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Luna Rapunzel

Come here to ask for advice with your latest plot bunny or your writer's block, share tips and thoughts about the writing process, or otherwise commiserate about the trials and tribulations of being a writer. If you have a question or want to strike up a conversation about anything to do with writing, this is the place for it!

9/11/2010 . Edited 5/5/2015 #1
Dejsha's World

This sounds like a great idea. (I also have another idea, but I think this basically is my idea summed up; a "multichaptered fic support group")

What do people do to ensure that their chapters are "longer" than they originally would have been?

I find it hard to write lengthy chapters (I think description is my weakness especially sight) and I've always written around the 800 mark. I feel my chapters aren't long enough. Has anyone got any tips?

I try to leave the chapter for a day, after working on it, then coming back to it and pretending I'm starting a new chapter, but really working on the unfinnished one. Does that make sense?

9/11/2010 #2
Luna Rapunzel

Up until the last year or so, I always used to have the exact same problem--my chapters only ever reached 1-2 thousand words, tops. What you're doing definitely makes sense--combining multiple scenes into one chapter--which is something I do to make my chapters longer, too. Where it's appropriate and isn't breaking the flow of conversation, I'll also add in description (though I can understand why that would be hard for you) or narration to describe what the character's thinking during a conversation, that sort of thing. Or in narration, I'll tell an anecdote that has something to do with the current action in the story, which also helps characterize the narrator and explain why (s)he's acting the way (s)he is.

9/11/2010 #3
Luna Rapunzel

Also, a WIP support group thread sounds hilarious and like a good idea--I think we'll probably end up incorporating that into a thread for NaNoWriMo this November (though we'll probably post it earlier so people can start brainstorming!).

9/11/2010 #4

I'm actually not gonna do Nano, well in the convential sense. Instead of using that month to write an original fic, which I know I'm going to fail attttt, I'm going keep working on the Big Bang instead, only have like three chapters :s

9/11/2010 #5
Luna Rapunzel

Aw. D: You'll write more! I believe in you! =DD

I think I'm going to attempt NaNo for the first time. I've never had a proper idea, but I'm serious about it this year.

9/11/2010 #6

Well, I have no ideas for Nano & from previous experience, I know I fail at writing original ficccccccccton DDDD: (hehe, my person has lots of chinnnnns!) So BIG BANG Sirius/Remus tryna get gf's here I commmmmme. Aw, I still have all the notes too.

/random moment of love!

9/11/2010 #7
Luna Rapunzel

XDD I saved my Big Bang fic, but idk when I'm going to pull it out again. And anyway, I'm going to incorporate something kinda similar into Darkly, which kind of makes me lose interest at the moment to begin with because I'm channeling my Big Bang themes (James the jerk reforming) into that.

9/11/2010 #8
Dejsha's World

I try to flesh out my multichaptered fic but I just can't seem to write it all, then post it.

I want to do NaNo, but I fear I'll only get around 10,000. Do you have to actually go onto the site? or can you do it yourself.

9/11/2010 #9
Luna Rapunzel

You can just do it yourself--that's what I'll be doing. Too lazy to go through the site, and I can keep track of my word count myself, thanks. ;D

@Founders: I think I will make a stab at a Rowena/Salazar & Helena/Baron one-shot, actually. Could be an interesting comparison, since R and S will have had kids with different spouses by that time but could still have an ongoing dynamic mimicked by their kids. Hm.

9/11/2010 #10

Ah no! You have to write even like a one-shot about Jerk!James.

I like have to re-write all the three chapters, therrrrrrrrrrre horrible! :O And then work on the rest, argh. I swear that I'm probably gonna die without finishing this, haha.

@EHWIES, oooh yes you muuuust fool! XD

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #11
Luna Rapunzel

Aw. D: Good luck! You can do it! Motivational slogans! =D

Nonono, I mean that the jerk!James plotline is going into my current WIP already (spoiler spoiler!), so I don't want to write about it in an additional fic atm. Though I may revive my big bang fic later on; we'll see!

9/11/2010 #12

Yes, you will. If I ever finish mine, you have to promise to finish yours cause it's ammmmazing! But maybe after Darkly's finished, don't wanna disappoint all those readers XD

9/11/2010 #13
Luna Rapunzel

XP I can pick at it in my spare time, maybe. Not yet, though; I'm on a roll with Darkly for the time being!

