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Wendy Brune

Of course! It's created -- Imma go find some of my crazy reviews to put there! =)

2/19/2010 #61

I wondering if there could possibly be a Question thread where people ask questions or interesting discussion ideas about fandoms. Like, info you need for your story, but not quite so easy to find. Like, I know for Harry Potter you can go to the Lexicon (Almighty O_O), but I've always had a few questions about the fandom itself. Like, for example, why didn't Ministry officials just use Veritserum for figuring stuff out in court? I would understand if it was hard to come by, but Snape threatened to use it on Harry & Co. (_) in OOTP. My friend said that's because Snape could make it, and yeah, Snape's All Powerful, but he was just the Potions master at Hogwarts. There had to be better Potions Masters around the world... Couldn't the Ministry easily paid them ? Then Sirius Black wouldn't have been thrown into Azkaban so swiftly & yeah...

That was very long. But it's just an idea. I know fandoms are usually not perfect so you sometimes find holes, but I thought it might be interesting to talk about it. And find solutions. Yup. The end. .

3/27/2010 #62
Wendy Brune

Love the idea - I'll call it "The Research and Fandom Discussion Thread."

AND, to answer your question, Jo addressed that on her website. (I'm too lazy to find the link, but I can if you want.) Apparently they didn't use it because it is possible to cheat the potion if you are VERY VERY good at lying/have practiced. Plus, in Sirius's case, she said that Crouch was so convinced that he did it, it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

I think it's still a loophole, but there you go, hehe.

3/27/2010 #63


Well, it's not like I can expect it to be perfect, yeah? :P Poor Sirius anyway. T_T

3/27/2010 #64
Love From A Muggle

what if we have a Pet Peeves thread? Like what we have with the Sort of Secrets topic? Some of the Pet Peeves could lead to good story ideas. Just a thought!

3/27/2010 #65
Wendy Brune

Hm, what do you mean by pet peeves, Kara? I'm confused.

3/27/2010 #66
Love From A Muggle

From Pet Peeve-Noun- a particular and often continual annoyance; personal budgebear; example: This train service is one of my pet peeves.

could be intended for fun. Like, for instance, I cant stand it when guys mess up my hair. In high school, I'd put my hair neatly in a bun for NJROTC class while in uniform before inspection and the guys would always mess it up out of fun. Now I can't stand it when people mess up my hair.

In a way, it'd be learning more about people. Just a suggestion won't hurt my feelings if its not made a thread :)

3/27/2010 #67
Wendy Brune

Haha, I know what "pet peeve," means. Hehe. I meant how did you want a thread like it.

3/27/2010 #68
Love From A Muggle

lol. *blushes* I meant like it could be called "Got a Pet Peeve, tell it here" sort of thing. just like the Sort of Secrets topic, but with things that bug us. lol.

3/27/2010 #69
Luna Rapunzel

So I'm going to go out on a limb and propose that we make Hey Soul Sister by Train the RLt theme song. I mean, just look at the lyrics.

"Like a virgin, you're Madonna" -- Glee tie-in omg.

"So gangster, I'm so thug" -- Totally describes us.


4/25/2010 #70
Wendy Brune

Motion passed. *bangs RLt gavel*

4/25/2010 #71
Luna Rapunzel

Whoo. XD

4/25/2010 #72

Hahahaha, I agreed!

4/26/2010 #73
Luna Rapunzel

And the official rerouted review marathon suggestionfest commences! =D

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, we're thinking about doing a marathon review session for a week or two sometime soon where you earn points for reviewing and win a prize (idk, maybe just bragging rights, we haven't fleshed that part out yet) for earning the most points. Current tentative point suggestions from Wendy:

Well, if we do it, it'd be stuff from the archives. (Since we're suppose to be all about reviewing under-reviewed stories!) Not fleshed out, but I was thinking you'd get 2 points for reading the Story of the Week (we have a new one this week!), 1 point for reviewing a one-shot in our archive, and maybe like one point for the first chapter of a WIP in the archive, with every chapter after that being worth 2 points. Or something. I dunno, we hadn't ever said exactly....and yeah, we'd have a special point. Maybe .5 of a point for reviewing a story not in our archive? But an extra point if it's underreviewed, you rec it, and we add it? Haha.

