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Luna Rapunzel

Have an idea for a fanfic or original fiction piece that you can't seem to write or for which you've lost interest? Drop it off here to inspire the masses. Anything goes; leave your unused ideas for plots, settings, characters, romances--anything you think that others could use. (And if you write a fic based on a suggestion you see here, be sure to tell us about it in the "RLt Favorites -- What have we inspired you to write?" thread on the forum, too!)

8/16/2010 . Edited by Wendy Brune, 11/27/2013 #1
Wendy Brune

This is going to sound SO bizarre, but I've had an idea for a Harry Potter, Ron/Hermione fic based off Grease. I know that sounds crazy and a bit crack!ficish, hence why I've never written. But couldn't you see it? Hermione as the innocent/naive girl, Ron as the boy who tries to act cool but can be a jerk. (Think Danny in the scene where they reunite after the bonfire.) I can in no way do it, but if someone ever wants to try, PLEASE do so.

8/16/2010 #2

LOL that Grease fic is inspired!

I have a crack!fic crossover too: I adore it, but I don't think I'll ever get to it.

Harry Potter/Keeping Up Appearances (Britcom) Can't you just see Hyacinth in the same neighborhood as the Dursleys? Hyacinth is impressed by Vernon's job as a director at Grunnings and keeps trying to get her to a Candlelight Supper. Petunia is desperate to keep her from finding out that Harry is a wizard.

8/16/2010 #3
Luna Rapunzel

Because it needs to be said and this thread needs a bump: Mildred LeProut. ;D You can read about her history in the Big Bang tribute thread, but the thing you need to understand about dear old Millie is that she's very, very ugly. She's the underdog that other characters love to hate and readers end up rooting for, and she's very unpopular and noticeably overweight, and if you put her in a HP fic, she has a completely unrequited crush on Sirius Black.

8/23/2010 #4

Ah that reminds that I failed at the Big Bang fic *tear* Oh welllllls.

8/23/2010 #5
Wendy Brune

She should also be loved by Lockhart. Gillie/Millie FTW.

Do ya'll remember our co-authored Prince Eric/Millie story we were going to write? Can we do that?

8/24/2010 #6
Luna Rapunzel

I distantly remember that... refresh my memory?

8/24/2010 #7

Whaaaada bout our Harry- Potter style Bachelor, remember? :DD

8/24/2010 #8
Luna Rapunzel

Now that I remember. Distinctly. ;D I gave it away as a prompt for a fic exchange, but I gave a lot of leeway, and the author who wrote it didn't end up doing a Bachelor-type scenario; it came out as more of a James needs to find a suitor so he goes to Lockhart for advice and James/Gilly happens. Which was fantastic, but still.

8/24/2010 #9

We still must write those, next collab anyone? ;)

8/24/2010 #10
Wendy Brune

I distantly remember that... refresh my memory?

Did I forget to respond to this? Basically, you noticed in the song "Kiss The Girl" that one of the names Prince Eric guessed was Millie. I felt like we were going to write a two-shot story about how Millie and Prince E knew each other; one version was going to be supper sugary in a Disney-like fashion, while the other was going to be super super angsty. Or something.

9/16/2010 #11

Did I forget to respond to this? Basically, you noticed in the song "Kiss The Girl" that one of the names Prince Eric guessed was Millie. I felt like we were going to write a two-shot story about how Millie and Prince E knew each other; one version was going to be supper sugary in a Disney-like fashion, while the other was going to be super super angsty. Or something.

I know I'm butting in but holy crap that sounds like an awesome fic. /can't wait to read it if it ever gets written.

11/4/2010 #12
Lord Garnetto

i have one. one that i am very surprised to see hasnt been done. it is a secret diary of a call girl and dr who crossover. it is simple, matt smith (also known as the 11th dr) is in series one episode 6 of secret diary. my idea is that 11 is trapped in a paralell universe (where rose is hannah/belle) and is accidently turned into a human again using the camelian arc. while amy tries to find him and release his timelordy side, he stumbles aroud and stays hidden in a wedding shop, where he meets hannah/belle.and then, yea, see where that goes.

another idea idea that rose is regressed to her childhood, and jackie and micky and 10.5 decide to allow her to get raised by the baxter family. then... the same as the other one, camelian arc, amy trying to find him, wedding shop ECT

2/14/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #13
Susan M. M

Criminal Minds/Numbers -- Reid knows Charlie. LA FBI office calls in BAU for help

District/NCIS -- Gibbs and Manion have a turf war over a murder case.

Master/Powers of Matthew Star-- McAllister realizes that an assassin is targeting Matt, and wonders why a high school student is the target of a hired assassin. Good assassins ain't cheap.

Sue Thomas, FB Eye/NCIS/CM -- Girls' night out: Garcia, Abby, Ziva, Sue, etc. all at a bar in Washington on a Friday night.

Flashpoint/Smallville-- Acting Senator Martha Kent goes to Canada; when she and the other delegates at an international conference are kidnapped, who will rescue them, the SRU or Clark?

War of the Worlds/Sentinel -- Harrison Blackwood is Blair Sandburg's father.

Commander in Chief/Smallville -- the president invites Acting Senator Martha Kent to dinner at the White House

Planet of the Apes/Firefly -- Serenity rediscovers Earth-that-was, a planet now ruled by apes

Harry Potter/Percy Jackson -- Hermione's roommate goes from camp to boarding school, never spending any time with her wizard father or her divine mother. Hogwarts & Camp Halfblood, that's it.

