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Wendy Brune


Use this topic to introduce yourself! Please fill out the form below -- if they're something you don't want to tell us, no problem! And please, no specifics. Never give out your full name, location, or contact information on the internet! Instead of giving us your real name, try a nickname! For location, tell us what country you're from. Safety is always important.

Before posting, please be sure that you've read the Handbook to get familiar with who we are and what we do.

The Reviews Lounge, Too, is all about pooling our resources as a group to give quality stories (and authors!) in our archives the attention they deserve, with an emphasis on reviewing without expecting anything in return.

You can learn more by reading our Handbook and browsing around our one-shots and two-shots, WIPs, and M-rated archives, so please make sure you've done so before you introduce yourself to learn about the purpose of the forum and decide whether we're a good fit for you.



Preferred Gender Pronouns:

Location (generally speaking):

Why are you here?

How did you find out about us?

What fic are you most proud of?

One interesting fact?

Favorite Fandom to read/write?


I'll start!

(Nick)Name: Wendy

Age: Teenaged (but getting closer to not!)

Preferred Gender Pronouns: Female

Location (generally speaking): USA

Why are you here? I think it's important to always review. Not only do you encourage others, but you also learn a lot about writing, too! Also, I can't wait to talk to everyone. Hopefully this forum can be a great place to make friends and share stories about our lives as fanfiction writers!

What fic are you most proud of? Crushed, my Harry Potter one-shot. Although I do like my Peter Pan WIP.

One interesting fact? I've been dancing since first grade!

Favorite fandom to read/write? Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Glee, ... pretty much anything that strikes my fancy.

Now, introduce yourselves then come chat in the randomness topic or contribute to another topic! Don't be afraid to jump in!

1/20/2010 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 12/13/2015 #1
Wendy Brune

BTW, the Star Wars reference is for one of my favorite mods of the old Reviews Lounge, Wordy. =)

1/20/2010 #2

(Nick)Name: RKC

Age: 20

Location (generally speaking): United Kingdom

Fandom: Generally HP, but also read Doctor Who and House.

Why are you here? Because I want to help make this forum the success of the previous incarnations of the RL

What fic are you most proud of? Having not written for a very long time, I shan't suggest any of my own work.

One interesting fact? I'm very into photography, so some shameless self-promotion! :)

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/23/2010 #3

Name: Jay

Age: 17

Location (generally speaking): England

Why are you here? Showing my support for what seems like the beginnings of a great forum :)

What fic are you most proud of? Most of them.. probably my uber-long 100-pairing story, Love Is, which I recently finished with the very lovely Hannah and Neville!

One interesting fact? You can have two: I'm a very much overworked, over tired, overly stressed IB student who is calmed no end by Ron/Hermione story and knitting, and I'm a massive Trekkie :D

1/21/2010 #4
Wendy Brune

Even though I know you won't be around, thanks for showing your support! It means a lot to me!

1/21/2010 #5
Dejsha's World

(Nick)Name: Ari (real name Dejsha) but prefer Ariana/Ari. You can also call me Tink/Tinker bell.

Age: 20

Location (generally speaking): Australia

Why are you here? I love reviews and I was a member of the original forum; and I thought I'd join.

What fic are you most proud of? All of them, but "Sleeping Sun" is probably a favorite (Hermione and Severus)

One interesting fact? I love ancient and medieval history.

Fandoms I write/read?: Harry Potter, the Belgariad, Tamir Triad, Greek Mythology, Troy (movies), Cronicals of Narnia, LOTR, Legend of the Seeker and more.

Oh and I have a forum that anyone is free to join. It is on my profile and it is a general forum. It is titled "Chatterbox Tavern."

1/21/2010 . Edited 9/21/2010 #6
Bad Mum

Nick)Name: Katy

Age: Old enough to know better

Location (generally speaking): England

Why are you here? Because I always supported the idea behind the old RL and I'm happy to see it carried on.

What fic are you most proud of? Oh dear, that's hard. I think The_First_Mrs_Norris and Best_Man. Sorry, I know that's two...

One interesting fact? I am scared of butterflies

1/22/2010 #7

(Nick)Name: Pearl

Age: High schooler

Location: The Golden State (until summer, at least)

Why are you here? Because I miss the old RL, and I've really enjoyed meeting wonderful people and authors there, so I'd like to continue that here as well. Oh, and reviewing, of course =D

What fic are you most proud of? I've written so many now, it's hard to decide... I'll go ahead and say Blueberrries & Rollercoasters.

