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Title: "The Three Musketeers: The English Invasion"

Fandom: Alexandre Dumas

Chapters: Up to Chapter Nine so far & we're not stopping 'til it's finished!

Genre: Adventure/Romance

Summary: The winds of change are blowing over Paris as the English fleet washes over the great city like a wave and France is suddenly at the mercy of the Duke of Buckingham. Will the Inseparables rise to the challenge once again and free France from the invader? Athos-centric at points & probable OC romance (just giving fair warning for those who cannot stand such stories). All other characters make appearances (except for Rochefort because, of course, he's dead!). Based in THE THREE MUSKETEERS 2011 movieverse.

Rating: T - explosions, some abuse, violence (come on, it's a war!), hints of sexuality


5/30/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #451

Title: Finding my voice by Gemma6815

Fandom: Twilight AH

Chapter Added: 12

Genre: Drama/romance

Summary/characters: Edward is shy and awkward, struggling to maintain a relationship with his cruel and volatile father whilst being coddled by his mother. He meets a pretty little waitress who helps him when his family is torn apart by deep seated secrets and lies.

Rating: M


5/31/2012 #452

Title: I Remember

Fandom: HP

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Chapter #26 out of ... ???

Genre: Angst/Romance/Adventure

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Voldemort is stronger than ever and launches the final offensive to conquer Great Britain. The resistance is massacred and a new era of terror begins. All these years, the last remaining spark of resistance was smoldering before a new flame was born.

Harry, Fleur, OC, OOC

Rating: M (18)

Link: I Remember

5/31/2012 #453
Susan M. M

Title: Dinner with Aunt Phoebe

Fandom: The Master/Nanny and the Professor

Chapters: first chapter up, hope to get the other two up within a week or two

Genre: Family/Friendship/Fantasy/Martial Arts

Summary: Whilst looking for his missing daughter, ninja master John Peter McAllister and his apprentice, Max Keller, run into Max's cousin, Prudence Everett. Pru's stepmother is Phoebe Figalilly Everett. Will her uncanny abilities help McAllister find Teri?

Rating: T (language, violence, illegitimacy)


5/31/2012 #454
Taryn Myst

Title: Gatekeeper of the Wronged

Fandom: Naruto Bleach crossover with more fandoms to come in later chapters

Chapter added: First Chapter: False King

Summary: History is written by the victors. However, there is always another side, hidden within the shadows. Gotei 13 was established in a time of betrayal, fire, and blood. Secrets were kept from Soul Society and Seireitei itself from that dark period. This is the tale of Soul Reapers and the Hosho, of heroes and monsters, winding through Soul Society's history to the present-day.

Rating: M


6/1/2012 #455
Accidentally The Whole Fanfic

Title: Silent House

Fandom: Harvest Moon (specifically, Back To Nature/Friends of Mineral Town, but with references to the other games)

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Currently 7 chapters in (though the last few chapters underwent a good deal of revision when it was pointed out that I was drawing too much influence from some stories I'd fallen in love with while writing - hopefully I've managed to hammer out those kinks).

Genre: Drama/Friendship, although Romance, Humor, Angst, and Family are also present (I guess you could call it "General" overall). It'll be... interesting trying to tighten up the transitions to make them work. I do plan to employ "Mood Whiplash" (tm TVTropes) from time-to-time.

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Eleven years after running away from home, leaving his friends and parents with no clue as to where he was or if he was even still alive, Jack Brennan returns to Mineral Town to make amends. Unfortunately, a lot of things can change in all that time - and guilt will eat you alive if you let it.

(Characters: Jack, essentially an ensemble piece.)

Rating: T, for now.

Link: Silent House

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #456
The Silent Rain

Title: Little FLower

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era)

Chapter added/length if one-shot: 5 chapters in

Genre: Romance/Drama, with hints of humor, adventure, etc. scattered throughout.

Summary/Characters/Whatever: The summer before Lily Evans's seventh year at Hogwarts, Lily's parents are killed by Death Eaters. With nowhere to go, she moves in with the Order of the Phoenix. But this means she'll be seeing a certain James Potter much more than she'd like to...

Features Lily, James, all of the Marauders (only James and Sirius so far, with the rest certainly showing up in future chapters), and other characters from the Marauder era.

Rating: T


Anything you offer, even flames, are appreciated!

6/1/2012 #457

Title: Once Remembered

Fandom: Hunger Games

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Chapter 10

Genre: Adventure/Sci-Fi/Mystery

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Melanie lost her mother years ago. Still bitter over odd memories, she carries on her life in District 4. Secrets, too many, are being kept by her fragile demeanor, but what can she do? She's giving up her life for the only person she can trust.

Rating: T


6/1/2012 #458

Title: Bring Back What Once was Mine

Fandom: Hunger Games

Chapter added: First chapter/Prologue (will be a multi-chaptered story)

Genre: Drama/Tragedy

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Johanna wanted no part of this. All she wanted was to be happy. And President Snow took everything away from her. (Johanna-centric, mainly focusing on her life during her first Games and afterward. Multiple pairings, but mainly eventual JohannaBlight (Timber?).)