Feel free to make additional suggestions, recommendations, etc. regarding point values, prizes, when to do this, how long it should last, whether you'd be interested, etc., etc., here!

8/15/2010 #74
Wendy Brune

Um, what do you think, EHWIES?

8/15/2010 #75
Luna Rapunzel

Just brainstorming. No official opinion as of yet. ;D idk about giving two points for every additional chapter of a WIP... on the one hand, it makes perfect sense as motivation to read WIPs all the way through, but on the other, would we rather concentrate reviews on WIPs or spread the love around to as many fics/authors as possible? Try to graduate as many fics as we can, or try to graduate WIPs because they tend to take longer to move out? Actually, you know what, on second thought, it probably makes the most sense to give extra points to WIP reviews. Never mind me.

As for prizes, I remember we had a mod!talk a while back about how winners could receive reviews from mods or possibly have the mod of their choice write them a fic by request, and I think we talked about having you make them award banners/icons/something; do we still want to do that? Or have we proven ourselves irresponsible enough this summer that that wouldn't be such a good idea? ;D

8/15/2010 #76
Wendy Brune

Yeah, you sort of hit my feelings about the WIPs. They just take so long to graduate, and people rarely review them. I dunno, we could make it 1.5 a point for every additional chapter? If we do halves?

I think that's still a good idea. I will actually be around more once college starts - next week! - anyway, so I can stay on top of things.

8/15/2010 #77
Luna Rapunzel

BRIEF INTERRUPTION FOR UNRELATED DEBATE: As far as RLt!staff positions go, I was wondering whether we might want to completely separate the positions of mod and archive staffer somewhere down the line? Not demote our current mods or temp!mods at all, just with future appointments. Forum activity seems to be picking up quite a bit lately, and the current mods and staffers aren't around too often by comparison anymore when there's forum activity, so we might want to add a mod or two somewhere down the line, forumers don't get your hopes up about this I'm just throwing it out there ;D, and the most active forumers/consequential best choices for mods might not be super active fanfic readers and therefore not the smartest to make staffers as well because it shouldn't be their responsibility to go through the archive recommendations thread, necessarily, if that's not what they're on staff for. And then on the other hand, we pick staffers based on different criteria than mods already; that's more about having a good eye for which stories to add to the archive and such than it is about activities going on on the forum, and people who would make excellent staffers might not make the best mods if they don't spend a lot of time on the forum. Am I making sense? I feel like I worded that horribly.

8/15/2010 #78
Wendy Brune

No, I know what you mean, and I've been thinking the very same thing... I'm not singling anyone out here, but we've all been MIA at times. Even me. So I really do agree. And I think we need more help with both the archive and the forum, as both need more attention. I'm not sure when we should promote, and I guess we can carry that convo on in an e-mail, but I agree whole-heartedly with everything you say.

(And let me repeat, everyone is doing a great job! We're just growing and need more help, especially since everyone on staff has busy lives lately!)

8/15/2010 #79
Luna Rapunzel


Anyway, recap from what I remember, I totally don't mean it as a slight against anyone; it's just that the size of the RLt is catching up to the size of its modding staff, and I feel like this time around, we should split the jobs of mod and staffer entirely so that the people we pick for each are right for that particular job. Anyway, yeah, we can add this to the list of topics up for discussion in the current mod!email chain. =D Which reminds me, I have threads to make! Off to put one of them up right now.

