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Wendy Brune

The Princess was beginning to wonder why the hell she'd asked Barry the Dragon for help.

9/17/2010 #31
verity candor

"Maybe we ought to try this from another angle," the Princess began diplomatically (because, of course, being a Princess, diplomacy was what she did best)

9/17/2010 #32

The dragon named Barry giggled softly at this, shaking his head.

9/17/2010 #33

But obviously Barry didn't get it, and the Princess found herself slapping her forehead soundly.

11/5/2010 #34
Wendy Brune

"Are you by chance related to a maiden named Maddie," the Princess asked the dragon, "for you remind me greatly of a Lady I know."

11/6/2010 #35

Barry appeared to be highly affronted; how dare the Princess insinuate that he was related to a maiden!

11/6/2010 #36

Conveniently forgetting that she, a maiden, is supposedly his half-sibling, he ties her 'round the waist with his beard, and galumphs off--all the while roaring: "You silly dragon-ette-ling, our family is entirely pure of (insert tone of utter disgust) *maidens*; to make such a comment--audactiy--corrupted by royalty--you are--I MUST TEACH YOU THE WAYS OF THE NOBLE MARNTELOPEL FAMILY!"

(technically one sentence? Maybe?)

11/9/2010 #37

During her long, uncomfortable, hairy and dribbly ride, the princess resolved never to make small talk with dragons ever again; just when she thought she could stand it no more, Barry came to a screeching halt before the infamous Marntelopel Hall.

11/13/2010 #38

The Princess shuddered as she glanced up at the imposing building; the place felt more creepy than a mausoleum and certainly appeared to have been uninhabited for at least a hundred years, if not longer.

11/13/2010 #39

The gloomy mood was only alleviated by the enormous purple nylon inflatable dragon near the spiked front gate, quivering gently in the breeze and holding a sign in its paws that read 'WELCOME MARNTELOPEL FAMILY REUNION!"

11/13/2010 #40

"Great, just what I needed. A whole creepy castle full of eccentric dragons," the Princess muttered under her breath.

11/14/2010 #41

"Creepy?" boomed Barry, who unfortunately had very keen hearing, "our family home is cozy, not creepy! Come and meet your relatives!"

11/17/2010 #42
Wendy Brune

"Barry," the princess whined. "You're forgetting our mission completely!"

11/18/2010 #43

"Mangoes aren't so bad, but it's terrible that you've never met your great-aunt Beryl!"

12/3/2010 #44

Choosing not to reply, having been thoroughly appalled by the dragon's strange values and non sequiturs, she instead began to untangle herself from his beard; she wondered all the while how she was to convince the rest of the Marntelopels that she was indeed family--or, failing that, how she ought to swiftly escape to safety.

12/4/2010 #45

"Ah, Barry, about time you arrived!" an eccentric voice boomed, "did you bring dinner, like we asked?"

5/13/2011 #46
The Bitter Kitten

"It looks like he did, " said another, "and she smells like mangoes."

3/28/2012 #47

Drawn by the enticing aroma, a crowd of scaly beasts clad in matching tie-dyed T-shirts the size of hot air balloons and printed with "MARNTELOPEL FAMILY REUNION" in enormous block letters came charging out of the castle.

3/29/2012 #48

"She is not dinner, she is my sister- or cousin, I'm not really sure just yet."

3/29/2012 #49

The other dragons looked at the princess suspiciously, and one- the youngest and most sensible of the lot- piped up: "Well, Barry, hurry up and decide which; It is perfectly acceptable to eat a cousin, but sisters taste abhorrent."

4/18/2012 #50
The Bitter Kitten

"She's my sister," he said, "A long lost sister who was switched at birth, but now, now has come home."

4/18/2012 #51

The Marnelopel family hemmed and hawed over Barry's sudden insistence that their dinner feast was now a long lost relative, because, even if she were a sister, she smelled particularly delicious, and the head of the Marnelopel family, a big, feisty mauve-shaded dragon (who happened to be a huge fan of mangoes) growled impatiently, which translated roughly into, "Well, did you at least have the decency to bring something else for us to eat??"

4/19/2012 #52

The only thing Barry and the princess had brought with them happened to be the enormous bag of mangoes they'd intended to use to trick the witch, but the princess, who was quite keen on remaining decidedly not eaten, thought it was a rather acceptable trade, and offered the dragons the entire bag.

4/19/2012 #53
The Bitter Kitten

They descended on it like, well, a pack of dragons, and the mauve-colored one clasped her in a dragon hug, smiled at her and called her daughter, a small strip of mango hanging from his formidable teeth.

4/19/2012 #54

The princess began to mime that there was something stuck in his teeth.

4/26/2012 #55

The dragons, not understanding her curious movements, regarded her curiously until the youngest dragon once again piped up and clarified her peculiar actions as being some form of dance; and, as everyone knows it's not polite to leave someone to dance alone, began imitating her as well as they could.

4/29/2012 #56
The Bitter Kitten

This went on for a surprising length of time, until a smaller dragon who was tired of dancing shouted, "weren't we doing something before?"

4/30/2012 #57

However, Barry, possessed of an extremely short memory, had forgotten what that was.

5/1/2012 #58

The princess however, having a well-exercised memory from having to remember all those pesky names and titles at official royal events, had not forgotten her goal.

5/2/2012 . Edited 5/2/2012 #59

Her very righteous, enviable goal of tricking the witch.

7/26/2012 #60
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