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The Reviews Lounge Too

Because the community, found here, is in the general category and features stories from many different fandoms, it can be hard to scroll down to find things you like. This topic will feature a list of which fandoms currently have stories in the archive, and also what stories only need a few more reviews to graduate!

This list is on-going and will be updated regularly in this post. If you don't see your favorite fandom here, recommend a story from it in the recommendations topic! We're always looking to expand fandoms!!

Fandom/Number of Stories:

27 Dresses - 1

Clique -- 1

Daria -- 1

Ella Enchanted -- 1

Glee -- 3

Gossip Girl -- 1

Greek -- 1

Grey's Anatomy -- 1

Harry Potter -- 23

High School Musical - 1

Neopets -- 1 (But it's really more like a fairytale)

Peter Pan -- 2

Pride & Prejudice -- 1

Titanic -- 3

Twilight -- 2

This list isn't fandoms we're only accepting, it's only fandoms we have in the archive right now. People are more than welcome to rec a fandom that isn't on this list.

1/26/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 3/16/2010 #1
The Reviews Lounge Too

Hey guys...there are a few stories that need only four or less reviews to graduate! If someone can review them, they can move to the Graduates archive!

Forever Seventeen (Twilight) -- 19 (so it only needs ONE MORE REVIEW!!)

Somewhere in Between (Clique, though I think it's still interesting even if you don't know the canon) -- 17

you would look so pretty (Harry Potter) -- 16

1/26/2010 #2

I reviewed Forever Seventeen.

1/26/2010 #3

Reviewed you would look so pretty, it only needs 2 more reviews to graduate! :D

1/26/2010 #4

Just a question, can we add David Eddings (its own Category) to the list? I'm a fan of his series the Belgariad. Do you want me to post a link to an under reviewed story here?

1/26/2010 #5
Wendy Brune

You can recommend it in the under reviewed recommendations topic.

This list isn't fandoms we're only accepting, it's fandoms we only have in the archive right now. People are more than welcome to rec a fandom that isn't on this list.

1/27/2010 #6
Wendy Brune

So, there are some more stories that only need 5 or less reviews to graduate! =)

Slowly Breaking Through (Harry Potter) - 15 reviews

Yesterday is But a Dream (Twilight) - 16 reviews

The World is Moving and I'm Standing Still (Twilight) - 15 reviews. -- This story was added today, and wouldn't it be nice to show the author how awesome we are to go ahead and get it to graduate the same day! =)

2/8/2010 . Edited 2/8/2010 #7
Luna Rapunzel

Added a few of my favorite Glee fics to try and expand the fandom base: Beating, A Beautiful Mess, and Parents Don't.

Edit: Reviewed Standing Still from above.

Edit again: Also added Rain from Grey's Anatomy (which I beta'd ^^).

2/8/2010 . Edited 2/8/2010 #8

I have a really stupid question...

I can't find the RLt community for under reviewed stories. At the account of the RLt, there's just the community for graduated stories...

Could you help me?

Edit: never mind it...I... er... I found it... I should learn to read...

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #9
Wendy Brune

Haha, no problem. Thanks for checking the archive out! =)

2/10/2010 #10
Luna Rapunzel

Hope you don't mind, Wendy, but I broke a rule--I put two of Maddie's stories for Harry Potter in the archive. I already had one in, but then I added Ever After because it's J/D and fabulous and based on a request+ and it just has to be in there, too, but I didn't want to take the first one out... so... yeah. ^^;

2/14/2010 #11
Wendy Brune

Haha, well... I don't see a huge problem with it. I feel like if it's RLt related and ISN'T in a project, then double stories can be excused. (However, I don't think this principle works the other way around, i.e an RLt inspired story is already in the archive and THEN we add something that isn't from the same author.)


2/14/2010 #12
Luna Rapunzel

Yeah, that's what I was thinking/hoping, too. :) If there's already an RLt-related fic of someone's in the archive, it doesn't make sense to add another one just because you like it because of the rule, but I don't want to take one fic out to make room for an RLt one, you know?

2/14/2010 #13
Wendy Brune

That's how I feel, and I think it's important to honor RLt related fics, since it's the RLt archive.

2/14/2010 #14

Nawww love you guys! ;)

2/14/2010 #15
Wendy Brune

Haha Maddie, I lurf you. What do you think about the rule, though?

2/14/2010 #16

I agreeeee ;)

2/14/2010 #17

27 Cell Phones can graduate!

2/21/2010 #18
Luna Rapunzel

Thanks for reviewing! :) We'll have to wait for Wendy to graduate it, though, since you can't delete fics from a c2 that you don't own (which Wendy and I were talking about the other day--we're probably going to have to switch the recs to her account and the main c2 to the RLt account so that Maddie and I can graduate fics, which is going to be a royal pain).

2/21/2010 #19
Wendy Brune

Thanks Crescent! =) That was a really recent addition, so I'm glad I can graduate it and show the author how awesome we are.

Yeah, EHWIES, I've been working on making a list with all the links of the story in the archive. Expect the switch tonight.

2/21/2010 #20
The Reviews Lounge Too

Some more stories that are close to graduating! (We can do this, guys!)

The review number is how many they already have, not how many they need. =)

Lacuna (Harry Potter) - 18 reviews (And, I'm about to go review it under my account, so it'll only need ONE MORE REVIEW!)

To All That (Harry Potter) - 16 reviews

Crushed (Harry Potter) - 17 reviews

Of Tears, Bathrooms and Chivalry (Harry Potter) - 25 reviews (It's a two shot, so it only needs 5 more reviews, which kind of means just 2 1/2 more people to review both chapters)

Hidden Away (Harry Potter) - 16 reviews

The World is Moving and I'm Standing Still (Twilight) - 16 reviews

Yesterday is But a Dream (Twilight) - 16 reviews

Slowing Breaking Through (Harry Potter) - 15 reviews

Come on, guys! We can graduate these! =)

2/24/2010 #21
Luna Rapunzel

And can I point out that only Wendy, Misty, and I have reviewed our Story of the Week? You have until Sunday, but be sure not to forget--it's definitely worth a read!!

2/24/2010 #22
Wendy Brune

Haha, aren't you at school, EHWIES?

Not to be off-topic...

2/24/2010 #23
Luna Rapunzel

Heh, no. We get out at 2:11 (it's 2:45 here); I'm just popping in before I start homework.

2/24/2010 #24
Bad Mum

Lacuna can graduate.

(And thanks for putting my Seamus and Lavender story in the archive. I hadn't noticed you had before today.)

2/24/2010 #25
Wendy Brune

Thanks BadMum! And no problem - I thought I PMed you, but apologies if it somehow slipped my notice. =)

2/24/2010 . Edited by The Reviews Lounge Too, 2/24/2010 #26
Bad Mum

Actaully, you may have done, and I may have forgotten... Old age and insanity creeping up on me!

2/24/2010 #27

And if you review one of the stories, can you please tell me in my forum. Topic of the Glass Inkwell Newspaper, Issue 3. I'd like to keep my stats accurate over there ...

3/9/2010 #28

To All That can graduate. Amazing read.

Edit: just realised it had already 20 rewiews... shrug...

3/11/2010 . Edited 3/11/2010 #29
Luna Rapunzel

Haha, no worries--the author will appreciate the extra feedback. :)

In other news, Somewhere In Between only needs one more review to graduate!

3/11/2010 #30
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