. Not only are they against the site ToS, but we are an all-ages forum. MA content can include (but are not limited to) graphic depictions of sex (both consensual and non-consensual), excessive violence, abuse, language, etc. If you are not certain if your story has MA content, please contact one of the mods, and we will be happy to let you know. If a mod discovers you are requesting a story that has MA content as a preference, it may result in a warning. Players may review a story with the MA content (provided it is not listed as a preference) at their own discretion.

2. Click on the name of the player above you, pick a story, and read ONE chapter regardless of its length. If you are reviewing a story with multiple chapters, please start with the first chapter.

3. Leave a review that is a minimum of 150 words in your own words (which does NOT include quotes from the story) with ONE specific detail taken directly from the story. You can and are encouraged to write more. (Note that the mods WILL be monitoring Review Tag for review quality.)

  • Remember that a minimum quality review should look something like: Obi-Wan Kenobi came across as human when he admitted to Yoda about how he feels (specific 1) "as if" he "failed to train Anakin as he deserved" and "needed to be trained." This shows how even a legendary Jedi such as Obi-Wan can view himself as being less than perfect and capable of making mistakes. His conclusion that he must be the reason for why Anakin (specific 2) "makes the turn to the darkside" indicates his inability to see Anakin's faults as being Anakin's, as well as the blindness that he has when it comes to Anakin overall. He has to justify Anakin's turn, as well as his slaughtering of the innocent Padawans in the Temple as being something that he did not teach him rather than admit that the Council may have been right in their assumption that Anakin (specific 3) "never be trained as a Jedi" because of his inability to reconcile his attachments to people he cares for—specifically his mother, Padme and even Obi-Wan himself. Even when Yoda points out how Obi-Wan cannot blame himself for the things that Anakin chose to do, Obi-Wan continues to do so, exiling himself to Tatooine in order to make amends for the evil he feels he unleashed upon the galaxy.

4. Go back to your "placeholder" and edit in the name of the story you reviewed with either a hyperlink or the URL. If you are having trouble or cannot edit because you are using the mobile site, please post your issue in the I Need A Mod thread.

  • UPDATE as of 2/19/16: Please copy and paste the text of your review into the body of your post.

5. You're done! You can wait for your newest review or jump in again! But remember you must submit your review before you may tag again.

  • You may play Regular Tag up to twice a day. Remember that the purpose of Regular Tag is not only to get feedback for your stories, but to practice your review skills so that you can offer quality feedback to others.


Your infractions are cumulative even if you break a different rule each time.

1. First infraction: written warning

2. Second infraction: written warning

3. Third infraction: written warning AND temporary ban (usually about a week) from the RLt forum

4. Fourth infraction: Permanent ban from Review Tag

We will alert you through PM that you are no longer permitted to play our game. You will not be automatically banned from the RLt as a whole, but if we catch you attempting to play again, or in extreme circumstances, you WILL be permanently banned from the entire forum.

Note: If you have been permanently banned from the game, there is a chance that we will allow you to participate again. However, it will require time and effort on your part. PM a moderator if you have been banned from the game and want to know more.

What will get me in trouble?

Here are the things you can do in this thread that will get you warnings. In other words, don't do these things!

• Leaving a review that does not meet the 150 word minimum or which does not discuss ONE clear specific detail from the story (for example, a review that makes generalized comments based on the summary or that talks about your life/what the story reminds you of instead of the story itself). To see an example of what a quality minimum review should look like, look at the example above.

  • If you are issued a warning about not meeting the minimum standards of Regular Tag and immediately give out another review that doesn't show any attempt at improvement, we reserve the right to issue a second warning for the review that doesn't meet minimum and the third warning for failing to try and improve review quality.

• Having more than one open placeholder at a time open in Review Tag.

  • Having an open tag in Reverse Tag and tagging into Review Tag. You may NOT play both games at once.

• Failing to use the placeholder system. The system prevents players from tagging the same person, which usually results in one player getting skipped.

• Failing to link to the story or chapter reviewed. This helps the mods monitor the game.

• Failing to delete or cross out the word "placeholder" or "tag" after you review. The mods will think your placeholder is still open and may issue a warning.

• Going twelve hours without filling a placeholder. While we do allow some leniency, you should only be posting a placeholder when you have time to read and review. You may use the I Need a Mod thread to notify the mods if you need an extension on your placeholder.

  • Players will not receive a PM reminder if they are late on filling their placeholder. If nothing has been posted in the mod thread, a warning will be handed out automatically. We are all adults/young adults, so we need to act responsibly.