Rating: T


6/2/2012 #459

Title: "Gone Native"

Fandom: Host

Chapter added: Currently 24 Chapters, WIP

Genre: SciFi/Adventure

Summary/Characters/Whatever: The story of Burns Living Flowers, from the time of his insertion to the moment he meets Wanderer. Why did he leave Fire World? How did he turn sympathetic to the human cause? How did he meet Nate? What did the two of them do in the years before they met Wanda and what are the stories of the other members of their group?

Rating: Kplus


6/2/2012 . Edited 6/2/2012 #460
Akela Victoire

Title: Total Drama Death Note: Alejandro's Revenge

Fandom: Death Note/Total Drama crossover

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Only 1 chapter so far since I just started it.

Genre: Angst/Crime

Summary/Characters/Whatever: 4 years after Light Yagami's death, Ryuk grows bored once again and drops another Death Note into the Human World. After World Tour ended, Alejandro ends up nursing both the physical and mental wounds the show caused. When he receives ownership of this latest fallen Death Note, he thinks his plans for those who wronged him will only become easier, but it's never that simple is it? Featuring Ryuk from Death Note and Alejandro from Total Drama.

Rating: T


6/2/2012 #461
Xander Floyd

Title: The Xaben Chronicles

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Characters: Lots of OCs.

Genre: Little bit of everything.


Just trying to get the word out again. I've updated Chapter Two to be majorly different, so reviews would be appreciated for that as well as Chapter Three, which I did not update. Yet. Still thinking on it. Chapter Four is on the way, just having minor case of writer's block. Enjoy, y'all! (Me from the Southwest.)

6/2/2012 #462

Title: Rough Ryder

Fandom: Saints Row

Chapter added/length if one-shot: 9 Chapters now and still going! (:

Genre: Romance/Humor (Thinking about changing it to Romance/Drama)

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Ryder Dubois goes from being a regular party girl to an infamous Third Street Saint in a twisted turn of events and ends up in situations she never imagined she would be in; inevitably resulting in her changing her demeanor completely. That which can be observed in the sequels to the story that will follow. All Major OCs of Saints Row 1 and a handful of new ones! RyderxDex Romance ;')

Rating: M


Please Review :'}

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #463

Title: Some Sweet Ditty

Fandom: Trinity Blood

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Six chapters and counting. A little over 18,300 words so far.

Genre: Drama, sci-fi. No romance.

Summary/Characters/Whatever: When the Inquisition acquires a new weapon, they're shocked to discover that the only person capable of wielding it is a child. She must decide where her loyalties lie after a radical group of vampires shows up to steal the weapon back. (Has OCs. Major canon characters will be Esther, Abel, Petros, Paula, and possibly Matthias).

Rating: T (or PG-13)


Other: I've had writer's block and haven't been able update it in a while, but I'm not giving up. I would like concrit if anyone has any to offer, or even a simple encouraging review would be nice. I can still afford to make changes at this point in the story if necessary.

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #464

Title: A Drug for Angels

Fandom: Hunger Games

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Chapter Seven, approx. 15k words

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Cato/Clove from Clove's perspective in regards to the 74th Games. I give their relationship humanity while still showing their psychology as villains

Rating: T (be forewarned, I like my f-bombs)


Thanks for reading :D

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #465

Title:Life in Red

Fandom:Star Trek: 2009

Chapter added/length if one-shot:23


Summary/Characters/Whatever:Space... there's a lot of it: And when you're a low-rank, inexperienced red-shirt it seems a whole lot bigger. OC



This is NOT a Mary Sue/OC put into story to pair up with main characters kind of story- give it a try, let me know what you think!

6/4/2012 #466
The Death Frisbee

Title: Transfigured Night

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC series)

Chapters: 4 so far. Updating at least weekly, schedule-dependent as to more often (especially while in London).

Genre: Action-adventure/suspense

Summary: An attempt at a reasonably faithful continuation that deliberately treads a different path than Doyle and Moffat/Gatiss, but stays in the spirit of high adventure. Canonical in characterization, not in plot (I'm not following "The Empty House," in other words). Taking a twist that I am pretty sure S3 will not take. Sherlock and John as main POV characters. So far, John has discovered Molly is lying to him about something very important, and Sherlock has received a quite unwelcome but just as surprising request for assistance, after a fashion.

Rating: T: Drugs, Language (soft), Violence.


6/5/2012 #467

Title: Dreams of Another Time (not a stand alone story) *Sequel to Nineteen Years is A Long Time*

Fandom: Harry Potter

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Chapter 6 has been added!

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Rose Weasley has finally started Hogwarts, unblessed by the presence of none other than Scorpius Malfoy. When they set aside their differences to find they are both the same, they all begin to share disturbing dreams about another life. DH/EPILOGUE compliant.RW/HG,HP/GW,DM/HG,SM/RW TN/HG?

Rating: M


6/5/2012 #468

Title:Panic Stricken

Fandom:NCIS: Los Angeles

Chapter added/length if one-shot:1


Summary/Characters/Whatever:Deeks, Callen, and a broken elevator. Little tiny tiny, microscophic bit of slash if you're looking for it.



