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--September 11th, 2010: Hey guys! So, we're officially revamping this thread with new rules. To paraphrase what Crescent says perfectly below me, a round robin is where everyone takes turns writing a story. However, instead of writing a whole paragraph on your turn, you're only allowed to write ONE SENTENCE. It can be silly or serious, and you can jump in at any time. The only rule is that you can't post twice in a row! (Since we're doing only one sentence now, you will not be including a prompt at the end of your sentence!) Have fun!

The mods came up with the idea of a round robin thread to pump this forum up. If you don't know what that is, a round robin is when several people take turns writing a story. This isn't a legit challenge like Humble Beginnings or anything, just a fun forum game. What you'll do is write a paragraph or several following the story I'm going to start in this post. It can be as silly, serious, crazy, sappy, whatever as you want; it doesn't matter. At the end, then give a prompt word or phrase for the next person to incorperate into their addition. Then that person ends with a prompt, and so on :-)

And without further ado, I shall begin the story!


Billy Brown was a normal young fellow in a normal small town. On a normal day, he went to buy normal groceries from an annoyingly normal supermarkert. And that was when the abnormal happened. A large, silver, and square box fell out of the sky and landed at his feet!

He looked around, but none of the normal people around him seemed to have noticed it's sudden appearance; they merely continued on their merry way around him. So, after a couple seconds of easy deliberation, Billy Brown stepped over one side that seemed to have a handle on it and pulled a door open. Inside, there were rows upon rows of complicated buttons. After a little more easy deliberation, he pulled the door shut behind him and begin examining the buttons. None of them were marked or made particular sense, so with a deep breath he muttered, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," and pressed a pretty blue button near the top.

As soon as he did so, the silver box began spinning, tossing him against one wall as if whirred and ticked from somewhere deep inside. Everything in Billy seemed to scramble with the machine, but eventually the horrible jarring ended. After waiting a couple seconds to be sure the machine was done, he hastily shoved open the door.

prompt: slime

4/13/2010 . Edited by Luna Rapunzel, 9/24/2015 #1
Wendy Brune

"What the-" Billy muttered, shocked beyond disbelief. The sky was as green as grass, and the ground was a cheerful shade of blue. Where there had once been a scenic pond stood instead a weird slime pool. All those merry people before him were gone, and nothing seemed right. What had normal Billy Brown done? And how could he reverse it.

"Hey! KID!" Billy heard a gruff voice shout behind him. He turned around, hoping for the best.

Instead, he found the worst.

prompt: pie

4/13/2010 #2

There stood a colossal giant of a man. Billy couldn't help but step back as the man-giant stomped towards him and thrust a thick sausage like finger at his chest, prodding roughly.

"Look what you did! Didn't somebody ever teach you not to push strange buttons?" He barked.

Billy thought that the man was going to strangle him, and they were both very surprised when a pie flew straight into the man-giant's face. Billy looked around and found that several such pies were raining down from the sky.

He turned back to the man-giant, who had wiped the pie from his eyes. They stared at each other before the man said, almost in exasperation, "ah, now look what you've done!"

Prompt: dolls.

4/13/2010 #3
Luna Rapunzel

A Hummel doll tumbled out of a cloud and straight onto Billy's head. "Oh, shucks. That reminds me--I forgot to set my TiVo before leaving the asylum this morning," said the giant, more to himself than to Billy, who'd toppled right over and was sprawled across the blue grass, winded and unable to reply.

"I knew I shouldn't have left the house this morning," Billy mumbled with a bemused shake of the head. "I knew I should have payed more attention to my horoscope..."

Prompt: paper airplane

[Glee jokes! XD]

4/13/2010 #4

"Did it say you would be eaten?" asked the giant.

"No, just--" Billy saw the giant leering hungrily (and rather stupidly) at him. So much for being nice. Well, the giant was the worse sight he had ever seen. "Just ... um ... look!" He pointed to a piece of empty sky behind the giant, who turned around to see what Billy was pointing at.

Billy hightailed it away across the grass, and suddenly, not watching his feet, stumbled across a very large paper airplane. A glance behind him revealed that the giant had discovered the trick and was barreling towards him. He noticed there was a paper key in the place where an ignition might be, in a regular plane. Hoping it was strong and actually flew, Billy jumped in and screamed "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!"

prompt: polka dot

4/14/2010 #5

The giant just shook his head. "You need to stop watching Toy Story, kid," he said as he picked up the polka-dotted paper plane easily. "And it's very rude for a guest to try to leave so quickly. I only wanted to know if you wanted something to eat. I just finished baking a large batch of cookies, you see."

