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Luna Rapunzel

I mispronounce Emmeline Vance's name in my head. Which is really embarrassing because she's one of the main characters in my WIP, but even though I technically know that you say it like "EMMa-lynn", I ALWAYS think of it as "EmmaLEEN". Every time I read or write or think it. Gut reaction. It's terrible.

9/18/2010 #181
Unanimously Anonymous

Lol, I have the habit of calling my characters "main" or "foil" or whatever their role is. Even after I've written the name 50 times. As long as I'm not talking about it with anyone else though, I think I'll be fine. :D

9/19/2010 #182

Everytime I talk about what happened at school, my years at Primary school and Junior High it can't be helped that it sounds like I've been to a war, and then I haven't even mentioned the years in Greece... it's really sad when I think about it.

9/19/2010 #183

I cried when my Xbox360 and PSP broke and almost broke down when my new Xbox360 froze on Friday.

I almost lost 20 hours of slow gameplay of Final Fantasy XIII. *shudder*

9/19/2010 #184
Luna Rapunzel

I get reading fatigue, both online and with actual books--I have trouble focusing if I try to read for too long at a stretch. Didn't used to be like that until this past year, and it makes me sadface. :(

Also, I get social fatigue whereby I get completely drained and can't handle being around people for extended periods of time. lol is that normal? Like, if I have to be around people I don't know very well, after a while, I just stop talking and hope they ignore me, which they usually do, hehe, and if it's with friends, I get kind of exhausted and desperately wish they would go away. XD;

9/19/2010 #185
Unanimously Anonymous

I'm the same way Ehwies, lol. My friend has to drag me with her to keep me from running off. I can only take about a 2 hours with her before I want to go home and be alone. I'm pretty good at being igmored too. I lost my voice for a day last and no one even noticed. :P

I also hate talking to people on the phone. So I'm probably the only teenager in the world who has never had a cell phone. Just the thought that I couldn't ever escape someone who wanted to talk to me is enough to make me cringe. (I know intravert to the extreme.)

9/20/2010 #186

I'm probably the only teenager in the world who has never had a cell phone.

No you're not! Neither have I, Uni - how have we never figured that out before? Haha.

Sort of secret: My not having a cell phone used to really bother me, but since I got a laptop last year, I really don't want one. (Not to say that I'd say no if one was offered, but ...)

9/20/2010 #187
Luna Rapunzel

You know that annoying kid who laughs along to inside jokes she doesn't understand? That's me. LOL I feel awkward making confused faces when everybody else gets it, so I just kinda giggle along until somebody explains it to me. XD

9/20/2010 #188

Hehe, E I have so done that more times than I can count!

Sorta secret: I notice things about people and remember the smallest things from years ago that have o right to be lodged in my brain. I.E. I can still tell you what the first girl I kissed was wearing, down to her socks. 0.o

9/20/2010 #189
echoing noise

I always try to change myself - my friend thinks I'm begging for attention, but I just get tired of being me, so - viola! New me!

Es mejor, this way.

9/20/2010 #190

I have fifty-six socks and only a pair match.

9/20/2010 #191

Lol thats actually awesome Fingers. =D

So...I have a little bit of a crush on Quinn from Glee. /feels stereotypical

9/20/2010 #192

-has never seen an episode of Glee-

9/20/2010 #193
echoing noise

So...I have a little bit of a crush on Quinn from Glee. /feels stereotypicalOMG! I have just been validated in every single stupid crush I have ever had on fictional characters... THANK YOU!

9/20/2010 #194
Luna Rapunzel

People haven't posted here in like a week what this thread is usually the only one other than randomness that people post in. O_o

I'm starting to think that I'm super needy in relationships. Like, I'm crazy dependent/overthink everything/am jealous and possessive, and I know I'm being totally irrational and try to conceal it/let it go, but then I overthink more, and then I'm guilty, and then I attack the significant other and it's a bad day for everyone. LOL so I'm honestly starting to believe that I'm better off without a boyfriend because everyone's better off when I don't have the opportunity to go crazy.

Also, I absolutely hate it that people think of me differently when they find out I'm smart or whatever. I mean, I don't feel bad for myself because of it or whatever, but I feel like people distance themselves a little/think it makes me a little more unapproachable when they find out because I'm carrying around this giant reputation and all these credentials, you know? To the point that I'm trying to conceal it a little here at uni--obviously people know I'm in honors, and it's leaked out that I'm one of the full scholarship kids, but I avoid giving out any more details about my crazy obsessive grade-getting and academic involvement than I absolutely have to with even most of my friends just because I don't want them to think of me differently/feel like I'm being condescending or think they're inferior, because I totally don't, and back in hs people definitely judged me by my reputation as a smart kid before getting to know me and still colored their view of me after they got to know me... so yeah.

9/26/2010 #195
Luna Rapunzel

In other news, encoding failure happens where you continually are presented a piece of information but fail to ever encode it into your memory.

