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A: Spartan but comfortable. Being a naval officer, I don't spend much time at home, which is a bit easier now that my two children are growing up, but I try to bring them trinkets and pleasant things to decorate the home with. We live in a colony city, and my wife repairs and sews clothing. Every time I come home I find a bit more fabric and decor than I did the last time.

Q: You have to evacuate your house/ship/station/ect and can grab two things: one for each hand (tentacle, whatevhs) Which two things do you grab?

8/20/2012 #481
The Bitter Kitten

A: I've got an older sister and a younger brother. (Annek, ReR)

A: I've got two older sisters and one older brother. (Glinter, ReR)

A: There's nothing in my apartments I particularly care about. A change of clothes, make sure the Avox isn't in there.

A: I couldn't decide! I mean, there's nothing I couldn't replace, but there's a teddy bear I've had for a really long time. And my mom's pearls, I suppose. They're horribly unfashionable, but I suppose they're sentimental. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: Cake or pie? Show your work.

8/20/2012 #482
Chainsaw Cake

A: Pie. You can't make a cake with meat. (Nina, OC)

I'd have to go with mom used to make them all the time, so they remind me of home, y'know? (Rikka, OC)

Q: How do you dress for winter?

8/20/2012 #483
The Bitter Kitten

A. District Four is coastal. Doesn't get cold enough for more than jeans and like, a wool sweater. Maybe some gloves if you're on the water. The Capitol doesn't go below like 65 degrees, so yeah. Sweater. (Annek, ReR)

A. Winter is my favorite time of year! There are so many accessories! Scarves and hats and muffs and boots and things! It's a shame you have to go inside to wear them. Sometimes I'd like to visit one of the Districts that has winter to see a real one. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: What kind of fighter are you?

8/20/2012 #484
Chainsaw Cake

A: Berserker. Attack attack attack. Screaming at my enemies and bathing in their blood. You get the picture. Honestly, I get off on the taste of blood - what were you expecting? (Nina, OC)

I do...whatever I need to do. To win. I can take a lot of damage, since I'm built like a Mack truck, and I hit really, really hard. I don't fight dirty, though, no rabbit punches or anything. If I do that, it's not a real victory, y'know? (Rikka, OC)

Q: You just walked in on your parents having sex. How do you react?

8/20/2012 #485

A: My parents died during the apocalypse.So I can't really worry about that, can I? (Sebastian, OC)

Q: A secluded area or one bustling with people?

8/20/2012 #486

A: A secluded area, I do not tend to like people. (Katniss Everdeen)

Q: Would you risk your life for your loved one?

8/21/2012 #487
Chainsaw Cake

A: Hell no! I've got shit to do. (Nina, OC)

I would if I could be sure that they'd do the same for me. (Rikka, OC)

Q: Go through your pockets. What's in there?

8/21/2012 #488

A: My mockingjay pin and the pearl Peeta gave me. (Katniss Everdeen)

Q: Have you ever lost someone you cared about?

8/21/2012 #489
The Death Frisbee

A: Is that a packet of chewing gum in my pocket or am I just happy to seeeeee yooooou? (Moriarty would not get past airport security. Or, hell, Broadmoor Asylum security.)

A2: Oh, a husband in Florida. But he deserved it. (Mrs. Hudson's shadowy past!)

Q: What's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding? (TM Nick Lowe, by way of Elvis Costello.)

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #490
Chainsaw Cake

A: The fact that everyone wants it so badly. Don't they see that if we were all happy-happy-la-la-la, life would be so fucking boring?! (Nina, OC)

Nothing. They're important to have. (Rikka, OC)

Q: Describe your hands.

8/21/2012 #491
The Death Frisbee

(Firefox glitch, disregard.)

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #492
The Bitter Kitten

A: Hm. Clean. Manicured (Meghan's idea, not mine). There's a scar where a knife went through my left, and a few pits from fishing hooks. They're still calloused but not as much, now. (Annek, ReR)

A: Well, they're manicured and soft (I moisturize religiously!), I've got long nails, painted in a holographic purple gradient. I have three favorite rings. They're a little stubby, but I might get them adjusted soon. They're not as bad as Shine's, though. She's got sausages for fingers. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: What do you smell like / what's your signature perfume?

8/21/2012 #493
Chainsaw Cake

A: I smell like blood, no matter how much I shower. Strength of the smell varies, of course, but it's always there. I smell like a cross between blood and clean, outdoor air, since I spend so much time in the sky. (Nina, OC)

What do I...smell like? I...uh...I don't know. Sweat, sometimes? I don't wear perfume. My deodorant smells like strawberry... (Rikka, OC)

Q: Have you ever wanted to switch genders? Why or why not?

8/21/2012 #494

(Ooh... this looks fun...)

A: Hehehe... how cute. Yes - i have... unfortunately it wasn't as fun as i assumed...But the greatest illusions call for the greatest extremes, you see. (ARK)

Q: Why are you here? Religious or otherwise - what are you here to accomplish for the world?

