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Luna Rapunzel



8/18/2010 #31


8/18/2010 #32
Wendy Brune

Thank youuu lovely girls! =)

In a real announcement, I'd like to welcome our newest member of the moderator team ... Cass! (ShadedRogue)! For those of you who don't know her, she's a wonderful writer who's been with us for quite a few months, through the good times and the bad! She'll make an excellent mod!

On another note, I'd like to explain a new rule we have. Previously, moderators were automatically archive staff members, and, on the flip side, archive staff members were automatically temp!mods. We're no longer doing this. We're keep the roles separate, simply because someone who might make a wonderful moderator may not read a lot of fanfiction, or someone who reads a lot may not talk a lot around our forums. This isn't to say that someone can't be both; however, they will have to apply to be a staffer or be chosen to be a mod!

So, congrats to Cass! She has a lot of great ideas, and I'm excited to see where she leads us!

8/19/2010 #33
Wendy Brune

Just a little notice that I'm sort of cleaning out a few threads, mainly the Noticeboard and Introduce Yourself Threads. I'm not getting rid of anything major, just a few off-topic posts. So, don't be worried if you notice that some posts are gone or that there will be a slight reduction in post counts/forum standing!

9/3/2010 #34
Wendy Brune

Tumblr people: I can't /really/ explain this well, but I'm going to try. Basically, a friend of a friend's mother is going through a really tough time right now, and it sounds like she's losing the will to live. The friend has started writing motivational quotes around the house, but she (or he....I don't actually know) is running out of quotes. Thus, this tumblr archive was created where anyone can submit inspirational/happyquotes not just for the mother, but for anyone having suicidal thoughts. Please take a few minutes to check it out and submit a few quotes. As someone who has lost a friend before to depression, I can tell you that every little bit really can make a difference, if only you're willing to listen to the cries for help.

Do it for me?

P.S: Blake, if you see this and want to change/add/subtract/whatever anything, PLEASE do.

9/3/2010 #35
Cerulean City

P.S: Blake, if you see this and want to change/add/subtract/whatever anything, PLEASE do. Wendy, I really want to thank you for thinking of my friend Natz and her mother in this way. I also want to offer my condolences to losing your own friend--it's tough. It's really tough.

With All My Love was, as Wendy posted, a blog that started because Natz's mom really has lost the will to continue. Their life is not idyllic, and she's been taking every oppurtunity to build her mother up and keep her strength going for her family, which includes a younger brother and sister. Although it started out just for her mom, in the past forty-eight hours that the blog has been in existence (no, I'm not exaggerating, this is very, very new) we've garnered the attention of nearly 230 people who have come on board the project and posted and submitted and generally sent good vibes her way. Overwhelmed by this response, Natz has decided to shift her focus from this blog being strictly for her mother to helping anyone who needs a gentle boost in their lives; for anyone who needs a simple quote or a simple reminder that life is worth living.

I implore you to submit your quotes (submitting does not require an account!), not as one of the admins of the project and not as one of Natz's best friends, but as a person who recognizes that every so often people need a pick me up and need another chance to remember that life is beautiful. Please, feel free to take the quotes and spread them around in your community, and in your life. WAML is really, with all our love, and with all your love, to remind someone that they're worth it.

Thank you.

9/5/2010 #36

Cass is now Cass-man, alias Cass Wayne, I am Mobin, Wendy is Darth Wendy & EHWIES is EHWIES Luthor.

Cause we're kool with k's? :)

9/7/2010 #37
Luna Rapunzel

And furthermore, SJ is now Male with Debatable Name, M or Debatable for short. =D

9/7/2010 #38
Wendy Brune

Please note that, starting today, no Glee spoilers are allowed in randomness. Please respect your other forum-fans, ok? If you want to talk about the latest episode of Glee, please direct it to the "OMGZ HE GLITTER" thread. (If you want to be REALLY kind, you can even start such posts with a warning/disclaimer about how there will be spoilers!)

Anyone found breaking these rules will have their post delete; any repeat offenders will be banned for a day - and that goes for any and all mods, too.