6/5/2012 #469

Title: Broken Chains

Fandom: Disney Princess

Chapter added/length if one-shot: Chapter 6

Genre: Angst

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Years after their adventure Rapunzel and Eugene pay the price for their ultimately selfish actions.

Rating: T, for themes.


6/5/2012 #470

National Security

Hetalia/White Collar crossover Fic

Chapter 13. Total length 93,815

Genre, Humor and Friendship

Summary: Guard a person of interest. That was all their mission was supposed to be. Who knew it would be a personified country with the mind-set of a 7-year-old. All Peter knew was that it was going to be a long year. Peter, Neal, America and others. Some pretty marvelous misadventures.

Rated T

6/5/2012 #471

Title: Because torture means 'to twist'

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Chapter Added: Three

Genre: Crime/Mystery/Romance

Summary: A series of murders is related by an unsettling factor; Sherlock and John unravel the mystery whilst deciphering their own innermost workings. Could the murders be hitting closer to home than they thought?

Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Johnlock)

Rating: M


6/6/2012 #472

Title: Challenges of a Soul

Fandom: Harry Potter

Chapter Added: complete

Summary: After his death, Severus Snape finds Lily Evans learning over him. She's been appointed his guardian in the journey he must take to purify his soul. But can he face his past and overcome his deepest grudges to gain access to eternal life?

Charters: Severus Snape

Rating: K


6/7/2012 #473
Morta's Priest

Title: Wand and Shield

Fandom: Harry Potter / Avengers

Chapter Added: 5 so far.

Summary: Harry Potter hadn't really intended to end up in a universe where the Wizarding World was little more than fantasy; he'd just desired anonymity. This new world has its own special brand of 'magic' though, and it has an inexorable pull.

Characters: Harry, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkey, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Thor, Steve Rogers/Cap.

Rating: T


6/7/2012 . Edited 6/7/2012 #474

Title: Penelope Garcia

Fandom:Criminal Minds

Chapter added/length if one-shot: 740

Genre: General

Summary/Characters/Whatever:An short introspective from Penelope one day before work.



6/7/2012 . Edited 6/7/2012 #475

Title: A Cruel Twist of Fate

Fandom: Harry Potter

Chapter added/length if one-shot: WIP chapter 1 so far, update soon!

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Summary/Characters/Whatever:...but where to put you? ...It better be...

Harry's heart sank, when he heard the sorting hat's verdict, and was dazed until a hand thumped him hard on his back and the loud cheering died down. "Good to see you on the better side Potter!" came the silky voice of Draco Malfoy. Pairing HP/LL

Rating: Rated M for later chapters just to be safe.


6/7/2012 #476
The Death Frisbee

Title: Transfigured Night

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC series)

Chapters: 5 so far. Updating at least weekly, schedule-dependent as to more often (especially while in London).

Genre: Action-adventure/suspense

Summary: A reasonably faithful continuation that deliberately treads a different path than Doyle and Moffat/Gatiss, but stays in the spirit of high adventure. Canonical in characterization, not in plot (I'm not following "The Empty House," in other words). Taking a twist that I am pretty sure S3 will not take. Sherlock and John as main POV characters. So far, Sherlock has cut off ties with everyone who believes him to be dead -- but a surprising and unwelcome request for assistance has sent him back to London, under Mycroft's watch. Meanwhile, John has discovered Molly is lying to him, but she may still give him the answers he needs.

Rating: T: Drugs, Language (soft), Violence.


6/7/2012 #477

Title: A Thousand Sordid Images

Fandom: Assassin's Creed

Chapter: 2

Genre: Romance/Adventure (I want to say HISTORICAL FICTION, what with the amount of research that went into this gah.)

Summary: A gypsy girl of the desert finds herself plunged into the world of the assassins. In pursuing her destiny, she unveils dangerous secrets which force her to question her faith, her loyalty, and what it means to be a woman.

Pairings: Altair/OC, Malik/OC. M!OC/M!OC.

Warnings: Mentions of rape. There will be a slash male/male relationship between two original characters- don't like, don't read.

Rating: M


6/7/2012 #478

Title: A Broken Key

Fandom: The Avengers (largely follows the movie)

Chapters added/length if one-shot: JUST added Chapter 4 this evening!

Genre: Family/Humor/Drama

Summary/Characters/Whatever: A young woman connected to the Tesseract is about to become an important part of a quest to save the world from Loki's domination, although she may be more trouble than help on a team which is already a tidal wave of a mess.

All of the movie!Avengers & an OC main character, Kyrne. It has references to other characters in the Marvel universe but they don't appear in the story.

Rating: T


6/7/2012 #479

Title: If Only there Could be Us

Fandom: Glee

Chapter added/length if one-shot: 3 chapters, 3980 words

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Summary/Characters/Whatever: Puck and Quinn are divorced and have to work through all their difficulties.

Rating: T


6/8/2012 . Edited 6/8/2012 #480
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