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Wendy Brune

Agreed. I forgot that she magically didn't have blood lust. Did Stephanie Myers explain why she wasn't crazy for blood?

1/23/2010 #31

Agreed about Bella. I think that is why I'm drawn more to the wolf pack. They not only have a personality, and while Jacob and Seth are the only two who are remotely devoloped, they have faults. They always seemed more like someone who would meet then the characters that really got devoloped, like Bella who no wrong can come to them.

I also agree about the ending, all that climax leading up with Bella's daughter and then what the vampire that turns them in gets killed and then the bad guys leave and go home just like that? It was a big disappointment. I really wish there had been a battle and that people had died that I cared about.

Which is odd because when I read the last Harry Potter book I was hoping everyone would live. Now having that scenario happen in Twilight I'm really glad that JKR killed off characters.... even if one of them was one of the Weasley twins. It just made the "Final Battle" more real, and I think it would of done the same for the Twilight books as well.

1/23/2010 #32
Wendy Brune

I really wish there had been a battle and that people had died that I cared about.

I agree with this so much. It's weird, but I think that's what makes books good. You have to get involved and feel emotion, and it's hard to do these things if nothing bad happens, ever. I understand that Myers wanted a happy ending, but it's just unrealistic. Things don't always end happily-ever-after -- it has to be real!

1/23/2010 #33

okay, moving away from vampires and the like, here something that me and wendy both love!

what do you all think of peter pan?


1/23/2010 #34
Wendy Brune

what do you all think of peter pan?

YES! *glomps Peter Pan* I especially like Jeramey Sumpter as Peter Pan in the 2001 -- so yummy.

The fandom on here is actually quite good. It's just big enough that they're are ALWAYS new stories, but small enough that it's not hard to find a good, well-written story. I go there to get my Peter/Wendy on, lol.

1/23/2010 #35



that Jeremy guy was hot as! :D

I love the fandom, I writen one fic for it & another is lurking around my computer. I reeeeaally love the ones where Wendy goes back to Neverland, or Peter goes and find her, awww so cute! :)

1/23/2010 #36
Dejsha's World

I like Peter Pan (the movie that is).

1/23/2010 #37

On Circle of Magic:

Circle of Magic is a series/universe created by Author Tamora Pierce that focuses around four mages/foster-siblings as they grow up. The first four is them at 10, the next four (Circle Opens) is when they are 14, and the new book, Will of the Empress is when they are 18. She also has a new one called Melting Stones, about a different character, and I haven't read it yet. I also haven't read much of her Tortall books (another universe she created), just Beka and Trickster, but I will hopefully read the rest. I think she's a really good author.

On Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:

I've only seen a couple of seasons, but I love Buffy. I love everything Joss Whedon, though Firefly is probably my topmost favorite. I think he's really creative and very good at character development.

On Harry Potter:

I thought the epilogue was really frikkin cute, and I have almost nothing to complain about concerning book 7. I thought it was very well written.

Fred and George are some of my favorite characters too. They're just so much fun. And as for liking Fred more, sometimes we just do that. Slightly's probably my favorite lost boy, even though none of them are particularly developed (and seriously, he's the snobby one!

Speaking of which: PETER PAN!!!

Within my circle of friends, I am "the supreme authority on Peter Pan." It is an absolute obsession for me, and I've read every Peter Pan spinoff I can get my hands on. I don't really have a favorite character or relationship within this book, as long as it relates, I'm eager to read it. I'm currently writing a sequel to it, which I got the idea for pretty much when I read the book. I also plan to write a set of stories about how the lost boys got lost (though it's technically AU) and I have some vague ideas for fics for other fandoms that include strands of "Distant Melody" because that is one of my faovorite songs from the musical. I love spouting random facts about Peter Pan at people because it is totally my favorite book in the world.

1/23/2010 #38
Wendy Brune

I love the fandom, I writen one fic for it & another is lurking around my computer. I reeeeaally love the ones where Wendy goes back to Neverland, or Peter goes and find her, awww so cute! :)

Those are my favorites, too! Imma have to read your PP story.

I have almost nothing to complain about concerning book 7. I thought it was very well written.

I surprisingly don't have really any complaints either. I sort of thought it would make more sense for Harry to die for reals, but I'm glad he didn't.

