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Mistical Ninja
Okay, don't mean to break the convo, but I just thought I'd pop in here. Hi guys! :D Now I have one that I'm wondering.... Is anyone here a Dresden fan? And I mean the books, I couldn't stand the show.
2/6/2010 #61

I first got into Harry Potter when I was seven. My mom was using it as a read aloud, until I stole the book for myself :) Other than Harry Potter, I adore Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I make youtube videos for it, but I don't write any fanfiction for Buffy at the moment), reading through this thread I saw somebody mention Labyrinth and was reminded of my big Labyrinth craze a year and a half ago. I also have a spot in my heart for Veronica Mars. That's about it for fanfiction reading and writing wise. But I also enjoy Twilight (until it got...well the fans are crazed, that includes my mother, lol, but I did like the books), Bones, Castle, 24, The Mortal Instruments Series, and many more things that I've forgotten to list.

So, um, yeah. That's it. lol :)

2/8/2010 #62

Not sure this is the real place to post it, but...

Has anyone read Artemis Fowl?

I plan to get book (1.) for my brother, read the summary, but not the book. Is it any good? Should a 12 year old read it? He is not really into reading, but I hope this will give him the spirit... And then I will bring him over to the dark side and introduce him to HP. ;)

2/23/2010 #63
Wendy Brune

I think I read it once, but I don't remember. However, when my brother was about 10/11, he hated reading too. And I'm pretty sure he read ALL the Artemis Fowl books, so that should be a good sign?

Because really, my brother HATES reading. He's 16 and all he reads is sports books. Though actually, now that that supply is depleting, he's also turned to Stephen King/horror novels, haha.

2/23/2010 #64

Has anyone read Artemis Fowl?

Yes! i actually have a copy of the 1st book signed by the author :D i lose a little more interest with each sequel ~ not sure if i even read the last one~ but the 1st one is GREAT, and very funny.

I plan to get book (1.) for my brother

if my brother's any indication, he'll love it. he read the first one, which was a gift to me when it first came out, when he was, hmm, 10? he liked it so much that he bought the sequel and third one when they came out as his school book fairs, probably when he was around 11-13. 12 is the perfect age group for that book. Artemis, I believe, is actually 10 or 11 in Book 1... but an Genius who is "Evil" beyond his years. ;P

i bet he would also LOVE the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books, they're a blast~ my sister looooves them and my professor's son just read them and was addicted. and the series starts with Percy @ 12 ~ kinda follows the Harry Potter formula in that he's a year older each book, but we only see Percy in the summer, instead of following him all year. the Alfred Kropp books are another fantasy-esque series boys that age might go for. :)

2/23/2010 #65
Mistical Ninja

Wait, wait wait... Percy is 12?! the movie... did him so wrong.

He looked like he was 14 at the Least.....Maybe even 16.... Wow... wth....

2/23/2010 #66
Wendy Brune

In the movie he could drive, so he'd have to be 16 at least. Plus they went into casinos, so he'd have to be older.

2/23/2010 #67

Oh, thanks folks for the advice. Yeah, we have the same problem here, my brother doesn't like to read and I just don't know what to do... Maybe if I bought him it in German, that would motivate him (he speaks and reads fluently that language and the funny thing is, he learned to speak from the TV...).

Wait, wait wait... Percy is 12?! the movie... did him so wrong.

I thought him to be older too... but I'm not that excited to see the movie, I'm a little fed up with fantasy movies...

2/23/2010 #68

actually they go in the casino in the book, too, but the whole thing is more like the one part of it where the younger people are playing arcade games... the Lotus Flower aspect was considerably played up in the movie as being high: by complete coincidence another friend's little brother was seated behind my friend and I at the movie, and he's about 10~ leaned down to go "Is this in the book?? Do they get high in the book??"

it's a little different from a typical fantasy movie in that it's all Greek mythology, while 'classic'/high fantasy draws on mostly Norse & Celtic elements... i always think of Hercules-type shows in their own particular fantasy genre, but that's just me. :)

i did think the effects in the movie were *awesome* and that some of the casting was spot-on (Zeus, Poseidon, Chiron, all good; Luke, pretty much dead-on; Percy, perfect... well, to play Percy in one of the last two books.)

honestly i understood them upgrading his age: it's not as huge a franchise as Harry Potter, and look at Eragon or The Golden Compass~ they flopped and got no sequels. so they couldn't count on a sequel and had to try and grab an audience with THIS movie. it's harder to do that with a 12-year-old. they never actually demonstrated licenses, just an ability to drive, but Percy was definitely in high school, so absolute *minimum*, 14.