9/11/2010 #14


9/11/2010 #15

Lovely idea. :)

For anyone who's reading Unwritten, (rated M) I am struggling with the latest chapter. I wrote myself into a plot hole of sorts, and realized I couldn't do a quick explanation, but have to bite the bullet and write out the events in question. This also entails making decisions regarding a plot secret which I will have to reveal for the next chapter to make any sense whatsoever.

This means I'll need to write an entire new chapter before my nearly completed one before I update the story *bangs head into wall* I feel like I've had this problem too many times with this story -- it doesn't seem to matter how detailed my outline was to begin with, the story keeps getting more complex before my eyes. It's like the characters are plotting behind my back! Somewhere, Sirius Black is laughing at me. ;) (and Dorcas is probably nagging me.) Anyway, this story is great practice for writing an original novel... it lets me know in advance just how much more leg work I thought it would involve!

I haven't even had that much time to agonize about the story this week, though. With family activities and schedule changes, I'm barely keeping my head above water IRL. glub, glub.

My question is: what is your process of planning a story like? If you do a lot of pre-planning, how close to the plan do your stories end up? Thanks!

9/12/2010 #16
Luna Rapunzel

Oh, gosh, I absolutely hate it when that happens. It's one of the follies of posting chapters as you write them--unless you want to take the whole fic down for revision, which of course isn't very desirable, whenever you write your way into a problem like that, you're stuck trying to figure out a plausible way to fix it for the sake of plot coherence, and what you decide on isn't always the prettiest solution. Not fun. D: Best of luck working out that one for Unwritten! (Which reminds me that I need to read the second chapter of your next-gen WIP. Will do soon!)

Totally agree that fanfic WIPs are great practice for original fiction. The one problem that's arisen from that for me is that my WIP has gotten so darn convoluted (over 100,000 words, and it's only about a fourth done) and I've gotten so attached to the characters that it'll be ages before I can get as attached to original fiction characters as I am to my current fanfic ones. Sigh.

I haven't attempted multichapter fics very often before, but when I do, I tend to think I've done a lot of planning and then have additional details pop up during the writing process and have the finished story look nothing like what I'd anticipated--or, rather, the fic's backbone will look as planned, but it'll develop so many subplots that end up taking precedence over what I'd originally intended to be the theme of the story. I tend to get carried away with adding plots and details, so my stories end up with a lot of elements that I hadn't intended in the beginning in addition to what had been planned all along. Heh.

9/12/2010 #17

Thanks for the commiseration! (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly -- spell check time!)

Yes, part of the fun of fanfic is the "serial writing" aspect, and part of the fun is also having really alert readers who point out things that I never would have noticed. But sometimes if I catch myself in time, I can avoid the embarrassment. Most of my readers are really nice when they notice a plot hole but some can be a bit, ah, pointed with their criticism *grin* One cool thing is that I just had an English friend check my Britishisms, so when I do revise the story, the inconsistencies will be cleared up. Won't be revising until it's complete, however.

I may write another chapter of In Like A Lion... this week while Unwritten is driving me mad -- lol. That story is so clear and easy, comparatively. ;) Thanks!

9/13/2010 #18
verity candor

I have three WIPs and two collections of oneshots, all of which have ground to a complete and painful halt because IRL, I am being ingested by stupidities. And in two of them I've hit a plot snag... Glarrr... (Also, hey y'all! Long time no seeeez! 3)

9/16/2010 #19
Luna Rapunzel

Bookworm! =D Good luck with all your projects! I have so much trouble working on more than one one-shot or chapter at a time--if I leave something half-finished and then go work on something else, it probably never gets completed, sadly.

Britishisms... I'm not too good with those. I try to remember to swap out "friend" for "mate" and things like that, but I really have no idea what I'm talking about most of the time, hehe. True Brits would probably be ashamed of my attempts.

