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Wendy Brune

A few things:

1.) As you may (or may not) have noticed, The Reviews Lounge, Too Handbook is pinned and (mostly) finished! If you're new, take a few seconds to read it through. If you're not new, you should still probably look over it, too. We've added a few rules and actually created a concrete warning plan. Additionally, the Noticeboard no longer has its rules in the first post - that's all been transferred over to the new thread. This thread will be used only for moderator announcements from now on.

2.) Going hand in hand with the above, I've gone through and deleted some posts in this thread. I didn't delete anything major, just some off-topic chat and random silliness...except the silliness that made me giggle. I let a few things slide.

3.) National Novel Writing Month is approaching. Let us know if you're participating, share your username, and see the directory of RLt users on the first page of the National Novel Writing Month Thread.

4.) Please respond to the Reviewers' Choice Awards 2011 thread with your opinion. You have about two weeks to do so.

10/23/2011 #61
Wendy Brune

After much consideration, the profanity filters are turned OFF. Plan accordingly.

While you are allowed to curse, do remember that we have a few younger members. This decision was made because the average age of forum regulars is actually pretty high now, and it just seemed like an insult to everyone to restrict y'all. If anyone has a problem with this decision, feel free to PM me.

10/27/2011 #62

So I have some coolness to share with you all. One of my favourite YouTube celebrities, TotalBiscuit, is doing a 12-hour-long marathon of first impressions of video games called the "WTF-A-THON". (The show he normally does such videos on is called "WTF is...?".

Anyway, he's doing all this for charity. So, basically, if you tune in, the ad revenue goes straight to Charity: Water. (They help third world countries have potable water to drink.) I think some of you will find it very entertaining and very amusing, and any extra money this event can raise will certainly be worth it.

For more information about Charity: Water, you can visit the following website:

Link to the event:

10/30/2011 #63
Wendy Brune

About moderators...

So, just to give everyone a heads up, I have officially removed Maddie from the moderator bar. This has nothing to do with her competence as a Mod - she's always been a lovely one - but just the fact that I haven't seen her around in a while and can't get a hold of her. She'll be welcome to reclaim her position any time she returns; the only reason for this action is simply that I don't want it to get confusing about who you can and can't contact with a problem. I'm afraid that a newbie might try to contact her with something, and they won't get a response.

With that note, then, I'm loosely looking for a new moderator. I'm not sure how long the search will go on and how many mods I might need, but if you're interested, feel free to send me a PM, and we can discuss things further.


11/6/2011 #64
Wendy Brune

As a follow up to yesterday's post, the forum moderator application can be found here. Please follow instructions carefully!

Anyone can feel free to apply, whether you PM'd me yesterday or not!

11/7/2011 #65
Wendy Brune

Just a heads up to everyone that for the next week or so, I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus for personal reasons. Thanks for your understanding!

11/9/2011 #66
Wendy Brune

Please give a nice warm welcome to our new moderator and temp!mods!

Wow, I suck for leaving this off so late. As you hopefully know, we've had our moderator application up for quite a while. Way more people applied than I ever thought (I seriously thought I was going to have to pull teeth to get people to do this!), and so it took a very long time for us to decide. I want to thank everyone who did apply - it's so nice to know they y'all are willing to help out the forum and give up your free time to moderate this place.

Although we had many great applicants, we had to pick just one. With that, I'd like to welcome Desktop Warrior - aka Time - to the modding team! He's a very loyal and levelheaded member of this forum, and I know he'll make an excellent moderator. Give him a high five next time you see him about, and expect to see his name on the mod bar soon. Yay testosterone!

Additionally, two other applicants really stood out to us. Like, really really stood out. So much, in fact, we just had to have them on the team. Therefore, please give a big internet round of applause for ToManyLetters - aka TML - and dancingqueensillystring - aka Sam - our two newest temp!mods. As a refresher, temp!mods are the people we...temporarily mod (hehheh) when a moderator knows they are going to be on a mini-hiatus or vacation. They'll be joining Crescent in this task! (As a side note: moderators - we've been pretty slack on this, so please utilize these lovely people when you're going to be gone!)

To everyone else, we want to thank you again for your applications. They were all amazing, and I wish we could put everyone to work! Please please please don't be afraid to apply again! Although our temp!mods will probably have preference if/when we open the position again, we consider everyone anew. Just because we couldn't pick you this time doesn't mean your skills won't be exactly what we need next time!

Okay, rambles over. Thanks, everyone! =) Expect the handbook and RLt profile page to be, soon. -nods-

11/27/2011 #67
Wendy Brune

For those who don't know, my LDOC is Wednesday. Between now and my last day of exams - Thursday, December 15th - I have a script to revise, two ten page papers to write, and two pretty intense finals. So yeah, I'll be "around," but not very much and with little regularity.