I also plan to write a set of stories about how the lost boys got lost (though it's technically AU)

Haha, I had the same idea. And when I said I had the same idea, I mean I came up with a title but no actual plot, haha. "The Pram Chronicles." Write it, and then I can read and probably love it, just like I do with all of your other PP stories.

1/23/2010 #39

EEEEEEEH dont read it, its horrible & its only up because I can't bare to part with it. So many spelling mistakes :S

1/23/2010 . Edited 1/23/2010 #40

If you don't mind me asking, what tv shows are "big" right now it Hungary?

Well probably you all have seen them ages ago.. :)

I guess Harry Potter and Twilight can't be topped, but we have these sitcoms, House, Desperate Housewives and I don't know, I don't really watch them...

I checked and we also have Buffy and True Blood (?), but I have never heard of Merlin and Peter Pan and Circle of Magic... But this won't stop me from reading.. we still have the Internet... ;) So don't worry about me!

1/24/2010 #41

Well, I love Harry Potter, which should be pretty obvious looking at my profile :) I'm also getting into the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series lately, so, speaking of that, do any of you guys read them?

And I have to fangirl for a minute: Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I've finally met people who read Circle of Magic! It's one of my most favorite fantasy fiction series ever!

Okay, I'm done :)

1/24/2010 #42

I thought I would add... House, M.D. FTW! I love it... :)

1/26/2010 #43

Maybe I'll do "Becoming Lost" once I finish "Conversations in Neverland." It's just a one-shot for each boy, but it's fun :)

Yes! Be a fangirl with me and talk about Circle! I squee over Briar.

1/26/2010 #44

I love Alice and Jasper from Twilight. Alice is just epically awesome and Jasper rocks in a tortured soul kind of way. I also like Carlise and Emmet, not a huge fan of Rosalie though, she annoyed me throughout most of the series.

I have a lot of favourite characters from Harry Potter. Bellatrix, Luna, Neville, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Lily Evans, James Potter, the list just goes on. I think it's 'cause I can mostly relate to some of the things they've been through and that helps me to understand them better, especially when I come to write them.

1/27/2010 #45

Yes! Be a fangirl with me and talk about Circle! I squee over Briar.

Well, finally someone who does =D I love those kids, they're so awesome. I mean, how many other heroes tear people apart from the inside out, huh? Nobody appreciates them, it's sad, but I think they're amazing. Also, Briar is described as pretty much my ideal guy :D Strong, brave, green thumb, snark, sarcasm... *squees with you*

...And nobody reads Percy Jackson? Really? C'mon, guys!

1/27/2010 #46

And Briar is such a tough guy, but he's really a sweetheart. I think all of my favorite scenes from Will of the Empress have him in there somewhere, and I still think it's hilarious that he got away with stealing Crane's shakkan.

Have you noticed that Briar and Daja both have something interesting about their hands (Briar=scars from roses/moving tattoos, Daja=living metal.) Do Tris and Sandry have anything special about their hands? If they don't, I think they need them.

1/28/2010 #47

Yeah, he really is sweet to girls (when he's not using them to help with his post traumatic stress disorder), especially his sisters. It kinda sucks that they're all foster-siblings and literally have no romantic feelings for each other, because he would work great with almost all the girls.

I was surprised when he got away with that, to be honest :D Though, I like Crane, he's such an intriguing character. I love that he--in Briar's words--gets limper when he's mad. That's so cool in a really weird way.

Last I checked, they do not. But have you noticed that all of them come from vastly different backgrounds and still managed to become best friends? Briar--life on the streets. Tris--merchant family. Sandry--royalty. Daja--Traders. I think Tamora Pierce did that on purpose; it's so unlikely they would meet in any other situatation (although, the possibility of four super-strong ambient mages born in the same year is kinda slim anyway, don't you think?)

1/29/2010 #48

yeah, i was always kinda hoping for Sandry/Briar, and actually thought it might go that way still a good bit into Will of the Empress~ the last to reconnect and all, plus him rescuing her, squee~ but i respect Tamora Pierce's 'like siblings' idea, which makes sense given at what a young age they meet up and become BFFs.

and seriously, anyone who likes Briar and hasn't read the early Tortall books, couple names for you... George (King of the Rogue!!). Numair (hottest teacher ever.). Neal (I want him to be my BFF!). Dom (has awesome one-liners). mmmmmmmmm.... plus, Jon, Raoul, even Gary and Liam, and all of Kel's multiple guy friends whose names escape me.