my sister, who's MASSIVELY into the books ~ currently rereading them, though she read them for the first time just back in December~ was beyond disappointed with the movie. like, near tears.

they totally added on an additional plot ("Persephone's Pearls"? not in the book. I could understand that, trying to move the movie along, my sister HATED it) and Annabeth's character, for another, has essentially nothing in common with her book self beyond being Athena's daughter (also, in the books: she's BLONDE.). it's like they took Clarisse (an awesome character from the books cut out of the 1st movie, possibly because they're hoping to introduce her with a bigger bang in the 2nd one where she becomes important), who is Ares' daughter, and made her hot, and that became movie-Annabeth.

plus, the villain's motivation? was completely reduced from semi-sympathetic, and a pawn of Cronus, the Big Bad of the whole series (it's like cutting Voldemort out of the 1st Harry Potter movie and having it just be Quirrell. Yeaaahhhhh....), to total evil-jerk. Gah.

i was most squicked out by this little tidbit: actor who plays Percy, my little brother's age (1992 birthday). actress playing his love interest is the girl from White Collar, where she plays the girlfriend to thirty-something Matt Bomer, and is actually an '86 birthday (2 1/2 years older than me)... can you say "statutory"? ;P

2/23/2010 #69
Wendy Brune

Nice (to the crazy age difference -- the boy is a year younger than me, and the girl is way older!) I liked all the Greek elements, but I was left a little dissatisfied. And yeah, Luke was a HUNKMUFFIN, as my little brother jokingly put it. His character was SO FLAT at the beginning though.

2/23/2010 #70

every time i saw Luke I kept thinking "ZOMG! it's the littlest Winchester!" since the actor had played Dean & Sam Winchester's previously unknown half-brother in an episode of Supernatural (hysterically called 'Jump the Shark', which is what people said the show would if they added in another sibling. of course, the Supernatural writers turned the cliche on its head...)

he's described as even hotter in the books, has a cool scar and everything, plus, son of Hermes, is funnier, even cooler in the books, and a LOT older than Percy ~ he's 19 to Percy's 12, and so forth. and in the 1st book it's much more of a surprise he's a baddie.

the backstory and details of how normal ppl don't know what's going on are SO much more developed in the books, which are also unbelievably well-written, stylistically speaking, especially for YA books ~ my creative writing professor, who doesn't think so much of J.K.'s style/ability as much as he enjoys the story and was appalled when he glanced at one of the Twilight books, was seriously surprised and impressed by Rick Riordan's writing.

i found it a kinda enjoyable movie... it made me want to go to the Parthenon in Nashville! ... but pretty weak overall, especially given how strong the source material was.

2/23/2010 #71
Mistical Ninja

I think my biggest pet peeve in the whole thing was the name of the camp... I mean, come on... couldn't they come up with a better name? I mean, look at Hogwarts. Who in there right mind has ever heard of a place called Hogwarts? Or if nothing else, at least keep with its Greek Pronunciation. That, I can live with.

And if you're really into Greek mythology, don't mind a few sex scenes, and love to see vamps get splatted, check out the Dark Hunter series by sherrilyn kenyon. Very very cool story.

First book, Fantasy Lover, Is about an old demi-god by the name Julian. He was the son of Aphrodite and a human general, and one of the greatest generals of his time. But before his prince (Kyrian of Thrace) could fully conquer all of Rome and Greece, he was trapped by his half-brother in a scroll, to serve out eternity as... well, a sex slave. Thing was, Julian had always, always wanted a family, and when he finally got one, his brother... well, it was bad. very bad. Anyways, Call it... 2002-4 something like that. A girl by the name of Grace Alexander comes into possession of the scroll by means of her friend Seline.

Grace has basically sworn off men in general and Seline thinks its time to fix that. Grace though isn't about to just use Julian and throw him away. She finds out about his life, and who and what he is. And she wants to help him. It's an extremely interesting story.

