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Silver Symphony

Welcome to the RLt! :) Happy to have you here.

Thank you. ^.^

10/2/2010 #301
Wendy Brune

Death Note, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Bleach, Dead or Alive, Watchmen, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, Final Fantasy, Wolf's Rain, Fruits Basket, Metal Gear Solid, Pokémon, Assassin's Creed, and Teen Titans are currently the only fandoms I am interested in writing for.

I haven't watched Teen Titans in so, so long, but I really like the fanfiction for it, for whatever reason!

10/2/2010 #302

Hi! New to the forum... so... what goes on here?

I write for Total Drama Island and Boondocks, if anyones ever heard of those. :D

10/6/2010 #303
Wendy Brune

Hi there, Cereal-Killa. We actually have a form that we ask for you to fill out on this topic - you can find it on the first page of this thread! Thanks!

10/6/2010 #304

I hope this forum is still active.

(Nick)Name: Chihuahua0

Age: Under 18

Location (generally speaking): Standoff, USA (somewhere in the Midwest)

Why are you here? To receive more reviews for my fan-fic Kira Is Justice.

How did you find out about us? Searching

What fic are you most proud of? Kira Is Justice (Over 600+ views!)

One interesting fact? I met Eion Colfer and Heather Brewer

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Death Note.

10/9/2010 #305
Luna Rapunzel

We're crazy active, don't worry. :) Welcome to the RLt!

10/9/2010 #306

(Nick)Name: Mottsnave

Age: over 30 oy!

Location (generally speaking): USA

Why are you here? Partly to find good quality, lesser known fics to read, and partly hoping for some more readers and reviewers for my own work!

How did you find out about us? I heard about the old RL in someone's comments, and followed the links from there

What fic are you most proud of? Oh, you mean my one and only piece right now? That would be The Clear Cut:

One interesting fact? I'm an amateur student of the folklore of many countries, it was definitely an inspiration to me when I finally started to write.

Favorite Fandom to read/write? HP right now, but I want to explore more!

10/11/2010 #307

(Nick)Name: TwistedTale, Call me Tale

Age: 18, give or take a few months

Location (generally speaking): Michigan

Why are you here? Well I was more or less ordered to by my new friend Amy

How did you find out about us? Again, Amy's doing mostly.

What fic are you most proud of? Memory! I just finished it! (check it out all you Tom Riddle lovers!)

One interesting fact? My grandmother, my mother, and my sister are all writers too!

Favorite Fandom to read/write? HP

10/11/2010 #308


Age:too close to twenty

Location (generally speaking): asia

How did you find out about us? i read about it in the glass inkwell and i liked the idea!

What fic are you most proud of? The love life of a run away disbeliever

One interesting fact? i'm a history addict

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Harry Potter, majorly. but some twilight too

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/12/2010 #309
wandering endlessly

Welcome mottsnave, Tale and Rose ( can I call you that? ) !

I'm Jade if I haven't met you before :)

10/12/2010 #310

You can call me Rose.

Hello, Jade!

10/12/2010 #311
wandering endlessly

Hey Rose! Talked to you in other places I'm pretty sure, or was the NaNo the only place? I swear you're the one who beta-ed my Rose/Scorp?... sorry if not, i'm terrible with names :'(

10/12/2010 #312

i think the Nano was the only one. and beta-ing yours? i'm not that sure it was me, either:)

10/12/2010 #313
wandering endlessly

I had you on msn? Maybe?

10/12/2010 #314

Um...what's msn? sorry if i'm being stupid!

10/12/2010 #315
wandering endlessly

haha k maybe not live messenger?

10/12/2010 #316

Oh, i've heard of it here and there but never knew what it meant! thanks!

10/12/2010 #317

Hello again, and yes you can call me Tale!

10/12/2010 #318

(Nick)Name: Tea. R.T.R

Age: 17

Location (generally speaking): Canada. We're totally chillin' done here.

