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Wendy Brune

Looking for the rules for the RLt? Find everything you need to know at The Reviews Lounge, Too Handbook.

This topic will be used primarily for the moderators to communicate news and happenings of the forum. Please respect this and post miscellaneous topics elsewhere!

1/20/2010 . Edited 11/27/2013 #1
Wendy Brune

An additional rule for the community

A new rule has been added to the community. I'm going to limit one story per author per fandom. Basically, it means that User A can't have two Harry Potter pieces in the archive, but may have one Harry Potter fic and one Twilight fic, for example.

1/23/2010 #2
The Reviews Lounge Too

The Reviews Lounge, Too now has a special community for all fics that graduate from the RLt community. Start reviewing so we can fill up The Reviews Lounge, Too Graduates!

1/23/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 2/24/2010 #3
Wendy Brune


The very lovely -EHWIES has been added to the modding staff! She's gonna be great! =)

2/7/2010 #4
Luna Rapunzel

Congratulations to the new mod of the day: Maddie (StoryGirl02)!! =D

2/8/2010 #5
Luna Rapunzel

A couple of announcements for you guys:

• As you may have noticed, we've recently added a Fanfiction Gushing thread. From now on, direct all compliments and spoiler sessions on your favorite authors' recent fics or updates to that thread, not to Randomness, so as not to confuse/annoy non-readers.

• We've also added the first RLt "Request+" to the fanfic request thread--basically a cross between a regular request and an official challenge (an idea that all of us mods liked but one that we think is too specific to ask everyone to do). Take a look!

• As has most recently been decided, please let the mods know if you fill the request+, write a Millie fic, or otherwise publish anything inspired by or having to do with the RLt: we'll list your fic as a favorite under the RLt profile. (It won't be archived to leave room for your other fics, as per the one-story-per-author-per-fandom rule, but this way you'll still get your due recognition.)

Thanks lots!

2/15/2010 #6
Luna Rapunzel

After much discussion between the mods, we've posted a thread for our new Story of the Week initiative. Make sure you take a look!

Also, I'd like to remind you that submissions for the Humble Beginnings challenge/collaboration are due at the end of March. We've only had seven claims and two submissions turned in so far, so make sure to place a claim and start writing soon if you haven't already!

2/21/2010 . Edited 2/21/2010 #7
The Reviews Lounge Too

Just a little announcement to let you know that the two archives have been switched. The C2 community for the Graduates is now under my account, while the RLt archive is now under the RLt account. All links within the forum should be switched, so make sure you change any links you might have. Also, if you subscribed to the RLt community, you're going to have to go and re-subscribe.


2/24/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 2/26/2010 #8
The Reviews Lounge Too

We are currently looking for a new member of the archive staff. See the appropriate thread for qualifications and the application!

ALSO -- If you have not read the Story of the Week, please try and do so. You have two more days!


-The Modding Staff

2/26/2010 #9
Wendy Brune

I'm at a friend's birthday party thing, but let me take the time to say...



3/4/2010 #10
The Reviews Lounge Too

The Modding Staff would like to welcome Crescent and Lala to the archive staff! They are both very well qualified and should be a wonderful addition to the team! We'd also like to invite Crescent to be our temp!mod for whenever one of us must go out of town/a short hiatus.

Thanks to everyone who applied for the position! Keep an eye open... we might be adding more staffers in the future!

-The Modding Staff

3/8/2010 #11
Wendy Brune

The Reviews Lounge, Too supports the Glass Inkwell!

Quoted directly from Relala:

I created "Glass Inkwell" - a forum dedicated to honing writing skills - after reading a lot of the stories on this site. is an enormous website and - lets face it - it doesn't have the correct rules and moderators it so desperately needs.

A lot of what you read on this website is going to be god awful and almost bad enough to make you want to close your eyes and never read another word for the rest of your life. A small percent is going to be reasonably decent and great FanFiction (stories that will leave you breathless) are infinitesimal.

Thus why "Glass Inkwell" was created, folks. I want everyone and anyone to come here with the hope of improving their writing skills. I want you, dear reader, to come here in hope of finding information on writing that may help you with your stories or reading experience. Everyone could always use a little improvement, after all.

So come in, everyone, dip your quill into the glass inkwell and raise your weapon of writing skills into the air like the mighty thing it is. Swirl the ink around and play with what you find on these pages. Who knows, you might find something helpful!

Come here to read the latest issue!

3/8/2010 #12
The Reviews Lounge Too

For all mods and archive staffers...

New guidelines have been created for the recommendations thread.

IF YOU ARE A MOD, please edit a rec post after you have reviewed the story to include, "Mod Edit: Reviewed" at the bottom, regardless if it was added to the archive or not.

IF YOU ARE A STAFFER, please reply in the rec thread after you review a story, regardless if it was added to the archive or not.


3/11/2010 #13
Wendy Brune

Hey guys! Hope your Monday (or, for all the Aussies, Tuesday) is going swimmingly. Two announcements:

1.) The SotW has officially changed! Try to catch up if you've not been reviewing - all the choices so far have been fairly short! =)

2.) The RLt collaborative project HAS been posted! Storybook Beginnings is officially up! We ask that if you submit a story to the project you also try to review every chapter! Chapter one is posted, and we will be cycling in the rest of the submissions.

Thanks! We really appreciate all the wonderful reviewing that's been going down and how many stories we've been able to graduate! =)

3/15/2010 #14
Wendy Brune

You're Invited!

WHO? You!

WHAT? An awesome online St. Patrick's Day party, for those of us too young or too cool to participate in the real world

WHEN? Tonight at 6:30 GDT/ time.

WHERE? The RLt Party Dorm thread!

Hope everyone can stop in, hehe. You know it's gonna get silly.