Favorite Fandom: Harry Potter, definitely, but I've lately been getting into the Percy Jackson fandom as well. It doesn't have too many extraordinary stories yet, but there are a few really good ones I've found :)

One interesting fact: I've tried almost every flavor of Hot Cheetos known to man.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/23/2010 #8

(Nick)Name:HungarianWitch, Diko

Age: quarter of a century :D now that's scary...

Location (generally speaking): Hungary, Europe

Why are you here?I like the idea, that this forum is open to all fandoms, I hope to learn more. And I was (mostly) lurking at the original RL too, so I thought why not...

What fic are you most proud of? I haven't and will never write anything. I like reading too much and I'm lazy, have to work, and have no ambition... :)

One interesting fact? I actually like Edward Cullen as a character. I have read many AMAZING fics and they showed me what SMeyer couldn't, so I would say I'm 'Team Edward' thanks to fanfcition.

1/22/2010 #9
Wendy Brune

Welcome to the RLt!!

((Haha, you might be in the minority about Edward Cullen, Diko))

1/22/2010 #10


well then, I might just recommend some fics to you... :) but then again... maybe I should think that over, I don't want to be stoned from the angry mob! :D

( but for my excuse... I love HP too:)

1/22/2010 #11
Wendy Brune

Haha, fill free to rec some Twilight fics in the recommendations thread -- maybe you can convert me! =)

1/22/2010 #12

(Nick)Name: Holly

Age: 25

Location (generally speaking): New Mexico (As in the state in the USA not the country of Mexico, although I did spend a lot of time in my teenage days going back and forth across the border)

Why are you here? I'm here because I love the idea of the original RL and I like that it's going to be spread into any fandom now :)

What fic are you most proud of? He Can't Say I wrote that a week after my sister passed away and I like to go back and read through it just so I can see how far I've come since then.

One interesting fact? I lived three years in Japan and have visited countries all over Asia and a few in the Middle East. The only places I haven't been to (yet) are Europe (with the exception of Russia and a airport in London), South America, Africa and Australia. Hope to chance that one day :)

Favorite Fandom to read/write? I've only written Harry Potter, but lately I've been reading in the Twilight fandom as well as Harry Potter. I just love the wolf packs :)

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #13
Sorry my computer bunched all that together stupid computer
1/22/2010 #14

(Nick)Name: Evylin

Age: 16

Location: Canada

Why are you here? I love giving and receiving reviews and I would like to help big up this forum so that it can be just as great as the old RL.

What fic are you most proud of? PostSecret.

One interesting fact: I had déja vu today! And one that actually says a little about me... my favourite sport is basketball.

Favourite fandom to read/write? Harry Potter!

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #15

Name: Beki

Age: 21

Location: Bonnie Scotland

Why are you here?: I feel accomplished when I get a review and I want to give reviews and make other authors feel that way.

What fic are you most proud of?: Barbas: The Demon Within

One interesting fact: I talk to myself and I don't think it's weird.

Favourite fandom to read/write: At the moment Harry Potter, but I'm hoping to include others in the near future.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #16

Nick)Name: Tat

Age: 21

Location: France

Why are you here? Evelyn give that link on HPFC forum, I just followed the lead.

What fic are you most proud of? Sensed Choice

One interesting fact: I'll probably make grammatical mistakes on my posts, and I'm sorry about that.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #17
Wendy Brune

Welcome everyone! Please don't be afraid to come chat in randomness or contribute to one of the other topics!

1/22/2010 #18

Nick)Name: Lees or Lisa

Age: teenager

Location (generally speaking): USA

Why are you here? My sister introduced me to this forum.

What fic are you most proud of? Clueless

One interesting fact? I can't write well.

1/22/2010 #19
Wendy Brune

What's your favorite fandom to read or write, Lees?

1/22/2010 #20

Gossip girl and sometimes Harry Potter.

1/22/2010 #21
Luna Rapunzel

info updated January 2015 :) ...