For that reason, I'm asking for assistance from one of our three amazing temp!mods. You all are wonderful, so whoever responds here first gets the job, so to speak. I need someone who can be around a bit these next two weeks or so, since I'll be only in and out.

11/30/2011 #68

I'm all over it, Wendy.

Take your time and do well on the script, the essays, and especially those finals.

11/30/2011 . Edited 11/30/2011 #69
Wendy Brune

Awesome, thank you so much! Your mod code: 97d94.

Just as a reminder of stuff I'm sure you already know: please help us in making sure everyone is following the rules, solving simple disputes, yadda yadda yadda. If something major comes up that requires more decisive action - such as contacting a member, banning, etc, please check in with me or another moderator first. I know you've got this, so I won't bore you with specifics.

And as a dual announcement: everyone, the lovely TML will be serving as temp!mod for the next two and a half weeks or so, so don't be surprised to see his name on the moderator bar for a bit. Listen to him just as you would any other moderator while I'm on a mini-hiatus. I'll still be popping about, but don't expect to see me much until the middle of December. Be good and stay lovely! ♥

11/30/2011 #70
Desktop Warrior

Okay, I'm really sorry I'm doing this again, but I need some time off while I sort out through a few issues. I honestly don't know when I'll be back - probably sometime next week - so I'd like to ask that Sam mod in my place while I'm gone.

12/6/2011 #71
Wendy Brune

All (permanent) mods:

Please PM me letting me know/confirming the e-mail address you'd like to receive forum-related emails from. I have a pretty big plan in the works that I need to discuss, and it'll be 80 times easier if we can all see the conversation instead of me PMing everyone separately. Thanks!

Everyone else:

Get excited for something come January to celebrate our 2nd year in fanfic land! (And thank you for all your contributions getting us this far. Who'da thunk?)

12/14/2011 #72
Wendy Brune

Two little announcements:

One, I am back from hiatus. Sorry it was so unexpectedly announced. The next time you see TML, thank him for being such an awesome temp!mod.

Also, adjustments have (finally) been made to the handbook reflecting change in staffing. Nothing too vital, but you should still check out the II.The RLt Team section.

1/7/2012 #73
Wendy Brune

I am so pleased to announce our first ever Reviewathon! Check out the thread for more information, rules, and how to join in!

1/8/2012 #74
Wendy Brune

Two important announcements...

1.) A new Story of the Week has just come out! Not only is one that everyone can read and review (you'll see what I mean), but it is the only review that can count toward the Reviewathon starting today. This means if you review it today or tomorrow, you are allowed to list it as one of your reviews for the Reviewathon. It is your responsibility to link to it, however.

2.) There is a slight rule/points change. All stories that are not in our archive are now worth 1.5 points instead of one. We've done this to make it fair to people who are less familiar with stories in our archives. HOWEVER, your biggest concern should really be the archive. Remember that the point of this forum, as even defined in our description, is ,"A forum for The Reviews Lounge, Too community...." The original Reviews Lounge was created solely so members could discuss the archives, which came first. I would like to continue on this tradition. Therefore, people who put their emphasis on the archives will have some super lovin' from me. ;-)

1/9/2012 #75
Wendy Brune

So, I am making an executive decision here...

On the Reviewathon...

I am officially declaring the end of the Reviewathon to be 11:59 pm FFN time on Sunday, February 12th. All reviews you choose to enter from the beginning of the Reviewathon until this point WILL count, including ones from the great forum black-out and this past week or two that we've been able to post. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me (or the modding staff, though I admittedly made this decision without their exact input - sorry, guys!)

To make it fun for those of you who, like me, might be falling a bit behind, I am also instituting some participation prizes. These will be determined based on how many points you as an individual collect with no comparison to others. The prizes are also cumulative - if you reach prize level three, for example, you will still get prize levels one and two. The exact prizes are secret and will be revealed at the end of the Reviewathon to make it more fun. (Not because I haven't figured them all out exactly. Nope.)

Prize Levels:

1-20 points = Prize Level One

21 - 45 points = Prize Level Two

46 - 75 points = Prize Level Three

76 - 120 points = Prize Level Four

121 points or more = Prize Level Five

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/5/2012 #76
Luna Rapunzel

So as you guys all know, the Reviewathon was a HUGE success, and our participants were able to deliver600 reviewsand garner a buttload of activity for the RLt archives--including graduating a ton of fics from both the one-shot and the WIP archives. So as a consequence of all that empty space currently left behind, we invited the Level 5 Reviewathon participants, as well as all of our current moderators, to accept positions (or promotions) as archive staffers in order to help us replenish and maintain the c2's, including going through the long-neglected fic recommendation threads, and we're happy to announce that ShadedRogue, Desktop Warrior, Inkfire, Rosawyn, and MadameGiry25 have all accepted! Thanks to all five of you for taking on the job, and good luck in your new staff roles!