• If you are repeatedly given concrit and show no effort at all to make edits to the story that you are requesting reviews on, we reserve the right to ban you from the game until you show that you are using the information being given to you. Remember that the purpose of Tag is not to boost your review numbers but to get quality feedback about a story from a variety of readers.

A note on blocking and review tag:

We understand and respect your decision to block other members. However, if a blocked member tags you in the game, and you choose not to unblock him or her or to allow anonymous reviews, you will not get a make-up mod review if you are preventing another member from reviewing you. At the same time, any member who uses review tag to INTENTIONALLY harass another member who has blocked them will face the appropriate consequences. Leaving a fair and rule-abiding review to someone who has blocked you is fine; purposely trolling them is not.

I never got my review/I think my review doesn't meet the standards! What next?

If you have not received your review within in the time frame, or if you believe the review violates our guidelines, it is your responsibility to alert us in the I Need a Mod thread. (Please do NOT mention specific players, stories, etc.) PLEASE NOTE that your moderators are not monitoring individual reviews on THIS thread unless you alert us for your individual circumstances.

1/10/2015 . Edited 2/19/2016 #1

First player:

Please review a story from any of the archives. All subsequent players will review as normal.

1/10/2015 #2
Better a Freak Than A Fake

R&R'd Divided They Fall.

Please review Peace is Hard Won.

Note to those who are unconfortable reading T-rated stories: it is rated T for chapters that are not yet written. Current chapters have almost no content.

1/10/2015 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 1/10/2015 #3

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Peace is Hard Won

Feel Free to review anything

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #4

R&R'd Embracing Shadows Ch 4.

The Left Side of Memories please, or if anything unreviewed or multichaptered catches your eye, feel free. :)

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #5
Better a Freak Than A Fake

Reviewed The Left Side of Memories

A New Tale on my Co-Author's account, plz.

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #6

Reviewed Chapter 2 of Peace is Hard Won

Anything is fine

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #7
Legendary Biologist

Read and reviewed Life Changing Moments, Chapter 1.

Moving On please.

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #8
Better a Freak Than A Fake

Reviewed Moving On

See last post.

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #9

reviewed Peace is Hard Won ch 1

Homecoming or Hand of Wrath is preferred, please. For anyone NEW to starting Wrath, you may review the prologue and chapter 1 (aka chapters 1 and 2 according to FFN) in one review. This has been cleared with a mod.

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #10

Read and Reviewed Homecoming

Anything is fine :)

1/10/2015 . Edited 1/10/2015 #11


No preference

Edit: read and reviewed Behind Closed Doors

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #12
Ersatz Einstein

R&R'ed The Fear of Unrequited Love.

No preference.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #13
Better a Freak Than A Fake

Reviewed Objective

Please review A New Tale on my CoAuthor's account.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #14

Reviewed Peace is Hard Won ch 2 (apologies for delay--RL emergency of sorts)

as above for me please.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #15

Read and Reviewed Homecoming.

Preferences would be anything that's been updated since last July.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #16

R&R Imperial Special Projects: The Seven, Ch 1

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #17

tag taggity tag

If someone would be so kind as to review Reveling in my Fear?

Edit: R&R Just Get Me In

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #18
December Sapphire

Tag! R&R Ch.1 Reveling in my Fear

Being Royal please :)

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #19

Read and Reviewed Chapter 1 of Being Royal

anything is fine

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #20


Reveling in my Fear, pretty please.

Edit: read and reviewed Behind Closed Doors Ch. 2

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #21

Read and reviewed Reveling in my Fear.

Please read and review My Brother's Keeper.

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #22
December Sapphire

Tag! R&R ch. 1 My Brother's Keeper

Being Royal or Nine Months please! :)

1/11/2015 . Edited 1/11/2015 #23

Read and Reviewed Chapter 2 of Being Royal

Feel free to read anything you like :)

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #24

Reviewed Family Ties.

Please review My Brother's Keeper.

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #25


reveling in my fear, please.

edit: r and r The Jitters.

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #26

Reviewed Reveling in my Fear! :)

Well I only have one story sooooooooooo .-.

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #27

Read and Reviewed Ch. 1 of The Fated

My preferences are the same as above (anything updated since July)

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #28

Read and reviewed Imperial Special Projects: The Seven.

Please review My Brother's Keeper.

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #29


Reveling in my Fear. please.

Edit: read and reviewed Fish Out of Water.

1/12/2015 . Edited 1/12/2015 #30
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