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Wendy Brune


If you have a great idea for the Reviews Lounge, Too, whether it's a new topic or a challenge, let me know here! I'm interested in making this forum into a place that everyone can enjoy!

1/20/2010 . Edited by Madam'zelleG, 12/13/2015 #1

I have an idea. I think I've seen it on the original RL.

Basically we do a treasure hunt and we have to find stories in different categories. Someone says "Its in the HP category, its romance and it is say, Albus and Minerva." The person posts a summary and other such information and we have to find it. Person who gets the story, chooses a fic for us to find.

1/22/2010 #2
Wendy Brune

That's actually not a bad idea, tbh. It sort of trickled out in the RL, though, so I'm going to wait until the RLt finds its feet.

Thank for the suggestion!

1/22/2010 #3
Bad Mum

Wendy, are there rules about the number of reviews a story has before putting it in the archive?

(At the old RL it was less than 20 for a oneshot; an average of less then 15 per chapter for a chaptered story.)

1/22/2010 #4
Wendy Brune

Hey Bad Mum! Yes, the same rules apply.

1/22/2010 #5
Bad Mum

:-) Thanks.

And are you going to make a second C2 for graduated stories?

1/22/2010 #6
Wendy Brune

Yeah! I've mostly been waiting for some stories to graduate, haha.

((Which means, for anyone lurking/reading this -- REVIEW! The C2 has some great stories for anyone who need a good read!))

1/22/2010 #7

Lol, that's fair enough. It might be worth making the new C2 in preparation for graduated stories :) hopefully, you know, part of the spurring people on to reviewing works, seeing that there is a place for them afters, and that they aren't lost in the fandom ether.

1/22/2010 #8
Wendy Brune

Good point. I'll create an RLt account (I think you can only be the manager of one C2?) then create it.

1/22/2010 #9

I honestly don't know about C2's, I don't tend to use them (as bad as that sounds). Do you mean make a hub account for the RLt, much like the RL account was for the RL, if that makes any sense at all?

1/22/2010 #10
Wendy Brune

Yup, that's exactly what I mean. It will also come in handy, I suppose, when (if) there are new mods.

1/22/2010 #11

Yeah, that is true. I would go with 'when', rather than 'if'. It might take a little while for the forum to kick off, but you'll eventually need more mods. The influx of stories would mean that you won't be able to read through them all yourself to add them to the archives.

1/22/2010 #12
Wendy Brune

Oh, I'm defintely, definitely gonna need more mods. I guess that was the pessimistic side of me about whether the forum will kick off.

I def. couldn't do it without the help of many old RL-ers, though. Thanks RKC and others for stopping in and posting! =)

1/22/2010 #13

:) Don't be pessimistic, it doesn't bode well (geddit?) lol. In all fairness, people just have to relocate, which isn't an issue if people favourite the RLt.

And you're more than welcome Wendy ^_^

1/22/2010 #14
Wendy how about a thread for stories that don't qualify as under reviewed so that way when someone comes across a great story, but it doesn't meet the requirements for going into the archive people can still share that story by posting it in the thread for stories that don't qualify.
1/22/2010 #15

That's a good idea mackgirl. It reminded me a bit of one of the stories that originally got me into HP fanfiction :)

1/22/2010 #16
I just remembered that, I think it was the original RL, had a thread like that and I found tons of good stories from it, as well as from the under reviewed stories.
1/22/2010 #17
Wendy Brune

Great idea, mackgirl! I'm on it! =)

1/22/2010 #18

I liked your suggestion Holly; as there are very well written stories that are shall we say 'over reviewed.'

1/22/2010 #19

There is another thing as well Wendy, seeing as we're in the General section now (as I keep saying, sorry!) I was thinking on the 'Introduce Yourselves' thread to add the main Fandom that the person is from, eg. HP, LOTR, Star Trek etc.

I don't know if it would be a relevant thing to have or not?

1/22/2010 #20

I actually think that's a good idea, RKC. It would tell people generally what kinds of fics everyone writes for and who shares similar interests.

1/22/2010 #21

I like that idea too.

1/22/2010 #22
Wendy Brune

Also agreed. I'm adding it to the form, but anyone who has already introduced themselves should go back and edit their post to include that aspect!

Great ideas, ya'll!

1/22/2010 #23

I'm heading over to the intro thread to edit my post right now!

EDIT: Another idea for the forum: Why not ask all members of the forum (if they'd like to) to put a link to this forum on their profile page (I have already done this on mine)

This should help with getting the word around about the forum.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #24
Wendy Brune

Yes, I noticed -- thank you!

I like the suggestion, along with the original review pledge.

1/22/2010 #25

Hey Wendy, what would you say to a carachter thread? Just to discuss our favorite and least favorite carachters of our fandoms? (or should we have a thread for each fandom - make it more easy and bump the forum up).

1/23/2010 #26
Wendy Brune

Well, there already is a topic like that.

You can find it here.

ETA: Fanfiction likes to make me look stupid by not including links. =/

1/23/2010 . Edited 1/23/2010 #27


1/23/2010 #28

How about a game thread? I rather liked 'Cliff, Shag, Marry'... Imagine the possibilities, like: Chewbacca, the Giant Squid, Moby Dick, Spongebob Squarepants... :D We could play with them all!

1/24/2010 #29
Wendy Brune

Not a bad idea -- I'll create it now!

1/24/2010 #30
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