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Welcome to Story of the Week!

The purpose of this thread is to select an under-reviewed one-shot or two-shot story from either our one-shot/two-shot archive or our M-rated archive and to spotlight it for the week in order to bring more attention to the wonderful authors who wrote them. Every Sunday, a mod or staffer with make their selection and post a link and a little blurb about the SotW in the thread and you will have until the following Sunday to read and review it. Absolutely everyone is encouraged to review and discuss it here to their heart's content – though, we would like to ask for the discussions to remain on topic.

If you are interested in a story that was previously a SotW, please feel free to review it even though it is no longer the current SotW. Although we love to see stories graduate within the week they're selected, sometimes they don't quite get there and any and all love shown to them, at any time, is always appreciated!

A Couple Considerations:

• It is very important to all of us here at the RLt that everyone (or at least the forum regulars) read and review the selected story each week. You are, of course, under no obligation to do so and you won't be kicked off the forum, but know that the mods (and the authors) really appreciate seeing the stories in our archives getting the love that they deserve. The whole purpose of the RLt is to promote reviewing under-appreciated stories, and Story of the Week presents a perfect opportunity to do just that.

• As a multi-fandom forum, chances are we may select a SotW that isn't from a fandom you follow. As such, we would still encourage you to R&R it. Going outside of your comfort zone to read and review a great story is generally a good way to find and get yourself involved in new fandoms.

• If the SotW is a WIP, which may happen on occasion during special circumstances, do not feel obligated to read the entire thing within the week if you don't have the time (though, by all means, do so if you would like). Even if you have to slowly pick away at it and review one chapter every week, all reviews are greatly appreciated. Our WIPs are always much harder to graduate than the one- or two-shots, but we want to make sure that they are not neglected. In respect to our authors, please make sure you review every chapter that you read – or else it will be a long time before any WIPs graduate from the archive.

Regarding the Points System

As some of you may have noticed, we've decided to go back to the vanilla Story of the Week and remove the points system that we had in place previously – however, this does not mean the points are gone. Instead, the points are being restructured into the new Review Campaign thread in pretty much the same capacity as before and all points previously earned will be counted and carried over. Please visit the Review Campaign thread for more information about how you can earn points for current and previous Stories of the Week.


For mod use:

Feb 14 - Giry

Feb 21 - Scorp

Feb 28 - Ewies

March 6 - Cass

March 13 - Georgy

Mar 20 - Giry

1/18/2015 . Edited 2/11/2016 #1

Current Story of the Week: The World That Crumbles by L.C. Li

Previous Stories of the Week:


See old thread for SotW from Feb 22nd, 2010 - October 25, 2010

See old thread for SotW from Aug 14th, 2011 - June 3rd, 2013

See old thread for SotW from Sept 9, 2013 - Dec 15, 2014

1/18/2015 . Edited by MissScorp, 1/17/2016 #2
Luna Rapunzel

First SOTW of the new thread, woot woot!

This week, we're highlighting Firefly by LightningLaveau. This is a Mario fic primarily focusing on Mario Kart but spanning elements of plot and gameplay from all different games in the Mario series, and I think I can honestly say it's one of my favorite archive fics of all time, and certainly my favorite out of all the ones I've read that haven't yet graduated. LightningLaveau is a genius. Firefly is a dystopian human!AU featuring Bowser as its protagonist and revolving around his kart racing team throughout the lead-up to and duration of the annual official races in a kingdom completely dominated by both government-sponsored and illegal racing, formerly ruled by Princess Peach's family but overthrown in a massive coverup by Bowser's uncle, Giga-Bowser, who's become the new, tyrannical king. The fic is full of insane attention to detail and modernized and humanized Easter eggs harking back to the tiniest plot points across a number of Mario games. The characters and the criminal and political threads are richly multidimensional, and so are the relationships, especially the ones between Bowser and his new partner, Toadette, and between Bowser and Rosalina, sister of Peach (who in this fic is Bowser's ex-girlfriend). Firefly is an ABSOLUTE, ABSOLUTE must-read.

Remember, we've reverted back to vanilla SOTW and transferred points over to the new Review Campaign, and although the RC won't be launching until the end of the Winter Event, you can still pick up plenty of points for Firefly starting on Monday in the Reviewathon! Posting in the SOTW thread specifically won't net any points, but if you've read it before or are reading it now, feel free to post here to pimp it out, share your thoughts, and otherwise fangirl over it.

1/24/2015 #3

Cracked open Firefly, and I'm seriously impressed. It's solid writing, and the cast fits really well into their modified roles.

1/26/2015 #4
Luna Rapunzel

Pimp pimp! Seriously, guys, it's a fantastic fic (and can help you rack up a bunch of easy Reviewathon points!).

1/31/2015 #5

I'm gonna double pimp as I have also read some of this story and it is quite enjoyable and very lovely a read :)

1/31/2015 #6


Well, first time participating in SOTW. I'm probably too late for "Firefly," but since there isn't yet a new story posted I thought I'd go for it.

I'm on chapter eleven now. I'm joining the ranks of fans. This story is wonderful! I had no idea what to expect when I started it, but I absolutely love how LightningLaveau weaves in plot elements, introducing and resolving problems and questions at a satisfactory pace. But what really made it glow for me was the wonderful characters. Their relationships are compelling, as are their checkered histories. (I'm not great at gushing - that was the best I've got!)

I'm going to keep reading and enjoying this amazing fic.

2/1/2015 #7

You're not too late at all, Anne. And I'm so glad you decided to jump in and add some discussion. That's what the thread is for, so I love to see the chatter. :)

Admittedly, I haven't read this story yet, but with what you and everyone else has said, I will be taking a look in the very near future. :)

2/1/2015 #8

Hello my lovelies!

