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Wendy Brune

The Big Bang: Marauders is a challenge currently open on livejournal. To copy and paste from their community:

This particular usage traces back to 2006, when some folks in the Harry/Draco corner of HP fandom invited a handful of authors to create H/D novels of at least 50,000 words. Since then, the idea has been adapted to various other pairings, fandoms, and characters. This one is centered on a few specific characters from the Marauder era, so all fics should be stories about one of those characters.

Basically you have until June 6, 2010 to write a 20,000 rough-draft that has one of the approved characters (Sirius, Remus, James, Peter, Severus, & Lily) in a main role. After that, your story can take on ANYTHING - AU, other characters, whatever. After submitting your story, it goes through a beta-ing process, and someone is appointed to illustrate your story!! Then, they will all be posted (I believe some time in August.)

Click here to learn more!

...well the link thingy isn't working, so here you go:


This topic is for getting advice and sharing support. We can cheer each other on and boost each other up!

**Remember, you are forbidden from posting your story on or any other site until a certain date AFTER the August deadline.**

If you plan to go through with the whole challenge (getting it beta-ed and illustrated) then DO NOT forget this rule. However, you could always just try to write the challenge and not worry about the rest.

((-EHWIES gets credit for coming up with this topic! Give her a good glomp!))

1/24/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #1
Dejsha's World

Um, instead of using LJ (for those who don't want to or don't like LJ, like me) can we post our story on fanfic and say it was enspired by the challenge? (maybe the RL's challenge?)

1/24/2010 #2
Wendy Brune

Yeah, that very fine. You won't just get the beta-ing/illustrating.

((I would totally recommending creating an LJ, even if it's just for this one thing. Think how cool it'd be to have an ILLUSTRATED story.))

1/24/2010 #3
Dejsha's World

I see what you mean; I don't really need the picture (as I'm blind I can't see it;D). I guess it'd be good for other people, but not exactly for me.

I need a plot... hmm...

1/24/2010 #4



I've got a page down, a billion to go! ;)

1/24/2010 #5
Dejsha's World

Um, does it have to be when the Marauders were in school? can it be a timetravel? like Hermione travels to their time? cause I might use the Veil idea...

1/24/2010 #6
Luna Rapunzel

All right, guys, I have a snippet ready!


It’s days like this when James wishes he weren’t in the Slug Club.

“Everybody pair up with someone from a different house—this is N.E.W.T.-level material, everyone, I want to see you finding out whom you work best with!” announces Slughorn at the beginning of class, clapping his hands with gusto. “James, Remus, m’boys, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to split up today—Remus, you can partner Zeller, that’s good, and why don’t you work with Miss McKinnon? She was at the top of my Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw class last year; she could give Severus a run for his money!”

Slughorn beams at the pair as they separate, Remus smiling helplessly at a grumbling James. He doesn’t like the professor’s grin—it’s too indulgent, too intimate, for his liking. Truth be told, he’s never much cared for Slughorn and his politics. James did get an E on his Potions O.W.L., though, and his mum nagged him all through July and August about what a shame it would be to waste his talents… and Evans is enrolled.

Not that what Evans studies matters to James. She’s hot, but she’s not interested; he’s over that. Still, she doesn’t seem willing to patch things up with Snivellus, so he ought to take the classes the two of the have together, just to keep an eye on her, right? Gryffindors supporting Gryffindors and all that.

Besides, he’s working with Marlene McKinnon today, and who needs Evans when you have McKinnon? At least McKinnon isn’t always on his case about how he needs to be more responsible. Brunettes are prettier than redheads anyway.

“Hey,” says James suavely as he dumps his books onto McKinnon’s desk and slides into the seat next to hers. She raises her eyebrows and says nothing in response.

Slughorn is babbling about today’s potion now, but James tunes him out, tipping his chair back onto two legs. “First pair to finish successfully wins ten points to both responsible houses!” he catches at the end of the explanation.

The rest of the class begins work, students shuffling toward supply cabinets and readying their cauldron, but James hardly budges an inch. “Are you just going to sit there feeling proud of yourself all day?” McKinnon asks, interrupting his reverie.

He whips around to face her, startled, his chair nearly tipping over. A bit shaken, he takes a moment to recapture his cool, then says smoothly, “Are you just going to sit there watching me, or are you going to move your arse so we don’t flunk the assignment?”

1/24/2010 #7


1/24/2010 #8
Luna Rapunzel

Thanks! :D I'm excited about this.

1/24/2010 #9
Dejsha's World

Loved it! I'm deffinatley hooked. Love your portrayal of James. He is cool and yet interested. Great piece!

1/24/2010 #10
Luna Rapunzel

Haha, thanks!! He's still a bit of a shallow jerk here, but he'll get nicer over time, heh.

