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Wendy Brune

Ok, so this idea actually comes from TheEvilBunny from the general forum, "Writer's Anonymous!" It's actually incredibly fun!

Typically this game is used with OCs (even if they're only minor characters!), but if you don't have any, feel free to use a canon character (though maybe one that isn't a major character). The point is to show your character's personality by answering questions, not by describing them. Not only do funny comments arise, but it should also help you flesh out and understand your character better.

The first person posts a question; the next player answers that question in first person as their character, then posts a new question. The questions can be as silly or as serious as you like and so can the responses - just make them believable from your character!

So...the first question is...

"To be or not to be?"

That is the question! ;-D

3/9/2010 . Edited 11/27/2013 #1

A: Not to be, as being makes you part of whole and the whole is corrupt. (Character: Grey)

Q: More or less?

3/9/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #2
Wendy Brune

More is always better as long as it impresses others! ...Even I know that sounds bad, but it's just so true.

Q: What do you fear the most?

3/9/2010 #3

A: That I'll become exactly what everyone expects me to be. That one day I'll look in the mirror and it'll be the monster staring back at me, the face of the man eaten away by its desires. (Character: Grey)

Q: What makes you shiver?

3/9/2010 #4

A: The cold wind sweeping in through the cracks in the door and window. Cliche, yes, but still true.

Q: What has been your best memory, so far?

3/9/2010 #5

A: Her lipstick smeared lips, and the crook of her shoulder where I could fit my head just perfectly as she rocked me on her hips like a boat at sea. There hasn't been anything as sweet in my life since I was small enough to fit in a womans arms like a handbag. (Character: Grey)

Q: Coffee or tea?

3/9/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #6

A. Tea. Coffee I find gives me too much of an energy hit, and I buzz around like a trapped fly, so close but yet so far to the freedom of the outdoors, until the coffee wears off. The tea provides me with the energy I need, without spilling over the top, like water rushing over weathered rocks.

Q: Summer or Winter?

3/9/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #7
Wendy Brune

A: Winter. Everyone goes to the country for the summer, and society is terribly boring.

Q: Do you want to dance with me? ;-D

3/9/2010 #8

A: Very much, but I'd never tell you that. I'm too scared that if you get attached I'll just hurt you. (Character: Grey)

Q: Blue or yellow?

3/9/2010 #9

A: I don't think we'd dance rather well, but we can try. Only as long if you are too terribly bad, I suppose. I cannot stand bad dancers.

Q: If life gets you down, you?

3/9/2010 #10
Wendy Brune

A: Blue. And I'd rather not think about that... there's always a solution, as father says.

Q: What time period would you most like to live in?

3/9/2010 #11

A: The Tudor Era, the richness of society and the elegancy that everything was deal with, thrills me when I think about it. Even if anything was wrong, they would all smile and carry on. I rather wish I could do that today.

Q: Favorite movie? Why?

3/9/2010 #12
Wendy Brune

...what's a "movie?"

Q: ...can a man look good in yellow or pink? Really?

3/9/2010 #13

A: Certain people can pull it off, as long as the colour isn't too bright as well. I shudder when I see an obviously straight man walking down the street dressed in so many bright colours he resembles the sun.

Q: First kiss? Who and when?

3/9/2010 #14

A: I kissed the man I'm going to marry Prince Lamatre of Orillia. It was good to! (character Ariana from my original story "Scrolls of Orillium-check out writing princesses on fictionpress)

Q: What is your favorite food?

3/9/2010 #15
Bad Mum

I should say leeks or Welshcakes, but actually it's my not-quite-mother-in-law's Sunday roast.

Do you sing in the shower?

3/10/2010 . Edited 3/10/2010 #16

A: If I did, I'm sure the servants would get sore ears. Plus, my future husband Lamatre would laugh at me... Don't know what he thinks of my singing, I should ask. (Ariana)

Q: Do you like a hot or cold drink before you go to bed if any.

3/10/2010 #17
Wendy Brune

Mum insists that I drink a cup of warm milk before bed every night. I'd rather not, but Mother does always get her way.

Q: Knock knock?

3/10/2010 #18
Mistical Ninja

A: Go away. (Nicholas)

Q:Define "fight".

3/10/2010 #19

A: Oh that's easy. Me and my brother in the same room. Or my brother and a former friend of his. Or me and my cousin, for that matter... (Alysia)

Q: Who would you most like to meet?

3/12/2010 #20

A: My hero, of course. Not that I can tell you who he is, that information is strictly classified.

Q: If you could, who would you be?

3/12/2010 #21
Wendy Brune

Myself. I'm perfect the way I am, thank you very much.

Q: How important are manners to you?

3/12/2010 . Edited 3/12/2010 #22

A: Well, put it to you this way. It's more fun to politely insult someone than to outright abuse them. (Alysia)

Q: Would you rather live in Buckingham Palace or the White House?

3/12/2010 #23
Wendy Brune

The Palace, of course. Father always mentions how uncivilized those Yanks are.

Q: What time period are you in right?

3/12/2010 #24

A: Well that's a silly question. I'm in this time period. (Astoria)

Q: Blue or Purple?

3/12/2010 #25
Mistical Ninja
a)purple eyes. That's just so ridiculously weird. But... Intriguing. Wonder if anyone has those. Q)you are abducted by ruthless thugs, who plan to ransom your family for money, then sell you on the slave market. You're trapped in a small room, with very little visability. What do you do?
3/12/2010 #26

A: Keep back-chatting them until they become so tired of my voice they give me my wand back, then knock them out and make a run for it. (Alysia)

Q: If you could dye your hair any colour, what would you choose?

3/12/2010 . Edited 3/18/2010 #27
Mistical Ninja
A)Black.(Nicholas, and the one before was Nick as well.) Q) Before you lies a door that you have been searching for. On the other side, is something you've been searching for your whole life. What is it? And do you go through the door?
3/12/2010 #28

A: (Ariana) Hmm, that is a good question; I seek answers to my past, answers that I don't know about and yes, I go through it.

A: Answer me this; it flies forward yet creeps behind, it makes not a sound, and it is all around us, what is it?

(I made this up)

3/18/2010 #29

A: Well, that's kind of obvious. The answer is air. (Alysia)

Q: Would you prefer to read Shakespeare or Charles Dickens?

3/18/2010 #30
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