8/16/2010 #80
Wendy Brune


8/16/2010 #81

In regards to the marathon, I don't think it should be just for what's in the archive. There's tons of under-reviewed stories that aren't in the archive that could use some loving. I kind of meant reviewing everything/anything in general when I said it. I wonder if we should also have some sort of criteria for what we put in the reviews, like maybe, one thing you liked, one you think could have been improved, etc? Something like that? Not necessarily thoses, I'm just throwing out some suggestions.

And then we should maybe make another thread where you can post the link to what you've reviewed and then in the end we can tally them up, and also that way other people can read those stories too and review them.

8/16/2010 #82
Luna Rapunzel

Wendy'll have to approve this, but I think a good compromise is having it count for any fic that meets RLt under-reviewed criteria. Maybe extra points for fics already in the archive, maybe not--but while it's good to move fics out of the archive, we don't want to ignore fics that aren't already in the archive, either... which sounded a lot more important in my head than now that I type it out. But yeah, I can see where you're coming from, especially since we haven't really been adding anything to the archives in a while; counting fics that we don't already know about could be a good way to jump-start the archive and spread the love around. idk if I'm making sense, it's 5:15 in the morning, but yeah.

I definitely like the idea of requiring the reviews to leave quality feedback; the writers will appreciate it, and it'll serve as proof that people actually read the fics instead of trying to cheat (not that I think anyone would try to cheat for this, but it's still a good safeguard!). And I'm sure we'll come up with some system of organization so the mods can tally up reviews at the end, but I also like the thought of leaving public links to R&R'd stories for the reasons you stated.

8/16/2010 #83

I definitely like the idea of requiring the reviews to leave quality feedback; the writers will appreciate it, and it'll serve as proof that people actually read the fics instead of trying to cheat (not that I think anyone would try to cheat for this, but it's still a good safeguard!). And I'm sure we'll come up with some system of organization so the mods can tally up reviews at the end, but I also like the thought of leaving public links to R&R'd stories for the reasons you stated.

Definitely like the idea of leaving quality feedback, the one good, one could use improvement thing sounds good. Someone mentioned the idea earlier of maybe signing it with something about the RLt. I think that's could be a good idea because (a) publicity is always good and (b) that could distinguish between marathon reviews and non-marathon reviews. For the latter, I mean that if someone's in a rush for whatever reason and doesn't feel like thinking out a thoughtful review, then they could just not sign it and it would not count. (I know, thoughtful reviews are always better, but I'm sure there are times when all of us have left a simple review for whatever reason). I also like the idea of leaving public links to the works read, although I wonder how much it would slow down reading.

Just my thoughts :)

8/16/2010 #84
Wendy Brune

I'm bumping this topic back up because I really like our Review-a-thon contest idea.

How many of you would be interested in doing this? OMG OMG WOULD IT HELP TO HAVE A POLL!!?? I'M MAKING A POLL!

9/1/2010 #85

How about an archive for not-under-reviewed stories? I read many of them and they are really good, worth of recommendation!

Also, how about a thread where you could 'pimp and promote' someone else' story? Stories that were written about 1 day-1months ago, and are under-reviewed don't really belong in the under-reviewed section, because they could get reviews, maybe they only need time....

10/21/2010 #86

How about an "Author Update" thread? So many of us are in late high school/early collage or university, that we aren't around so much anymore. So how about a thread that tells what we're doing (roughly) in RL, what story we're working on, or if we're on HIATUS. Many of us have had a favourite author that just disappeared off the face of the planet. Let's prevent that by having a thread about authors.

3/11/2011 #87

That does sound like a good idea, but the only problem is is that is basically what we already do in Randomness, so I'm not sure how useful of a thread that would be. The advantage would be that the updates wouldn't get lost in all the chat (when we're, ahem, less dead).

Ewies, Wendy, opinions?

3/11/2011 #88

I hate you all for booting me off the mod team. (jk)

3/12/2011 #89
Wendy Brune

Hmm, it seems a little redundant, but I wouldn't be opposed to it if people actually used it! XD

3/13/2011 #90
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