(Nick)Name: E (it's a remnant of my former pen name, -EHWIES)

Age: 21

Preferred Gender Pronouns: Female

Location (generally speaking): Michigan

Why are you here? I've been a member of all three Reviews Lounges to date and an on-off staff member here at the RLt since it was first founded. Currently rocking a couple of positions and here to show support for the goal of the archives, have fun (especially with events!), and make people feel as welcome as possible when I interact with them. :)

What fic are you most proud of? Through A Glass Darkly, my obnoxiously long in-progress WIP focusing on Harry's parents and their Gryffindor friends in their sixth year, is the first and only novel-length project that I've ever worked on, so I'm proud of my commitment to it and super attached to the characters in it, too. I'm also really attached to my completed drabble collection about Tom Riddle's adolescent love life (lol), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and I think my best one-shot is probably better go and get your armor, which is about Minerva McGonagall's lesbian love life (lolol).

One interesting fact? I did my undergrad in Detroit and am immensely proud of this fact. ;D

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Harry Potter, but I dabble occasionally in others if ideas happen to come to me or if I'm writing a gift!fic.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/2/2015 #22
Wendy Brune

-EHWIES! I haven't talked to you since, well, when school started. ;-)

1/22/2010 #23
Luna Rapunzel

Haha, I know. My activity is seasonal--that, and I show up at times like these. :) Good to see you! (In a manner of speaking.)

1/22/2010 #24

(Nick)Name: eh, everyone just uses lyin', though no worries if you drop the apostrophe

Age: 21

Location (generally speaking): New York. Don't get excited~ the state, NOT the city. ;D

Why are you here? I've been an in-and-outer, depending on the craziness of real life, of the RL over the past two years. so who i am i kidding? i'm totally going to drop by here from time to time. nice to see it's taking on a new life (and i've ALWAYS followed TONS of fics beyond the Harry Potter fandom, from my first forays into this site, so i may occasionally come up with a recommendation too, though i'm focusing more on my own writing lately)~ and I'm glad to recognize plenty of familiar faces. hi guys! ;D

What fic are you most proud of? oh, still Fools, I guess, though Thrice is a close second. It was the first time I really *completed* a story, and I'm still really proud of those characters and how the whole thing came together.

One interesting fact? Just one? ;D here's an easy one ~ i may only be an occasional poster, but over the RL's existence i've also probably posted some of the longest. ;P a couple people used to refer to them as "lyin' length posts." so beware and feel free to scroll through my babbling whenever such may occur ;D

Favorite Fandom to read/write? well Harry Potter's still up there though I've pretty much just followed the First Order/ Marauders during the first war type fics for the past couple years. and back before then, right up to me being 15 and first finding fanfiction, it was the prequel-type stories and yes, those Sirius/OC stories (i seem to remember reading a lot of fics featuring Muggle girls who met him while he was a dog circa PoA?)~ so that hasn't changed much. But outside of that~ at different points I've been very into X-Men and Doctor Who (a lot of excellent stories in both fandoms!), occasionally Smallville, and lately I've been back into my other original fandom, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!, since I've been rewatching the show with my sister and trying to follow the new Season 8 comics, even when it's only reading the summaries on wikipedia. don't know if i'll ever get around to writing in these other fandoms... I'd love to become someone able to churn out many, shorter oneshots and I have so many small and unfinished fics on my computer that may never see the light of the Internet it's ridiculous. usually i wait for something to be an actual *story* to post...

1/22/2010 #25
Wendy Brune

haha lyin, I've always loved your lengthy post -- they give me something to read when I can't find a good fanfic! ;-)

1/22/2010 #26

(Nick)Name: you can just call me maddie

Age: teeeeeeeenaged

Location (generally speaking): Australia

Why are you here? im here cause i loved the idea of the last RL, even if i wasn't there all the time. they provided me with great advice and reviews, which i loved. im sad to see it go, even though i understand why its being locked. but yay! i have you guys now :D

What fic are you most proud of? its a toss up between Dreams Just Aren't Enough, my first chapter fic that gotten past 5 chapters, and One Lifetime, the fic that is going to be my huge 100 prompt Lavender/Seamus.

Favorite Fandom to read/write? its harry potter, i think. jk gave us a great background to work with, and i love the prequel stories, so much so im considering write a chapter one myself, instead of just a oneshot. glee comes in a close second though, tied with buffy the vampire slayer! :) i used to love the peter pan fics, there was just something magical about them. recently ive been tossing up the idea of writing a tudor fic, im obsessed with that part in history, even my dad says so. :)

1/23/2010 #27
Luna Rapunzel

It's good to see so many familiar RLers here. :)

1/23/2010 #28

I know, right? I think if we didn't have this we'd miss it deeply, so big props to Wendy for creating this! :D

1/23/2010 #29
Luna Rapunzel

Gold star for Wendy. :)

1/23/2010 #30
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