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St. Elsewhere

(Nick)Name: Into with a toe sound.


Location (generally speaking): Australia.

Why are you here? I just found it and thought it looked good.

How did you find out about us? Through a random profile.

What fic are you most proud of? Crasher Wake.

One interesting fact? I'm left-handed?

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Hunger Games!

4/22/2012 . Edited 4/22/2012 #901

Name:You can all call me SomeGuy, or Guy if you're lazy like me (or just G).

Age:Somewhere between 18 & 19. For now as in a few months it will be 19.

Location (Generally speaking):That way -------

As for my reason for being here:You see I kind of had a similar idea to you people, reviewing under-appreciated writers. But, alas, I am only one person with virtually hundreds of stories to sort through (also weeding out the bad stories, or should I say, the stories that "need improvement" is time consuming as well).

How did I find out about RLt?Mostly through forum surfing, really. I saw it to be noble cause, so I thought I'd join. And also to be honest, to get some solid feedback on my own story.

What fic am I most proud of?Well... if I had to guess, I would have to say it would be my only fic to date, A Darker Hero.

An interesting fact:The most common cause of death? Living...

My favorite type of fandom to read/write?Pretty much any manga/anime, I'll give any manga/anime a chance but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy other genres. I used to like HP a lot until it got all mainstream (I'm using that word slightly wrong, I mean extraordinarily popular).

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #902

Oh God! It's a giant word block. My bad, if asked, I'll repost using an actual computer.

Edit: It's been fixed!!!!

4/23/2012 . Edited 4/23/2012 #903

Hey, Phantom, Into, and Guy! Great to meet you all! I'm Siri. *handshake*

SomeGuy -- no worries --- the site update makes it so that even when I post on an actual computer it still makes my words into a ginormous text wall ;) You can edit it from a regular computer later if you wish.

Please come join the fun in the Randomness thread, post your own stories in Pimp and Promote, and chat anywhere you feel like chatting! This is a fun community and I'm glad the three of you found us!

4/23/2012 #904

Hello, my name is BLUEMAN4336, but you can call me Blue, Blue Man, or whatever you want really.

I've got many, many fandoms which include; Pokemon, TES, Saints Row, Sims, Minecraft, and many many others.

I hope to make some new friends here.

My stories aren't all that great, and I don't expect you guys to give me any reviews, but if you're interested in the media that my stories are based off of, I'd appreciate it if you'd read it.

I'm currently 19yo, and I'm from Ohio. I found you guys just by being curious and looking through the general forums section. Not really much else to me.

4/24/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #905

Welcome, Blue! We are all here to improve our writing and to get thoughtful feedback... I am pretty familiar with Pokemon, anyway, and I know there are some Sims folks on here :) Review Tag is a great way to start, or put your stories in Pimp and Promote.

I'm Siri, though I answer to any permutation of my pen name. it's great to meet you :)

4/25/2012 #906

(Nick)Name:Skyaulait / Sciolet, whatever you prefer


Location (generally speaking):In lovely ol' Europe

Why are you here?Well, I've just started writing my very first fanfiction. I actually wanted to refrain from doing this, because I knew just how addictive it could be, but the awesomeness of Doctor Who was just too great to resist - also the fact that there hasn't been a single male companion in NuWho is starting to bug me ;)

How did you find out about us?A good friend of mine is a beta-reader here, but she actually doesn't know that I have signed up, haha^^

What fic are you most proud of?Not a tough choice, since I've only written one... but that one I'm proud of.

One interesting fact?Uh, did you know that the steam engine was invented in Ancient Greece? Some decades ago another Greek guy had invented something like a railway as well, so if they had collaborated... now THAT would be an interesting story!

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Doctor Who, since I haven't yet experienced anything else... but I suppose I'd like Sherlock (since the whole Sherlock fandom is just utterly brilliant), probably Harry Potter and X-Men... I shall find out :D

I don't have any friends yet, so if you feel like adding me (is that an option? Haha, "Adding was never an option" xD), just feel free and go ahead!

4/25/2012 #907

Welcome Skyaulait! I'm Giry or Madame, whichever you prefer. It's wonderful to have another Whovian in our midst! Pop on over to Randomness so we can get to know you!

4/25/2012 #908

(Nick)Name:les or leslie if ya want

Age:15 going on 16

Location (generally speaking):mexico

Why are you here?i like to talk to people that share common interest as me, and i have a lot of them

How did you find out about us?just came across this by accident, glad i did

What fic are you most proud of? Lost the Susan chronicals; Book 1

One interesting fact?I wrote fan fiction before i even knew about this site! The one i had metion, I orinally wrote about two years ago!

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Lost, but i'm open to anything that catches my eyes

4/25/2012 #909
Desktop Warrior

Welcome to the RLt, all you new folks! Come join us in Randomness, and abandon what's left of your sanity!

4/26/2012 #910

Hey guys, welcome to the RLt! As Time says, feel free to come join us in Randomness!

4/26/2012 #911

Name: Joseph, Joe works, too.

Age: 15

Location: America

Why am I here?: Get reviews / make friends

How I found out: Checking out the Forums, saw this one.

Fic I am most proud of: Portal Cubed

Interesting Fact?: I read HP and the Deathly Hallows in two days, during TAKS testing, in eighth grade.

Fav Fandom?: Portal and A:TLA,

4/26/2012 #912

(Nick)Name: Call me Jess ;)

Age: uhmm lets just say I'm alive. Capiche?

Location (generally speaking): The US..

Why are you here?: I don't exactly have a particular reason...

How did you find out about us?: Generally speaking?