Why are you here? Because this place rocks like sedimentary and everyone who's awesome is here.

How did you find out about us? I was here when we just stared the RLT, and I was around when the old RL was here and the first one too. Now I have a new account though.

What fic are you most proud of? Got none up yet.

One interesting fact? Would marry Dr. Susess if I met him.

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Harry Potter.

10/12/2010 #319

(Nick)Name: Mottsnave

Age: over 30 oy!

Location (generally speaking): USA

Why are you here? Partly to find good quality, lesser known fics to read, and partly hoping for some more readers and reviewers for my own work!

Welcome! Another "grown up" on the board :D (I'm also in my 30s) I'm glad you have a Snape WIP, too, I'll be checking it out!

Welcome also to the other newbies, jump right in and have fun :)

10/12/2010 #320

Thanks, I'm checking out the boards... and your stories, very cool!

10/15/2010 #321

(Nick)Name: Claire

Age: 'mature' young adult

Location: New Zealand

Why are you here? Well I was actually trying to see if there was a forum for beta-readers, because I'm thinking of creating one, and then this forum caught my eye. I dunno, it must have been the word 'review' that drew me in. I live by the policy that if you can take time to review my work, I can take time to respond to your review. Also, your review gets mine, although I haven't been sharp on that one because I barely have time to write lately, nevermind reading and reviewing.

What fic are you most proud of? ....... I actually have no pride in my work. I think most of everything I've written sucks. But that might be because nothing I write satisfies me.

One interesting fact: Vergil scares me. So does Dante. But mostly Vergil.

Favourite fandom to read/write? Devil May Cry =]

10/15/2010 #322
Luna Rapunzel

Welcome welcome! :) I can totally relate to doubting yourself and your writing, but I promise you can't be as bad as you think you are, haha. Writers are their own worst critics, right?

10/19/2010 #323

I dislike all my writing, especially when I read amazing author's like EHWIES here! ;) Anyways, hi!

10/20/2010 #324

Welcome to you! I bet your work is far better than your inner critic claims it is. (writers are a self-critical bunch!) Sometimes I have to work really hard to shut off the "this positively stinks" voice. I think it's a hazard of the game. I look forward to reading your stuff :)

10/20/2010 #325
Prelude to the Heart

Name: Prelude, Pre, or Lissa

Age: nearly 21

Location: Earth, North America, United States, Virginia.

Why are you here? Took a long hiatus, came back and found the RL gone :(

How did you find out about us? One of the last posts on the old RL forum

One interesting fact? this creepy boy hitting on my on Facebook is a creeper :/

Favorite Fandom to read? Anything with Blaise Zabini, I'll give anything a whirl except M/M slash. I prefer M/F couplings and the occasional F/F. But Harry and Draco just gives me the chills. Hello : )

10/20/2010 . Edited 10/20/2010 #326
Wendy Brune

Welcome! I love your pen-name! ♥

10/21/2010 #327
Prelude to the Heart

thank you :)

10/21/2010 #328

(Name): Colton

Age: I'm still a teenager and I'll leave it at that.

Location: The United States

Why are you here? Trying to find a place where I can get reviews without seeming like I'm desperate, which I sort of feel like at times as I will go to great lengths to get my stories noticed. I seemingly get more reviews for stories that I wrote due to a spur of the moment, but very few reviews for stories that I actually planned out.

What fic are you most proud of? Life vs Death, my Final Destination 3 story. It's my longest story to date and the one fic that I am determined to finish no matter what.

One interesting fact: If I get an idea for a story in my head I'll post it almost immediatly so I won't forget it regardless of how many un-finished fics I have.

Favorite Fandom: Smallville and Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (to a slightly less degree).

10/25/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #329
Wendy Brune

Welcome, Colton!

I do the same thing. I have a WIP that I've not worked on in a few months with lots of fans, but I don't let that stop me from publishing my random one-shots.

10/25/2010 #330
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