3/5/2012 #77
Wendy Brune

Two important things:

1.) The lovelyRelalahas been given her position as an archive staff member and temp!mod back. She has always done a lovely job, and we're glad she's finally returned to us! ♥

2.) I was dumb and forgot to mention this in the collab post, but please keep all collab pieces rated Teen or lower. This is simply because if one piece is rated M, the entire collab must be rated M, and we don't want to turn off any potential readers over one submission. If you're unsure of whether your story is okay, feel free to PM me or one of the moderators, and we can discuss it with you. If you really, really want your story to be rated M, PM me and we can discuss the options. Thanks, y'all.

3/8/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #78
Wendy Brune

Heads up for those who don't know: I'll be headed to the beach (in a few minutes) for the weekend with no internet! If you need anyone, contact one of the other mods instead (though I love PMs, so feel free to do that, too!)

Thanks y'all! Be good!

3/9/2012 #79
The Reviews Lounge Too

The Reviews Lounge, Too proudly presents...

Sweet Spring Is Your Time, the springtime RLt collaboration! We currently have five great stories posted, but more will be on the way. (Remember, you do still have time to claim and contribute!) Please leave them a review, but especially if you have submitted or plan to submit yourself!

Important Notice: After examining the TOS (i.e. the terms of service we all agree to when posting), I no longer believe the original loop-hole that allowed us to re-post collab pieces on our profiles exist. The site specifically states: "Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions." You will be breaking the rules if you post your collab piece on your profile. I'm leaving it up to you on whether you want to take the risk or not, but please be especially aware. (I, personally, do not plan to post my piece on my own profile.)

3/20/2012 #80
Wendy Brune

Just a quick announcement that we have decided to add Rosawyn to our temp!modding staff! She's great at keeping the peace and is one of our more active members! Moderators, feel free to ask her (or any of our other temp!mods) for help when you know you'll be gone!

4/8/2012 #81
Wendy Brune


Due to general stress on my part and what seems to be many others, the collab has been extended ten days, to April 25. If you could send in your piece by then, it'd be much appreciated. Additionally, the collab WILL be updated tomorrow with anything sent it since the last update. I'd do it today, but I'm honestly so tired and brain dead I'd just mess something up.

4/12/2012 #82
Wendy Brune

We've added a brand new section to the handbook: Who's Who? Please, if you're on the list, take a moment to make sure all information is correct. We'll gladly change or remove anything. (Especially gender preference and identity.)

Use this helpful guide to keep track of our regulars and what to call them. NOTE: This list will be updated from time to time. A regular is considered someone who has been here for some time, posts quite a bit in Randomness and other threads, and is just generally recognizable here. If you think you should be on this list and aren't, feel free to PM one of the moderators, but do realize that the people who are on this list are here for a reason. Unless there has been an error, we'll likely tell you to just hang out with us more.

4/15/2012 #83
Luna Rapunzel
On account of me going to France and thus being even less available as a mod as I usually am in my suckage and glory, the lovely Rosa has agreed to temp!mod for me until I'm back! I'll be gone May 2nd through 11th, and I'm sure she'll do a lovely job of filling in when I'm gone. ♥
4/27/2012 #84
Desktop Warrior

I need a break. Won't be around for a while.

5/6/2012 #85
Luna Rapunzel

Just officially announcing that I'm back from Paris and relieving Rosa of her temp!mod duties. Thanks again for covering for me, lovely! ♥

(also wtf is up with this new layout do not like)

5/12/2012 #86
Desktop Warrior

Taking another break so I can devote my full attention to the job hunt.

EDIT: By "break," I mean, I won't be here on a regular basis until I've gotten into the groove of things and can establish a regular schedule.

5/25/2012 . Edited 5/25/2012 #87
Wendy Brune

Have you checked out the new SOTW?

...well, you should.

5/28/2012 #88

From Wendy, about the AO3 invitations:

[3:56:21 PM] Wendy: -le sigh- This is what happens when people jump in trying to help. (Not that I blame you Accidentally, as I know you were just trying to do a good thing.) Rachel and I had a system already discussed, and if anyone with invites wants to use this thread, we ask that they join our system.

I thought we could try first come first serve, but that wouldn't be fair because of time zones. Here's the plan: after a few days when everyone has had a chance to respond, we will randomize the order list of who gets an invite first. We should be able to request more, so everyone will get one eventually - it just might take a week or two.We'll PM you for your emails once it's your turn on the list.

(If you request one after the list has been made, you'll just be added to the end. That's the only fair way.)

That was the original plan, and that's how we're going to carry on doing it. If anyone has any complaints, feel free to let me know; however, I think this is the fairest way, factoring in time zones, etc.

Also, give Rachel some lovin' for posting this for me!

6/1/2012 #89
Wendy Brune

The regulars thread has been updated in the handbook! If you have a moment, please make sure all information listed is correct. Remember, we can easily remove or change gender at your request! =)

6/9/2012 #90
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