Exhibit A: Ever since this forum moved onto the whole "posted 5 seconds ago" thing and only shows actual date and time for however long after, I've been trying to figure out what time zone the boards are in because I'm curious and just pieced together yesterday that it's in Pacific time.

JUST NOW noticed this blurb at the bottom:

All times are GMT -8, US Pacific Time Zone.

lmao fail.

9/26/2010 #196

When I was in high school, a guy fell asleep at the wheel and crashed through our fence and into our back yard. While we waited for the police to show up, my sister took his sister into the bathroom to calm down(she was freaking out). The next day when I went to take a shower I found a random pair of underwear, when I asked mysister she told me the girl had been drunk and took them off to use the toilet...and never put them back on. 0.o

9/27/2010 #197
Luna Rapunzel

I legit ship my parents. Like, it's normal for kids to want their parents to stay married and be happy together, but I legitimately think they're adorable together and that they have a super cute story and totally ship them for reasons having nothing to do with my stake in their marriage. Mom flew out to California today to visit him, and even though it means now both my parents will be at the other end of the country for the next two weeks, I'm just so super excited for them to have that opportunity to finally see each other after sacrificing so much and living apart for me and my sister's sake, and it just got me thinking about the fact that I totally ship them together.

In other news, every time I watch the Bohemian Rhapsody/Quinn's childbirth scene from Glee's season 1 finale, I cry. Without fail. Also I usually skip the beginning of that ep when I'm watching it because it makes me way too sad. I'm WAY too emotionally affected by a lot of things, my favorite fandoms included, and I basically can't handle it, and it's kind of a dilemma because I love sad songs/stories/etc. because I appreciate the emotional rise I get out of them, only problem being that then I'm emotional and then my mood is shot and I get all sad and tragic (like right now).

10/1/2010 #198

You are the sweetest thing in the world, I'm getting cavities just talking to you! XD

When I write, especially when I write, I have a much easier time getting into the female characters heads and what drives them. Guys are...not easy for me and I'm not entirely sure why.

10/4/2010 #199

I've been brought up as anti-Israelian. I became concious about this a few years ago, and I'm now kind of neutral on this field. Some online aquientance of mine is going to move to Israel either this year or after the new year. When i told her that I hoped she and her family would stay safe, and it just dawned to me how much things are changing, and the odd little streams of coincidences which changes our lifecourse

10/6/2010 #200
Dejsha's World

*Confesses* Has anyone had a crush on a much, much older guy?

10/6/2010 #201

*Confesses* Has anyone had a crush on a much, much older guy?

There was one time in school... I won't say whether it was HS or college... but, yep *blushes*

I was reviewing this afternoon, and then I waited too long to go out and get vacuum cleaner bags ;) Too bad so sad, can't vacuum today! *does secret happy dance*

10/12/2010 #202

There are days that I want to run away, ignore everything I have in life and just isolate myself. No responsibilities, just act like I'm 19-22 have a no career dead end job like working at Old Navy, hit up bars, play video games and be totally selfish.

Me time is in short, read nonexistant, supply and it starting to be crushing.

/end TMI

10/12/2010 #203

sympathies there, eSJa. I was unhappy when I was working the 9-5 job, no responsibilities other than spouse/pets, etc. but I had so much free time and mental space. Now everything has to be so concentrated in short bursts. Not that I would actually go back to that stage, I'd run kicking and screaming out of the time machine.

10/13/2010 #204

You know how everyone has that one song that pumps them up? Like Eye of the Tiger right? Mine, mine is Footloose.

Yep Kenny Loggins in all his 80's glory. And yes I own and enjoy the movie.

10/26/2010 #205

Aw, SJ! As in "tonight I'm gonna cut loose, footloose, kick off my Sunday shoes"? It's too bad you're an internet away, or you could come see that at my school in three weeks. I'm in it, and the dancing for that song is epic!

10/26/2010 #206


Awww, awesome! I wish I could see it, my hometown did it for the summer musical and it was fantastic! You'll have to add a hip shake for me. XD

10/26/2010 #207

Aw, SJ! As in "tonight I'm gonna cut loose, footloose, kick off my Sunday shoes"? It's too bad you're an internet away, or you could come see that at my school in three weeks. I'm in it, and the dancing for that song is epic!

Total, total awesomeness Crescent :D One of my favorite movies of all time! And that's not even a secret ;) I'm kind of shocked I saw it as many times as I did at the tender age I was when it came out in theaters (*cough* 9).

10/27/2010 #208
Wendy Brune

...I am ridiculously stubborn sometimes.

11/6/2010 #209

Nice musical choice! We're going in the opposite direction at my high school: the Suessical!

I've been forced to contemplate my uglier sides a lot lately.

^I feel like there should be a comma in there, somewhere.^ But that may be because I'm a comma-whore. I just sent in my test for Perfect Imagination, and I swear, 87 percent of those corrections I placed in there must have been commas. The little blighters follow me everywhere!

11/9/2010 #210
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