The Second one, Night Pleasures is about Kyrian of Thrace. His Life after Julian disappeared was... not so pleasant. Suffice it to say, he died, and died brutally. Brutal enough that when he perished, his soul cried out for vengeance, a vengeance so loud that it echoed in the halls of Olympus. Artemis heard his call, and offered him a chance to exact his revenge, in exchange for becoming one of her soldiers in a battle that would stretch through the ages. You see, long ago, Apollo, son of Zeus, created his own race of beings, known as the Apollonian's. They were a peaceful race, but eventually, the humans corrupted them, birthing the Apollites. Eventually, this new race betrayed Apollo, killing one of his wives and unborn child. For their transgression, he cursed their entire race to die on their 27th birthday, a slow, painful death. And to further add insult to injury, he also banished them from the sun, making it so that if they ever stepped in the sunlight, they would burn up instantly. This was so he would never have to look upon them again.

But, the apollites found a way around the curse. they could survive their 27th birthday by killing, and taking in a human's soul. But, the moment they did, they forever would be hunting more souls, for a human's soul was not meant to reside in their bodies. The soul would begin to deteriorate within days, and soon the Apollite would have to hunt again. Thus, Artemis, Apollo's sister, crafted an army to fight against the Apollites. The Darkhunters. They were merciless hunters, fearless warriors. bred to kill and hunt the Apollites. In exchange for an act of vengeance, they surrender their souls to Artemis. And Kyrian is now one of them. He's been hunting the Daemon's as their called, for well over 2000 years.

But, as in any sad tale like this, there is a silver lining. He has a way out, a way to regain his soul. His true love, the one woman to truly love him above all else, must first drain him of his powers, then kill him. As he dies, she then takes his soul, regained from Artemis, and forces it back into his body. the process... is excruciating. And Kyrian... has met a woman, unlike any other. In her, he finds hope and a reason to live again. And thus, their tale begins.

There's a combined total of... 10 books out now, all set in the DarkHunter World. It's a lot of fun.

Anyways, plug now over. (powers off)

2/23/2010 #72

I have been into Harry Potter since it first came out, my teacher read the First and Second books to us. And my mom and my Aunt used to read them to me every night. ^^

I also like anime/manga, I used to like Naruto alot because the story line was good for a while but then everyone was killed off. I like Negima, Fushigi Yugi, Digimon, Yugioh used to be on my lists.

For books I like Peter Pan, Tudors, The Other Bolyen Girl, Percy Jackson.

For fanfic I pretty much read HP and I don't mind Ginny, I think she is ok. My fav characters are Sirius, Remus, Draco, Tonks, James, Lily, Luna. Wow

2/25/2010 #73
Wendy Brune

I love the book version of Peter Pan, as well as The Other Bolyen Girl.

In fact, I loved the book The Other Bolyen Girl so much it makes me afraid to see the movie. I've heard it's pretty different (and the trailers seem as such.) I just like it too much to have it ruined by the movie. But I could be wrong. Has anyone seen it?

2/25/2010 #74

Oh! Actually The movie was originally what got me into the book, the movie was good. It was different from the book yes, but still I enjoyed it. It was rather a different take on the book.

Then again I also love the actresses that are in TOBG, both Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson I feel portrayed Anne and Mary very nicely.

2/25/2010 #75
Bad Mum

I loved the book of The Other Boleyn Girl, but I haven't seent eh film, so i can;t comment. Have you read Philippa gregory's other "Tudor" books. I loved them all, but especially "The Constant Princess" about Katherine of Aragon.

(I typed "Aragorn" there - different fandom! Viggo Mortensen - swoon.)

2/26/2010 #76
Wendy Brune

I've read her book The Queen's Fool, albeit a long, long time ago. It was pretty good, though. I should check out more of her Tudor books, though. I've heard only good things about them!

2/26/2010 #77

i think The Queen's Fool was my favorite, by quite a lot over OBG, though I haven't read the Constant Princess. Honestly I personally don't love her books, but I did like them enough~ i've only read OBG, QF, and the Virgin's Lover. The Other Boleyn Girl didn't really *grab* me although I've always loved fiction about the Tudors (part of the problem being that I'd already read so much of it, plus there were a LOT of liberties taken with the actual history... not as much, as say, The Tudors ;P... but it's undeniably there.)

I have seen the movie, and there are quite a lot of changes. I wasn't really anymore taken with the movie than I was with the book, and I probably wouldn't care to see it again (then again, I have no interest in rereading the book, so it may just be me.)

Jim Sturgess plays George in the movie, who's portrayed very differently, and not any more historically accurately, than he is in the book... but it's Jim Sturgess ;). and as just the cute, puppy-dog eyed little brother... I felt MUCH sorrier for him, and his last scene was probably the only one to really affect me.

