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Common Stories needs 2,

Laughing in 1979 needs 7 ,

All those empty spaces needs 4,

Beaten Flower needs 7,

Shades of Grey needs 5,

Lucky GRADUATED (35 reviews!!!)

Don't forget his heart needs 3,

Okay needs 2,

Yes, I love you needs 5,

Only in her dreams needs 2,

Subtraction needs 3,

Asparagus needs 6,

Obliviate need 5,

Unwilling captivation needs ONE,

Mohawks graduated,

Even as I wander needs 6,

Show time needs 2,

past perfect needs ONE,

everyone's a winner... needs 6,

Four times Severus' love was... needs 2,

Heroes graduated,

Break a leg need 6,

How fairy tales end needs ONE,

Dudley's memories graduated, I thought that the stories need to have an average of 15 reviews per chap... it has 13,3....

The circle needs 2 reviews per chap,

Haggis from Algernon needs 3 reviews per chap,

What not to expect needs 1 review per chap,

Always teatime needs 2,5 reviews per chap,

Through A Glass Darkly has an average 10,47 reviews per chap.... should we graduate it?

make me yours needs 1,5 reviews per chap

EDIT: I added all the graduated stories to the graduated archive, but couldn't remove Heroes and Mohawks from the other archive (don't know why, I could remove Lucky and Dudleys memories...) Could someone do it? Thanks!!!! Oh and I removed the authors from the list, so we can add their other stories too! :)

12/5/2010 . Edited by The Reviews Lounge Too, 12/5/2010 #61
Luna Rapunzel

ALL RIGHT so on account of getting to graduate stories like crazy after the Reviewathon and all of the activity we've had in the archives this past month, we're bringing this thread back! We have legitimately a CHOCK TON of fics that are super close to graduating, so help us out and give one of these a review the next time you've got a minute for fanfiction. :) If you're looking for a lengthier read, you can always check out our WIP archive ( and give one of the fics archived there a try as well.

Thestrals - Graduated!

Yes, I Love You - Graduated!

don't forget his heart - Graduated!

Show Time - Graduated!

everyone's a winner if the stadium is right - Graduated!

Firelight - needs 2

Within the Walls - needs 2

Swirl - needs 3

my wonderful jealousy is dark - needs 4

Break a Leg - needs 4

Left behind - needs 5

It's The Way He Loves Her - needs 5

Waning - needs 5

Butterfly - needs 6

with quiet words i'll lead you in - needs 7

Something You'll Never Forget - needs 7

When He Can't Say the Words - needs 7

Not Quite Myself - needs 8

Grace - needs 8

A Field of Buttercups - needs 8

Secret Keeper - needs 8

2/19/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #62
Emily Mae

I left a review for Thestrals! Which was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY AWESOME BTW.

2/19/2012 #63
The Reviews Lounge Too

Thank you much! --E

2/19/2012 #64

I left a review on Within the Walls. :)

2/19/2012 #65
Luna Rapunzel

:D excellent!

2/19/2012 #66
Emily Mae

Reviewed "Yes, I Love You"!

2/20/2012 #67

Read and reviewed "Laughing in 1979."

2/20/2012 #68

Read and reviewed "Butterfly."

2/21/2012 #69

Left a review on don't forget his heart, Show Time and everyone's a winner if the stadium is right =)

3/3/2012 . Edited 3/4/2012 #70
Sassmaster Omega 620

Left a review on Swirl. Really good and creative story! I highly approve and recomend.

3/3/2012 #71

Now that we have new staffers for the archives, we have some new stories to let everyone know about! We also have a few old ones that are VERY close to graduation. So here is the updated list of stories that need really your attention!

(Title - Fandom - # of reviews until graduation)

Waning - Pokemon - needs 5

Within the Walls - Harry Potter - needs 1 (I can assure you that this is excellent and absolutely deserves the one review it needs to graduate! And more!)

Look, Up In The Sky - Supernatural - needs 4

A Man About the House - Sherlock Holmes - needs 5

Swirl - Harry Potter - needs 2

Break a Leg - High School Musical - needs 4

Left Behind - Harry Potter - needs 5

Portraits of a Very Fancy Charm - Harry Potter - needs 5

Far Longer Than Forever - Harry Potter - needs 2 (this may look like shameless plugging, but I assure you that it is not!)

There are some real gems that have been recently added to the archive but there are some excellent ones that have been there for a while and they really need some love. Thanks!

EDIT: Now updated to show the numbers after darkin's lovely reviews!

3/6/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #72

I gave reviews on Within the Walls, Swirl, and Firelight.