3/17/2010 #15
Wendy Brune

New thread alert!

The Pimp and Promote Your Story thread is for your own stories that you'd like to announce, whether you've updated a new chapter or written that one-shot you couldn't shake; these stories are not automatically considered for the archive as they are in the archive review request thread! (However, who knows? We might archive it anyway!) Typically we've done our announcing in the randomness thread, me included, but I'd like the move away from that. You should get way more notice this way, and it won't interrupt conversation flow. If you could help me out by using this new thread, I'd really appreciate it! Likewise, if your in the mood for a good story from someone you know, take a peek at some of the stories being promoted!

Happy pimping! ;-D

3/24/2010 . Edited 3/24/2010 #16
Luna Rapunzel

Just want to give you guys a heads-up that I'm not going to be online too much for a while. It's really important that I pull up my grade in biology this month, not to mention study for the AP tests I have coming up in May: I'm taking six of them, and I know for a fact that I'm not going to pass French if I don't do something drastic. As much as I love this place, a lot goes on here--the good, the bad, and the incredibly distracting :)--and I really don't want to lose my academic focus by wasting time on an Internet forum when I should be studying. I'm not going to disappear on you guys (in particular, you're probably going to see a revival of the Big Bang thread, since I'm going to be working on that in my study breaks; I'm way behind my self-deadlines and want to catch up over spring break), but I've asked Crescent to step in as temp mod just in case, and she'll officially be filling in for me starting Monday.

Thanks for your understanding,


4/1/2010 #17

For the next few weeks while Ehwies is busy with school, I'll be temp modding on here. No joke, this time ;D Just to give you guys the heads up.

4/5/2010 #18
Wendy Brune

Unfortunately lovely people, I have to take an official mod hiatus! Finals start Friday, and I can't be distracted. No worries, though! I'll be gone from now until May 7th or 10th, depending on how busy my weekend is. (So, that's like at earliest next Friday!)

With EHWIES on a mostly mod hiatus as well, Crescent and Lala will be temp!modding. (And Maddie is still around when she can!) So, any complaints, problems, compliments (hehe), or even ideas can be directed to them.

Miss you guys already! Make lots of fun conversation for me to read and catch up on when I get back!



4/27/2010 #19
Luna Rapunzel

I don't think we ever officially announced this, and I've seen a couple fics floating around the WIP archive that don't belong there anymore, so I just thought I'd post to let all you guys know who don't yet: because of the difficulty in getting WIPs graduated from the archive, we've lowered the average reviews per chapter necessary to graduate from 15 to 10 for the separate WIP archive. Thanks and take heed! :)

5/11/2010 #20
Wendy Brune

Hey guys -

Just wanted to let you know where I've been. Grandmother went into hospital last week, is on life support. Sorry for not being around...dunno when I'll be back. PM if problems.


5/29/2010 #21

We're not all dead, are we?

Sorry, I know you guys are mostly all on summer holidays in America & I don't want to ruin that, since I know that my posting slows down when I have those holidays! :) But it's just, I miss all you guys okay? So don't be strangers!


6/28/2010 #22
Luna Rapunzel

I'm about. MADDIE, I MISS YOUUU. All you guys, really. D: RLt revival, anyone?

6/28/2010 #23
Wendy Brune


Damn straight a MASSIVE revival is needed!



6/30/2010 #24
Luna Rapunzel

All right, I'm officially calling in my vacation time for the summer: I leave for France tomorrow! I'll probably be about for the next couple hours, if anybody wants to get in one more revival session with me before I go, but otherwise, I love you all and hope to see this place thriving again when I'm back. ;D *glomps!*

7/4/2010 #25

I miss you already! :( :( :(



7/5/2010 #26
Wendy Brune

You said "rival," Maddie, not "revival." But it's ok. I lurveles you.

Official Mod!Announcement Type Thingy (bolded because it's 1:16 am, and I leave in less than 3 hours and now I'm trigger-happy!)

I shall be gone until Sunday the 11th visiting relatives. I might stop in a bit, but I will not have regular internet access. DON'T WORRY! I promise I won't disappear forever like last time. After that it'll be the end of our two wonderful temp mods and hopefully everything will go back to normal.

-Your very giddy Wendy

7/5/2010 #27
Wendy Brune

I am officially at the beach until August 8th!

I might have internet access, but even if I do, I doubt I will be online much. If you have comments, questions, concerns, etc, please don't be afraid to contact the wonderful -EHWIES or StoryGirl02 (Maddie!) You can also reach us at our gmail account, !

Be good!

8/1/2010 #28
Wendy Brune

I'm super excited to announce the newest RLt collaboration - The Step Outside the Box Collab!

Head over now to claim your favorite character, but make sure you read EVERYTHING first. If you've never done one of our or the RL collabs, I highly urge you to do so. They are super fun!

8/12/2010 #29
Wendy Brune

Get excited, guys - we have three new awesome threads for your entertainment!

1.) Stuck for a new idea? Or on the flip, will a plot bunny not leave you alone, despite your inability to write it? Head over to The Plot Bunny Adoption Center to leave your unused ideas - be it a character, a quote, or a whole idea - or to borrow some!

2.) As suggested by Amy is rockin, we now have our own Birthday Thread! Let us know when you're birthday is so we can shower you with fic-gifts! And, in return, check in so you can write fic-gifts for others!

3.) Due to an insane amount of proposals - ok, just two, but still - we now have our own Wedding Chapel! Announce your engagement, pick your colors/bridesmaids/food/songs/whatever, and get hitched! (COMING SOON: QUESTIONNAIRES TO CERTIFY YOUR BUDDING NEW MARRIAGE!)

8/16/2010 . Edited 8/16/2010 #30
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