9/16/2010 #20
Luna Rapunzel

NEW TOPIC! I'm writing OF right now. It's the scifi thing I was telling Ben about that one day--I know all the broader themes and stuff, but I want to tell it from a more dramatic/relationship perspective, you know? Like, not just be totally about the politics/whatever but be through the eyes of people with real lives and real drama and real... whatever. Kinda like how I write the war into Darkly? Except different, lol. So I'm trying to flesh out my characters atm, and I'm having trouble... with Darkly, I spent two years characterizing all the main characters before I even started writing, and I picked the names from JKR's pool, lol. Not so simple when you're writing in your own universe. So I'm going through all my way way way old kinda crappy scrapped OF stories and trying to pull characters from there, but they all feel out of context, and it's not going to be an easy process. D:

9/23/2010 #21

Oh, excellent EHWIES! So excited to hear about your new OF project. It can be very challenging to lay out the groundwork, but it's exciting too. I'm looking forward to digging into my NaNo project (original) as well.

That is my favorite kind of scifi -- character-driven, but with plenty of detail and thought behind the setting and scifi elements. (if you haven't read Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, I recommend it, I just finished it)

I think I finally broke through the problem I was having with Chapter 16 of Unwritten: yay! I got a good bit of a new Chapter 15 (Dorcas/Hagrid/Pomona Sprout) written out in longhand last weekend, and I'm bumping my Death Eaters chapter to Chapter 17. The Snape/Lily shippers have to hate me so much by now, I've been torturing them for literally years. (Does it help that in story time, it's only been, like, 3 days since Chapter 1? Nooo, it probably does not help them at all, lol.)

9/24/2010 #22

Me again :D

Writing a Marlene/Fabian one-shot as a challenge piece, while I haven't quite been able to wrangle the new chapter Unwritten into shape... basing it on a memoir type story I wrote years ago about a friend who died years ago. I can't post it anywhere until the challenge entries are judged, so I probably shouldn't even have told you all yet, LOL!

I really need to get cracking on my BSG piece for the collaboration, too. *hides from Wendy* I do have a plot bunny for Caprica Six, but I think I need to watch the last two episodes again before it takes shape. (lucky me, the whole series is now on streaming Netflix so i don't have to beg my friend to lend back the last box set)

10/1/2010 #23

Writing a Will oneshot for Gleeeeeeeeeee. Oh gawsh, I don't know how though :/

10/1/2010 #24

writing a Buffy/Twilight crossover. You better watch your backs Cullens. hahahahaha! oh sorry.

10/26/2010 #25

writing a Buffy/Twilight crossover. You better watch your backs Cullens. hahahahaha! oh sorry.

Yay!! I'll be excited to read it. I wonder which vamps will come out on top in your version? That will be super fun to write :D

I'm deep in plotting mode on my AU right now, trying to get some things finished up before NaNo. I'm trying to lay in a very evil secret without it coming out like a Scooby-Doo ending. Challenging stuff. When I started the story, it was more action/adventure, and now it's more suspense. I never anticipated that I would enjoy writing suspense so much since I don't read in the genre at all. I don't want to spoilerize myself, though, so that's all I'll say (unless you've read the story and would be interested in consulting by PM to help avoid a Scooby-Doo ending, in which case, fire away :) )

10/29/2010 #26
Prelude to the Heart

Siriusly, I'm having the same thing happen to me :) I'm deep into plotting and planning out my FanFiction, that by now so many subplots have developed and I have so many twists its hard to manage, especially since I want to keep most of them a secret? So its slowly becoming a mystery, when I've never even read a mystery book ... ever. I'm struggling deciding which ones I can openly tell the reader, and which one I believe would be better kept as secrets. :/ blech.

P.S. Scooby-Doo was amazing. Don't hate.

10/29/2010 #27

I'm trying to figure out where this Bleach fanfic is going...

10/30/2010 #28

I'm trying to figure out where this Bleach fanfic is going...

Omigosh. There's another Bleach fan here?

Please, do tell. XD

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #29
Mistical Ninja
Okay, I don't often do this buuut... I need some help. I've got two plots, two amazingly HUGE plots, that both need working on. One is an oldie of mine that I'm wanting to pick back up and Revamp, Ginger and Ash. It needs spacing and simplifying. I also have another project. A secret one. It's called Sons of Fate, and it's pretty big. But I need help fleshing out the chapters and characters. Anyone willing to do that?
11/19/2010 #30
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