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Just the smarterestttttttttttt!

9/4/2010 #31


Your wedding date is on the 13 of September, which is a Monday over here, so a Sunday over there? :) Anyways, I'll be performing the ceremony after school, so I should be around cause we finish earrrrly.

So make sure your dresses fit, and rehearse those vows, fool!

(Or my crocodiles and Cass-man will getcha ;)

9/11/2010 #32
Luna Rapunzel

Monday is the 13th for us, but it'll probably still be the night of Sunday the 12th/early morning the 13th for us. BUT sadly, if you're doing it after school, that's probably at night for us, so I PROBABLY can't do it then because I'm doing this new thing where I try to go to bed early. D: D:

9/11/2010 #33

Aw gosh darn it.

Well work out a date and yeah whatever with Wendy & Amy, & then see if I can do it! Hahaha

9/11/2010 #34
Luna Rapunzel

XP Will do. It'll be hard to coordinate it so that everybody involved can be there, though. DD:

9/11/2010 #35

You forgot to mention that you'll have to ask mister cheesecake too D=

He might be having a 'hot date' with a strawberry or something at the time. Our relationship must not be exclusive if I'm engaged to ARi tooo.

So be nice Maddie Grrr.

9/11/2010 #36
Luna Rapunzel


9/11/2010 #37

I am nice :O

9/11/2010 #38

Hii Ehwies! I am, currently, working on that one next-gen fic I sent you (I know, I know, rerout to randomness and blah, haha)

9/11/2010 #39
Luna Rapunzel

I'm such a controlling!mod today. It's fantastic.

9/11/2010 #40



9/11/2010 #41
Luna Rapunzel

You love me. =D And you still owe me a review, thanks for the reminder!! XD

9/11/2010 #42

I was right, hehe, you are a review!nazi. In every literal sense. ;)

But you're right, I guess I do love you.

9/11/2010 #43
Luna Rapunzel

Honestly, I'm more of a grammar!nazi. Today's the first time I've ever really tried my hand at being a review!nazi or a mod!nazi. =D

You loveeee me. =DD Lucky that I love you, too!!

9/11/2010 #44

I'm a grammar nut, in stories, and I hate people talking with all of that so-called 'chat speak'

Yeah, lucky right? If you didn't I'd be so devastated D=

9/11/2010 #45
Luna Rapunzel

Oh, god. I've been a terrible person and using it in IMs and such lately, but I can't stand when netspeak shows up in stories.

Love love love!

9/11/2010 #46

I can just imagine you with a little hat EHWIES, you kinda look like Hilter ;)

Oooh speaking of that, I know that you don't particularly like the couple, but would anyone be interested in reading a St. Berry fic that goes through their past lives. So far I have one during Henry the VIII's time, one in France, and one's definately going to take place during WWII. Any suggestions/thoughts? ♥

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #47

*dies a little inside*I've read a story with it in it before. The person wondered why they didn't get (m)any reviews. I laughed.

love love love back!

9/11/2010 #48

Aw meanie!


9/11/2010 #49
Luna Rapunzel

So I propose picking wedding songs.

Wendy and I must have something from a 90s boyband. And SJ and I must have something by James Taylor.

9/20/2010 #50

*steals James Potter away from Lily* Hee hee hee...He's never leaving now....*cackles*

9/21/2010 #51
wandering endlessly


*steals James from Fingers*

You will NOT have my Jamsie. *glares and hisses*

I refuse for it to be allowed.

9/21/2010 #52

*steals back*

Want to take this outside -insert rude word-?

*hisses/glares back*

9/21/2010 #53
wandering endlessly


Well, in case you hadn't noticed I have already stolen him hehehe...It's actually on the first page of this topic...that's if EHWIES will let me. I think it's there...

And I WILL get nasty about this


9/21/2010 #54

*sighs* I'll compromise. We can share?

9/21/2010 #55
wandering endlessly

Hmmm... okay. But only because you're my friend, Fingers. But I refuse to have any less then 1/2 of him. Unless EHWIES decides she wants some, because I can't exactly compete...she's a mod... :(

9/21/2010 #56

Bu...But I've got a James Potter fanclub! How can you beat that!??

9/21/2010 #57
wandering endlessly

Well. Look at my avatar... ask WildwoodWings, WingedSkywire or Lablover... my tumblr mentions him and HIM ONLY. Except mentioning reading and Writing. But other than that HIM AND ONLY HIM!!!!

9/21/2010 #58
wandering endlessly

ARRGHH Please don't tell me you're MrsJamesPotter? on tumblr. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase argh *facepalm* how can you do this to me?

9/21/2010 #59

Yeah...damn right I am :)

9/21/2010 #60
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