Young Blades/Pirates of the Caribbean -- roughly the same era, right?

Nanny and the Professor/Numbers -- Charlie used to be a pupil of Prof. Everett (either when he's a child, or when he's an adult)

Fantastic Journey/Pirates of the Caribbean -- the Black Pearl is shipwrecked on a very strange island

Lucan/Incredible Hulk -- two hitchhikers seek shelter from a storm in the same abandoned building

Richard Sharpe/Horatio Hornblower -- PWP Plot? What Plot? I just want the beefcake!

4/25/2011 #14
Wendy Brune

These are some really interesting cross-overs. SOMEBODY WRITE THEM!

4/26/2011 #15
Cerulean City

Planet of the Apes/Firefly -- Serenity rediscovers Earth-that-was, a planet now ruled by apes

This would be abso-effin-lutely hilarious. I might do this (lol don't start any new stories until you finish your old ones Blake jeez) but that sounds fun!

I also like the HP/PJ one.

4/27/2011 #16

Susan, those are spectacular ideas, especially Firefly and Horatio Hornblower (yes, please!! lol) I keep intending to write for Firefly but I feel like I should learn some Mandarin first. ;) (and welcome to the board!!)

5/3/2011 #17

I would love to see a seaQuest/Underworld crossover. I've mused with the idea of writing it, but I don't think I could do it justice. Would anyone like to try?

5/12/2011 #18

Hope I'm using this correctly. It has indeed been a while.

Anyway, I have two basic ideas I'd love to use but just can't. I'd be happy to have someone else use them.

1. Addams Family/Harry Potter World Crossover. Maybe something involving their allegiance. Were they Death Eaters? Were they on Dumbledore's side?

2. Pirate Radio/Marauder Crossover. It just seems so right in my head, but I can't seem to write it myself.

Please take them with you. Feed them. Provide water. Cuddle them. Let them run around outside a bit.

7/30/2011 #19
Wendy Brune

You're definitely using this right, and I'm glad to see someone with ideas, haha.

I actually REALLY like your first idea. No promises, but this has given me a sort of idea that might become at least a one-shot. Interesting.

7/30/2011 #20

Got another one:

How did Colin Creevey die? Who was he fighting? Was he defending someone? Did he save someone? Why did he fight? Was he successful or was it all in vain?

8/4/2011 #21

Oh, I love that Colin Creevey idea.

Here's mine which I probably will never get to: Scooby-Doo / HP crossover. Voldemort's weakness is that he explains too much and wastes valuable time just like many classic Scooby villains when unveiled. now, I grew up on a steady diet of Scooby so this would be affectionate if I wrote it. ;)

8/6/2011 #22

Latest Unusable Plot Bunnies...

1. Crossover between Being Human and The Gates- Josh and Nora move to suburbia (The Gates) with their little bundle of joy, plus or minus Aiden.

2. Crossover between HP world and The Gates. I'm thinking at least one child in that town received an owl from Hogwarts when they came of age. Who? Reactions? What was their experience at Hogwarts?

8/8/2011 #23

I've had a Harry Potter Plot Bunny rattling around in my head lately... namely, how would things have changed if Voldemort had returned to power when Harry was still in his first year? Seeing as he's so much younger and hasn't had time to prepare, the ripple effect would be really interesting. I'd love to write it, but I already have a mega multi-chapter fic I'm writing as well as my non-fanfiction stuff, so I'm setting it loose hoping that someone else can use it :D

8/8/2011 #24

The Latest Unusable Plot Bunnies

1. Professor Septima Vector/Professor McGonagall as a femslash pairing. Maybe they met during a First War battle, and remained thisclose to being more than friends for a while and then fell out of touch for a while until Septima (not even realizing Minerva worked there) was offered the Arithmancy position, accepted it, and then, slowly but surely, they got more in touch than they'd ever been before.

2. What was Mdm. Hooch's life like previous to teaching Hogwarts students how to ride brooms? School, first love, First War tragedies and triumphs?

3. What was Septima Vector's life like previous to teaching Hogwarts students arithmancy? School, first love, First War tragedies and triumphs?

8/9/2011 . Edited 3/14/2012 #25

Sirius falls through the veil and everybody thinks he's dead, but the veil is actually a (Torchwood) rift.

8/13/2011 #26

Addams Family/Snow White crossover. Perhaps with Morticia as Snow White.

8/13/2011 #27

"General Ginny"

The story of what went on at Hogwarts while Harry, Hermione, and Ron were off chasing Horcruxes. It was Ginny who pulled them together, uniting them for the cause, and prepared them for the final showdown, carefully planning and delegating where appropriate. She led them, knowing full well what she might be leading them to. How? How does one provide for a secret army? How did the professors and staff, overtly or covertly, help? How did one little redhead mold and lead an army for the final battle?

Harry and her family may have thought her just a sweet and innocent schoolgirl, but she was so much more than that.

8/14/2011 #28

X-Men/Heroes crossover. How many Heroes and X-men does it take to defeat an evil villain?

Psych/Heroes crossover- Shaun and Gus wake up to find one or both of them have certain abilities. How do they use their abilities? What do they squabble about? I think it should have a funny ending.

8/16/2011 #29

Some time after the Finales (of Angel and The Gates), Claire and Dylan get together with Spike and discuss old times and new.

8/16/2011 #30
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