9/21/2010 #39
Luna Rapunzel


quick link:

9/23/2010 . Edited 9/23/2010 #40
Luna Rapunzel

Collab fics are due this Tuesday!

Be sure to R&R the current Story of the Week, as a new one will (presumably) be posted today!

10/3/2010 #41
Luna Rapunzel

IMPORTANT: Everyone please read the thread for the RLt Reviewers' Choice Awards! Thanks!

10/15/2010 #42
The Reviews Lounge Too

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN THROUGH NOVEMBER 15TH! (For the Reviewer's Choice Awards 2010!)

Please PM noms to the Reviews Lounge, Too account. You do not have to nominate in every category, but you must nom at least as many archive awardsas you do forum awards. (However, you may nominate archive awards without doing forum awards, if you so please!) Moderators, these rules go for you as well!

A few things to remember....

1.) Anyone may nominate/participate, no matter how long you've been active on the forums or archive. Likewise, you can nominate anyone who has "been" here before. Even if they came just once, if you think they deserve an award, feel free to nominate them.

2.) Only stories from our three archives - the RLt one-shots, the RLt WIPS, and the RLt graduates - may be nominated for an archive award.

3.) If you don't know exactly what an award means, that's fine. Make your own interpretation. Also, archive awards are not limited to what the author labeled their story as. If you think a story is humorous, you may nominate it as such, even if the author labeled it as something different.

4.) You may choose one award in the archive awards AND one award in the forum awards where you may nominate two stories/people.

5.) If you guys don't nominate and participate, this won't work! We're giving you a long time to do this, so re-read some archive stories and pick some good ones!

Enjoy! ♥

10/18/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 10/18/2010 #43
The Reviews Lounge Too

I have two announcements!

First, unfortunately, Lala has decided to step down from her position as a staff member of the archives due to RL commitments and lack of internet. She contributed so many wonderful stories to our archives and was a great temp!mod! She is welcome to reclaim her position whenever she so choose.

Secondly, I'm very excited to announce that Diko (Il'Diko) and Blake (Cerulean City/Grim Grinning Ghosts) will be joining our archive staff. They both have a knack for recognizing some good stories, and we really need their help on our recs thread.

Please offer them so congrats and keep your eye out for some of the awesome stories I'm sure they'll be adding soon! And thanks to everyone who applied!

10/21/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 10/21/2010 #44
Luna Rapunzel

Hey, guys--just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be on a quasi-official mod/Internet hiatus for the next little while. IRL responsibilities are catching up to me, and the fact of the matter is that I don't have the time right now to sort out my life and keep spending as much time as I do online. I might cave every now and then and pop up, but otherwise, it's really best for me right now to try and muster up the willpower to focus on other things, at least for the next couple of weeks. I LOVE YOU ALL and miss you already! If ever you need to desperately contact me, you can always email me at (or just let Wendy know, as she has my cell #).

10/27/2010 #45

Hey guys, same here with me. Long short short, I've had no nettttt since Tuesday and it looks like I won't have it for a while, which is a bummer. I'm sneaking on my sister's lappy to write this for you people, and even though I should be able to do that a couple of times a week, I won't be on here as much as usual. The cat's kinda effed up the main computer, and we have to wait for a new net modem to be sent out. :/ Plus, I've been like deathly sick since Thursday, vomiting and fainting all over the place. While I'm slowly getting bettter, I'm not there yet. Anywayz, I still love you guys so so so much and cannot wait until the net starts working again! ♥

10/31/2010 #46
Wendy Brune

Doing NaNo this year? Get some support at the The national Novel Writing Month Thread! The first post has a directory of RLters who have a screen-name on the official NaNo site, so add some friends and add your own name to the list!

11/2/2010 #47
Wendy Brune

I've heard just some small stuff about some drama elsewhere, but I don't know much about it. I don't feel it's become an issue yet, but I just want to post a little reminder about the RLt's policy on non-RLt related drama, just for future reference.