Tamora Pierce writes the BEST guys. and there are lots of them... the Tortall books have more romance than the Circle of Magic ones, so i've always leaned towards them a bit more, plus i was older when i started reading them and the Circle of Magic books just seemed 'younger.' not that i didn't still love them, just not quite so much.

her 3 quartets ~ Song of the Lionness, the Immortals, & Protector of the Small ~ are must-reads for anyone who likes fantasy/ girl-power action. plus, great guy characters you can't help but love, as mentioned. the Trickster books were disappointing for me guy-wise... Nawat was not interesting enough for me and the relationship didn't seem believable to me, unusual for one of her books. the Beka books have Rosto, though, which is great, since he's like George Mark 1.

nobody reads Percy Jackson? Really? C'mon, guys!

i LOVE Percy Jackson. they were stunningly good. i was surprised and very engaged and entertained in reading them. i can't understand the casting of Annabeth for the movies at ALL...

True Blood's very good, Diko. I've read the books for years, and they're fun and clever ~ Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series (originally known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries). the show is a pretty faithful adaptation, but sexed up some for HBO and with new twists. it's wild, but very entertaining and vampire-y in the classic sex n' blood n' black leather sense, i.e., the anti-Twilight.

1/31/2010 #49

Yeah, I think Crane needs more love. And I never thought about the slight chance of the four super-strong ambient mages being born at the same time, but I guess we have to have some suspension of disbelief.

I was never really bothered by Briar not hooking up with any of the girls... guess I kind of figured that they would always be siblings and nothing more, and I love his relationships with everyone already, some of my favorite stuff, right from the beginning was shots of him and Tris bickering and I also love his relationship with Rosethorn (because they are so much alike, it's really kind of funny sometimes). When Will of the Empress came out though, I thought he had some really nice stuff with Daja, who I didn't like as much until I read that. I think Pierce really upped her development. Now I think she's really cool (also enjoyed the twist with Rizu, once I got over the initial surprise, totally didn't see it coming.)

I liked Nawat in Trickster, as he was so cute and awkward, and yes, I have a read a little of Immortals, and Numair is wonderful. It is rather ironic that Pierce writes male characters well, as she is famous for her female characters ("sheroes"). My favorite Pierce character was Briar for a long time, and he might still be, but I'm really fond of Beka too (as well as Pounce, gotta love the cat.) What do you think of Tunstall? I've only read Terrier and half of Bloodhound, but I really like the Tunstall/Goodwin relationship, even though its more peripheral.

I really need to read more of her books. I just have so much on my list at the moment that I haven't gotten around to it.

1/31/2010 #50

Personally, I'm a fan of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I'm also a huge House fan, as well as LOST. Don't even get me started on Sawyer and Juliet...

Oh. And Harry Potter too, of course. ;)

2/3/2010 #51
Wendy Brune

Hehe, I think Harry Potter is a unifying cause!

((And welcome to the forum, selenehekate! Why don't you introduce yourself in the introduce yourself topic so I have a shorter nickname to call you, haha!))

2/3/2010 #52

Don't even get me started on Sawyer and Juliet...

pro or con on Sawyer/Juliet?

i am SOOOO into Lost, very excited the final season's finally premiered ;D

2/4/2010 #53

Oh god, I love Juliet and Sawyer! And the final season premiere was amazing!!!

2/4/2010 #54
Wendy Brune

I feel confused about Lost...are they on the island or not? =)

2/4/2010 #55

This season? Both, lol. Nobody is too sure yet.

2/4/2010 #56
Wendy Brune

Haha, I think I'm going to need to catch up. I watched the end of the two hour premiere and felt so, so confused. My boyfriend's roommate is addicted.

2/4/2010 #57

Haha, it's awesome

2/4/2010 #58

oh it was totally awesome. my mom was very confused by the both-on-the-island-and-plane-landing thing, but having read as many scifi things as i have, i really wasn't too phased and don't think it's too terribly complicated, since the basic idea seems to be: they started an alternate timeline. what that means in the world of Lost and whether there can be any crossover, that's the big question ;D

2/5/2010 #59

Well the two timelines have to sync up eventually. My theory: The reason Locke got his legs because after 815 crashed was because Jack fixed him in the alternate timeline.

2/6/2010 #60
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