3/9/2012 #73

darkin, that's awesome! Firelight will be able to graduate now! ^_^

3/9/2012 #74
Luna Rapunzel

Graduated Firelight. Thanks, darkin!

3/9/2012 #75

Welcome! Sorry that I've lived under a rock...I kind of just discovered this thread, but rest assured, I'll be visiting it much more. :)

3/9/2012 #76

Here is the current list of how many stories per fandom that can be found in the archives!

Fandom/Number of Stories:

Misc. Books - 1

Big Time Rush - 1

Harry Potter - 23

A Midsummer's Night Dream - 1

Sherlock Holmes - 1

Hercule Poirot series - 2

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - 1

Avatar: Last Airbender - 2

Lord of the Rings - 1

Game of Thrones - 1

Doctor Who - 2

Supernatural - 2

Firefly - 1

Disney - 1

Pokemon - 2

Death Note - 1

Ella Enchanted - 1

Gossip Girl - 1

Fight Club - 1

Glee - 3

Wizards of Waverly Place - 1

Daria - 1

Titanic - 1

Grey's Anatomy - 1

Greek - 1

Pride and Prejudice - 1

Peter Pan - 1

People are more than welcome to rec a fandom that isn't on this list.

3/9/2012 #77

I did not even realize you guys put Portraits in the C2 ...thank you! :). I'll have a review fest for other C2 stories very soon.

3/16/2012 #78

I just reviewed Swirl by Bface so it only needs one review to graduate! So...someone should get on that. (:

Also, Within the Walls, Show Time, and everyone's a winner if the stadium is right can graduate!

4/8/2012 . Edited 4/8/2012 #79

Also, Within the Walls, Show Time, and everyone's a winner if the stadium is right can graduate!

I'm an archive staffer, so I should probably already know this...but...I have no idea how to take a story out of the archive? I can add them to The Reviews Lounge, Too Graduates, but I have no idea how to remove them from the archive they are currently in.

4/8/2012 #80
Luna Rapunzel

You have to log into the RLt account in order to remove a story from the main archive, but as far as I know, it's only mods who have the password--although I don't 100% remember so check with Wendy on that. If so, you can always just PM one of us/let us know if a fic needs to be graduated and we'll take care of it ^^

4/8/2012 #81

Thanks, E! I don't have the RLt account password, so I guess I don't need to worry about graduating fics. XD In any case, it would appear that those three are indeed ready to graduate...should I still PM one of you, or are the posts in this thread enough?

4/8/2012 #82
Emily Mae

Read and reviewed Swirl. Should be ready to graduate now!

4/9/2012 #83

Read and reviewed Left Behind, a Bellatrix fic from Rodolphus' POV. It only needs four more reviews, and I would definitely recommend it.

4/9/2012 #84

Far Longer than Forever only needs one more review to graduate!

4/9/2012 #85
Emily Mae

Okay, Far Longer than Forever should be ready to graduate! :D

4/9/2012 #86

Heh. Seeing that "one more" was needed, I too reviewed it. It really was a great piece.

4/9/2012 #87
Wendy Brune

One-shot/two-shot archive has been pruned! Preened? Whatever. I cleaned out the old stuff that could graduate! Yayyy!

...oh damn, I didn't graduate those things.

Now I did! Fixed!

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #88

You guys are fantastic! Thanks for your fabulous reviews! It's so excited when we get to graduate so many stories in the same day!

4/9/2012 #89

Updated list of what's getting close to graduatation! But don't forget about the ones that are lagging behind!

Products of a Fancy Charm - Harry Potter - needs 1 review!

Dear Augusta - Harry Potter - needs 7 reviews!

A Man About the House - Sherlock Holmes - needs 4 reviews!

Look, Up in the Sky - Supernatural - needs 3 reviews!

Not Quite Myself - Pokemon - needs 8 reviews!

Devil's Light - Harry Potter - needs 8 reviews!

Something You'll Never Forget - Fight Club - needs 6 reviews!

A Field of Buttercups - Harry Potter - needs 7 reviews!

When He Can't Say the Words - Harry Potter - needs 5 reviews

Waning - Pokemon - needs 5 reviews!

Secret Keeper - Harry Potter - needs 7 reviews!

Control - Glee - needs 9 reviews!

my wonderful jealousy is dark - Harry Potter - needs 3 reviews!

Butterfly - Titanic - needs 6 reviews!

Break a Leg - High School Musical - needs 3 reviews!

Rain - Grey's Anatomy - needs 9 reviews!

Parent's Don't - Glee - needs 9 reviews!

Ungodly Hours - Greek - needs 9 reviews!

Left behind - Harry Potter - needs 4 reviews!

Giry!Update on June 13th

4/9/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #90
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