We will not chide you for talking about how you're feel here. If you're upset, we'll try to make you feel better. What isn't allowed, however, is bashing, hashing, or talking/gossiping specifically about said drama. That's not something we want here. First, it's not fair to the people at the forum in question. If we had a problem here, we'd want you guys to talk straight up to us, and I know I'd personally feel very hurt and mad if I found out people were talking about it in places where I couldn't see or respond. Secondly, it's not fair to us, the regulars of this forum. We don't want to get involved, typically. This is the Reviews Lounge, Too, not Forum X or Forum Y.

Here's what I basically mean:

Allowed: Person One - "I'm feeling really upset right now. I had being talked about behind my back. How do you guys handle it?" Person Two - "It'll get better, promise. Just ignore the haters and do your best to explain yourself!"

Not Allowed: Person One - "I'm so mad at person x / group y. Did you hear that they said blah blah blah? And then person a / group b said blah blah blah back? They're so in the wrong!" Person Two - "I know! I'm totally on your side. Blah blah blah."

This hasn't become a problem yet at all, but I do want to remind everyone for future reference! If you have any confusion, feel free to ask me here or in a PM. (Know, though, that if you ask here, I'll probably delete it after I've answered you question! Got to keep the chatter out!)

Thanks for being wonderful, guys! ♥

11/12/2010 #48
Wendy Brune



11/14/2010 #49
The Reviews Lounge Too


Read the first post here, then click on the forum title at the top and VOTE! Anyone may vote for the archive awards, and anyone who has posted on the forum one time may vote in the forum awards!

You have two whole months to do this. Start now; read the stories. THIS ONLY WORKS IF EVERYONE PARTICIPATES!

11/16/2010 #50
Wendy Brune

Just a heads up that I won't be around this site - of any other social networking site, really - until Friday. The lovely EHWIES has agreed to change my passwords so that I can study harder!

If there is a forum-related problem, please contact E or Cass (or Maddie?) - they'll sort you out. If you really need me, contact E, and she'll send the message through.


12/13/2010 #51

Hi guuuuuuuuuuuys! Wow, I was away for heaaaaaps longer than I expected. Ah, I missed you guys! Mum's definitely getting the net back next week, I begged her for Christmas hahahahahaha. Anyways, can't wait until then, I'll definitely be haunting this place. Stay sillllllly guys! ♥ Maddie

12/17/2010 #52
Luna Rapunzel

Just a reminder that voting for the RLt closes next weekend!

1/8/2011 #53
Wendy Brune

Please limit your forum advertisments/link in the randomness topic. That should go in your introduce yourself topic, which can be edited.

I say this simply because although it doesn't really matter if y'all, forum regulars, do it, that rule is in place so that random people don't come here, advertise/spam our randomness, and then poof. It's one of those things where we have to keep the rules the same for everyone even though the situation is a lot different when our lovely regulars do it.

1/18/2011 #54
Wendy Brune

Thank you for letting us know, Ari. We will miss you.

However, please limit hiatus messages in this topic unless you are a moderator. This topic is for the mods to relay information to members, and it can't be cluttered with other stuff.

1/20/2011 #55
Luna Rapunzel


2/7/2011 #56

Awwwww thank you eee! ♥

The laptop's getting fixed right now guys like right now. The lady has it and everything! can't wait!I'm still going to be off and on though cause school's getting harder and I have work and other stuff on top of it. I've got heaps of stories to publish and about eight chapters of a Rachel/Jessssse one. It's pretty amazing, if I may say so myself. ;) Anyways, wuvvvv you allll and misss you! ♥

2/14/2011 #57
Wendy Brune


We're currently discussing in the Randomness VII thread what to do with the RLt. Any and everyone is invited (and even urged) to chime in, no matter how long you've been around or how much you participate in the social side. The conversation starts on page 69 and continues on from there. Being discussed is:

1.) Whether the RLt should stay open or closed.

2.) If the RLt stays open (which it basically is going to at this moment) should it become a more social place due to lack of time/interest in the archives/reviewing side.

3.) Any other suggestions.

Thank you!


3/17/2011 #58
Wendy Brune

Just a quick note that we should be coming out with a pretty major announcement about the RLt, so stayed tuned and keep checking back, please.

3/25/2011 #59
Wendy Brune

Just so y'all know, Story of the Week is back! Read the first selection here!

8/17/2011 #60
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