This week, we are taking a look at Of Feeling Full, a Hunger Games oneshot by our very own Wendy Brune. Wendy's focused on Cato and Clove, and is portraying a darker, edgier side of the Games, making for a very thrilling, real view of the world portrayed in this fandom. Fantastic read.

2/2/2015 #9

I already did this one awhile ago so I will just second Giry's recommend. It's an awesome little Clato-esque piece XD

2/2/2015 #10
Miss Kells Bells

Just reviewed Of Feeling Full. So awesome, in a dark twisted way (it speaks to my soul!) :p

2/3/2015 #11
Luna Rapunzel

200% support. Wendy is brilliant and so is this fic. :)

2/6/2015 #12
Ersatz Einstein

There's something to be said for an M-rated fic that doesn't go too far, but gets its point across.

2/6/2015 #13
Wendy Brune



So honored!!!

2/6/2015 #14

Read it a few days ago, love it. Still trying to write a review for it.

2/7/2015 #15
Wendy Brune

STILL so honored, by the way.

Anyway, in the spirit of graduating some stories that have been in the archive LITERALLY forever, I present (probably for the second or third time) Beauty and the Squirrel. This cute, creative little fairy tale needs no fandom knowledge to be enjoyed. The grammar isn't perfect, if I remember correctly, but it's a cute little story that we NEED to graduate. Give it a read!

2/8/2015 #16
Luna Rapunzel

Just read the first chapter and will probably check out more over time. Really charming!

2/11/2015 #17
Kandros Fir

I've read an reviewed. The author seems to have a good grip on characterization, and since I don't pay much attention to grammar, I don't mind the grammar mistakes. She reminds me of another author I love who embraces the quirks of her characters and makes them both funny and human, though in this case this author makes her character's quirks quaint. Best way I can put it. It's incredibly cute, like a fairy tale.

2/13/2015 #18

The new Story of the Week, Sorority by Omnicat, is also another previous SotW that has been in the archive for a while, and something I'd really like to see graduate. Please give it some love. I'm on a mobile, so please ignore the ugly linking.

2/15/2015 #19
Kaguya 2.0

"Sorority" is a nice little one-shot that packs in quite a lot of characterization in a short amount of time. Please check it out.

2/21/2015 #20

This week's story is Casualties by AutumnAtMidnite. It is quite a delightful tale that tests the friendship between Holmes and Watson in many humorous ways. No canon knowledge is necessary to enjoy it, and it only has ten reviews currently. Let's see if we can raise that a bit, hm? :)

2/22/2015 #21

Who's ready for more reviewing fun post-Thon?! Because it's SOTW time!

This week's SOTW is a one-shot from the Pikmin fandom called The Falling Star. Currently it has 10 reviews, but let's see if we can get that number up, shall we? :)

3/1/2015 #22

Great pick, Georgy! I read it a little while ago, and it definitely deserves more love. It's very uniquely written, so I highly recommend it. :)

3/1/2015 #23
Midorima Kazunari

R&R'd The Falling Star

3/4/2015 #24

Hello, hello! It is a new week and so a new SOTW! We are going to be skiing (for those bedeviled by that snow stuff) or cruising for those of in warm and non-snowy FUBARed places into my new favorite fandom-- the Walking Dead, by reading a piece from our own Book/Story/whatever combination of Book's name you use. The piece is called Starlight and requires no real fandom knowledge to be able to understand. FOr those squeamish, it does not have any zombies in it, either ;) it's just a wonderful character piece that captures a quiet moment between two characters in the middle of hell.

3/8/2015 #25
The Reviews Lounge Too

This week's SOTW, TFP: Terminus, Vol I - Ghosts by our own Lung Tien Lien, is being spotlighted to recognize Lien's efforts in the Reviewathon that ultimately netted him the Best Quality award for his reviews. Give it a look sometime this week--we'll be doing the same!

Also, we've noticed that with the incorporation of SOTW points into the new RC, most of you have been editing your reviews on current SOTWs into your RC posts but not posting in the SOTW thread to let us know that you read the fic that week or what you thought of it. While this isn't required in order to get your points, we do encourage everyone to pop back into the SOTW thread to let the forum know when you read a SOTW (current or past) and what you thought of it. It's an easy way for the team to get an idea of how many people are participating, and endorsements from all of you help us advertise and get the word out to everybody about the merits of these quality stories.

3/14/2015 . Edited 3/14/2015 #26

Read and Reviewed the first chapter of the SOTW :)

3/15/2015 #27

I have read the first chapter of "TFP: Terminus, Vol I - Ghosts" and plan to continue. It's oozing with internal drama, which is the kind of book tension I love the most. The character is fighting against herself as much as she is outside circumstances. The opening prologue is solid, and will lead you in whether you know the fandom or not (but definitely doesn't spoon-feed, as it's left me with a lot of questions on what's going to happen next and what exactly put the character there). If the recommendation based on a single opening chapter is worth anything, I say it's worth the read!


3/15/2015 #28
I have read the first chapter of "TFP: Terminus, Vol I - Ghosts" and plan to continue. It's oozing with internal drama, which is the kind of book tension I love the most. The character is fighting against herself as much as she is outside circumstances. The opening prologue is solid, and will lead you in whether you know the fandom or not (but definitely doesn't spoon-feed, as it's left me with a lot of questions on what's going to happen next and what exactly put the character there). If the recommendation based on a single opening chapter is worth anything, I say it's worth the read!

I echo what Anne had to say :)

3/16/2015 #29

I also read TFP: Terminus: Ghost. It's a very enjoyable story... I had started reading three chapters prior to the SOTW, and even now, I am enjoying it. I think everyone, even fandom blind (as I am), would enjoy this story.

3/17/2015 #30
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