Billy was rather surprised. "Um, yeah, sure. Why not?" he answered. The giant smiled and helped him out of the plane onto an enormous table, covered with tray after tray of cookies. Billy selected two of his favourites, and the glanced up at the giant. "Um, could I take some home. You know, for later?" The giant nodded and Billy stuffed as many as he could into his pocket.

prompt: cauliflower

4/18/2010 #6

The giant watched with his mournful, watery blue eyes as Billy Brown scrambled away, clearly intent on running away as quickly as he could. He stumbled thrice, and the giant thought this whole display to be slightly offensive, but mostly disheartening. As was custom for the giants, he was given a fitting name at the age of twenty. His name was Sidifoli, which was a combination of 'star' and 'leaf'. It meant he was noble, virtuous, and deserved a high place in life. It meant he had potential, and humbleness. He was a gentle man, but the humans broke him; they used their words and drugs and too-small-cages and fire and steel and it all hurt the same, and now he didn't even deserve his own name. He offered this man cookies, and tried to joke around with him, and he merely ran away in fright. Sometimes Sidifoli wondered why he even bothered anymore.

Billy Brown sprinted ungainfully, cursing his previous lack of exercise with every huffing breath as he stumbled and caught himself more than he actually ran. Eventually, he made it back to that silver box. He knew that it was dangerous to press strange buttons, so he pressed a button the shape of a cauliflower and the colour of a broccoli. It reminded him of vegetables, which everyone knew were perfectly ordinary.

PROMPT: Narwhal

6/18/2010 #7

Will someone please just post or delete this thread already?

8/28/2010 #8
Luna Rapunzel

The mods are currently talking out different ways to revamp/revitalize this thread, don't worry! :)

8/29/2010 #9
Wendy Brune

So, as you can read above in the first post, we're revamping this thread! Instead of writing a whole paragraph, please only write one sentence to contribute to the story! (No prompts needed!) It can be serious, silly, or sappy - just have fun and be creative!

Since our last story hit a stumbling block, I'm officially starting a new story. SOMEONE CONTINUE IT!

"Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived in a beautiful princess."

9/11/2010 #10

This beautiful princess had a serious addiction to mangos.

9/11/2010 #11
Wendy Brune

This terrible addiction was the result of a horrible curse that an evil with cast on her when she was just a baby.

9/11/2010 #12
Luna Rapunzel

The witch was a former therapist who had herself descended into madness and had begun to resent all those who were not afflicted with psychological problems--beautiful princesses with supposedly perfect lives especially.

9/11/2010 #13
Wendy Brune

When the Princess heard this, she was shocked; "Doesn't know the witch know that, as a Princess, I'm not allowed to do anything, ever," she exclaimed.

(Two sentences. Shoot me.)

9/11/2010 #14
Luna Rapunzel

Contrary to the witch's beliefs, princesses lead confined, femininely disempowered lives in which parents give money instead of love and princes can wed them without their emotional consent.

9/11/2010 #15
Wendy Brune

The Princess decided that the only way to beat the curse was to find the witch and convince her that as far as witches go, her life wasn't so bad.

9/11/2010 #16
Luna Rapunzel

However, this was a lot easier said than done.

9/11/2010 #17

She recruited the help of a dragon named Barry that magically had the ablility to talk- hey it was a fairytale- and who felt strongly that something needed to be done about this witch before things got even worse.

(Yeah, Barry.)

9/11/2010 #18
Luna Rapunzel

Barry the magically talking dragon had a bit of an addiction himself--to minty fresh flavored bubble gum.

9/12/2010 #19
Wendy Brune

At first, Barry the dragon did not want to help the princess - normally he ate princesses.

9/12/2010 #20
Luna Rapunzel

As he breathed a puff of smoke and chomped preparatorily in her general direction, however, her desperate pleas about her own mango fetish struck a chord inside him that he just couldn't ignore.

9/12/2010 #21

After all, his mother dragon had loved mango's, this small princesss must be a fellow dragon/mango lover in disguse!

9/12/2010 #22
Luna Rapunzel

Bolstered by his hunch that the princess was likely a dragon half-sibling, Barry agreed to team up against the witch.

9/16/2010 #23
Wendy Brune

The Princess was greatly insulted that the dragon would even BEGIN to hunch such a thing, but she needed his help.

9/16/2010 #24
Luna Rapunzel

So she sucked it up and didn't correct him when he suggested that she'd been adopted by the royal family, instead just swiftly changing the subject and asking whether he thought it best to use brute force or subtle manipulation to overcome the witch.

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #25
Wendy Brune

"Well," the Dragon began in a crackling voice, "brute force is just what that ol' witch will be expecting."

9/16/2010 #26
Luna Rapunzel

"So we trick her," said the princess, "or try to talk her out of it?"

9/16/2010 #27
Wendy Brune

"Good question; you tell me?" he responded.

9/16/2010 #28

"It seems to me, she said, crossing her arms, "she didn't live this long by being stupid; so if we do trick her it's going to have to be flawless, do you have any ideas?"

9/16/2010 #29

"We attract her out of the castle by leaving a trail of mangos!" the Dragon named Barry cackled out, giggling gleefully, fully ignoring the Princess's glares- how ever had he thought of such a stupid plan?

9/16/2010 #30
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