What fic are you most proud of?: My River Of Secrets. Though I am lacking in motivation I shall finish it..

One interesting fact?: My toenails have silver nailpolish on them :D It's purty!

Favorite Fandom to read/write?: I like writing FairyTales ;) But I read mostly anything that comes along me way


4/26/2012 #913
Cerulean City

Welcome, welcome! Welcome back! Always nice to see you!

4/26/2012 #914

Welcome to the RLt Jess and Joseph! I'm known as Simon around these parts... I hope you'll join us in the randomness thread soon!!!

4/26/2012 #915

Welcome, Jess and Joe! So great to meet you. Yes, pop into the Randomness thread where the chatting happens! We're glad to have you.

Joe, I'm LOLing at how you read Deathly Hallows during standardized testing. ;)

4/27/2012 #916

@)Cerulean City



Oii!!! :D Thank you, thank you! It's good to be here ;)


4/27/2012 . Edited 4/27/2012 #917

Pen name: SilverWingedGentleman, although you may call me Silver for short.

Age: Withheld, although I'll say high school senior. (That gave it away didn't it...)

Location: California, United States of America (subject to change...)

Why are you here? Primarily I want to become a better writer. I also am here for fun; I enjoy writing fiction!

How did you find out about us? General Forum search.

What fic are you most proud of? As of now, Halberd, but I've only been here for about four months. I still have plenty of ideas.

One interesting fact: I don't necessarily know if it is interesting, but I hope to write a series of fan fictions that span several fandoms.

Favorite Fandom: I do not have a favorite fandom, although there are several I enjoy. (TWEWY, Professor Layton, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros...etc.)

4/29/2012 #918

Hello and welcome, Silver! :) It's very nice to meet you. I'm Rosa, a temp!mod for this fine establishment. I know a couple of regulars here who will be very happy that you're a Pokefan. ^_^ I personally am not very familiar with any of the fandoms you've listed (though I am somewhat familiar with Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Smash Brothers), but the wonderful thing about this place is that we've got all kinds, so you're likely to find at least one other person who's a fan of pretty much anything. :D I know we've got fans of both Super Smash Brothers and Kingdom Hearts, as two examples.

If you want to get to know us better, I suggest you pop into the Randomness thread and jump right into the conversation. There's usually someone online, and we're a friendly bunch. :)

4/29/2012 #919
It's very nice to meet you Rosa! I'm glad that there are many different works represented here. I will look into the Randomness thread next. Thank you for your help!
4/29/2012 #920
Rori Potter

(Nick)Name: Erin


Location (generally speaking): US

Why are you here? I was recommended to come here.

How did you find out about us? See above.

What fic are you most proud of? Porcelain Doll - needs to be edited and polished.

One interesting fact? I can understand written French better than spoken French.

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Harry Potter

4/29/2012 . Edited 4/29/2012 #921

Hello and welcome to the RLt, Erin! :) I'm probably going to forget that you're Erin, so I hope you don't mind if I call you Rori when I see you? I'm terrible at remembering most nicknames unless they're somehow related to the username. :P Anyway, you certainly aren't alone in being a Harry Potter fan around these parts; I myself have written quite a few (15 I think?) HP fics. :) Also, you are not alone in being able to read French better than you can understand it; believe it or not, we were just talking about that exact thing not too long ago in Randomness. Speaking of Randomness, you should pop over and join in the conversation. We're friendly, and most of us won't bite. XD

4/29/2012 #922

Welcome Erin and Silver! It's so great to have you here! I'm Giry. Certainly, pop over to Randonmess so that we can get to know you better! Look forward to seeing you there!

4/30/2012 #923
I Dont Know What Im Doing

(Nick)Name: Izzy


Location (generally speaking): California

Why are you here? Started trying out writing fics not long ago and was pretty nervous. Now I'm ready to open up a little and get more involved.

How did you find out about us? Just going through the forums for the first time. Wanted to find ones to get me more involved

What fic are you most proud of? I Will Let You Down - it's not all that great probably and it's really short. Kind of like a free form poem but it's very personal to me.

One interesting fact? I collect Sailor Moon dolls and figures. Not sure what it is about them but I just love em.

Favorite Fandom to read/write? Sherlock mostly because I just love the personalities of the characters.

5/1/2012 #924

Hey, Izzy...come check out the randomness thread some time. We'd love to get to know you better. :)

5/1/2012 #925

Weclone Izzy! Good to meet you! :). I'm Siri. You know, I have never watched the new Sherlock. /hides

Edit: I am leaving that autocorrect in there for posterity. The RLt -- where we love newbies so much we clone them.

5/1/2012 . Edited 5/1/2012 #926
I Dont Know What Im Doing

It's ok. I just recently, as in yesterday, decided to finally finish watching Battlestar Galactica so we're even.

5/1/2012 #927
Yay for BSG! Oh, how I wept, and wrote a fixfic. ;). Great to meet you!
5/1/2012 #928



Location Canada eh...

Why are you here? Because there a forum for fan fiction.ent

What fic are you most proud of? im well only wrote or should say still writing my first fan fic. and im not that big of a writer but love fan fiction

One interesting fact? im paricaly sighted

Favorite Fandom to read/write? My Litlte pony FIM

5/1/2012 #929

[(Nick)Name] - (Oz) Aron

[Age] - 19

[Location (generally speaking)] - Australia

[Why are you here?] - Migration?

[How did you find out about us?] - Rocky

[What fic are you most proud of?] - World Pokémon Championships

[One interesting fact?] - I'm Rocky's twin brother

[Favorite Fandom to read/write?] - Pokémon

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #930
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