8/21/2012 #495

A: Honestly? I have no idea. God probably wanted to play a practically joke and use me as his not so preverbial punching bag. Why else would I be born in a generation working for a group of highly trained post apocalyptic exorcists? (Sebastian, OC)

I don't believe in fate. (Kai, OC)

Q: Do you have a weak stomach when it comes to killing in cold blood when neccessary?

8/21/2012 #496
The Bitter Kitten

A: Since I'm here now, obviously I -could-. But killing in general is not something you just brush off, cold blooded or otherwise. (Annek, ReR)

A: Silly, I'm a Capitol citizen! I -watch- the Hunger Games, not participate in them. I swear, you people. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: Who was your best friend growing up? Do you still hang out? Why or why not?

8/21/2012 #497

A: He's my boss, strangely. I know that's pretty weird, but it's nice to have an authority figure you've known your entire life. (Sebastian, OC)

Q: What are your views on today's society?

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #498

A: It's all fake. An intricately balanced web of lies. A net of conspiracy and misguiding. The spiders at the top control everything - destroying everything in their path. Quire funny, actually. Then again - i'm the top spider, aren't i? So i WOULD find it funny, wouldn't i? Heh...

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself... what would it be? What dissatisfies you?

8/22/2012 #499

I hate being so nervous around people I haven't met before. (Kevin Smith, Deity's Blade)

Q: Let's say you are walking in the woods at night and see SlenderMan. How do you react?

8/22/2012 #500
Chainsaw Cake

A: The fuck is Slenderman? Sounds like some kind of monster or something...if that's the case, kill it if it's evil, leave it if it's not. (Nina, OC)

I"d definitely run. I probably wouldn't be able to stop myself. (Rikka, OC)

Q: Do you keep a garden? Would you want to?

8/22/2012 #501
The Death Frisbee

A: Only for specialized plants. Did you know that arrowroot actually derives its name from being a natural antidote to poisoned arrows? If you're ever shot with an arrow, you need only look in your cabinet for some arrowroot powder. Additionally, nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously. Stick to cocaine. (Future!Sherlock retires to keep bees, not plants, for a reason.)

Q: What would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?

(Sorry, so many questions in song lyrics!)

8/22/2012 #502
Chainsaw Cake

A: Definitely. (Nina, OC)

I'd probably just stay...I wouldn't want to upset you. (Rikka, OC)

Q: Do you want to be taller? Shorter? Why or why not?

8/22/2012 #503
The Bitter Kitten

A: I'd like to be shorter. I'm taller than Annek and I feel like I'm too tall for a girl. (June, ReR)

A: I kind of like my height. Not too tall, not too short. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: Do you wear makeup?

8/22/2012 #504
Chainsaw Cake

A: I wear lipstick, bright red. (Nina, OC)

I'm...not really the kind of person who should be wearing makeup. (Rikka, OC)

Q: Are you a night owl?

8/22/2012 #505

A: There are different kinds of love. It can be the soulmate kind of love, but it could be destructive. I hope that helps at least a little bit. Human expression is different from person to person. I never experienced true love, just had a crush then heard he had a girlfriend. I am just undateable, considering my shy nature.

Q: Would you excluded yourself from the rest of the population if you were accused of commiting a crime you did not commit? How?

8/22/2012 #506
The Bitter Kitten

A:Well, everyone back home thinks I killed Doe in cold blood and not the circumstances it happened under. For District Four, you just don't do that. People don't outright shun me, but I don't bother trying to right their opinion. They saw what they saw. Besides, I live in the Capitol for now so it's sort of a moot point. (Annek, ReR)

A: Why on earth would I be accused of a crime? Everyone knows who my daddy is, and even if it did happen, he'd clear everything right up. (Glinter, ReR)

Q: What time do you go to bed? Wake up?

8/22/2012 #507

What time do you go to bed? Wake up?

A: I 'go to bed' at about midnight. As in, I go to my room/sit on the sofa with a duvet and read. Get up... Well, if I've slept, whenever the nightmares end. If I haven't, I pretend I've only been up about ten minutes. But the screaming normally keeps me awake, so the latter. [Adele, OC]

Q: On average, how much money do you think you spend in a month?

8/23/2012 #508
The Bitter Kitten

A: It doesn't really matter- I don't usually keep track. But like, last month I spent maybe.... 10,000 Coin? That's only like half a Gold, though, so it's barely anything. (Glinter, ReR)

A: On me? Maybe about 3,000 Coin. Most of that was morphling. I sent 4 Gold to my family, like I do every month. (Annek, ReR)

Q: What's your vice?

8/24/2012 #509

A: Walls can't stop me. That's the probelm, though? Family and survival can go so far. (Noriko, OC)

A: Man is a beast. Beast thrist for blood, merciless. (Yukiko, OC)

Q: What is like to be free?

8/24/2012 #510
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