Natalie Portman is a wicked scary Anne Boleyn, though still slightly more sympathetic than her book-self; I thought Mary was a little blotto in the book, and same in the movie (MUCH preferred the heroine in Queen's Fool). Eric Bana pulls off a good Henry VIII, all intense charisma and petulance.

it sticks with the book stoyline, mainly, but ends up offering a different (and overall more sympathetic) interpretation on events and characters than the book (less complex, as you'd expect for a movie that is condensing a 600-ish page book). since I wasn't too attached to the book, the changes didn't bother me; if you LOVE the book, you might not care for it as much. Your mileage may vary ;D

still, i thought it was a pretty fair adaptation, as they go, if you don't approach it with too high expectations. and my friends who I went with, back when it first came out, if I'm remembering right, hadn't read the book ~ they REALLY liked the movie, in itself.

2/26/2010 #78
Wendy Brune

I've seen the commercials and the clip of the death at the end (so as not to ruin the ending for anyone -- thoug you'd probably already know.) I agree that Natalie Portman is a great Anne Boleyn, and I DEFINITELY agree about her being more sympathetic in the movie. Granted, I haven't seen it, but the trailers make it seem like she was destined for Henry before Mary stole that dream. It looks like you'd feel for her. In the book she was a MAJOR b!tch. I wanted to slap her upside the head oh so many times. I liked Mary in the book, though.

2/26/2010 #79

Granted, I haven't seen it, but the trailers make it seem like she was destined for Henry before Mary stole that dream.

nah, watching the movie itself, it doesn't come off that way... though the trailers *did* set it up that way. Mary comes off as totally innocent in that~ well, for viewers, not in Anne's pov. it's more when things are fraying and then horribly unravel (and Henry's BRUTAL in more than one scenes) that you just feel terrible for her for what she got herself into.

yeah, in the book, she's so bad it was almost crazy~ more a real black hat than ambiguously gray, whose only claim on the readers' sympathy really is being Mary's sister. she seems practically *born* evil in the book...but then, ambition is of Slytherin ;P

2/26/2010 . Edited 2/26/2010 #80
Wendy Brune

HAHA! I seriously thought she was a perfect Slytherin while reading the book.

2/26/2010 #81
Wendy Brune


3/1/2010 #82


3/1/2010 #83

Gleeeeeeeeeeeeee! And The Other Boleyn Girl!!

I'm reading her book, The Boleyn Inheritance right now ;)

3/1/2010 #84

I heard that was good, I read the Queens Fool and really enjoyed it ^^

3/3/2010 #85

It was very good! I 3 Anne of Cleves, I wish Henry had stayed married to her instead of leaving her for Kitty Howard. Kitty seemed like a little girl at some times, but she was a fun character to read, brillantly written. Such a constrast to his other wives: chirpy, fun, although a bit stupid. hehe ;) I enjoyed the book though, & I want them to make it into a movie now!! XD

3/3/2010 #86

D'wwwwaaaaaa! I wanna read it :)

3/5/2010 #87

Am I the only one who didn't like The Other Boleyn Girl? I liked the one about Catherine, the first wife, a lot. I never connected her to King Ferdinand who first gave Christopher Columbus the commission to the New World. Ha...

I think the reason I didn't like The Other Boleyn Girl was because in other books concerning Anne & Mary Boleyn, Mary was always the eldest. Then Anne, then George. But it's sort of the other way in The Other Boleyn Girl and that just annoyed me because when I first read the summary, I was all, "OH WOW I GET TO READ IN THE OLDER CHILD'S POV" but it was like, not...

And in my copy I got from the library there were random hair between the pages.. ;_; Like, not stray hair. Like, clumps. It was gross... D:

3/13/2010 #88
Wendy Brune

Ew! I'm VERY particular about second hand books. If there is a funny stain/smell/what have you, I just can't read the book.

I did some googling...apparently it's unclear which is older, though "the most recent scholarship supports 1507 as the year of Anne's birth. Mary was born a year later, in 1508. Their only surviving sibling was an older brother George, born in 1503." -- Citing my source here:

3/13/2010 #89

Um. Yeah. It was so nasty.

I understand there's the whole dilemma concerning their birth dates, but if you've ever read Carolyn Meyer's Young Royal books (I still read them after all this time... -__-;;), it's in Anne's POV and she's the youngest. So I've never had a chance to read the older child's POV. Annoying. :[

It bothers me somehow. :P

3/14/2010 #90
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