1/24/2010 #11
Dejsha's World

I like it alot:)

Can the story be a timetravel (Hermione goes back in time) fic?

1/24/2010 #12

James should get nicer!

Here's a little bit from mine-

Breakfast is over by the time he hurries down to the Great Hall, the last half-empty plate disappearing off the tables. Sirius groans, clapping a hand over his rumbling stomach. He eyes Remus at the far end of the Gryffindor table, James and Lily seated a few seats down from him, across from a grinning Peter. He longs to slap James across his head and tell him to stop ignoring his friends, but he doesn’t. He takes a seat next to Moony, who looks up in surprise.

Remus smiles, and pulls something off the table.

“I saved you something,” he tells him, shaking his head. “Didn’t think you’d come to your senses quick enough to get down here before breakfast was over.”

Sirius chuckles, breaking an admittedly cold piece of toast in half and cramming it into his mouth. “You were right about that Moony,” he mumbles out around the toast. Remus raises an eyebrow, grinning.

“I thought Black had more manners than that, Padfoot,” he teases, chuckling.

Sirius shakes his head, finishing off the toast. “I’m not a Black, never have been. I’m aMarauder.”

And hopefully, Prongs will be back with them soon enough.

Remus just laughs, shaking his head.

1/24/2010 #13
Dejsha's World

I like the "I'm a Marauder" bit. It was really well written.

1/24/2010 #14

Thank's Bella, I liked writing that bit! :D

1/24/2010 #15
Cuban Sombrero Gal

I have half a page scrawled in a notebook that's from nowhere near the beginning. I think I need to work on this.

1/24/2010 #16

Prologue down, nearly 2,000 words done! :) I'm getting there.

Here's a little bit;

James scowls angrily. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe something along the lines of putting it back and NOT reading it!”

Sirius glares at him. “Well maybe I wouldn’t have to read your freaking man-journal, if you actually spent time with us these days!” he bellows.

James splutters at this, looking shocked. “Man-man-man journal?” he finally spits out, looking more furious than ever. “If you have to know, it’s not a journal, it’s just a book I write everything down in!”

Whadda think? :D

1/24/2010 #17
Dejsha's World

Like it, alot! I'd say "Hey, at least you can admit I'm a man." lol:)

1/24/2010 #18
Dejsha's World

I might do my Sirius/Hermione timetravel fic.

1/24/2010 #19
Wendy Brune

“Are you just going to sit there feeling proud of yourself all day?” McKinnon asks, interrupting his reverie.

He whips around to face her, startled, his chair nearly tipping over. A bit shaken, he takes a moment to recapture his cool, then says smoothly, “Are you just going to sit there watching me, or are you going to move your arse so we don’t flunk the assignment?”

I really like it so far EHWIES. You've created some great tension...I really like those lines ^^

I have half a page scrawled in a notebook that's from nowhere near the beginning. I think I need to work on this.

I don't even have notes, just things that were tossed out in the randomness thread.

Prologue down, nearly 2,000 words done!

Um. Wow. Maddie that's like 1/10 of the work. Keep up the awesome work!

1/24/2010 #20
Luna Rapunzel

Glad you guys like it so far! And yours is shaping up really nicely, Maddie. ^^

1/24/2010 #21
Luna Rapunzel

I joined the comm. Am nervous. :/

1/24/2010 #22
Wendy Brune

Whoo! Yay, EHWIES!

What's your LJ name? I will add you to my friends list! =)

1/24/2010 #23
Luna Rapunzel

ehwies. XD I made it just for this, so I figured I'd save myself the confusion of having to remember another screen name.

1/24/2010 #24
Wendy Brune

Ok, be expecting a friend request from alice_brune. =)

I'm actually getting pumped for this, tbh.

1/24/2010 #25
Luna Rapunzel

Haha, all right. You'll be my first friend on LJ. :3

I have a little over a thousand words so far. I'm a little freaked that I'm actually going to attempt this, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to finally doing something with the ship.

1/24/2010 #26
Wendy Brune

Wow, 1000 words? That's so impressive.

I wanna be working on my story, but I'm trying to find scholarships first. Blergh.

1/24/2010 #27
Luna Rapunzel

Thanks. :)

I need to study for a bio test--badly--but I'm writing. Though I should really stop soon because I have to be at work in an hour and a half and I need time to learn everything there is to know about population genetics.

1/24/2010 #28
Wendy Brune

Oh, bio. If I decide to get my psychology degree, I'll have to take biology again. Icks. =/

Still, I'm so impressed that you (and Maddie) have gotten off to a great start. I feel inspired to start tonight (or at least compile some notes!)

1/24/2010 #29

StoryGirl102- "I'm a Marauder." Love that line! It's like "I'm Chuck Bass".

1/24/2010 #30
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