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Wendy Brune

Even if you've played Review Tag at other forums or with us before, please make sure you read these rules in their entirety before playing. Those who fail to follow the rules will get warnings that may result in being banned from the forum.

The concept of this game is a simple and fun way to get more reviews. You review a one-shot or one chapter of a story by the person who posted last. The next person will review one of your stories, and so on and so forth.

The Placeholder System/How to Play

  1. When you are ready to play, go to the last post in this thread. It should say "placeholder" OR "I have read and reviewed story X by author Y."
  2. Before you go to the author's page, please reply to the thread with the words "placeholder." Refresh to make sure you tagged who you think you tagged.
  3. Go to the author's page, pick a story, and leave a QUALITY review.
  4. Once you have submitted your review, go back to your "placeholder" post and edit in which story you have read. You can find the edit option if you click on the little gear next to the reply button in your own post. If you are having trouble, please feel free to contact a moderator.
  5. You're done! Now wait for your newest review and feel free to jump in again! Please note, though, that you may only have one open placeholder at any given time. Simply put, you must submit a review for your last post before posting again.

What kind of reviews do we expect?

  • Reviews MUST BE QUALITY REVIEWS. You should be leaving reviews you expect to get in return. We will be monitoring the board from proper reviews.
  • What is a quality review? Quality reviews are more than just one sentence. They mention specific things about a story instead of just, "I liked this, please continue." In general, I would suggest you try to follow the review sandwich method: Give your overall thoughts on the story. Name one specific things you liked, one specific thing that could use improvement, and finish with another thing you liked or more overall thoughts. If you want more tips on what constitutes a quality review, check out this thread.

What will get me in trouble?

Here are the things you can do in this thread that will get you warnings. In other words, don't do these things!

  • Failing to use the placeholder system. Without this system, it's possible that two people would be reviewing the same author at the same time, ensuring that one user gets skipped. Use the placeholder system, s'il vous plait.
  • Having more than one open placeholder at a time. You may only have one outstanding placeholder at a time.
  • Going six-twelve hours without filling a placeholder. In an ideal world, when you post a placeholder, you are immediately reading and reviewing a story afterwards. We do allow some leniency but note that you should be filling your placeholder within six hours, and you will get an official mod warning (three of which result in a ban) after twenty-four hours. Avoid getting in trouble by only posting a placeholder when you have time to read and review.
  • Leaving reviews that are not considered "quality." It should be more than three lines. It should be specific. You need to show that you actually read the story.

As an additional note: You are welcome to make a request that someone review a specific story; however, please know it is only a preference and does not necessarily mean the next person must review that story. We ask that you do not ask for reviews for specific chapters of a multi-chaptered work. Instead, allow the readers/reviewers to follow the natural progression of the story. Chances are, if you play the game enough, your preferred chapter will eventually get reviewed.

1/20/2010 . Edited by Rosawyn, 1/7/2013 #1
Dejsha's World

I reviewed Wendy Brune's

Groove is in the Heart

- which was really well written and I liked the way she jumped to each pairing using the songs. Great story:)

1/22/2010 #2

Reviewed Bellatrix Black Riddle's Powerhungry. If I'm allowed to request, I would really like a review for Precious Heiress :)

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #3
Wendy Brune

Reviewed PrincessPearls's Precious Heiress -- I definitely recommend it!

1/22/2010 #4
Dejsha's World

I reviewed Wendy's


which was beautiful.

1/22/2010 #5
Luna Rapunzel

Reviewed Chapter One of Bellatrix Black Riddle's The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black:Narcissa.

1/22/2010 #6

Reviewed -EHWIES's beautifully-done Walk Away :)

1/23/2010 #7
Luna Rapunzel

Reviewed PrincessPearl's Precious Heiress.

1/23/2010 #8

Reviewed -EHWIES Gratification, which was amaaaaaaazing! :)

1/23/2010 #9

Reviewed StoryGirl02's Should Have Been Mine, which was wonderful :)

1/23/2010 #10
Dejsha's World

I reviewed

Chronicles of Craziness

- which was really interesting. I liked Rita Skita's personality. I totally recommend it to anyone who likes a good Skita story (I'm hooked).

1/24/2010 #11

I reviewed Bellatrix Black Riddle's Powerhungry.

1/24/2010 #12

I reviewed EvylinDevilin's Remeeting Daddy, which was really funny and cute :)

1/24/2010 #13

Read and reviewed Breaking the Redhead Rule by PrincessPearl.

1/27/2010 #14

Read and Reviewed Before you Leave for Hogwarts by Dhampire.

1/27/2010 #15
Wendy Brune

Read and reviewed Pandemonium by MagicalEspionage.

1/27/2010 #16

Read and reviewed it would be so easy by Wendy Brune.

1/28/2010 #17

Reviewed xXDhampireXx's Steal a Scarf, Get a Kiss. A very cute Remus/Sirius.

I only have one story posted at the mo, by the way/

1/31/2010 #18
Wendy Brune

Reviewed ingenius2insanity's Not A Good Idea.

Btw, ingenius2insanity, why don't you introduce yourself? That way I can have a shorter nickname to call you, haha.

1/31/2010 #19

Reviewed Wendy Brune's Groove is in the Heart :)

1/31/2010 #20

Read PrincessPearl's Precious Heiress. So cute!

2/3/2010 #21

Read and reviewed Through The Veil by selenehekate.

2/4/2010 #22

I read and reviewed xXDhampireXx's Before You Leave For Hogwarts.

2/7/2010 #23

Read and reviewed The Dark Witch by Zoriada16 :D

2/8/2010 #24
Dejsha's World

I read and reviewed


From When to Why, which was beautiful.

2/8/2010 #25
Wendy Brune

Read and reviewed I'm a What by VernaSauventreen/Dejsha.

2/8/2010 #26

I read and reviewed Wendy Brune's it would be so easy.

2/8/2010 #27
Wendy Brune

Reviewed chapter one of Zoraida16's The Dark Witch

2/14/2010 #28
Luna Rapunzel

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Wendy Brune's Groove is in the Heart.

2/16/2010 #29
Mistical Ninja

I Read and Reviewed Rain by EHWIES. (sorry, not letting me link for some reason...)

2/17/2010 #30
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